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How Do We Know?

Many times people wonder how we can know for certain that there is something that exists that is forever for us, meaning it is always on our side, that wants us to be happy, joyous, free and at peace? That is truly Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Loves us all unconditionally no matter what?

Well, there are a few stories from my own and other peoples lives that may help you as they have helped me when I have pondered upon them. Because in these cases, “something” was there to help either myself or others through some very challenging times in their lives. And I can only call that “something” Divine Love.

With two of the stories, which are not “happy” stories by any means, I won’t provide any details that will give away the identities of the people involved. Nor when these events happened or where. That is not what is important here. What IS important is how The Universe moved on behalf of these folks. And I am sure if you stop and think about it, you can probably provide numerous examples from your own life. I choose the first two stories for one simple reason: to show that no matter what we do, think or say, there is nothing that can stop The Higher from Loving us, from Caring for us, and leading us to a better state of Being. There are people in this world that really need to hear and know this. And that is why I have chosen these first two.

The first is about a couple who was having some very challenging times. Things reached the point where the wife was so filled with fear, and granted there were people around her that were feeding her fears instead of helping her to see through them, that she became quite depressed and very suicidal though no one realized she had reached this point until she did indeed attempt suicide. It was a definite, clear attempt and would have succeeded except for the fact that she missed shooting herself in the heart by literally millimeters. Her husband who Thankfully was home at the time immediately called 911 and started compression on the wound, praying all the while. First responders arrived quickly and took over giving him time to do the only thing he could think to do. He phoned their Pastor first and then my husband and me. I had gone to bed and my husband somehow missed the call, though at the time I was very ill myself and really in no position to help anyone. I can’t help but think that is why the call was missed.

He also phoned his wife’s mother and she immediately started packing to fly out. His Pastor arrived shortly and by that time neighbors, awakened by the sirens and flashing lights, also responded to give comfort to the husband and continued to pray with him. Paramedics stabilized his wife, readied her for transport to hospital and his Pastor drove him to the hospital, following the ambulance. Neighbors stayed behind to clean the area where the attempt occurred knowing that the last thing this man needed was to return home to that. One left a note saying that anything at all any of them could do, to not hesitate for a moment but to ask.

Their Pastor stayed with this man for the next 48 hours solid, driving him to the airport to collect his mother in law and then back to the hospital. On and on people appeared to help in what ever way they could and continued to do so long after the wife was released from the hospital. Everyone who appeared to help was really Divine Love in action. Spirit didn’t turn away from this woman because she acted out due to the deep sense of pain and fear she was feeling. NO! Spirit responded as Spirit always does, to give support and comfort to all involved and through all involved.

The second story is similar and also involved sadly enough a suicide that didn’t fail. My part to play in this didn’t occur until a few years after the event and happened in a very strange way.

I had been visiting with a friend and she asked if I would accompany her to another’s friend’s office as she needed to collect some things from that person and I agreed. I had met her friend once before but didn’t really know her or anything about her. After we arrived we stood around talking for several minutes when suddenly I had what felt like a very painful blow to the right side of my head and then almost as suddenly, a strong choking sensation. My friend noticed that something was wrong and indeed at that moment I was feeling very unwell, Fortunately, both women were quite familiar with “things not of this world” and when my friend asked me what was happening, I felt comfortable explaining what I was feeling. Her friend gave me a very intent look and said “what time did it happen”. I received two answers immediately and then I knew I was in contact with two different people who had passed suddenly and that the first was suicide. (The second was actually a murder made to look like a suicide and my friend knew the woman who was murdered) When I answered the woman she said as far as could be told, that yes the time was correct and what else was I getting. I told her that the person wanted her to know that he was working things out on the other side, he was NOT being punished for his action, and that he deeply regretted the pain he had caused her and others.

As I continued talking to her, I could see in her face a wave of Peace and Release come over her that she so needed around this, that what happened was in no way her fault nor could any other be blamed. He seemed to be more at Peace too and yet I could also sense that there was more that needed to happen around this. And that is when this woman asked me if I would talk to her daughter and I agreed.

A few weeks later her daughter appeared at my door and we sat and talked about what I had experienced and finally she looked at me and said “Is he really okay?” YES, oh honey yes, he is fine! He is safe where he is and so are you here on this earth! You are loved and he is loved, he still loves you with all his Heart and Soul and there is no power in the entire of The Universe that can ever stop that Love from flowing now and forever more! LOVE CAN NEVER DIE. The Love we feel for others here on earth is felt in the world beyond ours as well. It can never leave us! She had been so afraid that he was in “hell” and would be punished forever more and I explained to her that the only hell is the one we create in our own minds. We don’t need a god to do that for us. We are all too good at doing this to ourselves.

