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Affirmation - I Am Healthy, Whole & Complete. My Life Is In Divine Balance.

This essence helps to re-unite all Soul fragments that may have splintered off due to extreme trauma or great stress. It allows the Soul to begin functioning as a whole again and also helps to dislodge any psychic parasites that may have attached themselves to the fragments. It then helps to maintain balance and equilibrium within the Soul structure itself and further repels any new parasites or cordings. It helps to insure that your vital Soul energy remains your own and cannot be siphoned off by others.


Affirmation - My Healing Energies Are Strong & Pure. I Am Filled with Light & The Highest Of Vibrations As I Help Others Move Through Their Own Healing Process

This remedy supports both one's own healing process and also assists one in sending healing energy and support to others. Germander is also a wonderful remedy for any sort of healing crises (as is Peach essence)helping one to move through the healing crises with greater ease and less pain and stress. Germander is also excellent for shielding and protecting those who work in the healing fields in general so that they do not absorb other people's illness's or problems. This allows them to be much purer and clearer channels for the healing grace of Spirit to move through them to others. Germander can be used in a mist bottle to clear one's healing space within a home of office after seeing/working with clients. This clearing is important to do even if only speaking with clients by phone or after sending them healing energy through the ethers.


Affirmation - I Am Thrilled To Be Alive! Each New Day Is Filled With Passion & Zest!

Reclaiming your Soul's purpose, feeling passionate and excited to be alive. Brings zest and joy to each new day, helps one to tackle long standing projects with ease and a sense of excitement at the opportunities they may bring. Restores the life force to ease exhaustion and burn out.

Glacier Lily

Affirmation - I Choose To Approach All Of My Connections With Others From The Highest Level Of My Being

Examining karmic contracts that you have with others and choosing to fulfill those contracts in the highest and most joyful ways possible. Helps to clear old karmic connections and empowers you to walk free.

Golden Corydalis

Affirmation - I Am Balanced, Integrated & Whole.

This essence helps to re-integrate all aspects of the self on all levels (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional) after undergoing a deep and transformative cycle. This is a wonderful essence to use before and after a shamanic journey in order to better understand one's experiences of the journey. This is especially helpful if one has travelled to the Underworld though is also supportive of journeys to the Middle and Upper worlds as well.If desired this essence can also initiate such a transformative experience if one is truly ready to step beyond their current life expression.

Golden Ear Drops

Affirmation - I Am Filled With Courage & Strength As I Face My Past & Release It

When we carry over traumas from past lives or the present life, it does have an impact on the present for we are still carrying toxic/negative energies that need to be confronted and released. Carrying these toxic energies within us can inhibit our ability to create happier, more fulfilling lives for ourselves. Yet it can take great courage to face our demons down. Thankfully, this essence is a Master at helping us to face what we need to with courage, strength and the understanding that nothing is bigger than the Divine Power that we all carry within us. We are safe as we confront the past and we are Blessed with an Abundance of All Good when we let it all go.

Golden Red Papaya

Affirmation - I Know My True Career Path & As I Pursue It, Every Other Aspect Of My Life Also Blossoms

Helps a person to differentiate between what aspects of their psyche is most supportive and life enhancing for them to utilize and which are support players. For example, a person may feel that their greatest joy lies in teaching and yet they also have a talent for counseling others. The person may have taken on the role of counselor feeling they could do the greatest good for others in that profession and yet feel drained and exhausted as a result. Teaching as their primary means of financial support while integrating the counseling aspect as a secondary and as needed role, would be far more empowering and energizing for the person. This essence also links the three lower chakras and helps a person to feel that they are good, worthwhile and have much to contribute to life and others. It can help with relief of existential guilt, knowing that one deserves to be in the world and is lovable simply because one IS. Golden Red Papaya may increase and enhance sexual arousal and this energy can be used to stimulate sexual intimacy between couples or channeled into creative projects as one see fit.

Grass Of Parnassus

Affirmation - I Am Completing What I Need To & Releasing The Energy Of The Past.

This essence helps to complete what has happened in the past on an energy level more than a mental or emotional level. There is a distinct feeling of simply "being done" with something that occurred more recently or many years ago. One finds that one thinks about it less and less often and months go by and one then realises that what happened is no longer influencing their life. People who hold a grudge and find it difficult to forgive should also test for this essence.

Great St. John's Wort

Affirmation - I Am Filled With The Light & Strength Of The Divine

This essence is for those who are extremely sensitive to energies outside of themselves and often feel overwhelmed by others negativity which leaves them feeling listless and lethargic. It provides a shield of Divine Light which is not only potective, but also very uplifting as well.

Great Water Dock

Affirmation - My Intuition Flows Freely, I Am Divinely Guided In Every Area Of My Life

This essence helps to both stimulate increased Intuitive/Psychic sensitivity while releasing any fear of same. It allows us to more fully tap into the deepest part of our own Inner Guidance which always stand ready to Serve and Support us in anything we may need if we are willing to ask it for help and to then follow its Guidance. Often times Inner Guidance/Intuition does not seem to make much sense to our rational minds. We can't see why we are being Guided to do or not do something until later on, hindsight is a wonderful thing! Then people tend to kick themselves, wishing they had listened. This essence helps us to more fully trust where we are being led, knowing that when a message comes through that feels Loving, