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Pacific Willow

Affirmation - I Freely Express All Of My Emotions In Positive Ways For I know They All Have A Higher Purpose

Pacific Wilow helps an individual to unbend emotionally, to feel greater ease and joy in experiencing all of their emotions rather than trying to rigidly contain then and then think that they do not feel their emotions at all. This essence is also very helpful for those who are involved with people who do appear to be cut off from their emotions. It helps one to accept these people as they are without trying to force them into making changes. When you are not putting pressure on another to change it often helps the other person make changes in their own way because they wish to make the changes and do not feel pressured into it.

Pale Touch-Me-Not

Affirmation - My Boundaries Are Healthy & Supportive Of The Loving Being I Truly Am

For those who are in need of creating healthier boundaries in terms of their intimate relationships with others. This essence helps one to better understand why one's boundaries are problematical to begin with, the root cause that needs to be explored, healed and released. It also helps those whose boundaries are overly rigid to loosen up in ways that are truly good for them without compromising their sense of safety.


Affirmation - I Am Connected In Loving & Positive Ways With Beings Across The Universe

Accessing Divine Wisdom, connecting with Beings from other Star Systems that are positive, joyful and have much to share that will support the healing of the entire planet. This essence can be very helpful for those who are desiring to become channels for the Light and Love of the Universe and to open one to be able to channel wisdom and information from directly from a vast order of Higher Beings.

Parajatak Tree

Affirmation - The Universe Is Always Willing To Grant Me My Heart Felt Wishes

The "Wish Granting Tree" - Helps to attract an abundance of energy to make your wishes come true yet also empowering you to do what ever you feel guided to do to also make it happen! I am finding that this essence helps to amp the energy of many different manifestation techniques as well as affirmations.And also keep in mind to be careful what you wish for as you will get it!

Path Rush

Affirmation - I Allow Others To Be & Do As They See Fit. The Only Life I Can Change Is My Own.

This essence is very helpful for those who have a tendency to try and rush in to save others when the people round them are having problems, doing ever more for people and yet the folks they are trying to help never seem to be able to sort themselves out. This essence allows one to step back, turn everything over to The Universe and just allow others to have their problems if that is what they choose to do.

Peach Palm

Affirmation - I Honour My Own Needs, I Always Take Good Care Of Myself

For Women or men who are strongly nurturing of others, but fail to take care of themselves properly. Helps one to realize that in receiving as well as giving, the circle is completed. Excellent for those whose caretaking of others has left them drained and exhausted.

Pelican Flower

Affirmation - I Understand That The Only Person's Emotional Needs That I am Responsible For Are My Own

For those who grew up in a home where one or both parents were extremely self-absorbed and who also made great emotional demands on you that you could not possibly have met as a child or even now as an adult yourself. This can be a very important essence for those who still find themselves making great sacrifices including putting their own lives on hold for the parent(s) in hopes of obtaining some true sense of love from the parent. Helps you to understand that the roles have been reversed between parent and child and the expectations placed upon you are more than any individual could possibly have fulfilled. Letting go of this family dynamic and claiming your right to be treated with love, respect and honour as well as claiming your right to live your life in a way that makes you truly happy.

Peppered Biscuit Root

Affirmation - The Only Person I can Control Is Myself. The Only Person who Can Control Me Is Me

Releasing the need for power plays and struggles. Helps to give up the need to try and manipulate and control others as well as supporting those who feel manipulated and controlled by other people to look at why they have allowed themselves to be placed into this situation and to take the steps needed to break free while it helps the manipulator to become much more willing to allow other people to be as they are without trying to direct and control their behaviour.


Affirmation - I Simply Get On With What I Need To Do Right Now & Then The Future Really Does Take Care Of Itself!

This essence helps us to be more mindful and aware, focused on the present moment and what we need to be doing in the here and now rather than worrying about what might happen in the future. It reduces mental apathy and a "what's the use" attitude, helping one to focus instead on what one can do right now to improve one's life (and always, there really IS so much one can do!)

Phantom Orchid

Affirmation - I Release That Which Limits Me & Embrace That Which Frees Me Into My Full Potential

Releases past life and current life energies that are affecting the present in a negative way. Elimination of karma, existential guilt.

Pineapple Bush

Affirmation - I Am A Success In Everything I Do

The road to accomplishment and success. Reaping the harvest from past labours and yet not resting on one's laurels, but continuing to plan for the future. This can also be a very helpful essence for those who feel fearful of success.

Pineapple Guava

Affirmation - I Know Which Career Is Perfect For Me and I Now Manifest It Easily & Joyfully

One of my favorite essences, it empowers a person to clearly define what career would be the most joyful to pursue while drawing an abundance of support in making that career a reality. Knowing where one is best suited to serve.

Pineapple Sage

Affirmation - I Now Have The Perfect Tools For Me To Help Me To Attract A Bountiful Supply Of Money & All Good

This is an excellent essence for gaining wisdom and clarity around money, how to attract it, keep it, work with it so that it enhances your life and supports your own life's work. It also enhances money intuitiveness, knowing what needs to take top priority in business or career decisions that will assist you in attracting the wealth that is your birthright. If there are blocks within that are keeping you from attracting great prosperity, this essence will not only support the gentle release of these blockages, but will also help you in attracting other tools and resources that will support this process.

Pine Lily

Affirmation - I Know That My Intuitive Guidance Is Always Directing Me To That Which Is Best For Me

Refusal to admit to yourself what you feel intuitively is true for you and thus this tendency tends to lead you into situations that are very damaging or hurtful for you. This may occur because you fear being judgmental of others or that what you are sensing could not possibly be correct.

Pink Enamel Orchid

Affirmation - I Open My Heart With Love & Trust & Others Reflect This Love & Trust Back To Me

For those who have great difficulty in opening up emotionally to others due to past hurts and fears of being hurt or rejected again. This essence assists one in trusting in love and friendship again and helps one to return to a sense of innocence. This can be a very helpful essence for those whose Inner Child is very closed off due to traumas suffered in childhood.

Pink Jasmine

Affirmation - I Deserve The Very Best That Life Has To Offer

Growing through pleasure while relinquishing pain. Enhances sensitivity, intimacy and sexuality. Attunes one's energy field to one of luxury and bliss.

Pink Kunzea

Affirmation - I Now See How Lovable I Truly Am! The Love I Have For Myself Is Growing More Each Day

This is a wonderful essence for those who have trouble loving or even liking themselves. They may have a tendency to "pick themselves apart" through constant self-criticism and self-blame. This essence helps the person to notice with great frequency all that is right anf good about themselves, to see themselves as a beautiful and wondrous Being who deserves only the best in life and is now willing to love themselves enough to allow a much happier, more positive life to manifest.

Pink Monkeyflower

Affirmation - I Express My Feelings In Loving & Healthy Ways

A very helpful essence for embracing all of one's emotions, feeling safe in being able to express one's feelings and doing so in a healthy and balanced manner. It helps a person to remain flexible in the expression of their emotions, becoming more willing to flow with a given situation rather than trying to force an emotional issue.

Pink Mountain Heather

Affirmation - I Allow Others To Share Their Love, Talents & Companionship With Me

Pink Mountain Heather folks tend to shut themselves off from the companionship of others often because they feel they are "too good" and others can never measure up to their high expectations. This is often the result of feelings of inadequacy more than actual egocentrism. Often the person distances themselves because they fear deep down that if they allow others to get close to them, they will soon find that the person is not as brilliant or talented as they portray themselves to be though in actual fact, these people often do have wonderful talents and abilities that others will appreciate even more as they get to know the person better. These people are often very lonely as a result, though they are loathe to admit it. This essence helps to open their minds and hearts so they can 'descend from the mountain top" and live happily and freely amongst the rest of us. They can more readily see that others will still appreciate and love them, foibles and all, and that others also have great Good to share with them as well.

Pink Purslane

Affirmation - I Know That I Am Loved. This Love Surrounds & Supports Me, Always & In All Ways

A very gentle essence that helps to release feelings of rejection and sorrow when it feels that the entire world has turned its back on you and you have nowhere to turn for guidance and support. It helps you to reconnect with those who truly love you and have your best interests at heart, both within the physical as well as the spiritual realms.

Pink Saxifrage

Affirmation - I Am Confident, Positive & Secure In My Ability To Demonstrate A Wonderful Life

This essence is very helpful for those who have taken some hard knocks in life and have been left feeling rather shattered and unsure of their ability to pick themselves up and make a renewed effort. It is important to understand that while this may not seem to be so, it really is true that there is no failure in life. One has still gained much experience, has moved into new levels of growth and wisdom as well as finding what works for one as individual and what does not and all of this can now be applied to help insure a more positive outcome. All that is needed is already within you. It is in the belief in yourself and The Higher that shall see the day through.

Pink Standard Oleander Tree

Affirmation - I Am Open To The Perfect Solution To Any Problem

For those who try to force a solution to a problem because they think it is the only possible solution rather than stepping back and allowing a better and more appropriate solution to make itself known. Often the individual makes things much too complex, forgetting that simplicity is the essence of right action.

Pink Trumpet Flower

Affirmation - My Work Is Honoured & Recognised. People Love What I Do & I Love Doing It

Strong sense of Life purpose, attracts those who not only honour and appreciate your work but will spread the word to others as well!

Pink Vervain

Affirmation - I Know I Am Loved, Supported & Guided At All Times, Only Good Surrounds Me!

This is an especially important essence for those seeking to build a bridge between this world and the Higher Realms. It helps to facilitate the opening of the lines of communication between ones own Guides, Angels, Totem Animals as well as re-connecting with loved ones who have passed over. It increases one's awareness that one is truly Sacred and Loved by The Divine, worthy of being supported and guided with love by all that is Good.

Pink Wild Snapdragon

Affirmation - As I Take One Small Step & Then The Next, I Soon Find I Have It All Done!

