The Garnet Essences

I have always loved Garnets, and it was by a happy accident that I realized their value in attracting prosperity and boosting one's overall energy levels. Several years ago a friend gifted me with a beautiful Quartz and Rhodolite Garnet bead necklace. Over time I noticed that every time I wore the necklace business would improve, I received past due payments for work done previously, my over all health and energy would improve and I felt much more positive and hopeful for the future. Opportunities would spring from up from out of the blue and my creative output would soar. Everything just seemed to manifest more quickly and easily for me in all areas of my life. Then another friend gifted me out of the blue with a pair of Pyrope Garnet earrings and that's when what was happening became so obvious that I began to become most intrigued with the properties of other types of Garnets. I mentioned to a few other people my experiences with Garnets and asked them to let me know what happened when they too carried any type of Garnet in their pocket or wore them for any length of time. They too began reporting similar things happening for them and by that point I was addicted to researching this further.

One of the things that has long interested me is the attitude one may have in regards to money and abundance. It does seem that those who have difficulty accepting money into their lives also have difficulty accepting other forms of energy as well, including greater physical energy and endurance. Many of the people I have worked with felt as I did and at times still do, that money is not important or one takes a "who cares" type of attitude which certainly does not do much for increasing one's ability to attract what one needs and wants! There may also be a tendency on the part of the person to not heed their inner guidance as to how they can create a channel for money to flow through to them. The Universe will gladly provide and yet one must also be willing to create a means for the money to flow to them.

Garnets are also a highly stabilizing energy and thus may help provide a structure for projects and goals to come to fruition. For those who have a difficult time completing projects or seem to have an endless run of bad luck or delays, Garnets may prove to be extremely helpful in turning the tide, especially the Rhodolite Garnet/Smokey Quartz combination. Right now we only have a few such combinations of Garnet and other stones listed below. I also stumbled during the course of my research upon quite rare Garnets I had never heard of before and these too I have felt compelled to include.

When choosing a Garnet essence to work with I would advise that you rely strongly on your own intuition, which colours appeal to you most or even going by which name attracts you the most. I had felt strongly drawn to Tsavorite for example long before I ever saw the actual stone up close and personal and was astounded at how much it spoke to me. For me it has not only been extremely helpful in recognizing some of my own core issues but also accepting that thee are certain traits I carry that I need to be aware of so that I don't fall back into patterns and habits that are harmful to me. Naming something and accepting that one has a tendency towards doing things that create more harm than good in one's life is half the battle in releasing them.

Also keep a diary or log of what you experience when working with a Garnet essence. Note what changes occur in your thinking and expectations as well as what manifests in your life from day to day. Some people have reported feeling compelled to drop old projects or goals, things they thought the wanted but then realized they were heading down the wrong path and needed to restructure their lives to fit with that which they really wanted. In some cases the person needed a lot of courage to pull this off and the Garnet was most helpful for them in this process as well. Experiment with these essences, see how your body feels from day to day when working with them. A few folks have even reported weight loss after working with Garnet essences or wearing or carrying them consistently. Others have noted a stronger sense of vitality, muscle strength and toning, improved heart and lung function as well as an overall enhanced awareness of what foods and supplements were appropriate for them. It may well be that the Garnet's action on the etheric levels of the body allow the body to feel more supported a empowered to kick in with it's own natural healing abilities.

The Garnet/Gemstone Blends below combine both the energies of the Garnet itself with the energies of the second essence. These do tend to be slightly different for everyone who uses them so I have kept the descriptions for them brief. I also discovered that there are totem animals that seem to resonate strongly with the different Garnets and so I have also included those essence blends below. Here again, these two do tend to work slightly differently for everyone who uses them so when choosing either from either of these blend sections do be sure and heed your own intuition.

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Almandite Garnet - Dark Brownish to a Purplish Red Colour that is really lovely.
Affirmation - I Now Release The Past & Claim The Prosperity That Is Rightfully Mine

This Garnet is especially helpful for releasing past life traumas relating to money, health and love. For those who find that any of these areas of life are ones that seem to be resistant to healing and change, this is an excellent essence to work with. For others, it helps to make one more aware of family dynamics that relate to money and prosperity.

