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It is never too late to become what you might have been. - George Eliot.

Gem essences help us with a wide range of issues from stabilizing our energy fields to balancing the chakras. They are excellent for problems of a long standing nature, or issues that seem impossible to shift. The Quartz Crystal Essences (including such essences as Amethyst, Citrine, etc.) now have their own page here - Quartz Crystal Essences Page

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Affirmation - I Am Now Awakening To The Truth Of My Spiritual Being and My Abundant Power

This is an excellent essence for spiritual awakening and developing a deeper spiritual consciousness. Its helps one to more fully realise their own "God Consciousness", that they are in truth Spirit in physical form and thus have all the creative powers of The Universe within them.


Affirmation - My Energy Is Purified & Filled With Divine Light

An important essence for both psychic shielding and wearing away of undesirable conditions. The essence can also be used without the Includes Essential Oils and sprayed in a room to clear negative energies and astral gunk.


Affirmation - I Feel Great Confidence In My Ability To Learn & Embrace The New

This essence helps to expand one's thinking, to take a more "avantgarde" approach to life. It supports the undertaking of new things and is very helpful for those who feel fearful of trying new things because they don't want to look foolish or "stupid" because they don't yet know how to respond appropriately to the new or feel they will stick out "like a sore thumb". Adamite helps the person to understand that its okay for them to make "mistakes", its all part of the learning process. It also helps people to know that their own way of going about doing things is perfectly okay, we are not meant to all be the same, with the same exact way of doing things. Those who are willing to step outside of the norm are often the ones who bring the most benefit to all of humanity.


Affirmation - I Know That I Am Totally Loved & Supported By The Universe & Life Itself. All Is Truly Well In My World

Helps to stabilize the root chakra after a traumatic or frightening experience. Helps to instill a sense of faith and trust that the Universe will not leave one hanging but is always prepared to step forth and bring in new opportunities and solutions to difficulties.


Affirmation - With Every Breath I Am Taking In greater Feelings Of Peace & Well Being

Brings peace and harmony to the emotional body. This essence helps to enhance feelings of well-being as it releases feelings of anger, fear and the energy of old inner wounds. Helps one to feel calm and centered.


Affirmation - I Am A Very lucky Person & My Good Luck Continues To Expand & Grow In The Most Wondrous Of Ways

Draws good luck, fortunate circumstances, lucky breaks. Very helpful for manifesting that which is desired and bringing completion to that which is ready to leave one's life.


Affirmation - I Love Expressing The Truth Of Who I Am

Helps one to communicate who one truly is, feeling confident and secure in your own self-expression. Learning how to really enjoy the process of defining who you are and how you wish to express this in the world without worrying how others may perceive or think of you. Expressing your Inner Beauty freely and joyfully.


Affirmation - My Energy Flows Freely Bringing Greater Joy, Delight & Manifestation Of All Good Into My Life

A wonderful essence for assisting a person in getting unstuck, gets energy flowing smoothly again. I personally have noticed that whenever I use this essence or wear Amber that many good things tend to happen to me.


Affirmation - I Release What I Need To So That I can Now Allow More Of What Is Truly Right & Good For Me

Very calming and soothing, helpful for children or adults who are over stressed/burned out. Helps to release relationships that are going nowhere without pain or heartbreak. Assists both people involved in understanding why the relationship needed to end. In some cases, it can bring about a renewal of the relationship if it is for the good of both people.


Affirmation - I Allow Changes To Occur Easily & Naturally. I Know There Is Nothing To Fear

Excellent for those who are resistant to change, fearing the loss of previous lifestyle, circumstances or simply the fear of the unknown. Helps to diminish the uncomfortable side effects of changes, integrating the changes more easily into one's life.


Affirmation - I Am Finding It Easier & Easier To Create The Life I Desire

A very important essence for helping people understand that restraints and limitations are self-created, not imposed upon one from without. Helps to release belief systems that are no longer conducive to growth, expands horizons and brings about a sense of hope for the future.


Affirmation - I Am In Balance. My Heart Is Healed & Whole

Unites the right and left sides of the brain, so they function in harmony with one another. Opens the Heart Chakra, eases pain and fear held within, increases trust in the self and others. Especially helpful for someone who has lost a soul mate.

Apatite (Blue - Green)

Affirmation - The Attraction I Feel To That Which Truly Nourishes & Supports Me Grows stronger Each Day

Overoming obstacles of all sorts is the hallmark of this essence! On an energy level it can also be very helpful for working with issues in regards to food and over-eating. This is a wonderful essence to work with when one feels the need to alter their diet and to feel good about the food choices one is making.


Affirmation - My Life Is Filled To Overflowing With Joy, Bliss & Blessings

The essence of Joy, bliss, and happiness, Apophyllite attunes us to the expectation of good in our lives.

Apophyllite Pyramid

Affirmation - I Am Able To Bridge The Ordinary & Non-Ordinary Realities With Ease & Joy

A very powerful essence for bridging this reality and non-ordinary realities. Atlantean, Lemurian lives may be remembered and integrated into the present life. Very useful for examining which direction to move in, what would be the most beneficial path especially for long term goals.


Affirmation - I Now See What Is Good & Right For Me Through The Eyes Of My Higher/Expanded Self

This essence helps us to realize all that is not for our higher good in a very gentle fashion. This is also an excellent essence for cleansing the third eye and throat chakras.


Affirmation - I Know What Is Right For Me To Do & I Do It With Faith & Courage

This essence is for when one knows one needs to do something because it is simply right for them to do and yet it can feel terribly frightening to follow through. This could be leaving a job where one feels underappreciated or is even working under abusive conditions, a difficult relationship with a friend or family member that needs to come to an end, or there may be a number of situations within one's life that needs major changes. Arthurite helps one to feel confident, strong and safe as one begins the process of doing what one knows is truly the right thing to do. The Universe always backs us up and supports us when we commit to moving forward out of Love for ourselves.


Affirmation - I Know That In Spirit Our Souls Are Connected And We Do Walk Together In This Reality & Others

Excellent for astral travel, reconnecting with one's Star family or group. Eases feelings of home sickness for the stars beyond, stranger in a strange land emotions. Also helpful for seeing that as one door closes, another opens that is of even greater benefit than that which has gone before. When using this essence, it is also important to ground before and after using as it does tend to make one rather spacey.

Augite (Purple)

Affirmation - I Am Fully Aware Of My True Intentions & How They Attract What I Experience In My Life

This essence is very helpful for understanding what one truly wants and is intending to create rather than what one thinks one wants. For example, someone may think to themselves that they intend to work a great many hours in order to move ahead in their career field when in fact what their Innermost desire is to work less and have more time for other activities. As a result, the person unconsciously sabotages their conscious intent (oversleeping so they arrive late to work or even injuring themselves so they have to take time off from work) in order to achieve the fulfillment of what they really do want. For anyone working towards a goal or intention and feeling frustrated as to why it just doesn't seem to be working out, this is an excellent essence to work with so you can understand what it is you are truly wanting and move towards that instead.

Aurichalcite (green-blue)

Affirmation - Angels & Master Guides Support & Uplift Me In Everything I Do

This essence helps to increase both communication with one's Guides and Angels and to instill a sense of their presence in every moment of one's life. It is soothing and uplifting, helps to enhance one's sense of Joy in life and to always know that no matter where you go or what you do, you are deeply Loved by all that is Good and True in The Universe.

Aurora Quartz (Aka Anandalite)

Affirmation - Each Day Is Joyful & Blissful For Me. All Good Flows Like A Fountain Into My Life!

This is a very High and Divinely exquisite crystal essence that sweeps all of the chakras clean and balances them, helps one to reach and maintain a very high level of bliss and joy for longer and longer periods of time. It helps one to better hear one's Guides and Master Teachers, "hearing within" the perfect solutions to problems and challenges. It also helps with the process of Manifestation, making the process much easier and more enjoyable. Its a feeling of being able to allow things to happen rather than trying to make things happen. The latter actually sets up resistance which slows the Manifestation of what is desired down! It is through relaxing and enjoying the process that Manifesting most quickly and easily occurs. This essence also appears to attract Synchronicity and helps one to better grasp and understand the messages The Universe is sending forth. When one is ready to take a profound step upwards and onwards, this is a wonderful essence to work with!

Autenite (Deep Green)

Affirmation - I Recognise The Truth & It Does Indeed Set Me Free, Free To Thrive & Prosper

This essence helps one to become much more aware of the true issues they face in regards to Money Energy and Prosperity. Often people think the issue is one thing when in actuality, the more conscious issue is masking the deeper issue that is the true root of the problem.

Autenite (Pale Green)

Affirmation - I Now Rekindle The Flames Of That Which I Truly Love & Find A Place For These things In My Life

This essence is for those who have forgotten the dreams of their heart and soul, having set them aside in favour of more "practical & realistic" pursuits. One is plodding along through life and feeling that one's life is safe, but colourless. This essence helps to re-awaken those dreams and gently encourages the person to begin taking steps to manifest them. This essence does not encourage one to try and turn one's life upside down in order to break free into more passionate living, but supports the process of taking one step at a time, allowing the new life to unfold more gently and easily.