This essence is very helpful for those who procrastinate due to fear that they won't be able to complete a project or goal once it has been initiated. It helps the person to have more faith and courage in themselves, to be able to take the next small step and then the next with much greater ease and confidence.

Pinyon Pine

Affirmation - My Energy Field Is Bright, Clear, Strong & Powerful!

This is a wonderful essence for strengthening the Aura and the release of negative vibrational energies that have become attached to one's Aura. It attracts an abundance of helpful spirits from the Devic Realms to support one's overall spiritual development and evolution.


Affirmation - I See & Feel Myself With All The Money & Resources I Need In My Life Right Now & It Is So

A strong Prosperity essence to work with when one is embarking on a special project or new business where both capital or other financial support is needed. For those who have difficulty in allowing their creative work to support them financially or who fear that what they have to offer will never be recognized or sought after, this essence is invaluable. This essence is also helpful when one feels the money supply had dried up and there appears to be little sign that the energy will be fruitful again. Understanding that money energy flows in cycles, at times the tide is in and at times it goes out again, yet if one is steadfast and continues to follow their intuition, all will indeed be well.

Poke Weed

Affirmation - I Am Now On the Move Yet Again, Taking Great Strides Forward In Any Area Of My Life That I Choose

This essence is very helpful for those who find they have reached a plateau in their spiritual, mental or emotional evolution and healing process. It helps to get the energy moving again so that one may continue to evolve on any level more easily and comfortably.

Polar Star Daisy

Affirmation - I Know What I Want From Life & I Am Willing To Receive It Now

Knowing what direction you really want to move in and what actions to take to improve one's life. Allowing for and following Universal guidance and support. Strengthening the all knowing Self within and linking the conscious mind to it.

Pot Of Gold

Affirmation - I Go Beyond My Family Beliefs About Money & Abundance

This essence is extremely helpful for releasing Family issues of poverty and lack that may have been passed down through generations. It allows the individual to become much more aware of these issues and how they have been based on thoughts and beliefs that push money and prosperity away rather than attracting it.

Poverty Oat Grass

Affirmation - I Help Others Realise Their Own Path To Prosperity For The Good Of All & In Ways That Are Truly Perfect For Me

This essence is for those who find themselves financially supporting others even when it is a detriment to themselves and yet they feel so responsible for someone else's financial well being that they find it difficult to stop. Usually the person has been financially supporting one person or another for quite some time, and sometimes even several people at once! This essence allows these folks to say No, firmly and without hesitation or guilt. It allows them to find other ways to help others embark on their own path to Prosperity and helps them to see that when they stand up for their own well being, that others WILL find the means to support themselves.

Prairie Smoke

Affirmation - My Surroundings Are Pure, Filled With Divine Light & Love

Very Effective essence for Inner and space clearing, both within and without in one's environment. This essence is especially helpful for those who live in areas where there is a high rate of pollution, as well as those who live near large groups of people whose negative thinking/energies are having a detrimental impact.

Prairie Star Sedge

Affirmation - My Life Is A Great Gift & Blessing To Others

This essence is for those who are seeking the perfect path of Service to others yet feel conflicted or confused as to what that path may be or may even feel that they have little to offer others. It helps to clear the way in your own mind so that you can see all the wonderful Gifts you have brought with you and how you may polish and help these gifts to grow so that others may benefit. You shall also find that when you seek to bring Good to others, Good shall also find its way in perfect and wonderful ways to you too for all that we give must come back to us multiplied.

Prairie Violet

Affirmation - My Connection With Spirit Is My Shield & My Strength

This essence is for those who feel overly sensitive and vulnerable to outside negative influences and energies as well as to feeling overly sensitive in general to all sorts of foods, toxins, diseases, etc because they feel unable or inadequate in being able to shield and protect themselves. Helps the individual to raise their vibration so they feel a greater connection with Spirit and thus know that they are always safe.

Pride of Madeira

Affirmation - I Clearly Picture In My Mind What I Desire & Thus Draw It To Me

Links the brow and crown chakras to amplify manifestation via Creative Visualization. Excellent for prosperity and survival issues, knowing that we are always connected to Spirit and thus our needs and desires are always fulfilled when we set the intent to allow them to be.

Purple Bush Bean

Affirmation - The Seeds I Sow In My Life Produce A Bountiful Harvest Of All Good

Excellent for prosperity and abundance, fertility, reaping a full harvest. Creating a fertile ground in which to plant the seeds of dreams.

Purple Enamel Orchid

Affirmation - My Spiritual Practices Create Wonderful Experiences In My Life Each Day

For those who feel frustrated and stuck in a rut because they do not see the effort of their spiritual practices bearing fruit as of yet. For trusting in the process and knowing that deep inside much truly is happening and that if they relax and allow themselves to follow their bliss from moment to moment that they shall soon see great reward for their efforts!

Purple Monkeyflower

Affirmation - I Am Completely Safe As I Open Up To My Own Inner Knowing

Helps those who are fearful of opening up psychically because they fear they will be overwhelmed or may attract negative energies during the opening process. This essence is also very helpful for those who were raised in a dogmatic religious environment and thus fear stepping outside of that framework and yet still long to find a sense of spirituality that truly works for them.

Purple Trillium

Affirmation - Every Minute I Spend Working With The Spiritual Practices I Love Takes Me Further & Faster Along My Life Path Than Anything Else I Could Do

This essence is for those who start off with good intentions in regards to their Spiritual Path (I shall do my affirmations, meditate, work at my altar, etc) and yet are not able to be consistent and find the time and energy to follow through on these things which in turn leaves them feeling out of sorts and disconnected. This essence gives the individual a gentle but very firm nudge to give the Spiritual its rightful time and attention.

Pussy Willow

Affirmation - I Relax & Enjoy My Life. Every Moment Is Filled With Joy & Wonder!

This essence helps us to move with the flow of life as well as feeling more comfortable and supported being in physical form. It helps to relieve the emotional pain that some people feel from being in a physical body and helps to ease the urge to "go home". It also helps us to accept that life is meant to be much more comfortable and enjoyable than we allow it to be, that it is perfectly acceptable to ask The Universe to help our lives flow with greater ease and joy, that we can accept this without feelings of guilt or unworthiness. When our lives are working wonderfully, we can offer more and greater service to others.

Queen Anne's Lace

Affirmation - I Approach The Higher Realms In A Safe & Sane Manner.

Developing psychic abilities in a balanced, sane and healthy manner. Becoming more objective in regards to what one experiences on the psychic levels, not accepting the experiences of one's self or others blindly, but instead being more willing to observe over time and see what information bears fruit.

Rabbit Orchid

Affirmation - I Always Know The Right Action To Take. I Trust My Own Life Process & I Am At Peace

For those who freeze in fear instead of taking appropriate action. Helps women who feel saddened that they are unable to bear children or who have lost a child.

Rainbow Shower

Affirmation - Every Day The Universe Blesses Me With An Abundance Of Joyful Messages & Good Cheer

Brings messages of hope and good cheer. Enhances synchronicity, happy, helpful dreams and visions. Excellent for use in clearing one's home, office or car of negative energy imprints. Can be used to release hauntings as well as helping those who have crossed over to connect with their Guides and loved ones who have also crossed over. For those who seek to re-establish contact with loved ones who have crossed over, this essence can be very helpful.

Rain Tree

Affirmation - I Know That I Am Completely Worthy Of Experiencing The Fulfillment Of My Desires

Attunes one to the Divine rhythm and cycles of life. For allowing Abundance and Prosperity to freely enter one's life and reality. Accepting and embracing the goodness of the Universe.


Affirmation - As I Love & Care For Myself, I Find That I Am Now Experiencing A Bright New Day

For people who neglect themselves in favour of taking care of others. Very supportive for new mothers and may help with post partum depression or the depression that sometimes occurs after a long term creative project has been completed.


Affirmation - I Know How To Use My Spiritual Energy In Practical Ways To Heal & Uplift My Life

An especally helpful essence for those who carry Raven medicine. (Please see our totem medicine pages for more information on Raven Medicine). Supports the understanding of how spiritual and metaphysical principles and concepts can be applied in practical ways to enhance one's life.

Red Banana

Affirmation - I Love, Honour & Respect My Male Side. I Access Its Valuable Energy Easily & Use It Wisely

This is a very helpful essence for women who have trouble accessing their male side and thus find themselves attracted and involved with men who act this energy out for them yet not always in ways that are positive or beneficial for either party. Red Banana helps the woman to accept that she is totally capable of taking risks and tackling challenges that truly appeal to her, that the only limits she has are the ones that she herself chooses to believe. This can also be a very helpful essence for a woman who has long been sheltered by a strong male presence in her life and now that presence is no longer there to take care of her. It helps her to take on that energy for herself, to know what she needs to do in order to stand tall and get what she needs and desires in her life through constructive, positive action.

Red Campion (England)

Affirmation - I Am Successful In All Things Through Being Persistent & Focused

It can be all too easy to give up on our goals and dreams when obstacles appear to be blocking our path or simply because what we are desiring to achieve just seems too big for us to ever accomplish. Yet when we create a plan in our minds and then addhere to that plan through being persistent, we find that things do start to come together. Of course we always need to listen carefully to our Inner Guidance to make sure we are on the right path, as well as to be open to the possibility of something even better manifesting for us. Yet if we continue to keep our eyes focused on where we desire to be, we shall arrive in good time!

Red Dragon Hibiscus

Affirmation - I Sing Out With Joy And Joy Multiplies Abundantly In My Life

The flowers are so exquisite, they are huge, the loveliest shade of red and the energy of the essence just sings of good news, blessings and joyful encounters with others. It really got my first and second chakras going! It is also an essence for courage, trusting in the goodness of the Universe and helps to release any tendencies towards setting one's self up for failure through negative or pessimistic thinking and behaviour.

