Fox Medicine

Fox is the keeper of the power of invisibility and camouflage, of knowing how to move between the light and the dark, from this world to other realms of existence. Its ability to remain in plain sight and yet unseen, is its greatest power however: No other creature is able to blend in with its surroundings quite as well as Fox can.

People who are strong in Fox medicine yet who are unaware they have this ability may find themselves to be ignored or unseen by others. More than once I have heard such individuals complain " people walk right into me, it's as though I am not there at all!" Those in business who have Fox as a primary totem too frequently find that their marketing methods, no matter how diligent one is with them, bears little fruit. People pass them over even when the person's business is in plain sight! Often such folks feel discouraged because no matter what they do, they simply cannot seem to attract anyone's attention. The cure is simple: to connect with the energy that one carries and if needed, to call in the balancing energy of Fox such as Wolf, Dog or Coyote for whom Foxes are prey. To connect with this aspect of Fox medicine, it is important to first acknowledge that this ability to "blend in" is extremely useful. When facing potentially threatening situations, one can easily blend into the surrounding scenery and thus be passed by unnoticed. If there are people or situations one wants to steer clear of, one can tune into Fox and SPECIFY EXACTLY what it is that one is seeking to be unseen by. If one wants to observe a situation or environment to get to the truth of the matter unseen, Fox medicine will allow one to do so. The more specific and conscious one is when working with Fox medicine, the greater the likelihood will be that one will be able to be seen when it is positive and unseen when the situation calls for it.

This ability also gives those who carry this energy spectacular abilities in regards to detective type work. Fox people can easily blend in with those around them and for those that are uncomfortable in social situations, Fox medicine can be called upon to help the person feel as they do "belong" with the group they are in because along with the ability to be unseen comes the ability to shapeshift. Star People who feel out of place, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, can call upon Fox medicine to help them temporarily shapeshift into the feeling of "fitting in".

This ability to be unseen is also invaluable for those who feel they must hide their true selves from " the workaday world". While I am all for educating others when it comes to all things metaphysical, I also understand that there are situations and times when to do so would cause a loss of "integrity" in terms of how one may be viewed by others. Causing such disruptions in one's own life serves no purpose and does nothing to help expand the consciousness of others. Yet what to do when one still wants to use essences, carry stones or work with other metaphysical/healing tools while out in the world of mudane rationality?! There is where Fox medicine can be such a godsend, somehow no one ever notices that rather "odd" pendant you are wearing or sees when you take a few drops from an essence bottle. Unless, they too are open to such things or ready to explore them in some fashion, most folks are simply going to remain unaware that there is anything "different" about you.

Connecting with Fox medicine is also about understanding why one might have had the need to begin with for coming into this world with the ability to blend with the shadows. Out of control Fox medicine, the times when people wouldn't see you if were wearing bright red from head to toe and marching down High street at 12 noon with a Brass band, often arises because at some point in the person's life, and usually very early on, they needed to be "hidden"in order to survive. Children who were abused, physically, emotionally, or sexually may grow into adults whose Fox medicine has stepped up and is running their lives. Not being noticed means that no one can get close enough to really hurt you in some way. And since any medicine we carry is geared towards doing its best to protect and shield us, Fox medicine feels it is simply doing its job. Even if there are no obvious reasons why someone may have needed to have such a strong Fox energy, asking "why might I have needed Fox to be so prominent in my life" is sure to bring answers. Once this is understood, then steps can be taken such as talking with your Fox medicine, explaining to it what you still need protection from and what is okay to be allowed in. This can take some time so do not try to rush the process, but proceed at a rate that feels intuitively right to you. In extreme cases where the energy just does not want shift, I would recommend seeking out a qualified shaman to journey with your Fox to bring about healing.