Affirmation - My True Life's Path Now Unfolds In Wondrous Ways Before Me

This essence is for finding your true path in life through the release of fears and doubts. It supports you in following and honouring your own Intuition, standing tall in your truth and being willing to embrace positive change in your life. It can also help to heal and clear negative karma.


Affirmation - I Prosper & Grow With Effortless Ease & Joy

This is the stone of good luck and prosperity. This essence encourages growth in whatever area we choose to work on. It is an excellent essence for plants as well.


Affirmation - My Ability To Manifest All Good Expands More & More Each Day

I really love this essence! Its grounding and yet spiritually expanding and awakening, its soothing and calming yet is motivating, it helps to more quickly manifest what one is wanting, it just helps things fall into place. Bliss in a bottle!


Affirmation - My Mental & Emotional Focus Is Uplifting & Positive

Helps to increase one's ability to think and focus positively, and increases the ability to project positive thoughts/energy into the present and future. Azeztulite is associated with the Angelic realms and helps to inititate positive change, bringing much more light into one's life. It can help to increase one's ability to manifest more good through positive thinking and also acts to cleanse negative, deeply rooted thought patterns which are then replaced with higher thoughts.


Affirmation - My Mind Is Cleansed Of All That Which Hinders My Full Growth & Joyful Expression Of Life

This essence cleanses the mind and allows for insight on dysfunctional habits and thoughts that limit our potential.


Affirmation - I Am Totally Committed To The Path That Brings Me The Most Joy

Excellent for the solar plexus chakra and remaining committed to one's path even in the face of set backs or disruptions. May be very helpful in getting to the root cause of disease and illness as well as providing insight into healing modalities that may be most useful. Empowers those who are suffering from low self esteem and lack of self worth and also helps to balance those who are overly ego centered and need a little more humility.


Affirmation - I Am Able To Bring My Goals To Fruition Easily & Effortlessly

Excellent for when needing to stay focused to bring goals into manifestation, being aware of what needs to be tended to and having the energy to do it. Excellent for space cadets, allows one to be grounded, head in the clouds, but feet firmly grounded to make dreams a reality.


Affirmation - I Attract An Abundance Of People Who Have Many Wonderful Gifts To Share With Me

Very light hearted, joyful essence that helps a person to realize that we are always in the right place at the right time doing the right things. Draws helpful people, angelic in nature, that have many gifts and blessings to share. Many times these people will appear and then just as suddenly disappear but more always seem to take their place.

Berlinite (Pink)

Affirmation - I Know When The Time Is Right For Me To Take Any Action

Berlinite helps one to free one's self from entangling situations with much more ease by knowing when to wait until the time is right. Then action is taken without hesitation and the end result is what one has desired for it to be.


Affirmation - I Am Connected On A Psychic & Vibrational Level With All I Desire & thus I Attract It To Me

Everything that exists in The Universe has its own conscious awareness. When we align our vibrational energy with that which we are wanting, we are setting up a form of psychic communication between ourselves and our desires. As we continue to communicate and interact with our desires in this way, it draws them to us because we are repeatedly affirming that we do want our desires to be made manifest in our lives. To attract what is desired even more rapidly, always express Love and Gratitude to the desire for its having manifested and also be sure to give Thanks to The Universe as well!


Affirmation - I Am Now Walking My Right & Perfect Career Path

Each of us has a "special job" that we came here to do. It may involve raising a family to running a major corporation but no matter what it may be, its Highest Purpose is to bring more Light, Love and Joy onto the planet as well as prospering us Abundantly. There is no "honest work" that is menial or without merit. I have long thought it unfortunate that so often we humans tend to lump some jobs into the "good" category and others into the "menial" category. And then we wonder why jobs can appear to be hard to come by or don't pay enough! Every job that serves another in some way is deemed by The Universe to be Worthy and Right, there is no job or work related function that does not serve a Higher Purpose in some way if it is performed with Love and Divine Attention. I have known people who have performed what others have considered to be "menial" work with such Love and soon found that they attracted to themselves a person who was able to help them step up to a better paying job or who in some other way assisted them in attracting more Good to themselves. There are also times when someone has embarked on a career path that is nbot truly right for them, but they believe that it is the only way that they can attract the means to live. It is important that each of us recognises that we are here to do something that no one else can do. yes, there may be others who are doing similar things and yet, only you can do precisely what it is you intended to do when you came into this lifetime. As you allow yourself to remember (or perhaps you already know) what you really came here to do, you can begin moving towards it with perfect Faith and Trust that all you need to do your Life's work shall be provided for you and you shall Prosper in All Ways!


Affirmation - My Life Is In Divine Order

Bismuth helps us to transform our lives for the beter by restoring Divine & Perfect Order into our lives. It quells chaos and fear through aligning the Aura with Higher Light Frequencies. This is an excellent essence to use when nothing seems to be going right, no matter how hard one tries, because it allows us to hand it all over to The Universe and Spirit's/God's Love for Divine Restoration.

Black Jade

Affirmation - I Am Connected Only To Those Things That Are For My Highest & Best Good

Excellent for purification and protection from negative energies. It helps to cleanse cordings and connections with others that are not for one's higher good and prevents these energies from returning to your life/space. Helps to repel psychic attack and milder negative thought-forms that might be sent to one from others. For those who need a great deal of protection or are in need of deep inner cleansing. Can be combined with other essences such as Archangel Michael for even greater cleansing and protection/support.

Black Pearl

Affirmation - I Honour & Treasure The Beautiful Feminine Energy I Carry Within

This is a powerful essence for both women and for men who seek to connect and balance their relationship with their female side. It supports the process of connecting very deeply with one's own inner wisdom and guidance and to act in the world in very powerful yet gentle ways. It also helps to release deeply buried pain and trauma that may be impacting the present yet is very gentle in this process so that the pain is not overwhelming, one is able to detatch from it and then let it go.


Affirmation - My Heart Is Filled With Courage & I Move Forward With Ease & Joy

This essence helps to access our inner courage, especially when facing the unknown. It assists us in remaining open to the support of the universe.

Blue Lace Agate

Affirmation - From The Core Of My Being I Radiate Peace & Tranquillity

Very soothing, this essence helps us to reach alpha states more easily, and releases tension stored in the body. This essence also opens the higher chakras.

Blue Fire Mexican Fire Opal

Affirmation - My Ability To Imagine & Visualise Is Becoming More Powerful & Positive

Powerful throat, third eye and Crown Chakra opener. It enhances the imagination, making it much easier to visualise and also helps to speed up positive manifestations as a result. This essence also helps to amp up the qualities of other essences and can be used directly on Quartz Crystals to cleanse and strengthen their energies and healing capabilities. Fire Opals in general are helpful for increasing business prosperity and opportunities and this essence also carries this quality.

Black Opal

Affirmation - As I Recognise & Honour My Own Personal Power My Life Expands becoming Ever More Light-Filled

Personal Power and Recognition, Very Shamanic. This essence is a strong enhancer of cosmic awareness and the Inner Knowing of the Oneness of all things. This essence also enhances one's feelings of good luck and expecting the best!


Affirmation - The Divine Light Within Me Attracts To Me With All Those Of Positive Soul Connection

This essence helps one to create deeper soul connections with others, recognising those that one has a strong soul link from the past with and further developing these soul connections so that all involved may heal and evolve more joyfully and rapidly in this lifetime.


Affirmation - I Trust In The Healing Tools I Have Attracted Into My Life & I See How They Have Healed My Life

Excellent for discipline and focus, as well as trusting in the healing tools one is using to re-create a more positive flow of energy in any area of life. It also helps to instill a stronger sense of alignment with The Universe and The Higher or Expanded Self which allows for a much greater sense of overall Well-Being and being in the Positive Flow of The Universe. Bronze is also highly protective and shielding and we have found it very helpful when needing to be at the computer for extended periods of time.


Affirmation - I Use All Of The Resources Available To Me Wisely & Well

Bunsenite helps us to use all of the resources we have available to us wisely. Resources includes things other than just tangible items such as money or other precious items. It also includes food (for example, knowing how to make your food budget stretch while still eating healthy and eating left-overs rather than allowing them to go to waste). Your time and energy, do you use both in ways that are supportive of your goals and dreams or do you fritter them away and then complain that you have no time to put into the things that really matter to you? When people really stop and take a few moments to think it through, they soon realise they have an Abundance of many things. Some are useful, some not. Some just take up space while other items truly serve. Using our resources wisely means taking stock of what we have and then clearing anything that does not support or serve us or our deeper needs and goals. This makes space for something better but also frees up time to take care of the things that do matter. Making full and right use of our resources also helps to attract more Good to us for we are now allowing the energy that these things represent to begin circulating rather than stagnating. Energy that stagnates is dead energy while energy that is circulating is alive and attracts more positive energy to it!


Affirmation - I Am Uplifted & And At One With Divine Light & Energy

An extremely powerful essence for energy work and light workers. This essence gets energy moving, especially through the activation of the kundalini. Creates sacred space, energy, situations wherever it is used. Can also be used to bring things into manifestation, use the essence while focusing on what is desired and seeing it come into being.