Red Flowering Gum

Affirmation - I Always Have The Perfect Creative Outlets For My Talents & Gifts

For those who have an abundance of creative energy and yet not feeling they have the right outlets for their creative expression. Helps these folks find the perfect outlets so that their creative energy is fun and very fulfilling for them again. This essence is also very helpful for those who are abundantly creative to the point where they have more creative ideas than they can possibly complete and thus tend to move from one creative project to the next without finishing any of them. Helps the person to take better control of their creative energy and go back to complete past projects with renewed joy and enthusiasm.

Red Grevillea

Affirmation - I Joyfully Take The Steps That My Inner Guidance Suggests Are Perfect For Me To Take

Allowing yourself to take more risks in life, not being foolhardy but heeding the Inner Voice that prompts you to expand and grow. Summoning the courage to do something you have always wanted to do and yet held yourself back out of fear because you felt you couldn't possibly. Instead being able to affirm to the Universe that you are now ready to experience what ever this may be for you and then grasping the opportunities that are presented to you in regards to this.

Red Ink Sundew

Affirmation - I Am Completely Supported By The Entire Of The Universe As I Re-Create My Life In Positive Ways

Finding the strength and courage within to move on from situations and people that are harmful to you. Finding that new doors and opportunities for making positive changes abound through making a firm committment within to better one's circumstances. Trusting in the Power of Universal Light to lead you out of the darkness and into the life that your Soul intended for you to live.

Red Lily

Affirmation - It Is Easy For Me To Provide For Myself Abundantly. I Prosper!

Helps to release fears and worries that one will be unable to properly provide and care for one's self. For those who have a tendency to want to rely on others to provide for them rather than looking about to see what they themselves can be doing to insure their own well-being. For those who have relied on someone else and now had that support withdrawn, this essence can help them to move past the feelings of fear and crises so they can embark on the process of coming into their own power.

Red Lotus

Affirmation - My Spiritual Visions Are Now Being Made Manifest In My World

This essence helps us to bring our Spiritual Visions and Wisdom down through our bodies that they may be Manifested through the Root Chakra. It also helps to raise the vibration of our physical bodies so we are more in alignment with Spiritual Truth and Wisdom on all levels. This is a powerful essence for manifesting Positive changes in ones life through the Love and Grace of All That Is.

Red Standard Oleander Tree

Affirmation - My Motto Is Carpe Diem & I Do Indeed Seize The Day For What I Have To Offer Is Valued & Needed By Others!

This is a wonderful essence for those who have a difficult time standing up for themselves due to a severely damaged Root Chakra. It helps to repair the damage and release the trauma that caused the damage to begin with. Damage to the Root Chakra can also be a prime cause of procrastination and lack of motivation, thus this essence also helps one to grab life with both hands and do what needs to be done each day to reach goals that are important to one

Red Torch Cactus

Affirmation - I Fully Release The Past & I Embrace The New Good That Is Flowing Into My Life Now

Red Torch Cactus is for those who are still "carrying a torch" for something or someone from the past and are unable to move forward in their lives because the past seems to be so much better than their present or future. We all find it challenging to let go of what was from time to time and yet these things and even people that have left our lives are not lost to us for nothing is ever lost on any level in Divine Mind. yet we still need to move forward, to Bless the past, let it go and then turn our attention to the new that is seeking to come into our lives. Focusing on the past blocks our Good from coming to us. We can never go back to the way things where, but we can look to create our present and future in ways that will make us very happy indeed if we are willing to allow this. When we are able to begin to embrace changes in our lives, expecting that only Good can come from them, then this is what we shall experience.

Red Twinberry

Affirmation - I Am At One With The Divine Purpose For My Life

This is a wonderful essence for those who have many good ideas as to what they want to accomplish in their lives yet are too scattered to bring any of these ideas into practical, usable forms. often times the person says they are trying 'to find themselves" and yet they never seem to be able to pin down exactly what it is they would like to do or try to take on too much at once. his essence helps the person to gather themselves together, formulate a flexible yet solid plan and get on with the business of doing. It also helps to eliminate procrastination and is highly motivating for those who feel they cannot achieve anything worthwhile so what is the use in even trying. As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is your own life. It is an ongoing process of taking each step as it presents itself and focusing on the desired outcome, not worrying how one is going to get there.

Red Valerian

Affirmation - My Root Chakra Is Healthy, Strong & In Balance

This essence calms and cools a hyper-active Root Chakra. Often the person feels severely stressed and under a great deal of pressure to accomplish more, more and yet even more in life, and find it very difficult to ease up on themselves so they can take a break. This is often due to survival issues that the person has been unable to address. The Root Chakra may then respond by pushing the person to do more and more until burnout occurs which can leave the person feeling anxious as well as depressed. This essence helps to bring the Root Chakra back into balance while helping the person to work through their survival issues in ways that are both much healthier and more positive.

Redwood Tree

Affirmation - I Rise Above All Perceived Limitations. Nothing Is Impossible To Spirit Working Through Me

This essence helps us to grow past what we believe to be true for us in terms of limitations by first grounding and rooting us in Spirit through which all things are possible. It gives us patience to build our root and foundation systems in a ma nner that will stand the test of time and will support our upward growth. This essence however also helps to quicken the growth process for those who are ready to expand and go Higher in their own personal evolution. It also is helpful for finding one's True Place in life, that where we may most easily grow, thrive and prosper. This is a very strong, powerful essence that greatly empowers us too.

Red Yucca

Affirmation - I Awaken To Enlightenment Easily & With Great Joy

Activates the Kundalini energy, attuning the body to the reawakening of the ley lines. Helps to balance nervous energy created by Uranus transits, excellent for mid life crises.

Reindeer Lichen

Affirmation - I Am Moving Forward Freely Now

For those who feel their lives are frozen or stuck in a wasteland, and they shall never get themselves free. Helps the person to see all of their options more fully and to know that they are never really stuck or standing still, but that much is happening below the surface of their lives and within themselves that will blossom forth at the right time. Helps to instill a sense of patience and knowing that as they complete this cycle of their life journey, they shall indeed be ready to move forward. If there are things the person needs to do in the present moment to help free themselves, they will be shown what to do and when to do it.

River Oats

Affirmation - I Allow The River Of Life To Carry Me Along To My Greatest Good & Joy

This essence helps us to let go and move on, to move with the flow of where life is trying to lead us. It can be so easy to get trapped in the thinking that if we pursue something long enough, that somehow it will come to fruition. But what we are pursuing might not truly be where our best interests lie and the way to find out is to totally let it go and just allow the River of Life to lead us where it will, something this essence helps us to do. Its hard to let go of a cherished dream we may have had, yet we may have actually have out-grown that dream and to achieve it would not bring us the happiness we had hoped it would. Instead, there is something far better that awaits us but in order for us to have it, we must allow ourselves to release those goals and dreams that no longer serve us. River Oats helps us to do this with greater ease and joy, that we may be effortlessly carried along to the wonderful manifestation of that which is beckoning to us.

River She Oak

Affirmation - I Am Completely At Peace With The Cycles & Changing Seasons In My Life. All Is Good, All Is Well

Like the wise old crone who has seen many seasons come and go, this essence reminds us that life is ever flowing towards the new, nothing ever comes to stay forever unless WE insist on clinging to it. Let go and see where the river of life takes you.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Affirmation - I Create An Image In My Mind Of My Wonderful Right Home & I Then See It Manifesting For Me Easily & Joyfully

This essence helps us to find the right place that we truly feel we can call Home. A place where we and our families can put down strong roots that will help us to grow and bear fruit that is positive and nourishing. This essence cam also help us to put our own unique stamp on our homes, to create a home environment that is both Sacred and Healing.

Rose Cone Flower

Affirmation - I Love & Respect The Beautiful Being That I Truly Am

For self love and self respect, attracts angelic guidance, beautiful experiences and visions that fill your life with joy and happiness. Helps to release judgement of others and increases compassion yet also not allowing others to take advantage of you.

Rose Geranium

Affirmation - I Rejoice In The Presence Of & Communications From My Guides & Angels

Strengthens the bond between one's guardian angels and guides with one's conscious mind. Draws beauty into one's life.

Rose Paintbrush

Affirmation - All That I Have To Offer Is Beautiful & Wonderful! All I Have To Offer IS Valued & Wanted By Others!

This essence is for those who have withdrawn their creative talents and gifts from the world due to having been made to feel shamed that their gifts were not worthy of being expressed and are thus unacceptable to others. Rose Paintbursh renews one's passion to create and enhances inspiration, drawing acknowledgment from others that what one has to offer is valuable and worthwhile and does need to be expressed and shared with others.

Rosy Pussypaws

Affirmation - I Acknowledge Everything That I Feel. I Know How To Express All Of My Feelings In Positive Ways.

For the eternal optimist who cannot allow themselves to express negative feelings or worries, thus shoving them down into the shadow where they gain power and strength. By being open and honest with yourself about how you feel, you deny the negativity the power to re-emerge as sudden crises or sabotage that appears to be coming from others but is really coming from within yourself. By acknowledging the negativity and shadow side of yourself, you have then claimed the power to channel that energy into more positive expressions.

Rosy Twisted Stalk

Affirmation - I Move Up Into The Light Where All Of My Challenges Are Dissolved Easily & Effortlessly

Lifts problems up to higher levels to be resolved effortlessly. Untangles knots that restrict growth and expansion. Unblocks the chakras in the hands and feet.

Saint John's Wort

Affirmation - I Am Clear In Regards To What Is Really Bothering Me & I Now Know What Steps I Need To Take To Shift & Heal It

As an Herb, Saint John's Wort is often used to help relieve depression while the essence helps one to better understand one's own root cause of the depression and then how to go about working through it to release it. This essence is also very helpful for those who have disturbing/unsettling dreams. It helps one to better understand the message behind such dreams.

San Clemente Island Woodland Star

Affirmation - I Am Always Moving Into Higher & Higher Expressions Of Universal Energy

Supports the process of attaining Avatar consciousness, mastering higher levels of spiritual energy and directing that energy into making the world more light filled for all of life. Through the raising of your own vibration, potential problems and challenges are deflected or dissoved before they reach full manifestation. If a problem has already manifested, this essence can help to dissolve it and remove it from your energy field.