I explained to her that Divine Love had created a Divine Appointment so that my friend, her mother and I could all be together at the same place and at the right time so that I would have the experience I did. All 3 of us had originally made other plans for that time and yet Divine Love insured that we connected when we did. It was meant to happen. It was meant to happen so that Love, Peace and greater understanding could come to all involved. Again, Divine Love in action.

One question I have asked for years is why oh why if we are so very Loved that things like those two events above even happen. I truly think that it is because we believe we are cut off from that which Created you, me and everything else. So many don’t remember or understand that when they came to this planet they came with the Intention of remembering who and what they really are, Spirit in physical form. We always have a most powerful connection with the Divine no matter what and it is always present for us. Yet we do at times cut ourselves off from this Love and Divine Help through our worries, our fears and our false beliefs about ourselves. And this is why we must wake ourselves up first and then do what we can to awaken all others.

This last story is actually a combination of events that have happened to me when I had been traveling in and through some less than salubrious places. I never felt fearful because each and every time I had felt a strong urge to go somewhere and do something and it would not leave me alone until I went. Even so, there were always Angels walking with me though they may have looked human enough to someone else.

I was traveling home in LA late at night after visiting with a friend who was going through some challenging times. Time got away from me and I realized I would really need to move if I was to catch the last buses I needed to get home. As I was waiting for the first bus, and mind you, this was well after midnight, very “bad” part of town, and not many people about, a car pulled up with several young men inside and they asked if I wanted a ride. I said no, I was fine and that I was waiting for the bus. They responded with well, that could take a while, this time of night and all. I wasn’t worried and told them so, saying I was sure the bus would be along soon enough. To my surprise instead of driving off, they insisted on staying right there with me until the bus came. For over half an hour we waited, me insisting they were free to leave, they didn’t need to wait, and them insisting that they stay. The bus finally arrived and as soon as I boarded and they saw I was safe, they tooted the car horn and off they went.

But it didn’t end there. The bus driver asked me if I needed to connect with another bus and I said I did, so after asking me the number bus, he radioed in to dispatch to have them alert the driver whose bus I needed to be sure and watch for my arrival at that stop. Sure enough when I got off the first bus, the second was sitting there waiting for me! That driver when hearing that I would still need to walk several miles insisted on seeing me safely home in his own car.

Now none of these people had to do what they did for me. I didn’t ask, they almost seemed compelled to do what they did. Spirit sent these people to insure my safety and while I never saw any of these people again, not a day goes by that I don’t say a prayer and send Blessings their way. They were Divine Love and Care in action.

Another slightly humorous event occurred when I was trying to catch a bus in Los Angeles. I had been to the grocery store and among other items had purchased some Eggs. I thought I would have plenty of time to make it to the bus stop I needed when all of a sudden here the bus came and me trying to do a sort of run to catch it and not end up with broken eggs. A young man passing on his bicycle saw me and slowed down next to me. I was certain he was going to ask me what on earth I was doing as I must have looked rather silly trying to run and yet not run so as to protect the Eggs! God Bless him, instead he asked if I was trying to catch the 720 bus and when I said yes, he said don’t worry and off he pedaled. He stopped the bus driver from closing the doors and got off his bike and stood half inside the open door to insure that the driver would wait for me.

He didn’t have to do that. The bus driver didn’t have to wait and strangely enough it was one I had ridden with many times and unlike some he wasn’t the most “friendly”. And in fact was usually the opposite. I could have waited for the next bus of course and had thought if that happened well, there must be a Good enough reason for it. But a total stranger I had never seen before and never saw again was there at the right moment to help me. A bus driver who I had ridden with many times and never responded to any of us “regulars” who greeted him when we boarded and Thanked him when we exited chose to show kindness to me that day. No, I didn’t get a smile out of him when I explained about the Eggs but I do think it was a near thing!

Little thing? Sure! Yet it reminds me that nothing is too big and nothing is too little for Spirit to act on our behalf.

There have been many experiences that I have had along these lines. And at times when I feel alone, afraid and unsure what to do, I remind myself of these events and I know that there is something that Loves me, you and everyone else. And Spirit is even closer to us than our next thought.

Take some time and think about the events in your own life where someone or something moved on your behalf. Or an event that happened to someone else. The evidence is always and forever all around us, we just need to take a few moments from time to time and look with our Spiritual as well as our physical eyes and we shall know. For the Truth has been implanted in our Hearts as well and when we look there, we shall always be reminded of Spirit’s Love for all of us.

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