Affirmation - I Know What Action I Need To Take Next & I Do So Knowing That As I Do, I Am Also Honouring My Unique Qualities & Abilities

This essence helps us to know and take the appropriate actions to manifest our dreams. This essence also helps one to honour one's unique qualities and sense of individuality, to stand tall in your own truth and integrity.


Affirmation - The Sacred Flows From Within Me To Everything Round Me

The mineral this essence is produced from is very sacred to Native Americans, often being carved to create the sacred pipes. To use this essence is to reconnect with Native ideas, beliefs and roots, to restore the sacred energy so needed by Turtle island at this time. This essence can and should be sprayed around as many wilderness and city areas as possible, to recreate the valuing of mother earth and all of her inhabitants.


Affirmation - I Speak With The Greater Voice Of The Divine

A powerful opener of the Throat and Third Eye Chakras and can support the process of Intuitive and Voice Channeling for your own personal growth and healing or another's. It helps to rid one of negative thoughts and beliefs, allowing for the formation and rapid growth of more positive ones. It is wonderful for over-all healing of what ever one is seeking to heal in the present moment. It is also very uplifting, inspires creativity and faith in The Universe.

Celestite Geode

Affirmation - My Soul Is Healed & A Healing Power In The World

Healing the depths of the Soul, especially of past life traumas and feelings of fear and guilt. Opens one to hearing messages from one's spirit Guides and allies, attuning to one's off planet Soul family and is especially helpful for Starseeds who feel alone and alienated on the earth plane. Opens the throat chakra to support the channeling process, empowers healers to select the right tool or healing modality for their clients.


Affirmation - I Am Creating The Career That Truly Brings Me Joy

The Life's work essence, what would you love to be doing for the next week, month or year? What career would you love to create for yourself where you are getting paid, abundantly, for doing what you love? This is the essence to help you not only answer those questions, but how to bring it all about.


Affirmation - Where Ever I May Roam, I Know My Higher/Expanded Self Is Also There & All Is Well

This essence is wonderful for feeling at ease and at home wherever you may be. It is an excellent essence for those who love to travel or who desire to travel more frequently, as it attracts the perfect opportunities for greater travel and exploration. It is also very helpful for those about to leave home for the first time, helping the person to feel more grounded, balanced and secure as they move out into the world on their own. It also helps those who are changing jobs or careers to feel more at ease in their new work environments.


Affirmation - I Easily Release Any Beliefs That No longer Serve Me

Chabazite helps us to release deeply entrenched beliefs that need to be shifted up and out of consciousness so that we may prosper and thrive. Often times these beliefs are not even conscious, but lie below the surface where they can conitnue to create problems in our lives. This Essence, much like Malachite and in fact the two can be combined to create even more powerful results if needed, helps us to finally "get it", to see what beliefs have been deeply entrenched within and that these are false beliefs that have nothing to do with who you truly are as a person or with what you are capable of Creating/Manifesting. It helps us to attract new beliefs that are highly Positive and Joyful, that these may take the permanent place of the old.


Affirmation - I Feel Safe & Secure In The New Life That I Am Creating For Myself

Wonderful essence for flowing with changes in life, following through on projects and ideas instead of allowing one's self to be sabotaged by fears. Helps to avoid procrastination and instead to delve into what needs to be done with great enthusiasm and delight! Helps those who are undergoing a seemingly "enforced change" to feel much more comfortable and stable with what is happening in their lives. Excellent for those who find themselves needing or wanting to move to a new home. Helps the person to take root and ground in the new environment more quickly

Chalcedony - Pink

Affirmation - I Am Totally Open & Receptive To Receiving An Ever Greater Abundance Of Love Into My Life

Accepting love from one's Guides and Expanded Self, opening to receive more from the Universe and those around you. Helps to boost one's faith in one's self and to know that your own talents and abilities are greatly needed at this time.

Champagne Topaz

Affirmation - I Easily Go The Distance For I Believe In Myself & My Dreams

The essence of Destiny, believing in one's self and having greater confidence in one's talents and abilities. This essence also enhances one's awareness of one's true personal power and increases inner stamina when in pursuit of long term goals and dreams.


Affirmation - I Transform My Life By Embracing The Divine Truth Of Life

A strongly spiritual essence, Charoite is symbolic of the Violet Flame in physical form. It is a powerful essence for change and transformation, blockages from one's path may simply disappear and one feels a greater sense of guidance and support from The Universe. It can speed up one's spiritual evolution and yet it is an easy, joyful process. One simply knows what the next steps to take are and embraces the path that is truly right for them.


Affirmation - I Am Free Of Negativity, Uplifted Into A Higher Level Of Being

A highly positive essence that helps to remove unwanted implants and negative thoughts and beliefs that poison one's life. It cleanses the aura, balances the chakras, reduces feelings of anger and stress, as well as situations that promote the same. This essence has a way of removing negative people and things when sprayed in one's enviroment.


Affirmation - My Outer World Reflects Back To Me The Truth & Beauty Of My Own Soul

For Healing the Heart Chakra, feeling more attuned to one's environement and knowing what one needs to do in terms of making changes both within the home and one's life to help bring about the manifestation of what makes one truly happy. It really is a lovely essence. It also attracts joy, positive energy and feelings of bliss through the opening of the heart chakra which just feels so good!


Affirmation - I Know That My Business Is Truly The Divine's Business and The Divine Is Prosperity In All Things

A wonderful essence for those who own their own business, it bestows power and the wisdom to use such power wisely in one's day to day and business affairs. I have been spraying this essence in my cash box with some rather interesting results! It appears to amp other manifesting techniques as well, such as creative visualization, meditation, affirmations, ect. It also helps one to get up and moving, doing what needs to be done to promote one's business and career.


Affirmation - I Now Recognise What I need To Know That I May Heal & Move Forward

When I first began researching and working with this particular mineral I learned that its name comes from the German word Kobold which means "underground spirit". The Germans once believed this mineral to be bewitched because it would not smelt properly. As an essence, it helps us to understand why healing or manifestations we have been working on may not be coming together properly, and in fact people who could benefit from this essence often do they feel that they have been "cursed" or bewitched somehow as something that is very important to them is just not coming together, no matter how much of an effort they are making. This essence helps us to better understand what is happening within our own personal "underground spirits" so that we may heal at this deeper level what needs to be healed and move forward in our lives once more.


Affirmation - I Attract Only That Which Brings Me Joy and Well Being

This is a strong attraction/repelling essence, assisting one in attracting what is desired and repelling that which is harmful or negative in one's life/environment. It can help to automatically increase the positive energy impulse that one sends forth to speed up the process of manifestation or to lift a situation or circumstance into a much higher leve ofl vibration so that the good becomes even better and the negative is better able to be dissolved and cleared away. It can help one to better express what one needs and desires in life, both to other people as well as the Universe in order to create a happier, more fulfilling life.


Affirmation - I Am Building The Life I Desire On A Firm & Solid Foundation. All Good Is Manifesting For Me Permanently In The Here & Now.

John Randalph Price once mentioned in one of his books how when he and his wife first began working with the Laws of The Universe to Manifest a better life for themselves that initially all seemed to be going well and they were making much progress when suddenly the bottom fell out. What they soon came to realise was that they had neglected to put a Spiritual foundation under their plans first and foremost and without that, they did not have a solid foundation to build upon. This Essence helps us to build this solid Spiritual foundation first (and it takes much less time than we might think for The Universe truly does act in the blink of an eye!) and it is upon this rock-solid foundation that our dreams can root deeply and then begin to grow in ways that are truly miraculous! This Essence does serve a dual purpose though for it can also help us to release those things that we do not want, yet seem to have "set as concrete" in our lives and it seems that nothing we do can erode them away. By helping us to understand what is really keeping these "fixed' unwanted things in our lives, we can Joyfully let them go and move into the state of Divine Being that we were always intended to live.


Affirmation - The Christ Consciousness Within Me Flows Through Into Every Aspect Of My Life

A very heart centered essence that promotes the Christ conciousness within as well as assisting one in perceiving those not of this world. Excellent for journeying, understanding symbols seen in non-ordinary reality as well as amping natural psychic talents.

Crow Labradorite

Affirmation - My Divine Energy Moves Forth Out Into The Universe & Attracts That Which I Desire Unto Me

This is one of my favourite essences. It provides a cosmic shakeup, seeing the world through new eyes and gaining a fresh perspective. Helps a person to adjust to new situations such as a new job, new home, birth of a child, new pet and so forth. It allows the person to gain some rather unusual insights into people/situations without having to delve deep within or work quite as long and hard at rooting out core issues. Also supports the process of connecting on a vibrational level with the energy of what one is seeking to manifest in one's life so that energy may be sent forth as a beacon to guide the manifestation into form.

Cuprite with Malachite
Affirmation - I Am Completely Loved & Accepted By The Divine Mother

This essence alleviates fear and worry by attuning us to the supportive, nurturing aspect of the goddess who loves all her children unconditionally.


Affirmation - The Fastest & Easiest Way For Me To Attract Anything I Need Or Desire Is To Feel Good

This is a wonderfully colored mineral. Its bright azure to sky blue color is truly beautiful. Cyanotrichite typically forms acicular or hair like crystals aggregated into radial clusters, tufts and sprays. This essence is excellent for attracting Higher Guidance for solutions and making important decisions as well as attracting greater feelings of joy and bliss.