Sand Sage

Affirmation - I Am Moving Through The Physical Changes In My Life In A Balanced & Joyful Way

Sand Sage is primarily for women who are moving through Menopause though it can be used by anyone moving through any physical change with greater ease by helping to balance the mind and emotions. It helps one to focus on the beauty of the process and to feel excitement at the positive changes and wisdom that this process can bring rather than focusing on any discomfort or what might be 'lost" during the process. Menopause can bring a great deal of freedom and a sense of liberation into a woman's life and this is to be celebrated! Sand Sage also helps us to embrace the wisdom that the passing of the years can bring and to connect us with those who will benefit from all that we can teach and share.

Sand Verbena

Affirmation - I Utilise All Of My Resources Wisely & Well

Unable to manage your time, money, and other resources properly. Usually due to scattered thinking or inability to honour what is present in your life because it doesn't seem as worthwhile or valuable as what others may have. Honouring all the resources that are present in your life and being able to give Thanks for them which in turn will attract even better things to you.

Santa Catalina Island Monkeyflower

Affirmation - My Mind Reflects The Peace & Calm Of Divine Mind

Helps to calm an overactive mind and for those who tend to get sidetracked easily from their projects, dreams and goals when something more exciting appears to come along. Seeing things through to completion instead of leaving a trail of unfinished business behind one. Helps one to clean up one's own messes instead of hoping that someone else will come along and do it for you.

Scalloped Seashell Hedera

Affirmation - I Know That I Am Totally Connected With The Source Of All Good

This essence returns a person's consciousness to union with whatever one chooses to call the Creator. The overall feeling is one of such upliftment, bliss and joy, a strong sense of being reconnected in some vital way to the vast tapestry of the Universe. With continued research what has been found is that essence also carries a strong lunar quality that is helpful for a person to get in contact with their deeper emotional needs. It assists in releasing deep seated anger, stress and fear. Those that have difficulty with Bronchitis, Asthma or other lung related dis-ease may find that they are now able to get to the root cause on a vibrational level.

Scarlet Wisteria Tree

Affirmation - I Am Totally At Peace With Everyone & Everything In My Life

Very effective for easing Saturn problems as well as dispelling rage and fear that has been suppressed. Helps to resolve conflicts with authority, both inner and outer. Claiming the power of the soul.

Scherazi Tobacco

Excellent for both Shamanistic journeying and breaking addictions associated with Shamanistic practices in past lives/ Powerful Crown chakra opener. Stimulates dream and visions.

Sea Blush

Affirmation - I Easily Adapt To All The Changes In My Life

Feeling much more adaptable to life changes and cycles. Helps to release the fear of aging and looking older. Honouring your own personal cycles and need for rest along with activity.

Sea Lettuce

Affirmation - I Trust In My Own Healing Process For I Know That All Really Is Well.

Sea Lettuce is a very soothing and comforting essence that helps one to be more patient with one's own healing process. It allows one to relax into the process rather than resisting it by trying to rush through it. When we try and hurry our healing, what we are really saying is that we are afraid that we cannot cope with all the emotions that are brought to the surface during the healing, and thus we are essentially trying to push those feelings away which does not allow for a more complete healing to occur. This essence helps us to simply "feel okay" with whatever part of the healing process we are at and with its accompaning emotions. When we acknowledge that this is only a short and temporary part of the process, we find that it is much easier to cope and the healing occurs at a pace that is perfect for us while still being able to carry on with other areas of our lives with greater peace and joy.


Affirmation - I Accept Healing Into Every Aspect Of My Life Right Now

For healing of all aspects of yourself, knowing what tools and resources you can use to help connect with your own Inner Healer and thus heal yourself on all levels.

Shasta Daisy

Affirmation - I Now See & Feel A Larger Piece Of The Greater Tapestry

This essence helps to unite thought with intuition, seeing more of the whole picture rather than scattered bits and pieces.

Shell Ginger

Affirmation - I Forgive & Release With Love All Those Whom I Feel Have Wronged Me

This essence is for people who have been through a very challenging experience with another person that has left them feeling very angry, embittered and vengeful and they just can't seem to release these feelings and forgive, no matter how hard they try. They find that they frequently think of this other person with much anger and distress, even though they know that this is doing them far more damage than the person they are thinking about. This essence helps the person to understand the deeper dynamics of what has occurred from a Soul level and then being able to detach from their emotions enough that they can begin to release them. This is not to disown what one is feeling or to condone another's behaviour, but a recognition that we all act from the level of what we have in our present state of consciousness and someone who has been terribly hurtful to someone else is really acting out from their own terrible pain and suffering.

Shepherd's Purse

Affirmation - I Am Now Connected With Those Who Can Best Understand, Love & Support Me As I Am

This is a wonderful essence for those who feel isolated and alone in the world and feel they cannot connect with others of like mind. It helps to unite one with others who can truly understand you and support you as an individual while also welcoming you into the fold.

Shooting Star - Lemon Yellow

Affirmation - I Am Strong & Confident In My Talents & Abilities

Excellent for the study of astrology, also a major healer of the Third chakra. Helps one to feel empowered, confident, able to tackle more of life head on and win! Helpful for attuning to the Universal Mind for clarity, answers and guidance.

Shooting Star - Rose Pink

Affirmation - Love Renews & Heals Me On Every Level

Major healer for the heart chakra, helps to ease and soothe a broken heart while allowing one to begin the process of trusting others and life once again. Attunes one to the Unconditional Love of the Universe, attracting more love and support from other people as a result. This essence has a very uplifting, peaceful quality.

Short Green Milkweed

Affirmation - I Use Money & All of My Other Resources Wisely & Well

This is an excellent essence for those who have a tendency to overspend, are deep in debt and in general have challenges relating to wise handling of money and other resources. It helps the person to get to the root of their problems with money and release them, changing one's consciousness along the way from one of lack to one of plenty.

Short Purple Flag Iris

Affirmation - I Take The Time To Go Within. I Know That This Helps Me To Create Wonderful Experiences In My Life With Ease

Being more willing to take the time to go within to hear your own Inner Guidance and Direction. For those who are constantly on the go and say they don't have time to become more involved in the spiritual practices they are interested in, this essence can be very helpful in helping these people see that they will achieve far more in the world by taking the time to pursue spiritual as well as mundane pursuits.

Showy Beardtongue

Affirmation - I Am Decisive & Focused. I Take the Appropriate Actions When They Need to Be Taken

Showy Beardtongue helps those who tend to be very indecisive, or who when they do make a decision, find it all too easy to begin backtracking and second-guessing it. hence, they never really seem to get anything moving fully forward in their lives but always feel they are stuck in a hamster wheel, spinning round and round never getting anywhere. this essence helps the person to make a firm decision and stick with it. if the decision is in fact in error, that too shall shortly become quite obvious so the person can alter their direction without losing their focus. it helps to instill confidence in the decision making process, understanding that there are no true mistakes, only lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained that can be applied to every other area of one's life.

Showy Navajo Tea

Affirmation - I Allow Life To Support & Prosper Me Through An Unlimited Number Of Channels

This essence helps us to accept support and All Good through an unlimited number of channels, instead of believing or even insisting that our Good only come through the channels we are currently aware of. It helps us to broaden our expectations of all the Bounty that Spirit and Life itself seeks to give us. It helps us to relax knowing that as we turn wwithin for our Good, that it shall come to us in ways and through channels that are truly for the benefit of all. For those who seek to take what does not truly belong to them from others, this essence will help them shift from an attitude of greed and grasping behaviour to one of trusting in The Higher to provide all the Good they could ever need or desire.

Silver Fir

Affirmation - Angels Surround & Uplft Me At All Times. I See The Good In Everything.

Angelic Influences, feeling safe and secure in times of crises. Finding the Silver lining behind every cloud and seeing the blessings in disguise that are being handed to you. Promotes greater awareness and acceptance of one's Lunar side and needs. A very peaceful, centering essence that enhances intuition yet also provides a psychic shield for overly sensitive people, especially when someone feels surrounded by negative energy.


Affirmation - I Am A Perfect Vessel For The Light, Love and Beauty Of The Universe To Flow Through For The Benefit Of All

Silversword is a powerful essence for spiritual awakening and evolution. It spiritualises all of the chakras and meridians, making one a clearer and more potent channel for the light and love of the Universe to flow through. It allows spiritual energies to flow more freely through the body and thus can be very helpful in eliminating feelings of being unbalanced while undergoing any sort of spiritual awakening or initiation.

Sitka Mountain Ash

Affirmation - All Of My Emotions Are Of Value To Me For Each Has Many Wonderful Gifts To Share With Me

This essence helps one to better understand and channel strong emotions such as anger, guilt, shame and fear into positive channels and expressions. One no longer feels held back by these emotions but instead understands that they are defense mechanisms that one has come to rely upon for survival due to early childhood stress and trauma. This allows one to take a more active response to the emotion, looking at what triggered it and how it relates to something that happened many years ago.

Sky Wings Iris

Affirmation - Inspiration Flows Through Me In Abundance, My Talents Are Sought After & Respected

A truly lovely essence, joyful and uplifting! It supports the healing of and greater expression through the throat Chakra and opening to messages of love and support from Spirit. It helps to relieve sorrow and grief by supporting one in reconnecting with those that have crossed over. It also helps to relieve feelings of jealousy by empowering a person to work on bringing forth their own gifts and unique attributes. It encourages greater expansion of the creative flow and thus is an excellent essence for those involved in the arts such as Music, Painting, Writing and so forth.

Slender Rice Flower

Affirmation - It Is Easy For Me To Accomplish All That I Desire To In My Life

This essence is for those who feel they cannot accomplish anything of importance or value in life because of the circumstances/family they were born into. It helps the person to recognise that they are a complete and unqiue individual who has the power and ability to create the life experiences they truly desire.

