The 38 Herb Essences, Essence Oils & Mysts

These were produced over a long period of time due to numerous requests from clients and customers. I had resisted producing these initially feeling that since there were the Bach Essences, Healing Herbs and Korte Phi, that was enough! Yet as time went on and the requests for these continued to come in, I realized that even though there are several other producers already making these essences available that Morningstar could bring its own unique energy to the process. While there is a substantial amount of information available on the uses of these essences, we ask that each person who uses them set aside what they think they know already about them and allow the essence itself to guide you on the journey of discovery. So instead of offering up a full description of each essence we decided to use a keyword for each instead. In truth, we have only scratched the surface in terms of what each essence is capable of and each producer brings something unique to the process that only they can share. We hope that you find these essences to be extremely helpful in what ever process you are moving through and any feedback you would care to share with us is always deeply appreciated!

Please Note that Flower Essences Are Not Essential Oils.

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Agrimony - Keyword Anxiety

Affirmation - I Am Calm, Centered & At Peace

Aspen - Keyword Fears

Affirmation - All Is Well In My World & I Am Safe

Beech - Keyword Criticism

Affirmation - My Attention Is Focused On What Is Right & Good

Centaury - Keywords Inability to say No

Affirmation - I Am Able To Say No When I Need To With Grace & Without Hesitation

Cerato - Keyword Decisions

Affirmation - I Find It Easy To Make The Right Decisions For Me & My Life

Cherry Plum - Keyword Breakdown

Affirmation - I Am Stable & Anchored To The Deepest & Most Loving Centre Of My Being

Chestnut Bud - Keywords Repeating Mistakes

Affirmation - I Now Recognise My Potential Mis-steps and Take Corrective Action Immediately

Chicory - Keyword Manipulating

Affirmation - Others Interactions With Me As Well As Mine Towards Them Are Clean & Direct

Clematis - Keyword Daydreaming

Affirmation - I Am Focused & Present In The Here & Now

Crab Apple - Keywords Feelings of uncleanliness

Affirmation - I Feel Clean & Pure Within

Elm - Keywords Overwhelm

Affirmation - I Remember To Breathe & Step Back, Allowing The Universe To Handle Things For Me

Gentian - Keywords Discouraged

Affirmation - I Know If I Keep Going, That Success Shall Always Crown My Efforts!

Gorse - Keyword Despair

Affirmation - I Am Now Walking Out Of The Darkness & Into The Light

Heather - Keywords Self-absorbed

Affirmation - I Am Aware That Others Have Rights & Feelings Just The Same As I Do

Holly - Keyword Envy

Affirmation - I Rejoice When Others Experience Their Good Beacause I Know Mine Is Always Available To Me As Well

Honeysuckle - Keywords Letting go of the past

Affirmation - I Release My Past So My Wonderful New Future Can Now Unfold

Hornbeam - Keywords Tired, lethargic mentally

Affirmation - I Am Filled With Energy & Zest For Life!

Impatiens - Keywords Impatience

Affirmation - I Am Patient With My Process & Patient With Life

Larch - Keywords Lacking Confidence

Affirmation - I Know I Am Capable Of Accomplishing Anything I Set My Mind To!

Mimulus - Keywords Fear/Phobias

Affirmation - I Now Move Past My Fears & Phobias With The Help & Support Of The Universe

Mustard - Keywords Gloominess

Affirmation - I Am Now Allowing Myself To Focus On That Which Brings Me Peace & Joy

Oak - Keywords Carrying on even though exhausted

Affirmation - I Allow Myself To Step Back & Take A Break Knowing That Everything Will Go Better If I Do

Olive - Keywords Tired both mentally and physically

Affirmation - I Now See What Is Draining Me & I Release It

Pine - Keywords Guilt

Affirmation - I Release Any & All Feelings Of Inappropriate Guilt With Ease

Red Chestnut - Keywords Fears for others well being

Affirmation - The People I Love Are Safe, Surrounded By The Light Of The Divine

Rock Rose - Keyword Terror

Affirmation - I Am Safe, I Am Loved, I Am Protected At All Times

Rock Water - Keywords Too high standareds

Affirmation - My Expectations Of Myself & Others Are High But Also Realistic. We All Do The Best We Know How

Scleranthus - Keywords Making choices

Affirmation - I Make The Choices That Are Perfect For Me

Star of Bethlehem - Keyword Trauma

Affirmation - I Am Now Healed & Whole

Sweet Chestnut - Keywords Despair and Sorrow

Affirmation - The Light Penetrates & I Am Uplifted

Vervain - Keywords Over-doing

Affirmation - I Allow Myself To Relax & Let Go When I Need To

Vine - Keywords Inflexibility

Affirmation - I Am Flexible, My Mind Is Open To New Possibilities & Ways Of Thinking

Walnut - Keywords Changes

Affirmation - I Now Fully Embrace Positive Changes In My Life

Water Violet - Keyword Reclusive

Affirmation - I Am Willing & Able To More Fully Connect With Others

White Chestnut - Keywords Mental chatter

Affirmation - My Mind Is Calm & Still

Wild Oat - Keyword Crossroads

Affirmation - I Am Calm, Centered & At Peace

Wild Rose - Keyword Resignation

Affirmation - I Step Back & Allow The Universe To Resolve things For Me

Willow - Keywords Self-pity

Affirmation - I See How I Am Truly Blessed In All Things & In All Ways

Five Herb Rescue Formula - Keyword Emergencies

Affirmation - The Universe & Divine Love Flows Immediately To Assist Me!

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