Affirmation - The Universe/God IS The Source Of My Supply

Often times we are taught to think of something outside of ourselves as being the source of all we need to not only survive but to thrive in life. This Essence helps us to understand that it is all within us, for we are the Divine Spark in physical form and thus we can never be apart from our Loving Creator, but we also cannot be apart from all Abundance that was meant for us even before we came into this physical existence. We simply need to remember to claim what rightfully belongs to us and affirm that it has now manifested in ways that are perfect and right for us! We can claim our Abundance in terms of Health, Love, Happiness, Money, Right Career, Divine Guidance, Inspiration and Creativity, nothing is off-limits and we were never meant to 'do without". Go within and claim that which Love has already promised to provide for you Always and in All Ways.

Danburite - Pink

Affirmation - I Am Deserving Of All Good

Helps one to feel the unconditional love of Spirit, knowing you are worthy of having the absolute best in life and trusting that the Universe is always working on your behalf. Releases fear, lack of faith and trust in the goodness of others. Helps one to communicate from a heart and soul level. Raven and Crow people are likely to find this essence to be very helpful for them especially.


Affirmation - I Move Through All Of My Life Changes With Ease & Joy

This essence is excellent for helping people move through life changes that are occuring all at the same time or one right after another. It helps one to feel more in control when appopriate and yet also helps one to also give up control when one needs to. It helps all changes to flow more easily, smoothly and with less fear, and also helps one to feel excited and hopeful for the future.

Datolite - Violet

Affirmation - I Easily Integrate All Higher Forms Of Knowing

Violet Datolite helps to make one more aware of Higher Vibrational thoughtforms and how they can be better integrated within one's self to improve and positively alter one's life. Answers to questions in regards to one's life come more easily and quickly and this also holds true for those who are working with others to help them improve their lives as well. Anyone who works within the Healing Fields yet especially those who Channel, do Intuitive/Psychic, Tarot or Astrology readings could really benefit from working with this essence. It also helps to attract the perfect clients to one's healing work. This essence is also very uplifting and is very helpful for use when one falls into patterns of negative thinking/expectations.


Affirmation - My Relationships With Others Are Strong & Loving

Dioptase is a wonderful healer for the heart chakra as well as helping people to create and maintain loving relationships with others. It is a stone of inspiration, helping us to connect deeply with our Inner Muse as well as providing the forms for that energy to flow into. Dioptase also helps to heal issues around lack of abundance and prosperity, opening our hearts to both receive and share in ways that truly bring us happiness and joy. This essence is a powerful addition to prosperity blends or can be used on its own, depending on what your own Higher Guidance recommends.

Duftite - Deep Green

Affirmation - I Totally Love & Support Myself In All Things

Releases feelings of shame and inferiority. Helps one to see that they are just as good as others and helps to instill more loving and supportive thoughts towards one's self. It also helps to eliminate negative self-talk.


Affirmation - My Heart Is Aligned With The Universal Heart Chakra. All Of My Endeavors & Relationships Thrive & Grow In Abundance!

Opens and aligns the heart chakra with that if the Universal Heart Chakra for right relationship and love. Promotes success in all endeavors including that of relationships, business, personal and family success. Helps to provide courage for when the going gets rough, knowing that this is just a phase and too shall pass. Also excellent for prosperity and abundance, helps to instill a sense of worthiness to receive all the blessings the Universe desires to bestow. Helpful for finding one's right path in life, that which will bring the most joy and success.

Emerald Calcite

Affirmation - The Old Energy Has Been Easily Cleared Away & I Am Beginning A New & Higher Cycle Of Life

A powerful energy booster it also helps to cleanse old blocked energy, especially from the Heart Chakra though all chakras can also be cleansed and balanced through this essence. Emerald Calcite also helps to clear old, relationship energies that have been influencing your current relationship as well as bringing healing and a sense of completion in regards to the past.

Eosphorite - Gem Pink

Affirmation - The Universe Showers Me Each Day With An Abundance Of Blessings & Bliss

Universal Support and Blessings, loving one's self. This essence allows us to feel that it truly is right and good for us to take good care of ourselves, to love and support ourselves in what ever way we feel guided to do. It allows a person to put themselves first, especially when they have a tendency to "sacrifice" themselves for others.


Affirmation - It Is Easy For Me To Focus Only On That Which I Desire

An essence for increase of that which is desired. When using this essence, focus on what is desired only, do not allow for stray thoughts to intervene. It is helpful to make a wish list, reading the list while using the essence and then placing the bottle in dosage strength on top of the list. Do not use stock bottle to do this, as it will program the bottle for that one set of wishes only.


Affirmation - I Forgive The Past & In Doing So I Free Myself

The essence of forgiveness both of the Self or another, especially when one feels that there is no possible way one could ever forgive what happened in the past.


Affirmation - The Light Of The Universe Flows Through Me Blessing Me & Blessing All Of Life

Success in long term pursuits. This is a wonderful essence especially for people who are very focused on developing and evolving themselves spiritually and are seeking to bring more of this spiritual expression into their daily lives.

Full Moon Moldavite

Affirmation - The Positive Energy Of The Universe Is Moving Powerfully & Abundantly Through My Life Right Now

This is an essence for breaking free from old paradigms, understanding subconscious motivations and fears, shifts old patterns and beliefs that are firmly entrenched and also really gets energy on all levels moving pretty quickly. It's a good one to use if someone has a major goal they want to reach quickly and need a good push to get themselves and the energy moving. What I have also found and have heard from other people as well is when they start working with this essence we start attracting Guides that are a bit out of the "ordinary". Guides like Wayshower, The Akumon, and The Kombawai are some examples. Tektite and Moldavite both seem to attract this sort of high level, turn your reality upside down and inside out in a good way kind of energy. Moldavite seems to be the stronger of the two though that is based on my own and my clients experience. Some one else may feel that Tektite gives them more of a wallop! The Full Moon Moldavite does bring alot of changes into people's lives. This is one I suggest that people use say for 2 weeks on and then take a break for at least a week to allow the energy to settle and be integrated a bit. Then go back on if it seems to be needed a bit longer. It's an amazing essence and extremely powerful.


Affirmation - My Energy Field Is Clear & Whole, My Power Focused On That Which Blesses Me

Clears and repairs the Aura, as well as stopping energy leakages. This essence also supports the process of learning how to travel through the Universal Vortex to gain greater spiritual wisdom and healing.


Affirmation - I Know What I really Desire & I Move Towards It Fully & Easily

An excellent essence to use for banishing indecisiveness, procrastination, waffling once a path has been chosen from the heart. Relying on intuition to show you the right choices for you, being in a state of grace. Universal support and divine intervention abounds.


Affirmation - Learning Is Such A Joy For Me, It Is Always An Exciting New Adventure

An excellent essence both for teachers and students. Supports the ongoing learning process and helps one to understand complex information.


Affirmation - The Universe Constantly Validates What I Believe To Be True For Me

Validating one's perceptions about reality even when others disagree. Your reality is based on your beliefs and perceptions, no two people view reality the same way. This essence also increases clairvoyance and clairaudience, especially when working with higher guides and teachers. It enhances self-love and self-esteem, especially when there has been deep childhood wounding.


Affirmation - I Am The Master Of My Own Destiny

Gold is a Master Healer that also helps us to discover and master our own ultimate Destiny and Purpose for Being in this space and lifetime. It helps to attract prosperity and abundance as well as helping us to master the Laws of The Universe to further enhance our Joy and Fulfillment of life.

Golden Herderite

Affirmation - I Am Now Coming Into My Full Power As A Divine, Spiritual Being

This essence helps us to attune more fully to the Spiritual Beings that we truly are so that we may accelerate our spiritual as well as physical progress and Manifestation in our lifetimes. It is extremely helpful for those seeking to further open their psychic pathways and abilities, helps with meditation by stilling and quieting the mind and also assists one in connecting with any other tool, be it books to essences to crystals or techniques that will also promote best one's Spiritual growth and progress.

Green Rhyolite

Affirmation - I Live My Life Each Day From The Point Of Positive Intention

Living with Intention, bridge from this world to the spiritual realms. This essence also helps to stimulate positive change and progress along one's spiritual path.

Harmotome (Red)

Affirmation - My Life Is Filled With Harmony & Peace

As the name of this Essence implies, it is for attracting and maintaining Harmony and Peace in one's life. Any area of life where there feels to be conflict or problems, this Essence can be used to help smooth out the rough edges and lift all up into a much Higher and more Peaceul Vibration. Musicians may also find this Essence helpful, especially those who are looking to connect with others who they can form group musical endeavors with. In any situation where Harmony needs to be created or restored, use a few drops of this Essence and then visualise what you desire to see happen.


Affirmation - I Fully Open Myself To Receive All The Good That The Universe Has For Me

Blessings and Gifts that flow in abundance to us from Life and The Universe. This essence helps us to open our energy fields to allow and accept greater good in our lives in a gentle and peaceful fashion so we do not feel overwhelmed and thrown off balance, yet can gracefully and effortlessly flow into this new and higher state of Being.