Small Enchanter's Nightshade

Affirmation - I Am Now Establishing Patterns Of Behaviour, Thought & Expression That Are Positive & Life Enhancing

Opens the mind and heart to mysticism and magic. Ability to connect with plant and crystal deva's so that one may share their healing qualities with others. Also a strong psychic protection essence, which prevents others from hooking into you (both on the physical plane as well as the astral) and draining your energy or controlling your thought patterns and behaviours. For those who find themselves repeating behaviours and patterns that are very damaging to themselves and others yet they cannot seem to stop, this essence can be of invaluable assistance and support.

Snowy River Wattle

Affirmation - I Am Cleansed & Renewed, Divine Love Fills Me Heart & Soul

For those who feel frozen or dead inside due to trauma or pain in this or other lifetimes. Very healing at a soul level. A gentle yet deeply penetrating essence that frees blocked energy, gets the life force moving again abundantly.

Sonoran Emerald Paloverde

Affirmation - I Am A Spiritual Pioneer & I Express My Higher Purpose By Breaking New Ground

Helps one to discover and express their Higher Purpose, especially for those who are breaking new ground on the spiritual and healing levels and need all the support and encouragement they can get in order to see their purpose expand and reach all those who have need of these new energies.

Southern Cross

Affirmation - I Accept Responsibility For My Own Life. I Know That I Am The Only One Who Can Create My Life The Way I Want It To Be

This essence is for those who tend to blame others for the negative reality that they themselves have created. Those who have a tendency to complain "why does this always happen to me!" will benefit greatly from this essence as it will help them to see how their thoughts, beliefs and expectations have created the reality they are experiencing.

Spanish Red Thyme

Affirmation - I Take The Time To Do The Things I Love Best

Relief from burnout and exhaustion from over work and stress. Eliminates procrastination based on fear of failure or change. Helpful for healers and therapists who tend to take on the emotions and problems of others. Boosts the immune system on an energy level and helps to release anger in constructive ways instead of releasing it through the body via illness. Helps one to devote more time and energy to those things that one especially loves and enjoys instead of taking on tasks or duties because you think you "should".


Affirmation - Things are Moving Very Quickly Now In My Life Yet I Remain In Perfect Balance With Ease

This essence helps to speed things up, whether they be projects or goals, or even you, to get you moving more quickly and energetically throughout your day. This is an excellent essence for when a quick pick-me-up is needed and is also very helpful for those who feel overwhelmed because they always have so much to do each day. It helps these people feel that they can more easily keep pace with all their duties and responsibilities without feeling burned out in the process.


Affirmation - The Only Energies In My Aura Are Those I Allow To Be There

Spiderwort strengthens the aura, making it less vulnerable to attachments and cords from others, both from those in the physical and non-physical realms.

Spiral Ginger

Affirmation - I Easily Integrate Spiritual Power & Growth On Every Level Of My Being

Helps with the Kundalini rising process so one is not thrown off balance but may integrate the influx of spiritual power and energy safely and more easily. Helps to channel fear, anger or worry into constructive, practical pursuits. Excellent for clearing tendencies towards procrastination due to thoughts that one is not really capable or talented enough to successfully reach their goals.

Spreading Dogbane

Affirmation - I Easily Reverse Downward Spiraling Negative Thinking

Some days it can seem very difficult to stop the downward spiral of negative thinking. The negative thoughts and feelings associated with them can feel hard to shake ff and reverse because so many of us are used to thinking and feeling in these ways. This actually produces pathways in the brain that make it easier and easier to stay in the depths of these undesired spirals. The key to changing this and creating new pathways in the brain for more positive feelings and beliefs is to stop the downward spiral as soon as you notice it is happening. This essence helps you to catch these thoughts as soon as they begin to appear in your mind and supports the process of seeking and finding new, more positive thoughts and beliefs that you would prefer to hold. It is helpful when first working with this essence to use it at least twice daily for 30 days straight and then it can be used as needed or 2 -4 drops can be used once in the morning and once in the evening to keep the negative thoughts from catching another toehold and spreading again.

Springbank Clover

Affirmation - I Know That What Is Mine Is Manifesting In My Life Now

Eases frustration and envy, knowing that what is truly yours will find its way to you and helps you to be open to receiving it.

Spring Squill

Affirmation - I Am Taking A Quantum Leap Forward In My Thinking & Being

This essence helps to initiate breakthroughs in consciousness, liberating the mind from past conditioning and allowing one to make the leap from where one is now, to where one desires to be. It helps us to think in terms of greater possibilities, to see the potential in each moment and to act upon that potential. This is a very helpful essence for those who tend to procrastinate.

Squirrel Corn

Affirmation - I Am In Perfect Balance With How I Both Flow & Store My Energy & Resources

Preparing for the future, learning how to store energy and resources properly so that they become more readily available when they are truly needed. Finding new channels of supply to replenish the "stock".

Star Anise

Affirmation - I Follow The Spiritual Path & Guides That Make Me Feel The Most Joyful

Releases confusion around which Guides/metaphysical paths are appropriate for you to be working with at any given point in time. Also supports bein able to discern whether the guidance your are receiving is true guidance or coming from another source. Helps to open the energy connections of the brain that allows us to make Higher Guide/Angelic connections. Also empowers us to put things into their proper perspective, seeing more of the plan and purpose behind all that happens.

Star Flowered Onion

Affirmation - I Am Willing To Change & Grow As I See How Much Happier I become As A Result

Peeling away the layers of resistance to change as well as the layers of dysfunctional habits and behaviours. This essence helps us to better understand why one behaves the way one does and what one can do to re-structure one's life so that it is more fullfilling and joyful. Helps one to get to the root of a problem with greater speed.

Star-flower False Solomon Seal

Affirmation - I Act In Ways That Are For My Higher Good

Not being afraid of standing up for yourself, acting in ways that you know are really in your best interests and not from fear that someone else has power over you. Helps to ease survival issues, including remaining trapped in situations because you fear if you leave them, nothing better will take their place.

Starry Campion

Affirmation - My Life Is A Divine Expression Of Love, Joy, Laughter & Beauty!

Reduction of stress and easing pressure, allowing for more pleasure, colour and beauty into one's life. Going for what is sweet for you rather than keeping on with those things that do not truly support you in your life, letting go and moving on in any way that you need to move on. Also attracts support and Universal Light and Awareness, dancing with Life instead of plodding through.


Affirmation - I Allow Myself Time To Be Playful, I Treasure The Fun That Has Come Into My Life Today

Drawing sweetness and playfulness into one's life. Helps to lighten one's energies to be fruitful in all endeavors. Remembering who you really are.

Stream Orchid

Affirmation - God/Spirit Loves Me, Now & Forever More

Stream Orchid helps to filter through past childhood conditioning so that we may release it and be free of it once and for all. It is very helpful for those who have a tendency to want others to "parent' them, helping them to instead develop the wise and loving Inner Parent that they truly need. This essence is also very helpful for those who at some level see God/Spirit as a harsh and judgmental father, rather than a Loving Creator who only wants the absolute best for his children and who can never be angry or punishing because it is not Spirit's Nature to be so.

Styrex Gum

Affirmation - All Of My Beliefs About Money & Wealth Are Positive & Joyful!

An essence for prosperity and abundance, helps to dislodge beliefs and negative expectations around money and prosperity. It has also been helpful for stomach ulcers, caused in part due to stress and overwork related back to issues of “not having enough”. It helps the person to trust in the flow of money and to ask for what is needed rather than trying to figure out the proper solution all on their own. This was brought home to me quite sharply one time when I was complaining about orders having slowed and heard “ yes, but have you ASKED for any new orders lately?” Good point!

Subalpine Paintbrush

Affirmation - I Am Now More Fully Aware Of Negative, Limiting Beliefs & I Release Them Easily

Our beliefs truly do "paint" our reality. Many of us hold beliefs within our subconscious minds that are negative and limiting. Yet because we are not aware very often that we even have such beliefs, we continue to bump up against them when we are desiring to make positive changes in our lives. The subconscious mind does not see our beliefs as positive or negative. It simply accepts them and assumes that this is what we are wanting to make manifest. This is why when people begin working with affirmations, it can feel uncomfortable. The subconscious is attempting to reconcile the positive you are affirming with what you have previously told it to believe. For example, when affirming for happier relationships, if you have a strong, negative belief that you are not worthy of the same or do no believe it is possible for you to experience, then the subconscious mind will respond with sending up signals through your emotions that there is conflict happening within you. By becoming more aware of what beliefs you really hold within, you can bring them forth into the conscious mind and design affirmations that will help you to release the old beliefs and make it easier to accept the new. When you can acknowledge a negative belief, look at it honestly and then say "I see that this is what I believed but I am now choosing to change this. I see that it is not true, but I had accepted it as true in the past and thus this is what I experienced. Yet since I get to choose what I think in my own mind, I now choose those beliefs that are positive, inspiring and uplifting. They are the REAL Truth of me and the only ones I now choose to accept.

Sugar Palm

Affirmation - I Teach Others How To Help Themselves & Then I Allow Them To Do So

For those who tend to attract large numbers of people who are seeking guidance and support. While the person desires to be of service, the sheer numbers or complexity of the issues being presented to them for resolution may leave them feeling overwhelmed and overextended. This essence helps to remind the person that it is Spirit that does the real work and to step back and allow the Universe to provide the needed words or counseling support through one's self. This essence is also very helpful for those who tend to set aside their own important projects and goals in an effort to serve all those who come to them for help. Sometimes the greatest good may be achieved by insuring that one does allow times when ones own goals and desires come first rather than always pushing them into last place.


Affirmation - I See Myself As The Beautiful, Wonderful Person That I Truly Am!