Andradite Garnet - Yellow.
Affirmation - As I Link My Will With Divine Will, The Very Best In Life Manifests For Me

This rare Garnet helps to link us with the Divine Will through the Solar Plexus chakra that we may more easily manifest the All Good that Divine Will intends for us. It is our belief that we are not worthy or do not deserve that limits the amount of All Good that can manifest in our lives and this essence also addresses this as well.

Calderite Garnet - Dark Yellow to Reddish Yellow
Affirmation - The Tide Has Turned And Now Money Is Flowing Into My Life With Ease & Joy

This essence is very helpful for those who have been undergoing a long spell of limited financial resources and energy and who feel that they are at the end of their rope. It helps one to examine what is in one's energy field that is keeping Money Energy from flowing more freely into their lives with great courage and self-honesty. As each block is uncovered within, there is an immediate sense of release and relief and one knows that the tide has turned.

Demantoid Garnet - Light Green with inclusions that look like horsetails.
Affirmation - Money And All Good Is Now Flowing Rapidly Into My Life

This essence helps to rapidly speed up the manifestation of increasing Money Energy into one's life as well as helping to kickstart one's career or job into new and more positive growth and abundance. It also supports staying in balance with the new growth and speed at which things are changing, helping one to continue to remain centered and focused.

Goldmanite Garnet - Dark Green to Brownish Green
Affirmation - I Relax, Knowing That It Truly Is Okay For Me To Manifest What I Desire

This essence helps us to remain focused on the positive and committed to what we are wanting. Many times when something one has wanted begins to manifest into actual form, a person may panic feeling that they will not be able to hold onto the new that is coming forth and may then shut down the manifestation. This essence helps one to remain steadfast and realise that it would not be manifesting if one were not truly ready for it. This essence also helps to release fears that what one desires to Manifest is somehow "bad", "selfish" or "greedy". When you Manifest your Good everyone benefits because there is more coming forth from Spirit in reponse to the desires sent forth by you and others. The more Good to go around the better for All.

Henritermierite Garnet - Clove Brown or Orange Brown
Affirmation - Money Is Spiritual Energy That Blesses Me & All Others

This Garnet helps us to better understand and accept that Money Energy is as Spiritual as a flower or a prayer! The Universe does not view Money Energy as being bad, negative or wrong, it sees it as an exchange of Energy and Goodwill that can bless and support all of life.

Hessonite Garnet - Orange to Brown in Colour
Affirmation - My Creativity Is A Wondrous Fountain Of Prosperity & Abundance

This is a wonderful essence for stimulating creativity that will lead to a greater flow of Money Energy and Prosperity. It helps to attract people to you who will value and love what you have to offer as well as offering encouragement and support for your creative endeavours. This essence is also very valuable for re-creating one's life, helping to stimulate the imagination so that one can get a much clearer picture of how one wants things to be.

Hibschite Garnet - Pink
Affirmation - Gratitude & Love For Everything I Have Flows Freely From My Heart & I Am Abundantly Blessed In Return

This essence opens the Heart Chakra and allows one to truly appreciate and feel great gratitude for all the Good that one already has present in one's life. It takes the focus off what one does not yet have and puts it more on loving and appreciating what one does have. It has been said many times that in order to release something that one must first learn how to love it. When you begin to love where you are at right now and see the beauty that is available to you in every moment, it is amazing the opportunities for positive changes that can begin to flow into one's life! Love lifts everything up into a much higher vibration where problems are easily solved, Money Energy, Good Health and Personal Relationships all flow easily and well and life is filled with an Abundance of Joy!

Katoite Garnet - Colourless
Affirmation - I Am Financially Stable, My Prosperity Thrives & Grows!

This essence helps to bring order and stability to chaotic situations, including in regards to financial energy. It helps to calm and clear one's energy field/vibration and introduces a sense of peacefulness and clarity in regards to how financial chaos may be symbolic of other forms of chaos in one's life. Cleaning up the chaos in one or more areas of life tends to clear up any financial chaos as well.