Affirmation - The Light Of The Universe Surrounds, Protects & Uplifts Me

Helps to repel psychic invasion, acting as a mirror to deflect negative or unwanted energies from other people. This is also an excellent essence to use when being woken up by nightmares duirng the night and for free floating anxieties.


Affirmation - I Now Remember Who I Truly Am & I Am Evolving Rapidly On All Levels

This is an Antlantean stone essence that helps us to remember our divine heritage and abilities while expanding our ability to evolve more rapidly.


Affirmation - I Am Now Re-Connecting With The Healing Tools Of My Heritage

Accessing healing information and awareness of ancient healing tools from Atlantis and Lemuria.


Affirmation - Everything Is Working Our Perfectly For Me Now!

An Essence of faith and Angels, to trust in the healing process knowing that what ever course of action you have chosen, it will work for you. Restore hope after dreams are shattered and all hope seems lost. Hopeite helps you to pick up the pieces and start over again, or to empower you to head down a new path that is better than the old.


Affirmation - My Positive Affirmations Work Wonders For Me!

This Essence is a powerful booster and can be used with any positive affirmations. It helps one to fully integrate the energy of the affirmation, keeps it more ate the forefront of one's mind so it is more of an ongoing process (which helps which you are affirming to Manifest all the faster) and really keeps the Positive energy "Humming along"!

Idocrase (aka Vesuvianite)

Affirmation - I Am Aligned With My Higher Self, Joy, Laughter & Total Lavish Abundance!

This is such a Joyful, Happy Essence! It Supports the Alignment between our earthly selves and our Higher Selves, helping us to see ourselves through the eyes of our own Higher Self who loves us unconditionally and whose only desire is that we live with Joy, Divine Fulfillment, Prosperity, Creativity and Love! When we realise that our Higher Selves know that we deserve to experience the very best that life has to offer, we then attract the veryest into our lives. This actually serves a very High Purpose for when our lives are flowing along wonderfully, then others will be attracted to us, wanting to know how they too can live as we do. We then can begin to share with them what we have learned, offering the tools that have helped us, the Spiritual Insights and Wisdom we have gained along the way. This more than any other thing can help to uplift the entire of the planet into a realm of Good For All. Your Allowing of your own Good will help others to be better able to Allow their own Good as well.


Affirmation - I Am Open & Protected As I Expand My Awareness Of My Higher Guidance

Finding one's way along unknown paths and feeling safe while exploring the new. This is a remarkable essence to use during Guided Meditations, increases Intuition and strengthens one's sense of Inner Knowing. It helps to balance the male and female sides of one's being, allowing the positive aspects of both to be more easily applied to day to day affairs and thus benefiting from both sides more fully in one's life.

Jahnsite (Green)

Affirmation - I Lovingly Release What Was. I Know That Every Ending Is Really A New & Positive Beginning For Me

All Jahnsite's help to release painful/traumatic energies from one's mind and emotions as well as from the chakras. Green Jahnsite is for painful episodes related to the emotional body that have impacted the Heart Chakra. Whether it be from the passing of a loved one, the loss of a romantic relationship or an important friendship, Green Jahnsite helps one to come to terms with what has happened and thus one is better able to heal it and let it go.

Jahnsite (Orange)

Affirmation - My Second Chakra Is Now An Abundant Source Of All Good & Feelings Of Well Being

All Jahnsite's help to release painful/traumatic energies from one's mind and emotions as well as from the chakras. Orange Jahnsite is for painful episodes that may have damaged the Second Chakra. The damage may have been caused by anything from childhood sexual abuse to being made to feel that one is somehow less of a man or woman because one does not fit the stereotype of what our society feels men and women are supposed to be like.

Jahnsite (Purple)

Affirmation - I Know That The Truth Of The Divine Is That There Is Only Unconditonal Love For Me And All Of Life

All Jahnsite's help to release painful/traumatic energies from one's mind and emotions as well as from the chakras. Purple Jahnsite is for painful episodes related to the Spiritual realms that have impacted the Crown Chakra. This could be due to an overly strict religious upbringing that has left one feeling fearful of the Higher and thus one is holding on to beliefs that one needs to be "punished for one sins" or that one is "dirty" because the Soul is housed in a physical body. These perceptions were created by those who sought to control other people's behaviour and are not the Truth of Spirit and yet they can remain as a highly painful and damaging presence within nonetheless. Purple Jahnsite helps to heal those experiences that has left one feeling cut off from Spirit as well as those experiences that have left one feeling that they are spiritually "good enough" for Spirit to love and bless them. This essence helps one to remember that Spirit's Love was promised as an absolute to each and every one of us, all are worthy of this Love!

Jahnsite (Yellow)

Affirmation - My Confidence & Trust In Myself Has Now Been Restored

All Jahnsite's help to release painful/traumatic energies from one's mind and emotions as well as from the chakras. Yellow Jahnsite is for painful experiences that has damaged one's self-esteem and self-confidence as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra. These damaging experiences could have occured in childhood or are of a more recent event such as a job loss.


Affirmation - My Communication & Listening Skills Are Excellent! Communication In All Forms Is Such A Joy For Me!

This essence helps one to better communicate as well as having a better understanding of what others are communicating back to one. It helps one to better remember and utilise all that one has learned throughout life as well as helping one be more receptive and open to learning new things and skills. It is a powerful essence for both the throat and third eye chakras, linking them with the crown, 8, 9, and 10th chakras for greater spiritual wisdom and understanding.

Kammererite (Red)

Affirmation - I Know That I Am Worthy Of all Good, Have Always Been Worthy Of All Good & I Accept this As My Birthright Now

This essence is a powerful stabiliser and activator of the Root chakra, helping to release issues associated with existential guilt and feelings of unworthiness. This essence also helps to clear all the meridians and promotes greater balance on all levels, helping one to better integrate and utilise spiritual energies on a physical level.

Kammererite (Violet)

Affirmation - I Understand & Work With the Higher Laws & Principles Of The Universe Thus Creating All Good In My Own Life

This essence helps one to better understand and work with Universal Laws and Principles for greater evolution and spiritual expression in one's life. It helps one to also better understand and use the powers of colour, sound and scent for spiritual evolution as well as physical manifestation of that which is desired/needed.


Affirmation - In Every Moment I Feel & Express Divine Gratitude & Joy

The essence of joy and gratitude. It brings a fresh perspective to any situation while alleviating tension and worry. This is a wonderful essence for people who tend to whinge alot, constantly complaining about what is wrong with their lives rather than focusing on the good.

Lamprophyllite (Yellow)

Affirmation - My Path Is Brightly Lit & I Am Moving Forward With Ease & Joy!

This is an excellent Essence for when one feels they have lost their way and one can no longer trust their own Judgement. It helps one to tap into one's own Inner Wisdom, knowing intuitively what the right steps and actions are to take and trusting that the process will lead you to where you desire to be. It also helps to attract others who can "hold a lamp" up for you to follow, who can be of great assistance and support for you as you seek to live a life with greater fulfillment and peace.

Lapis Lazuli

Affirmation - I Live An Authentic & Joyful Life!

Expansion of spiritual awareness. Enhances one's ability to speak as the Higher or Expanded Self, to live an "authentic life" by pursuing and expressing those things that are true for you and bring a greater sense of joy and fulfillment. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of friendship and can also help one to attract "spiritual friends and supporters" on the Higher Levls. It helps to balance the Throat Chkara and increases clarity and wisdom.


Affirmation - The Universal River Is Carrying Me Effortlessly To All That I Desire

The essence of peace and serenity, releasing, lettig go, moving with the flow of The Universe rather than trying to fight against the current.

Lime Green Mica

Affirmation - I Release what I Need To Easily & Peacefully. All Is Well In My World

All Micas help to stabilise unstable situations and have been used to help stabilise earthquake prone areas while allowing the energy that needs to be released to be released but without the "usual" upheavel that such events can cause. So too does this essence help to stabilise one's life so that one can more patiently examine what needs to be released rather than trying to ignore what is really bothering one and carrying on, only to create a series of disruptions in one's personal life in order to finally allow the old energies to be released. As with Earthquakes, the energy has more than likely been building for some time until the person is simply unable to carry on as before, something has got to give. This essence helps to calm the life energy which gives one time to examine other options and then to begin acting upon the best option accordingly.


Affirmation - My Ability To Magnetically Attract that Which I Desire Grows & Expands Each Day

Magnetism. This is a powerful essence for attracting that which is desired yet in balanced ways so that the manifestation does not cause one to feel unsettled or anxious (even very positive manifestations can make someone feel out of balance and wobbly until the new becomes more familiar). Lodestone also helps to release burdens that one has carried for a very long time and is having trouble releasing, often due to feelings of guilt and fear that to do so will cause problems for someone else. It helps one to understand that by carrying the burden, it actually keeps both you and others stuck in situations that are not joyful and the shedding of the burden allows all those involved to move into a happier level of being.

Malachite Pyramid

Affirmation - My Home Is A Wonderful Reflection Of The Beauty & Joy That Is My True Nature

For Healing the Heart Chakra, feeling more attuned to one's environement and knowing what one needs to do in terms of making changes both within the home and one's life to help bring about the manifestation of what makes one truly happy. It really is a lovely essence. It also attracts joy, positive energy and feelings of bliss through the opening of the heart chakra which just feels so good!