For people who are highly critical of themselves and rarely, if ever, think of what makes them wonderful and unique. This essence helps these folks to lighten up on themselves, to acknowledge that they, like everyone else, is really doing the best they know how in the present moment. It helps one to see what is good within and to know from the heart and soul that one was born worthy and good and IS worthy and good. This essence is also helpful for anyone (which is probably all of us!) who has a tendency to beat themselves up even over little errors and mistakes. It is also very uplifting when one is having a difficult day, and allows us to take a moment to stop, re-group and move forward with more joy.


Affirmation - It Is Impossible For Me To Be Anything But Spiritually Worthy & Loved

Reaching for Divine Light, feeling spiritually worthy and acceptable. Very helpful for all self-esteem related issues and also helps to balance Male energy whether it be overly aggressive or not assertive enough, in both men and women. This is a wonderful essence for children who feel very unsure of themselves and especially those who find they are the frequent target of bullying from others.

Sunshine Wattle

Affirmation - I Expect The Best & This Is What Manifests For Me

Optimism, being of hope and good cheer, releases negative thoughts and fears and is a wondeful prosperity enhancer!

Sweet Woodruff

Affirmation - My Inner Healer & Helper Are Both Truly Powerful, Wonderful & Wise. I Know I Can Trust & Rely Upon Their Help At All Times!

Excellent essence for those who do not trust in their ability to help/heal themselves in some way. For those who are always hoping that someone else will do it for them (though of course they can't) or solve all their problems because they seem too overwhelming to tackle on their own. Helps the individual to break things down into much smaller bits so for a time they can work on one small thing until it is resolved and then move on to the next. Soon the person often finds that by tackling one smaller thing themselves, other problems in the life also begins to clear with little to no effort on their part. It is the willingness to do something for themselves that can make all the difference in the world.

Tall Boneset

Affirmation - All Is In Divine Order In My Life

This essence helps to restore order to chaotic conditions and helps one to maintain this sense of order in one's life. This is especially helpful for one's home environment if things tend to be scattered and extremely untidy. This is often a reflection of what is going on within one's self so by restoring order to the outer, one can also help to restore order within. Chaos and disorder tend to breed nervousness and anxiety, for a disordered environment tends to put our nervous systems on alert because the energy around us is not flowing as it should be. What we have round us is highly symbolic of inner processes as well and chaotic energies can eventually begin to disrupt other areas of our lives that were going well. Restoring order and making certain that it is maintained can do much to alleviate other, unwanted conditions and challenges.

Tall Green Milkweed

Affirmation - The Universe Is My Safety Net

Tall Green Milkweed helps us to move past current conditions that we are wanting to change in our lives but have been fearful of doing so because we still feel unsure that things will work out well for us in the future if we do. It is easy for people to allow much time to pass, always thinking that tomorrow or next week or next year they are finally going to let go of what has been and go for what they really want. Yet too often, this never happens and one day we wake up feeling that the best years of our lives have now passed us by. It is never too late to pursue your dreams! The Universe will always provide you with a safety net if you make a plan of action and stick to it. Setting a date when you will begin also sends a signal of committment to The universe and thus it will begin to move too. There is a saying that "the flower blooms when it becomes too painful to remain a bud" and this is something this essence helps us to address. For if the bud were not to blossom, it would die before it could reach its true potential. So too, does something within us die when we refuse due to fear of the unknown to reach for those things that will truly make us happy in life. This essence does not encourage overly risky or silly behaviour, yet it does give us just the right push to begin to take the actions we need to take. We will be taken care of by Spirit when we finally decide to take a leap of faith.

Tall Heath Myrtle

Affirmation - I Feel Good About Standing Tall In My Truth Because I Know It Is Good For Me & Also Blesses All Others

Standing up for one's self, following through on inner guidance instead of being swayed by the opinions of others. Empowers a person to walk their own path regardless of what others are doing or what others believe to be correct. Listening to what you know is true for you and using other's feedback as a mirror to show you where you yourself have doubts and fears about what you know to be true for you. You have the truth for yourself and while others may give advice or suggestions from a well - intentioned place, only you know what will truly bring you joy and happiness.

Tallong Midge Orchid

Affirmation - My Life Is Filled With Meaning & Purpose. I Look Forward To Each New Day!

For those who feel that life has lost its sense of meaning and purpose. Helps one to feel a renewed sense of zest for life and that there are always new fun and exciting doors opening for them.

Tasmanian Blackwood

Affirmation - Within Me Is A Positive, Loving & Supportive Father Who Cherishes Me Dearly

Feeling loved, supported and protected by one's Inner Father. Especially for those who did not have a positive Father influence in their lives while they were growing up and feel shortchanged or unable to move forward easily in life because of this. Realising that Spirit/God/All That Is is the Father and Mother of us all and that this Source has always been with you, loving and guiding you.


Affirmation - I Am Centered In A State Of Peace & Well Being At All Times

This is a wonderful essence for helping one to achieve a state of Inner Peace and Serenity, releasing stress, worry and fear that causes strain on the physical body as well as the emotional and mental bodies. It allows the person to better understand what areas of their lives they can and need to change while allowing for greater acceptance of those areas where one cannot make changes. People often find that when they release the need to try and control every aspect of their life, that something miraculous happens; the things that were bothering us fall away and what we desired in their place is given to us by some "magic" on the part of The Universe. Yet it really isn't magic at all, but the release of resistance to the issue that has caused us to shift and change within ourselves which changes our overall vibration. As this occurs, circumstances in our lives mst also shift to match this new and Higher vibration.

Texas Rainbow Cactus

Affirmation - My Life Is Amazing! It Is Filled With Ever Increasing Joy, Prosperity & Success!

This is a wonderful essence for those who have been going through a challenging time in their lives and are wondering if it is ever going to get better. It helps to restore optimism, courage and motivation, giving one the get up and go needed to start making positive changes. It is very helpful for seeing the Good that is ever present and Abundant, making that the focus of one's attention which attracts more Good. It also clears blockages from all the chakras, releases pessimism and worry from the mind, and fills the aura with positive, life giving energy. This is a great essence for business people, helping them to attract the perfect customers that they can best serve and who will be delighted with what they have to offer.


Affirmation - I Have Now Come Into The Fullness Of My Spiritual Power

This essence is for facing life with great courage and coming into one's own power. Tomato essence is wonderful for strengthening and balancing both the first and second chakras, and clear debris and trauma from those chakras that has accumulated in this or other lives. It helps one to move on from circumstances and situations that one cannot change, even when one is not sure where one does go from there. A strong sense of faith and trust is given that one shall find the right doors opening if one is willing to break free. This is a wonderful essence for both children and animals who have faced abuse or bullying.

Travelers Tree

Affirmation - I Am Always Able To Travel Where I Wish & I Totally Enjoy Every Moment

Excellent essence for use in the Helpful Friends/ Travel gua. Helps those who feel they need to be moving on from a person, place or situation and yet can't muster the energy or create the right circumstances to do so. Helps the person to discern what maybe holding them back inside so they may come to grips with it and move forward. Also excellent for Shamanic Journeying and OBE.

Tropical Oak

Affirmation - I Am Lovingly Connected With & Lovingly Express The God Within Me

Helps men and women connect with the most positive aspects of their own Inner God Archetypes. Understanding and being more conscious of the energy helps the person to direct the energy rather than being directed by it, thus acting the energy out in ways that are not always beneficial for them or others. This essence may also be combined with Ylang Ylang (see below) to create greater inner balance between the masculine and feminine.


Affirmation - I Feel Splendid Today! This Feeling Of Happiness Rapidly Attracts Many Good Things Into My Life Experience

Very uplifting, feeling absolutely splendid, happy on top of the world! (fans on Lynn Grabhorns book "Excuse me, your life is waiting" will love this essence! Also helps to relieve worry, fear and eases depression that is caused by feeling that things are out of your hands and you have no control over your own life. Helps a person to feel so expanded on an energy level that one knows one can do anything that they put their heart and mind to!

Tufted Vetch

Affirmation - I Am Comfortable With My Sexual Identity

Tufted Vetch is for those who feel confused or ashamed of their own sexual identity. It helps one to accept how one is and to attract the life partner that best fits in one's life.

Tulipa Saxitillis

Affirmation - My Energy Is Grounded and Balanced As I Act On My Higher Guidance Today & Everyday

Grounding scattered energy. Relaxes and cleanses the Solar plexus chakra while linking it with the Crown chakra. Assists one in acting upon the guidance of the Higher Self.

Vanilla Wattle

Affirmation - I Know That My Business Is God's Business & Thus Only Good & Prosperity Is Attracted To Me & It

A very cleansing essence. Many who are self-employed tend to face special challenges and problems. This essence helps the person to understand why they have attracted the problem in the first place and what inner work they need to be doing to correct the problem. This essence also helps a person to release fears of not knowing what their income is going to be from month to month and helps to promote stability and financial viability of the business. Business owners will find it easier to set policies and boundaries that are appropriate and supportive of their business. This essence also clears the energy from those who do not respect or honour one's work and business as well as clearing away those who make excessive demands on the owners time and energy. Helps the business owner to focus on attracting those who will not only benefit from the services provided but will also be a joy to serve and work with.


Affirmation - I Know That All That I Have Is Safe & Protected By Spirit. All Is Well

Financial well being, releasing poverty consciousness, fear of money, especially the fear that if you are financially successful others will dislike you or want to try and take your money from you in some manner. Also helps to release feelings of guilt that you have more than someone else or are not allowing yourself through guilt to receive more money energy from the Universe. The more you have, the more you can share and empower others to become more prosperous as well! This essence is also excellent for use in money drawing oil blends.

Violet Butterfly

Affirmation - I Am Ready To See Myself In A Whole New Light & This Feels Wonderful To Me!

Seeing yourself in a whole new way, radically transforming yourself and your life through the acceptance of new roles and opportunities that you may not have thought yourself capable of embracing in the past.