Fox people often do feel hunted or preyed upon by others. When they are noticed by others, some have said to me that they seem to have something that "everyone else wants" and rarely does the person feel liked or even loved for who they are as individuals but more because others seem to believe they can get something from the Fox person. The person begins to feel that everyone around them wants something from them though exactly what that "something" is can be very hard to define. The person carrying the Fox medicine often feels "stalked" by others, thus contributing to over active Fox medicine gaining the upper hand. Anyone who has undergone these feelings knows how extraordinarily painful this can be. Its as though the person is never seen for whom they truly are, but as a sort of rising star that others can grab onto and go along for the ride without putting forth their own effort. Fox people need to honour those feelings when they sense that this is precisely what another person is attempting to do and shake them off! There are always those that WILL see you and love you as you are, many of whom are likely to carry Fox medicine as well! This does not mean that one should shun contact with others but to be aware and awake in your dealings with other people. Bear in mind as well that often times such folks are acting from a place of fear, fear that they are not powerful enough to reach their goals and so want to share in yours in some way. Yet over time trying to carry such people becomes draining and exhausting.

Fox medicine is also very Neptunian and as such, it is also very easy for others to project what they wish to see about who you are no matter how strongly one tries to assert their own true self. Fox people often do then come away from many encounters with others feeling as though they are never really seen or heard, that the other person simply cannot accept the truth of whom one really is. This can result in the Fox person acting out in exaggerated ways, doing things they may not normally have done was the need to assert their true selves not being ignored by those around them. Fox children especially may behave in this way: Sometimes it is the only way they feel they are truly seen. It is important for Fox people to look in the mirror frequently and ask themselves "who am I?" This may seem trivial for some, but for those who carry strong Fox medicine it becomes a matter of anchoring their true selves into their lives and clearing the projections of others. Likewise, because the Fox person is such a good hook for projections, they too are able to project onto others and so it becomes especially important that the Fox person understands what is really theirs and what belongs to someone else.

Fox people I have worked with do say that they feel their best around twilight or dusk and right before daybreak. These are the in between times when the doorways to other realms are most easily opened. Many Fox people find that they can meditate most easily or receive important guidance at these times. The short time between between consciousness and sleep is also especially important to Fox people. It is during that space right before one drifts off to sleep that dreams can be most easily incubated for the Fox person or they may want to explore astral projection at that time. Many Fox people have also said that they hear their own Guides and Angels most clearly in those moments, there is a special sense of peace and comfort that the person can learn how to remain ahold of even when waking into the light of a new day through conscious intent and desire. These are also excellent times for the Fox person to connect with their own personal Fox totem, to ask for its assistance in any area of life.

Fox people often have very thick hair and Hair acts as an antenna for psychic and intuitive information. I have known a number of Fox people who prefer to wear their hair very long, both as a shield to hide behind when needed and because they feel it does indeed help them to connect with the unseen realms. It is important that Fox people, no matter whether they wear their hair long or short, to take especially good care of their hair. When feeling clouded or confused, give your hair an extra wash or at least rinse it in cool water and allow to air dry. This can help to clear any murkiness out of your energy field so that clear communications with your Guides may be resumed. Caring for your hair symbolizes caring for your connections with the higher realms as well. For those Fox people who feel they do not have an intuitive bone in their body, wearing their hair a bit longer than it is now, if short, can help open up those connections with the unseen. Believe it or not, for those with longer hair a trim can work wonders as it reflects ridding one's self of frayed or damaged connections, much like one might repair a damaged cable. Eating foods that help to insure healthy hair and scalp will also benefit Fox people health wise overall. Often Fox people need larger amouts of B viamins and folic acid, yet also use common sense when adding any supplement to one's diet! Large intakes of any supplement can do more harm than good, so start off by eaing more foods rich in these nutrients, monitor what changes occur and then if needed, add a good B complex supplement. Calcium also seems to be high on the list of requirements for Fox people as well.

For many Fox people, it is helpful for them to study the placement of Neptune by sign, house and aspect in their natal charts. Many Fox people have Neptune prominent in their charts, especially rising and further study of Neptune can give the Fox person greater understanding as to their mission and purpose in life though the entire chart, as always, must also be taken into consideration. Fox people may also find that this triggers an even greater enhancement of their own intuitive and psychic abilities, as well as learning how to properly harness that energy.

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