Fluorite Essences

Fluorites are wonderful stones that are powerful aids for attracting positive changes in one's life. The name Fluorite is derived from the Latin verb "fluere"- to flow. As the name suggests, Fluorites help one to move in the flow of what one is seeking in one's life. They help to break up stagnant and negative energies, clearing them from one's life path. Yet they are also very gentle, the changes coming at a pace where one can easily integrate them.

Fluorites come in a wide range of colours which also enhances their ability to help us with any sphere of life that is in need of a positive change. They can also be used to cleanse and stimulate the chakras, helping to release fearful, negative energy that has been trapped within the chakras. There is a feeling of hope, renewal, optimism and support when working with Fluorites. They help us to believe in and expect a more positive reality in the present moment and for the future.

Many years ago I remembering purchasing a few pieces of Fluorite from a shop. The shop keeper exclaimed "Oh, you shall have so much positive energy coming into your life now, Fluorite always does that!" and she was spot on! I pray that these essences also bring much positive energy into your own life and that you are blessed many times over. The Affirmations listed for each essence can be used as they are or feel free to change them to suit your needs best. Affirmations can be extremely helpful in changing one's vibration to one of more positive energy and we hope that you do find these Affirmations very helpful!

Black Fluorite

Affirmation - I Am Always On The Path That Is Perfect For Me

This essence helps one to sort through different spiritual paths to find the one that is best suited to them and their overall Soul purpose. It helps the individual to reap more of the reward from their own spiritual path with less of the pain that is often associated with spiritual growth and evolution. It allows the individual to release the belief that spiritual growth must be difficult and painful. Instead one finds that one can flow more gently from one level to the next and better able to integrate and ground the spiritual lessons they have learned so they do not need to keep repeating them in order to grasp the deeper messages.

Blue Fluorite

Affirmation - I Know What I Desire To Have In My Life & I Communicate This Easily & Effortlessly To The Universe

Communication, breaking through writer's block, gaining clarity around what you really want in life. Enhances ability to grasp messages, signs and omens from Guides, Angels and Totems Animals.

Brown Fluorite

Affirmation - My Desires Manifest In My Life Easily & Joyfully. I Love Taking Right Action On My Dreams!

Very grounding, stabilising. Helps those who are very spacey but who have wonderful dreams and goals to make them a reality rather than always dreaming but never doing.

Clear Fluorite

Affirmation - The Channel Between Me & My Higher Self Is Open, Loving & Powerful

Helps to clear the channels between the Higher realms and one's self. helps to attract positive feelings thoughts/feelings and a greater sense of well being.

Green Fluorite

Affirmation - Each Day My Life Is Refreshed & Renewed, I Am Totally Blessed By The Universe & All Of Life

Brings freshness and repels negativity by bringing a much higher energy vibration. Helps to eliminate negative thinking. Also brings fresh, new ideas and insights.

Magenta Fluorite

Affirmation - I Know I Am On The Leading Edge Of New Awareness & My Individuality Is A Valuable Contribution To The World

This is especially helpful for those who feel out of step with the norm, pioneers, rebels and mavericks are likely to test strongly for this essence. Those with Chiron strong in the natal chart may find this essence to be very helpful in bringing forth new healing tools and concepts. Excellent for those who are way ahead of their time and feel frustrated that others do not seem to understand them. Helps to draw recognition and success, especially for those who are working so hard to heal others and the planet.

Octahedron Fluorite (Clear & Yellow)

Affirmation - My Mind Is Open To Receiving New Ideas & Beliefs From Divine Mind

Helps you to see past limiting or constrictive thinking and being narrow minded. Helps you to expand your beliefs and confidence as to what you are able to create in your own life and not heeding negative feedback from others.

Pink Fluorite

Affirmation - I Am Now With The Partner Who Is Truly Right For Me

Helps to attract feelings of joy and bliss, releases feelings of heartbreak over the ending of a relationship and keeps the heart chakra open that one may attract the right partner. Strong attractor of Angelic energies, protection and support.

Purple Fluorite

Affirmation - My Spiritual Wealth Also Attracts Material Wealth & Abundance

Excellent for spiritual development, wealth and abundance.

Reddish-Orange Fluorite

Affirmation - I Am Thriving, Surrounded By All Good & The Light Of Divine Love

Helps to stimulate creativity, sense of well being and releasing survival fears/issues from the first and second chakras.

Yellow Fluorite

Affirmation - I See All Of My Talents & Abilities & I Find An Abundance Of Ways To Share Them With The World

Self-confidence, better able to assess one's capabilities and talents, putting them to good use. Excellent for use in group situations where cooperation among all members are desired. Also helps to stimulate postive expectations and beliefs about life.

Yttrium Fluorite

Affirmation - I Believe That All The Resources I Need/Desire Are Easy To Attract

Excellent for Manifestation, attracting resources on the physical and spiritual levels. Very helpful for those involved in service/healing oriented fields as it helps to provide a shield so that you do not inadvertantly take on the problems or illness of another.

Fluorite Positive Energy Enhancer

Affirmation - I Easily Attract Whatever I May Need In This My Present Moment

Excellent for attracting any sort of positive energy that is needed, from peace of mind to money and abundance. It is a combination of Purple Fluorite, Gold, Apophyllite and Citrine.

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