Violet Clematis "Abundance"

Affirmation - I Know What The Root Cause Is & I Know How To Shift & Heal It

While this essence does help with Prosperity and Abundance, it also makes one aware of underlying issues that problems with Money may be covering up because the Money issues are easier to cope with on a conscious level than what the "real" problem is which often does not have anything to do with Money Energy at all. A good example of this would be someone who has a lot of anger against their parents or a former spouse and yet is unable to consciously acknowledge that this is really what the primary problem is. The person in an effort at a deeper level to come to terms with what is really bothering them attracts problems with Money Energy that no matter what they do, just does not seem to clear or only clears for a short time and then creeps back in again. What is happening is that each time the person confronts the Money Energy issue, they are having to dig a little more deeply within themselves until they finally bring to conscious awareness the anger that they have been feeling. By this time the anger does feel much easier to cope with as the person actually has been doing much inner work on it, though in a roundabout way. Once the deeper problem is unearthed, this essence then directs the person to other healing tools that will be the most helpful for them.

Violet Honey Myrtle

Affirmation - The Entire Of The Universe Is Handling My Life For Me Today

A wonderful essence for lightening up, letting go of fears and worries. I once came across the following which is so apt for this essence; "Good morning! This is God. I shall be handling all your problems today. I won't need your help, so have a nice day!"

Violet Tube Flower

Affirmation - All Of The Tools I Use For Growth & Positive Changes Work Wonderfully For Me

Excellent for really feeling the energy of Affirmations and Creative Visualization so instead of doing these things by rote with little or no emotion, one can really get a feel for the desire of what is wanted. Emotion acts like a fuel that propels what we are wanting into manifest form. The more you can really feel the energy behind what you are wanting, the faster and easier it will manifest for you.

Water Buttercup

Affirmation - I Trust In My Natural Intuitive Abilities. My Sixth Sense Is Strong & Powerful, Aligning Me With Universal Guidance & Wisdom

This essence helps those who feel their Intuition is lacking or very weak and thus they do not trust in their Inner Guidance even when they are consciously aware of it. It helps the person to see that they do indeed have a natural, stong connection through the 6th chakra to Universal Wisdom and guidance, and they can call upon this when ever they need to point them in the right direction. Water Buttercup restores confidence in one's own Intuitive abilities, understanding that we are all born with this ability though it can weaken through ignoring it. Yet, it can always be "restored" through taking the time to go within and just listening, then following through on the Inner Advice that is given. This essence also helps to further strengthen and balance the 6th chakra through feelings of well being and emotional balance.

Water Hawthorn

Affirmation - I Know How I Feel & I Am Able To Express My Emotions In Positive, Loving Ways

Feeling disconnected from one's emotions, not able to acknowledge or express what one is actually feeling and thus feeling closed off from one's Soul as well as others as a result. Usually this occurs because someone was raised in an environment where the emotions were seen as "messy" or unimportant, the logical/rational mind was valued above all else. Unfelt and unexpressed emotions are still there below the surface and can poison all areas of a person's life if there is no outlet for them. This essence helps to reconnect the rational with the emotional within the individual, helping the person to be better able to accept and value their emotions while also helping to drain off toxic energies that have accumulated because of the unexpressed emotional energy in an easy and gentle fashion.

Water Lemon

Affirmation - I Choose To Reflect On The Good In My Life & this Multiplies My Good In Abundance

For those that have a rather "sour" outlook on life, always thinking "why me" and "things will never work out for me, I just cannot do anything right!" or "Life is against me". Helps to bring about a more positive outlook, shedding the expectation that things can and will only get worse

Water Smartweed

Affirmation - I Make Intelligent Choices & Decisions. I Am Always Guided By Divine Wisdom

This essence is for those who find themselves repeatedly making poor choices in their lives that lead them into great difficulties. Often this is a subconscious pattern that probably started early in childhood, especially if the person was frequently told they were stupid or dumb. This was internalised to where the person subconsciously feels that they are unable to make wise decisions and are fated to live this out. We are all receptacles of Divine Wisdom and all of us can make progressively better and better choices for our lives when we understand this. This essence helps to clear the past conditioning and encourages the person to stop, get quiet and go within asking that the best choice and decision be made known to them.

Welsh Poppy

Affirmation - I Allow The Mystical & Magical Part Of Myself To Express Itself In Ways That Bless & Please Me

This flower is the most beautiful shade of golden yellow and has the sweetest energy to it. It is for mysticism and magic, synchronicity, working with the fairy realms and having wondrous adventures!

Western Bog Laurel

Affirmation - My Mind Is Always Open To Seeing & Embracing A Higher Truth

This essence helps us to continually reach for greater and higher expressions of truth and learning so that are minds do not become closed. A closed mind limits our ability to grow into our full potential in life. Western Bog Laurel helps us to freely challenge long held beliefs that are not serving us so that we may release them and think new thoughts that are more in alignment with the Truth of The Higher and Life itself.

Western Cranes Bill

Affirmation - My Mind Is Centered, Calm & Still

This essence is very helpful for calming the "monkey mind", and the nervous anxiety and stress that are often the result of it. It helps one to align one's thinking with much more positive thought forms instead of obsessively worrying over what may happen from one moment to the next. Those who feel gripped by fears that seem to come out of no where often find this essence to be especially helpful.

Western Marsh Blazing Star

Affirmation - I Am Self-Reliant, Strong & Capable.

Self-reliance is an important attribute for any person to cultivate. Relaince upon others leads to co-dependency and then one can actually become enslaved to what the other person needs, wants and feels. Being able to stand upon your own two feet is the healthiest way to approach life. It says to The Universe that you are ready to fulfill more of your true potential. It attracts others of like-mind who can truly be of support to you as move further and further along the path of self-reliance. It gives you a sense of liberation and freedom to be and do what is of true value and importance to you, and also helps to attract those things that will further enhance and support this process. For those who are already moving along this path and are wondering how far they can take it, this essence will show them the next steps that they can take and help to insure ever greater levels of success.

White Baneberry

Affirmation - I Am Truly Blessed By The Presence & Support Of My Spiritual Grandmothers!

This essence has a strong grandmotherly presence, a wellspring of nurturing wisdom.

White Bog Orchid

Affirmation - I Am Now Accomplishing Many Wonderful Things In My Life, And I Love Every Moment Of It

Gets one unstuck, promotes forward movement, a good kick in the pants to get the ball rolling on a project. Excellent for those with Aries strong in the chart as they can get the seeds planted, but frequently have trouble with the follow through. This essence helps to keep such people focused and on track without getting bogged down or feeling trapped.

White Copal

Affirmation - My Space Is Sacred Space. I Am Sacredness Embodied Inside & Out

White Copal is a powerful essence for clearing negative energies and undesired circumstances in our lives. It is also a very joyful essence, helping one to feel more plugged in to the Universe and is also wonderful for manifesting. It offers clarity, intuition is certainly enhanced as well as feelings of peace and harmony within. This is also a wonderful essence to use anywhere in the home where the energy feels stagnant or of a lower vibration. When I first began working with it, I had also been in the process of wanting to shift some things in my home (this has been a very long term project!) and yet could not quite find the right space for the things that needed to be moved nor could I seem to find the things that I needed to accent what I already had in place. Within 24 hours of working with this essence on its own, everything started to come together which was such a huge relief for me! The home is one of the most important spaces/ tools we have to be able to walk our life paths with greater joy and ease, to be able to keep ourselves feeling healthy, active and vital. The home IS a tool, for when we learn how to make our homes feel sacred and joyful, comfortable and expressive of who we are as Souls, then this allows us to radiate this energy out into the world outside our home. And many more positive experiences and opportunities can thus find their way to us. Even making a few changes can bring such wonderful results!

White Flamboyant of Madagascar

Affirmation - I Completely Honour My Ability To Teach & Spiritually Heal Others

For Spiritual Leaders/teachers who find themselves constantly belittling their own great talents and abilities. Many of those who for years have preferred to stay in the background to do their life's work are beginning to be pushed forward into the limelight so others may connect with them and benefit from what they have to offer. This can be quite alarming for these folks and this essence is to help them feel good about their new role and to be able to receive the recognition they really deserve. This essence also helps to counteract extreme shyness and feelings of vulnerability that may be keeping a person from expressing their talents and abilities more fully. Attracts positive recognition and success.

White Flowered Bog Orchid (California)

Affirmation - I Am Bringing Forth Much Spiritual Wisdom & Understanding For The Benefit Of All!

This essence is for those who are seeking to birth new Spiritual Wisdom and understanding within themselves and then sharing this with the world in ways that are truly and right and appropriate for them and others. Sometimes it seems that we already have so much information and understanding of the Spiritual Realms and yet what we know thus far is truly only the tip of the iceberg! This essence helps to open the Gateway further that those who are ready can begin to access and transmit greater and more detailed amounts of Spiritual Wisdom than ever before.

White Ginger Butterfly Lily

Affirmation - I Feel & Express Gratitude & Appreciation For All The Good That Is Present In My Life

Fosters a strong sense of appreciation and gratitude for all that has already been given to you as well as trusting and expecting that the Universe always has so much more that it is just waiting for you to allow into your life. Helps to place your focus on what is good and joyful and expanding that to include feeling appreciation for those things that have not as of yet manifested for you, knowing that the more you can appreciate even those things, the faster you can allow them to manifest.

White Indigoberry

Affirmation - I Allow Others To Lead Their Own Lives As They See Fit. I Know All Is Truly Well

Feeling resentful due to others always expecting you to take responsibility for helping them sort out their problems rather than feeling that it's okay for you to say NO. Helps you to understand why you might feel so compelled to jump in and help, even when it becomes damaging to you to do so and also helps you to release this compulsion. For people who have a repetitive problem with this issue, this essence can be extremely helpful, especially if you are always feeling that you are being taken advantage of by others.

White Leaf Manzanita

Affirmation - I Express The Most Positive & Highest Aspects Of My Masculine Energy

This essence is for men who feel uncertain or even fearful of expressing their masculine qualities because of prevailing social thought that somehow masculine tendencies are a negative thing. This is very sad for we need both the masculine and the feminine to be expressed in order to have a whole, sane and balanced society and individual. Neither is better than the other, and the masculine has much that is positive to offer. This essence helps men to feel good about their positive masculine qualities and helps them to express these qualities without fear or shame. Women who have a strong masculine side will also find this essence to be very helpful.