Affirmation - I Feel Wonderful! All Is truly Well In My World!

This Essence strengthens and empowers the Second Chakra which in turn promotes feelings of Well-Being and Abundance. It is also very warming and soothing, helping to thaw out any frozen or stuck feeling places within so that much Higher Vibrational Energies can flow through our lives more freely and readily. This is the perfect Essence to use when one is feeling off-kilter, nothing really wrong that one can put one's finger on, just a general feeling of malaise. This essence helps to rout that energy so that it can be replaced with feelings of Divine Delight and Joy in life.


Affirmation - I Am Flexible, I Adapt Easily To The Changes In My Life

An essence for transformation and embracing change, letting go of the fear of change and adapting more easily to new situations. Also helps to keep the mental body more open and flexible, willing to learn new things.

Merkabite Calcite

Affirmation - My Light Body Has Now Been Activated & Is A Radiant Source Of Divine Light

This essence helps to activate the Light Body known as the Merkabah Vehicle of Light or Rainbow Body.

Microlite (Emerald Green)

Affirmation - I Allow Others To Give To Me So That They Too Can Know The Joy Of Giving

This essence helps one to be able to both receive even as they are tending to want to give to others. It helps one to release feelings of guilt or unworthiness which have kept one from being able to receive more freely and joyfully from others. It is also very helpful for learning to receive on a cosmic scale, to become so open to receiving all the Good that The Universe seeks to bestow on one that "Blessings follow Blessings and Miracles shall never cease".

Monazite (Red)

Affirmation - I Can Now begin Anew, Building A Wonderful New Life For Myself

This Essence help to Divinely Restructure the foundation of one's life. I heard a wonderful affirmation not that long ago; the person said "when it seemed everything in my life was falling apart, I began to see it as everything falling together!" And indeed she found that as the old was cleared away, she could begin to completely restructure her life in the way that she really wanted it to be. Sometimes things happen because we have been holding onto something that was not really in our best interests, even though we thought it was at the time. As we willingly release what ever that may be, even when the structure of our lives seems to be coming apart, it is really an opportunity to Restructure and Re-build a brand new life that will bring us much more Joy, Peace and Happiness than the old ever could. Yes it can be painful, and yet working with this Essence also helps to alleviate so much of that pain yet not denying us the time and space to "grieve" for what was. It is all part of the process and we can choose in any moment how we wish to move through it. What has long fascinated me though is when we choose to accept and embrace what is, to allow things to be what they are, it all changes and suddenly we find ourselves moving in wonderful new directions and "everything simply falls into place"!

Mordenite (Pink)

Affirmation - My Expectations Both For The Present & Future Are Positive & Joyful.

Our expectations of life does determine what we Manifest for ourselves. When our expectations are Positive and Joyful, then we attract the circumstances and events that reinforce this belief. When our expectations are slanted more towards the negative, then this is what we Manifest. I know how challenging it can be to reverse this flow of negative expectations to positive ones for sometimes it seems that no matter what one does, nothing appears to be changing. Yet what is really happening is that within we are expecting the same old same old instead of affirming to ourselves that things can indeed change very rapidly for the better. Instead of focusing our attention on what is working in our lives, we all tend to focus on that which is giving us worry and fear. Or we begin looking for someone else to blame for our problems. Yet when we are willing to go within and look at what our expectations of life are, we may find that there is a whole slew of negative beliefs and ideas that are activelt preventing us from attracting that which we desire to Manifest. This Essence helps us to move past those egatives and instead choose to positively affirm that our expectations have changed for the better. We expect that our problems will be solved easily and rapidly. We expect that Life is meant to be fun and Joyful, and that we are here to see how we can bring more Light and Happiness not only into our own lives, but the lives of others as well. We expect that the tide has now turned and our Ships are coming in, filled to the brim with Divine Good and Abundance. The more we alter our own expectations towards that which gives us feeling of Peace, Freedom, Abundance, we then find we attract more and more of that which enhances these feelings of All Good. Life really does get so much better when we expect it to!


Affirmation - My Life Is Stable & Secure In All Ways & Things

Stability. This essence helps to stabilise situations and structures that feel like they are on "shaky ground". It helps to increase a sense of courage and strength within. This essence can also be very helpful for gaining a better understanding of Neptune in the chart both by natal position and transits.


Affirmation - I Understand What The Root Of The Problem Is & I Now Know Best How To Heal & Release It

Releases worry through a better understanding of all parts of a problem or challenging situation so that one may then understand how best to respond and ultimately release the problem or situation.

Orange Calcite

Affirmation - My Life & Relationships Are Changing For The Better On All Levels

This essence helps to attract positive changes and also helps to alleviate emotional congestion and fears. It is a very calming, soothing essence and can be especially helpful for those who are undergoing many changes or challenges related to one's home and family.

Pecos Diamond

Affirmation - The Universe Is Helping Me To Grow & Prosper Through Laughter & Play

This essence is for feeling "young at heart", helping one to loosen up, laugh, play more and to get more fun out of life. It is excellent for people who tend to be overly serious, always focusing on the negative and tending towards being a bit stuffy. It is also wonderful for those times when life seems to be getting one down and cracking a smile seems to be more effort than it is worth.


Affirmation - Everything Around Me Has Been Uplifted & Restored To Divine Order

"The stone of Angels". This essence also supports and protects one during meditation as well as during shamanic journeys, as it also helps to enlist the protection and support of one's totem animals. It brings calm and heart centered peace, as well as helping to clear negative energies both within one's self and from one's environment through an upliftemnt of the vibrational energies.

Pink Optical Calcite

Affirmation - I Know That I Am Completely Loved & Supported By The Universe

This is such a lovely, lovely essence! It attracts Angelic influences and energies, helps you to feel supported by the wings of Love throughout your days. It is very gentle and soothing, calming and peaceful. It is an essence for knowing that all is truly well and that you need not fear for The Universe is completely on your side and loves you totally and unconditonally. Very healing for the Heart Chakra and fills the heart with feelings of love, joy and bliss.

Pink Topaz

Affirmation - Love & Success In All Things Has Taken Root In My Life & Are Thriving

Love and Success both on a personal and business level. This essence is a powerful heart opener that helps us to feel the Love that The Universe has for all flowing to us and through us. As we are better able to open to and exhibit more of this Universal Love, it automatically begins to attract an ever increasing flow of Abundant Love back to us.

Prophecy Stone

Affirmation - I Seek A Higher Vision & It Is Made Manifest For Me

No one seems to know exactly what this stone is comprised of and yet it is extremely powerful for opening the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Stimulating prophetic visions and awareness, wonderful for those wanting to accelerate their spiritual wisdom and understanding to the highest levels they can attain in this lifetime.


Affirmation - The Universal Energies Of The Mystical & Magical Flows Through My Life In Wondrous Ways.

Intense acceleration of energy, powerful enhancer of intuitive and mystical awareness and abilities.

Purple Herderite

Affirmation - My Spiritual Growth Is Moving At Light Speed. Each Day I Become More Conscious Of The Universal Flow As It Moves Through Me

A very powerful essence for expansion of consciousness, helps to bring balance to the mind and emotional body. Purple Herderite is especially helpful for those who are on an accelerated path of spiritual development, helping to both clear the path ahead as well as attracting support, assistance and insight from the Higher Realms.

Purple Jadeite

Affirmation - I Am At One With The Divine Mind

The energy of faith and feeling that one is in a state of grace. Helps one to tap into the unlimited thinking of the Divine Mind, perceiving solutions to problems and situations that one has not perceived before. Also helps to attract wealth and abundance through the understanding that it is one's birthright and that it is "spiritually okay" to be abundant and prosperous on all levels, including financially. Helps the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of the Self operate in more balanced and harmonious ways, all parts of the Self feeling more strongly plugged into the Higher Realms. Attracts good luck through already feeling blessed and supported abundantly by the Universe.

Purple Topaz

Affirmation - I Am Divinely Inspired & My Business Grows & Prospers As a Result

High spiritual vibration, Business Success. This essence opens the Crown Chakra that new ideas and concepts may flow in more readily that you will be able to use to grow and expand your business still further. This essence also helps one to understand that business and spirituality can and do go hand in hand, that Spirit is an all things and your own business is also an expression of The Divine.

Quantum Quatro Silica

Affirmation - My Sense Of Inner Well Being Overflows Into Every Aspect Of My Life

This silica is comprised of the following: Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Smoky Quartz and Malachite. It is wonderful for all sorts of things and we have found it is much like Pink Quill which shapeshifts itself to fit the needs of the person. It is very grounding yet uplifting, it helps to integrate the changes in the energy that we have been feeling and helps us to understand the energetic impact these things have on us and what we need to do to feel at peace with current and past events. It also helps to release imprints from our energy field that are not for our higher good and during major shifts in energy it helps to slow the process just enough so that it is much easier for the physical body to integrate the changes. It is wonderful for stress and I like to use this essence in my bath water as it also helps me to unwind and clear my aura at the end of a long day, especially if I have been doing a lot of healing work and there has been the potential of me taking on someone else's energy which would help neither me nor them.

