Hibiscus Flower Essences

Flower Essences Are Not Essential Oils. New Customers Please Read Before Ordering. Thank You!

All Tropical Hibiscus Flowers share many of the same qualities though their variety of colours does show which chakras and areas of life they will have the strongest impact on. In choosing which of the colours to work with, think about what you most want to shift, heal or manifest in your life. The one that is right for you at this time will make itself known to you in no uncertain terms! Hibiscus have a way of making their presence known, even with people that don't normally resonate with flowers to any great degree. I was once walking down Normandie Ave. in Los Angeles, carrying a potted Hibiscus in my arms and people just could not take their eyes off it or me! Even a few neighbours who are normally a bit stand-offish looked at the flowers, then at me and gave me these huge smiles. Several people commented on how beautiful the flowers were and other folks smiled and said "hello" or "Good morning!" If it is positive attention and recognition you are needing or wanting, Hibiscus can help insure that you receive it!

So sit back and relax and just allow each of the Hibiscus to speak to you. Several may clamour for attention and that is fine too, it could be that you need more than one and you can order a full set of these as well. Or it may be that only one or two are really speaking to you. Trust in the process and I know you will connect with the one(s) that are perfect for you!

Hibiscus Flower Essences:

Warms and unblocks all the chakras

Helps one to feel passionate and excited about life

Promotes feelings of Inner Peace and that “All Is Well”

Helps to harness one’s creative abilities

Excellent for both women and men in regards to sexual issues of all sorts including helping to release trauma due to abuse Excellent for creative visualization and stimulating the imagination

Helps one to come into vibrational alignment with that which is desired

Positive direction of the life force so that one is not over or under active in daily life

Attracts more Beauty and Abundance into one’s life

Excellent for Prosperity and easing fears that one will not be supported or taken care of by Life and The Universe

Attracts much attention to both you personally and your life’s work in very positive ways

The flowers of the Hibiscus only last about a day which also indicates that their essences can help you move through things rapidly as well.

Hibiscus plants may appear to be dying off and yet suddenly they spring back to life again. This indicates that their essences can also help you "revive" situations or circumstances that have great value to you.

Blue Hibiscus

Affirmation - I Easily Imagine What I Desire & Thus Draw It To Me!

Orange Hibiscus

Affirmation - My Sexuality & Creativity Are In Perfect Balance & Harmony With Who I Truly Am

Pink Hibiscus

Affirmation - My Heart Is Filled With Love, Joy & Light! I Am A Powerful Attractor Of All That Is Wonderful!

Purple Hibiscus

Affirmation - The Light & Knowing Of The Divine Flows Through Me & Always Lights My Way Forward In Life!

Red Hibiscus

Affirmation - I Am Grounded & Fully Rooted In My Passion & Zest For Life

White Hibiscus

Affirmation - I Live My Life In Total Alignment With My Higher/Expanded Self!

Yellow Hibiscus

Affirmation - I Am Confident, Strong & Capable. I Know I Can Achieve Anything I Desire For I Deserve Only The Best & I Give My Best In All That I Do!

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