White Sage

Affirmation - My Energy & The Energy Of Everything Around Me Is Sacred & Pure

An extremely powerful essence for clearing negative energy and purifying one's space, be it in a home or office, automobile or land. Also helps to clear negative thought forms in regards to the material realm and also helps to ease fears that one may not be able to make a living or provide for one's self or family. Trusting in the Universal flow.

White Spruce

Affirmation - My Ancestors & Elders Share An Abundance Of Wisdom With Me For Which I Am So Grateful

Connecting with ancestors/elders who have much guidance and wisdom to share with us. Feeling embraced and supported by those who have long crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, yet who are still very much wanting to be of assistance to you in your own life. This essence helps to insure that only the highest and most loving energies and wisdom be allowed to enter your field of consciousness, especially during times when one may be exploring family history in an effort to better understand current family dynamics.

White Star Frangipani

Affirmation - I Now Accept That The World Is Filled With Unlimited Possibilities For My Life

Enhances the ability to be open minded, accepting that the world is filled with infinite possibilities. Releases worry and anxiety so a person can feel safe, protected and at peace. Also helps to stimulate creativity feeling divinely inspired and guided. Opens the crown chakra to further stimulate intuitive abilities and awareness. For those who are overly sensitive on the emotional/psychic levels, this essence helps to provide greater balance and a "thicker skin".

White Trillium

Affirmation - I Give & Receive Freely From A Heart Centered Space

When people give in hopes that they will receive something back, they have short-circuted the process of an ever increasing flow of Good into their lives. Without consciously realising it, there are many people who think they are truly giving when in fact, the giving really stems from a place of wanting appreciation, acknowledgment or even power over others. This sort of giving is not really giving at all, but is really a means of exploiting and manipulating other people. The receiver feels indebted to the giver so neither truly benefit. True giving really does bring many rewards, including material, and this return through what ever channel The Universe chooses is how one can be certain that what one is giving is truly being given from the Heart. If one feels they are constantly giving and yet not receiving, this can be an important essence to help the person to determine honestly at what level they are giving. If it is more of an inability to receive, this essence will also make this abundantly clear and the person will be guided to what ever tools may be needed to clear that sort of blockage.

White Tufted Evening Primrose

Affirmation - My Dreams Are A Wonderful Source Of Guidance & Inspiration For Me

Very Helpful for both Dream recall and aiding in better understanding ones dreams. It can also be useful for lucid dreaming but is more powerful for this when combined with Dark Blue Tourmaline or Violet Tourmaline. Also helpful for clearing away disturbing dreams/nightmares, by helping one to better understand that there is an urgent message that the subconscious mind is trying to convey and what that message may be. For those who seem to have a hard time falling alseep due to worries and concerns of the day, or simply because one is feeling "too busy" to relax properly, this essence can be of great assistance!

Wild Licorice

Affirmation - I Trust That Life Is Always Seeking To Shower Me With Blessings & Happiness!

Wild Licorice essence helps to renew trust in life and reinforces positive expectations and hope for a better present and future. It helps to slowly and gently but thoroughly erase and release the energy of old negative thought processes and beliefs. It acts as a sort of "detoxifier for the mind", and is really helpful for those who just can't ever seem to see good the good about anything in life. Its also very helpful for those who truly believe that life was meant to be a "veil of tears", helping these folks to understand that it is this belief that has attracted the people and circumstances that make life feel so painful and challenging.


Affirmation - I Know I Shall Succeed If I Keep Taking Steps Towards My Goals

Some of us choose to walk a more challenging path through life because we have come here determined that we shall overcome obstacles, leap over barriers and in doing so, show others the ways that they too can reach their dreams and goals. We wanted to show others that nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves and the Inifinite Power & Love of The Universe. Yet along the way we may feel our drive and will to carry on faltering and this is where this essence can be invaluable. It helps us to pick up our feet and keep moving, no matter the seeming challenges that appear to lie ahead. And as we do, we find that the challenges melt away like a Winter snow come Spring.

Wisteria "Pink Ice"

Affirmation - I Release The Past With Love & I Let It Go

This essence is very helpful for use when relationships of any sort are coming to an end or have already ended. It eases the sense of wistfulness and sadness that we may feel at such times and allows us to Bless the and all that was in it, and completely release it so we may move forward into new and happier circumstances. It also helps to release any need to blame ourselves or others and also helps to release any feelings of victimization that one may be feeling. It allows our Hearts to remain open so the Love that we have to express in the world can continue to flow forth freely and easily.

Wombat Berry

Affirmation - I Attract More Good By Being Open To Allowing It To Come Through Many New & Fun Sources

Enhances one's sense of joy and pleasure in life, manifesting "fruitfulness" through focusing on the positive and even seeing the humour in situations that are difficult or challenging.

Wood Anemone (England)

Affirmation - I Now Relax & Allow the River Of Life To Carry Me To My Desired Goals

Sometimes we just need to let go and move with the flow of our day to day lives. The world teaches that in order to achieve anything we must struggle, work hard and strive with all of our might and yet this can actually push our desired goals further and further away from us. Or we may find that we end up sacrificing other things that are as equally, if not more important. There needs to be a balance between Doing and Being. Certainly we need to make an effort of our own behalf yet so often we end up doing things that we needn't have done or that do not take us to where we really desire to be. As fans of Abraham-Hicks know, we just need to "drop the oars" and allow the emotions of Positivity and Peace to carry us along the river of life. For then we find it is in the Being that we are able to hear within us what our appropriate next steps are and this will always take us further faster than any amount of hard work we do on our own.

Wood Betony

Affirmation - My Partner & I Are Connected By The Love & Light Of The Divine

Wood Betony essence helps us to better understand the Soul Purpose behind intimate relationships. It can help one to connect more deeply and fully with one's spouse or partner in ways that are truly emotionally as well as physically satisfying and fulfilling. It is also very helpful for gaining a better understanding of one's beloved on both an emotional as well as mental level.

Woodland Star

Affirmation - I Only Take Action When I know It Is Truly In My Best Interests To Do So

Brings you back to your centre when life feels overwhelmingly hectic. Restores feelings of peace and balance, easing tendencies to take action because one feels compelled to try and take control of situations or as a means of escaping from facing one's inner pain or turmoil.

Wood Speedwell

Affirmation - No Matter What Choices I Make, I Know I Am Always Free To Choose Again

This essence is for those who find it challenging to make firm decisions because they can see too many options/possibilties or are afraid that they will make the wrong choice. It helps to clear ambivilance and allows one to hone in on the decision that will bring about the best results in the present moment. This is a wonderful essence to use when facing major decisions that need to be made quickly by allowing one's intuition to step in and guide you to the appropriate choice.

Woolly Banksia

Affirmation - I Have The Strength Within Me To Carry On. I Know A New Day Is Dawning For Me Right Now

For when the struggle feels to have been going on longer than one can bear and the hope of a positive outcome is fading fast. Helps to restore strength and greater awareness of the positive indications for success that one IS receiving!

Yellow Cone Flower

Affirmation - I Recognise The Valuable Person I Truly Am! I Focus On What I Want To Accomplish & Everything Comes Together

Excellent for self esteem! Strengthens a weak will that interferes with one's ability to complete projects because of being constantly sidetracked.

Yellow Star Grass

Affirmation - Always, First & Foremost, I Am True To Myself

This is a wonderful essence for those who feel strong social pressures to conform and behave in ways that are not truly in alignment with their own inner sense of authenticity. Not feeling that you can be the person you truly are can be very damaging to many people and this essence helps to release the emotional pain and suffering that arises from leading an inauthentic life. It also helps one to examine why one feels so pressured to be who one is not and to be able to break free from the social chains that have bound one. It supports one in standing up and announcing to the world that one is proud and happy to be the person that one truly is and to attract a new social structure that will joyfully accept you as you truly are. This is an extremely helpful essence for Adoptees of all ages who felt they needed to conform to their adopted family's mode of being in order to feel loved and accepted within the new family structure. It helps these folks become more at ease with who they truly are on a genetic level as well as on a mental and emotional level.

Yerba Santa

Affirmation - The Sacred Space Of My Own Soul Is In Perfect Harmony With The Divine

This essence restores the sense of Sacredness within the Soul that may have been disturbed or even damaged due to outer psychic/chaotic energies that one may be exposed to in the course of day to day living. Our world is undergoing a major transition at this time and many sensitive Souls are really feeling impacted by all the changes and the sense of anger and violence that so many are feeling and expressing. We want to heal and help everyone and yet not everyone is willing to make the shift along with us. Give them time for they shall feel the need within themselves to shift when they are ready. The most important thing you can do for yourself and for them is to stay centered within the Sacred Space of your own Soul. This essence fills the empty spaces within our own selves with Divine Light and Love that we may know the Truth of who we really are and claim it as our birthright. As we do, the process our world is undergoing shall also become more Light-filled and a great awakening shall occur. Sadness and grief that we may have been carrying for lifetimes is cleansed away and we are left with great feelings of Peace and Joy.

Ylang Ylang

Affirmation - I Express The Energy Of The Goddess Within Me In Joyful & Positive Ways.

Increases pleasure and sensuality. A strong Goddess energy essence that helps both men as well as women to connect with their own inner Goddess archetypes. Understanding and being more conscious of such archetypes helps the person to direct the energy rather than being directed by it. (also see Tropical Oak).

Zinnia (Green)

Affirmation - I Love & Cherish The Child Within Me. He/She Is Totally Beautiful & Worthy Of Loving & Being Loved

Enhances communication between one's inner child and adult selves. Adds freshness to one's life, gets stagnant energy moving freely. Also excellent for issue of jealousy or greed.

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