Rainbow Flame Mexican Fire Opal

Affirmation - I Know How To Work With The Power Of Colour To Heal Any Area Of My Life That I Desire

Powerful activator for all the chakras. Those interested in working with colour for greater healing and spiritual evolution will find this essence to be very helpful.

Red Topaz

Affirmation - The More Joyful I Feel, The Faster My Desires Manifest For Me

Courage, Stamina, Good Fortune. This essence helps one to quickly attract from The Universe what is needed/wanted through a sense of Joy and Faith that what is being asked for has already been given and thus one only has to relax and allow this essence to help one to open to receive.


Affirmation - My Chakras Are In Higher Balance & Radiating All Good Into My Life

Energetically, Rhodizite is very powerful for unlocking and clearing blockages, and activating all the chakras. Because this stone is found in the shape of a dodecahedron, it also carries those qualities as well - Universal wisdom, accessing the matrix of the Universal mind so seed thoughts may be implanted and brought forth into manifestation.

Rosasite (Light blue)

Affirmation - I Release Resistance & Allow The Flow Of Life To Carry Me To The Desired Shore

This is a wonderful essence for feeling at peace with every aspect of your life which in turn releases resistance. Resistance occurs when we fight against what is instead of turning within and asking why we have attracted or are experiencing something we do not want. Once we understand what the underlying lesson is as well as the thoughts and beliefs we may have that have attraced the experience, we can easily begin the process of releasing it. Through the process of acceptance (and this does not mean we accept things as a permanent condition, we simply acknowledge that it is a temporary condition we are seeking to better understand) we loosen the energetic chains that have bound us to the circumstance.

Roselite (Rose-red)

Affirmation - My Communications With Others Come From The Heart. I Speak As My Higher Self

Roselite is wonderful for communications of all sorts be they personal or business. In cases where there has been misunderstandings and feelings of ill will, this essence helps to heal the situation and clarify what was actually intended to have been conveyed. It helps us to connect with others who may have been closed off to us in the past, opening a gateway to expressing our Positive Intentions and trusting that the other shall feel the same towards us as well. For those who are very shy and find it challenging to interact more deeply with others, this essence is invaluable.


Affirmation - I Live Each Day With Divine Courage & Passion For Life

For courage and passion, helps to control the rise of the Kundalini energy and also raises the life-force. Ruby can enhance leadership qualities as well as attracting those of like mind that can support you in your pursuits. It is the energy of wealth and helps to clear survival/poverty issues from the Root Chakra. Ruby also attracts more joy and creativity into one's life.

Rutile (Blue)

Affirmation - I Trust In My Intuition. It Allows Me To Communicate & Express Myself In Ways That Bring Joy To Myself & Others

All Rutiles help to repel negative energies and align one's vibrational field with that which is desired in order for it to be made manifest. Rutile helps one to understand what the root of the issue is and once something has been brought into the light of consciousness, one finds that the issue can be dissolved fairly quickly and easily unless there are underlying reasons why one is wanting to hang on to it. If this is the case, then Rutile will help one to move past the "pay-off" one is getting from problem by seeing that a much bigger pay-off is awaiting one through the manifestation of that which is consciously desired. Blue Rutile is very helpful for those with issues regarding communication in any form, heeding one's intuition as well as clearing and strengthening the fifth chakra.

Rutile (Green)

Affirmation - I Now Allow Myself To Let Go Knowing That The Healing I Desire Is Manifesting Within Me & Around Me Right Now

All Rutiles help to repel negative energies and align one's vibrational field with that which is desired in order for it to be made manifest. Rutile helps one to understand what the root of the issue is and once something has been brought into the light of consciousness, one finds that the issue can be dissolved fairly quickly and easily unless there are underlying reasons why one is wanting to hang on to it. If this is the case, then Rutile will help one to move past the "pay-off" one is getting from problem by seeing that a much bigger pay-off is awaiting one through the manifestation of that which is consciously desired. Green Rutile is very helpful for those with issue regarding prosperity and abundance as well as health and healing.

Rutile (Red)

Affirmation - I Am Moving Forward, Empowered By My Life's Experiences & Happily Creating The Life I Truly Desire

All Rutiles help to repel negative energies and align one's vibrational field with that which is desired in order for it to be made manifest. Rutile helps one to understand what the root of the issue is and once something has been brought into the light of consciousness, one finds that the issue can be dissolved fairly quickly and easily unless there are underlying reasons why one is wanting to hang on to it. If this is the case, then Rutile will help one to move past the "pay-off" one is getting from problem by seeing that a much bigger pay-off is awaiting one through the manifestation of that which is consciously desired. Red Rutile is very helpful for overcoming procrastination, it is highly motivating and helps one to finish projects more rapidly. It is also excellent for clearing feelings of shame and unworthiness, helping one to feel empowered by life and ones expereinces rather than feeling like a victim.

Rutile (Violet)

Affirmation - My Spiritual Growth Is Occurring In A Way & time That Is Perfect For Me

This essence is wonderful for Spiritual and Intuitive development. It opens and balances the Crown Chakra, also helping to deflect negative thoughts forms and beliefs while establishing new thoughts and beliefs of infinite possibilities and miracles. It helps to clarify intuitive messages and insights, allowing one to better communicate these to others as well. It enhances dream recall and understanding, supproting the process of using one's dreams to know what decisions to make, how to heal one's self and expanding one's understanding of Universal Law.

Sacred Seven (aka Melody Stone)

Affirmation - As I Release & Let Go, All Good Flows To Me In Ever Increasing Abundance

This is an Excellent Essence for realesing old thought patterns and habits. It is grounding but also very uplifting, helping to smooth out the rough edges of life and helping one to feel at the core of one's being that All Is Well. It helps to attract Good Luck, fortunate circumstances and also assists in connecting one with others who can be truly helpful and supportive. Fear and worry is released and one soon notices that every area of life begins to improve thus attracting even more Good and Divine Joy.

Scapolite (Golden)

Affirmation - I Am Worthy Of Success & I Now Allow This To Manifest In My Life In The Most Joyous of Ways

Success, moving forward in life with greater ease and confidence. Wonderful for clearing issues round self-esteem and self-worth.

Scapolite - Purple

>Affirmation - Others See The Universal Potential & Good In Me & Respond To Me In An Abundance Of Wonderful Ways

Understanding of your life's purpose. Also helps to attract wealth, charisma and respect from others.


Affirmation - I Am United With My Higher/Expanded Self. We Are working Together To Increase The Radiant Light In The World

This essence helps us to bring the energies of the Higher Self into physical form. It also facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious minds for release of suppressed material.


Affirmation - I Am At Peace & I Radiate This Sense of Peace To All Others

The energy of Angels, attracts peace and good fortune, protects and uplifts the heart chakra. Seraphinite also helps you to see your life with greater clarity and making needed changes with greater ease, joy and grace.

Serendibite (Blue-Green)

Affirmation - I Am Uplifted Into A Higher Vibration Where I Am Surrounded By Blessings And Joy!

This is such a wonderful Essence for when all seems to be going terribly wrong and worry upon worry and trouble upon trouble piles up upon itself and you just feel like giving up as nothing seems to ever cange for the better. This Essence helps one to just let it all go, to release and know that it is now in the past and today in this moment the tide is turning for the better! Often times it is when we feel we have hit the bottom that we can finally release because it is simply too exhausting to try and do anything further. This can be very positive if we understand that what we are really giving up on is the belief that we need to struggle for anything Good to come into our lives. Take a break, have a good cry if you need to and sometimes we all feel this way, and then work with this Essence to begin moving up the Vibrational ladder to where you feel in alignment with All that is Good, All that is Wonderful, All that is Joyful and you shall soon find that life indeed has many Blessings that it is now bestowing upon you.

Shooting Star Kyanite (Black)

Affirmation - My Uniqueness Is A Blessing To Myself & All Of Life

Another excellent essence for those who are pioneers or are very unusual in their outlook and life expression. Helps to connect those who are seeking greater expansion and enlightenment with many Master Guides and Teachers, both on and off the earth plane. May be very helpful for students of astrology and physics. Even while reaching for the stars and greater and greater states of expansiveness one still feels grounded and balanced on the earth plane. This essence may also help one to absorb greater amounts of light energy to both enhance the energies of the light bodies as well as repairing damage from cordings.


Affirmation - A Wonderful New Beginning Has Now Manifested In My Life

This essence facilitates new beginnings and brings joy into our lives. It balances the heart chakra and brings about a greater belief and expectation of goodness flowing into our lives. This essence also assists in awakening clairvoyance and telepathic capabilities.


Affirmation - There is Union & Peace Between My Conscious & Sub-conscious Minds

This essence helps to quiet the mind and releases conflicts between the conscious and subconscious minds. It supports the process of meditation, helps to still the mind and allows one to flow more easily into a meditative state. It attracts peace and soothing energies, and is also wonderful for healing breaches of communications with others.