Kimzeyite Garnet - Dark Brown
Affirmation - My Prosperity Flows To Me From Spirit/Source & The Flow Is Limitless

This essence helps one to feel empowered and capable of attracting and maintaining Money Energy in one's life. It helps to turn ones thoughts and beliefs from those that centre round "My prosperity is dependent upon other people and what is happening out there in the world" to "My Prosperity flows to me from Spirit/Source and the flow is limitless". When someone belives that their prosperity can only come through certain channels and in certain ways then The Universe mirrors this belief back to them as being true for them. Making a shift in such thinking then allows The Universe to flow Money Energy through an abundance of channels and opportunities, many of which one might not even have been aware existed.

Knorringite Garnet - Blue Green
Affirmation - Even As The Air I Breathe Has Been Provided For Me In Great Abundance, So Too Is My Money Supply

This essence carries strong Dolphin energy along with the energy of Garnet. It helps to bring soothing, peaceful thoughts to issues relating to Money Energy and reminds one to breathe in one's Good. Air is the most important element that we need in order to survive. We can go without food and even water for at least a few days but we cannot go without air for more than a few minutes at best. That air has been supplied in such abundance can remind us that ALL that is needed for our growth and happiness is also supplied in great Abundance. When we breathe in the air, we can also breath in a greater flow of All Good at the same time by putting our attention upon it. This is one of the reasons that those learning to meditate are taught to focus on their breathing. Dolphin energy teaches us as well how to connect more deeply with the life giving qualities of air and breathing that we may float easily and effortlessly in a sea of Abundance.

Majorite Garnet - Purple/Red
Affirmation - My Vibration Is Perfectly Aligned With That which I Desire

This essence connects the Crown chakra with the Root chakra thus allowing for a clearer flow of energy through all of the chakras. It helps to align one's vibration more completely with that which is wanted to ease and speed up the manifestation of same. It also helps one to better understand why one desires what one does, which helps to fine-tune the desire as well as to allow the desire to be manifested and fulfilled through any number of positive channels.

Morimotoite Garnet - Black
Affirmation - I Am Now Able To Retain All The Energy I Need For My Own Well Being

This essence helps to heal energy leakages of all sorts but especially where Money Energy is concerned. It helps one to see where leakage of energy in other areas of life may also be contributing to the leaking away of Money Energy and other resources.

Pyrope Garnet - Purplish Pink or Blood Red in colour
Affirmation - I Feel Abundantly Alive & Filled With Energy & Vitality!

Lack of Money Energy is often related to lack of energy in other areas of life, including in the Body Physical. Because Money Energy is the physical manifestation or in a sense a "Body" of spiritual energy just as the human body is, it does behoove those who have a severe lack of physical energy to begin looking at the root causes of this lack on a spiritual level as well as a physical level. This essence helps to clarify where one may be feeling a lack of spiritual energy in the Body Physical that it may be remedied as well as gaining more clarity round what other healing tools or foods may be needed to help increase one's physical level of energy. As this is addressed often Money Energy issues also begin to clear up of their own accord.

Rhodolite Garnet - Purplish red colour, Rhodolite is a combination of Pyrope and Almandite.
Affirmation - I Am Very Lucky & Blessed In All That I Do & Have!

This essence helps to attract good luck through a greater awareness of how often one has been very lucky in life. This essence also helps to release negative energies from all the chakras and thus helps one to feel much lighter and more refreshed energy wise. It also helps to stimulate positive changes in one's life, attracting new opportunities quite quickly. It also helps one to know what opportunities are best for one to pursue so as they appear, one may take needed action quickly and decisively.

Schorlomite Garnet - Brownish black to Pure Black
Affirmation - I Focus Only On All The Good That Is Available To Me & I Claim it Now!

Releases envy and jealousy of others good fortune. Envy and jealousy really only exists because the person believes that someone else got more than their fair share of the Good in life and there is now none left for them. This essence helps the person to understand that there is more Good available to all in an abundance we cannot even begin to imagine! And the way for them to have their own Good is to focus on it manifesting and then feeling themselves opening to Allow it which is also what this essence helps with.