Spangolite (Emerald Green)

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Healer & Restorer Of Universal Order & Flow

This is a wonderful essence for Hands on Healing as it allows the healing energy flow from the hands to flow unimpeded. It is wonderful to use before any healing session, including Long-Distance Healing, for it connects one to Spirit, the Source of all healing, so that the healing energy that is being sent and received is for the absolute Highest Good for all. Some healers have shared with me that they have found that even though the person who they are sending the healing energy to is not using the essence themselves, they still find that the other person is more receptive to the healing energy and the over-all healing process. This is not something that I had expected and I cannot explain why this would be so unless somehow the essence is creating a very powerful energy link between the Healer and the person seeking the healing.

Sphaerocobaltite (Rose-red) with Malachite

Affirmation - All Of My Precious Energy Is Focused On Creating the Here & Now To Be The Best It Can Be

This essence helps us to access ancient spiritual wisdom and to ground it more fully in our lives so that we may live with greater peace, harmony and joy. This is also a very soothing essence that can helps us to make peace with the past and to better understand why some events may have occured so that we can be healed of those old energies and can now release them. When more of one's energy is brought into the present moment instead of being re-directed to chewing over the past, it also allows one to manifest more joyful and appropriate things in one's here and now.

Spinel - Black

Affirmation - All Of The Best In Life Is Making Its Presence Known In My Life Now

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Black Spinel is excellent for protection from negative energies and negative thought forms. It helps to decrease the power and energy of negative thought forms while greatly enhancing the power and energy of positive thoughts.

Spinel - Blue

Affirmation - My Intuitive skills Are Growing & Strengthening More & More With Each Passing Day

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Blue Spinel enhances all forms of communication and is also helpful for channeling and developing intuition and clairvoyance.

Spinel - Brown

Affirmation - My Aura Is Sparkling Clear & Attracting Wonderful People & Experiences To Me Now

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Clears confusion and distress. This essence is also a powerful healer for the lower chakras (the first and second) and helps to release trauma and fear that may be stored in these two chakras. It also acts on the chakras of the feet to help motivate one to "get moving", taking action that one feels guided to take in order to live a happier, more fulfilled life. Brown Spinel clears muddiness from the Aura, thus allowing it to become larger and more expansive which is crucial for being better able to attract more of what is desired into one's life. It is also very grounding and can be used to help stabilise chaotic/wobbly situations when used internally or misted in one's environment. It is excellent for use in the Wealth, Fame and Career Guas (Feng Shui)

Spinel - Colourless

Affirmation - My Chakras Function In Harmony & Joy With One Another

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Colourless Spinel helps to integrate all the energies of the major chakras so they are more balanced and working together as a team. It is also very useful for balancing and strengthening the minor chakras as well as the meridians.

Spinel - Dark Blue

Affirmation - I Travel Through The Higher Realms With Ease, Joy & Confidence

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Dark Blue Spinel is excellent for dream recall and understanding, lucid dreaming and astral travel. It brings one's intuition into greater alignment with the Higher or Expanded Self and helps one to better discern between what is true guidance and what can be ignored.

Spinel - Green

Affirmation - There Is More Than Enough For Me & All Others

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Green Spinel supports the manifestation of prosperity, love and kindness. It dispells greed through the remembrance that there is more than enough for all. It is very supportive and healing of the heart chakra, helping to open the heart and becoming more loving towards one's self as well as others. It helps one to experience Kundalini Rising with greater ease, helping one to integrate the flow of the Kundalini energy on all levels, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Spinel - Orange

Affirmation - My Imagination & Creativity Are Inspiring Me To Re-design My Life In Beautiful, Uplifting ways

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Orange Spinel promotes creativity, including one's ability to re-create one's life for the better and helps to attract those things that will support greater joy and abundance in one's life. It is also very helpful for sexual issues/dysfunction and is wonderful for women who are moving through menopause.

Spinel - Red

Affirmation - I Know I can Take On Any Challenge & Win!

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Red Spinel strengthens and balances the root chakra so that one may feel more capable of coping with life and manifesting that which is needed or desired.

Spinel - Violet

Affirmation - The Kundalini Energy is Now Flowing easily & Joyfully Upwards Through All Of My Chakras

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life.Spiritual Evolution. This essence helps to remove blockages in the chakras that may be inhibiting the rise of Kundalini energy which can make that process more challenging than it otherwise would be. It also helps to clarify intuitive messages, strengthens intuition and guards against negative energy attachments through a cleansing of negative thought expectations in the mind.

Spinel - Yellow

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Spiritual Being Living A Wonderful Life

All Spinels are excellent for re-newing one's energies and for assistance in moving through challenges of all sorts. They help to increase the positive aspects of one's self on all levels, and help to repair and rejuvenate energies that are decaying in one's life that one wishes to renew. Yet if something really does need to be released, Spinels will allow this to happen but shall also bring a much better replacement into one's life. Yellow Spinel is execllent for developing personal power, increases will power and self-confidence.


Affirmation - I Am Able To Easily Move Through My Current Process Until It Reaches The Most Wonderful Completion!

This wonderful Essence is for deep inner peace, flexibility and willingness to change. Also helps to keep a person motivated once the change process is underway, so that the person can see the process through to the end no matter how long it may take. Though it does seem that this essence does speed the entire process up so that the changes do happen more easily and with less effort. Its also a very happy sort of essence, I like to take a dose now and again when my spirits need a bit of a lift and it really does help! I often find I have a whole new perspective on things and a solution that is incredibly perfect.

Strengite (Violet-Red)

Affirmation - I Am A Perfect Vibrational Match To That Which I Desire

One of the most profound Spiritual concepts as it relates to Manifesting comes from the group of Guides known as Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks. Abraham states that in order to attract something into our lives, we need to be in vibrational alignment with it. This Essence helps us to know what we personally need to do to come into alignment with what we desire to be, do or have in our lives. It provides the impetus to get us moving in the direction we need to be going to come into alignment and once we have started along that path, it then supports the process of vibrational alignment itself. It becomes easier and easier to focus and visualise only on that which is desired, with an intense Inner Knowing that is wanted is indeed in the process of Manifesting and we can see this happening. We get what we focus our energy upon, this is a fundamental rule of Manifersting anything. The challenge is allowing ourselves to release that which impedes the process of Manifestation which this Essence also helps us to move past. We feel our Spiritual Strength and awareness growing within us and we understand that nothing can stand in our way as the entire of The Universe is on our side and moving through us. Therefore, nothing can impede the Manifestation of what we have chosen for ourselves.

Topaz with Goethite

Affirmation - The Right People, Things & Circumstances Now Manifest In My Life & Suport Me In Abundance As I Reach For My Business Goals

This is an excellent essence for the business person or someone who desires to go into business for themselves. It helps to attract the right resources, people and opportunities to not only stabilise a business in need of help or just wanting to grow more quickly, but also for start-up support and resources for a new business.

Tourmaline in Citrine

Affirmation - As My Confidence Within Myself Grows, So Too Does The Success I Desire Grow & Expand In My Life

This combines the energies of both Tourmaline and Citrine. It helps to amplify success, feelings of self-esteem and the courage to undertake projects and goals that appear to be challenging or difficult yet as the path to their completion is embraced, one finds that the way is smoothed and success arrives much more easily and joyfully.

Tourmaline with Morganite

Affirmation - I Know That Anything Is Possible For me To Manifest. I Just Need To Believe In Myself

Transformation and an expanded sense of what you can achieve in your own life. This essence is also wonderful to use for when working with Totem Animals as it helps to both to strengthen the bond between you and your Totems and also helps to clarify messages that you are receiving from them.


Affirmation - I Am Healed & Protected, Supported & Loved

Turquoise is a master healer and provider of protection. It supports the attraction of success in all endeavours through feelings of empowerment and wise guidance from one's Totems, Guides and other positive beings from the spirit worlds. It dispells negative energy, assists in communication and is powerful for both the throat and thymus chakras.

Twinned Harmotome (Colorless)

Affirmation - I Am Aligned With Divine Success, Love, Prosperity & All Good

This essence aligns us with our Highest and Best Good in all areas of life. It helps us to feel connected and plugged into The Universe, working in Harmony with it so that we can more fully experience its Magic & Miracles. This essence also helps to increase one's Intuition/Inner Guidance, connection with Angels and other Higher Order Beings, attracts Synchronicity and awareness of next steps that need to be taken to reach goals.


Affirmation - I Am Now Releasing The Belief That Poverty & Lack Have A Place In My Life

For achieving both short and long term goals with greater clarity and ease. Helps one to have faith over long periods of time that what one is working towards is in fact manifesting in one's life. The Emerald Green colour of this stone also helps to attract prosperity and abundance through the healing and clearing of poverty issues.

White Topaz

Affirmation - I Live Each Moment In The Higher Flow Of Light & Love

Purity and Light Energy, very high vibration. This essence helps to bring your energy field into greater alignment with the flow of well being.


Affirmation - I Am Now Doing What Is Truly Best For Me

This Essence helps those who cannot/will not act in their own best interests. No matter how good advice or support these people are offered, they rarely, if ever seem to be able to make real, constructive use of any of it. Or if they do, they soon start backsliding into old habits and patterns that ill-serve them. Zaratite helps folks to look at why they are staying stuck where they are and that it really is okay for them to do what is really best for them, ignoring those who would rather they stay stuck. Once the person gets moving along this path, Zaratite then supports them in keeping the momentum going for as long as they need it.

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