Spessartite Garnet - Orange to Orange Red.
Affirmation - I Am Completely Open To & Willing To Receive All Of My Higher Good

This Garnet helps us to manifest the desires of our hearts by opening us up to be better able to allow more Good into our lives. It eases guilt over asking for more from life through the understanding that it is through our wanting and asking that The Universe expands and grows. We are meant to experience as much as we want to experience of life for all life experience helps us to evolve spiritually.

Tsavorite Garnet - an exquisite Green colour.
Affirmation - Healing Flows Through Me In Powerful & Abundant Ways For The Good Of All, Including Myself

This essence is not only wonderful for attracting Money Energy, ( as well as helping to reduce debt) it is also for being better able to transmit healing through the hands and thoughts in a very powerful way. It helps one to move through all sorts of blockages with greater ease and joy as well as attracting to one's self information and healers who will be of great support and benefit.

Uvarovite Garnet - Similar to Tsavorite but very rare.
Affirmation - Perfect Joy & Happiness Flow Easily Into My Life In Each & Every Moment

Helps us to take an idea, a bit of inspiration and grow it into something magnificent! It helps one to take the next step, then the next step and then the next. It helps us to grow those things in our lives that are especially dear to our hearts and that bring us perfect joy and happiness.

Garnet Combinations:

Hessonite Garnet / Green Tourmaline
Affirmation - I Am Open To My Creative Flow

Helps to one to move past creative blocks and fears.

Kimzeyite Garnet / Ruby / Diamond
Affirmation - I Feel Totally Abundant & Complete

Truly feeling abundant and capable of attracting what is wanted/needed.

Pyrope Garnet / Diamond
Affirmation - My Life Is Filled With Passion, I So Love My Life!

Attracts passion and zest for life.

Rhodolite Garnet / Smokey Quartz
Affirmation - My Foundation For Life Is Stable and Supportive

Grounds and stabilises healing and financial energy.

Tsavorite Garnet / Diamond /Green Diamond
Affirmation - All Of My Thoughts About Money Are Positive & Nurturing

Very useful for establishing new beliefs and thoughts about Money Energy and Wealth that are highly positive and helpful.

Totem / Garnet Combinations:

Almandite Garnet / Raven
Affirmation - My Past Has Been Healed & I Am Free!

Release of especially deep-seated fears and traumas.

Andradite Garnet / Golden Eagle
Affirmation - Nothing Is Impossible For I Am The Embodiment Of Spirit!

Seeing greater possibilities, opens the mind to believe that all things are possible through Spirit.

Demantoid Garnet / Horse
Affirmation - Money Always Manifests For Me Quickly & Easily

Speeds up the manifestation of Money Energy, especially through one's career.

Henritermierite Garnet / Great Horned Owl
Affirmation - I Am Brilliant At Handling My Money Flow Wisely & Well

Wisdom in regards to attracting and maintaining the flow of Money Energy into your life.

Hessonite Garnet / Hawk
Affirmation - My Intuition Always Helps Me To Attract The Money Energy I Desire

Following one's intuition as it relates to Money Energy, receiving important messages that will prove fruitful for you.

Hibschite Garnet / Swan
Affirmation - I Love Myself Enough To Allow Myself To Have What I Truly Desire

Loving yourself enough to allow yourself to have what you truly want.

Kimzeyite Garnet / Grizzly Bear
Affirmation - I Am Able To Allow An Abundance Of Money Energy Into My Life

Better able to take in much larger amounts of energy.

Knorringite Garnet / Dolphin
Affirmation - It Is Easy For Me To Accept All Of My Good!

Breathing in the fullness of life, better able to accept more of your own Good.

Rhodolite Garnet / Wolf
Affirmation - I Have Sought & Have Found A Wonderful New Path For My Life!

Finding a new path, pioneering energy that will lead you to your Highest Good.

Schorlomite Garnet / Bear
Affirmation - The Blockages That Held Me Back Have Dissolved & I Am Moving Forward With Ease

Healing of blockages that restrict the flow of All Good.

Tsavorite Garnet / Dragonfly
Affirmation - There Is Always An Abundance Of Money Available To Me

Seeing through the illusion that Money energy is limited.

Uvarovite Garnet / Crow
Affirmation - I See All The Opportunities Available To Me & I Seize Them Easily

Making the most of opportunities as they are presented to you.

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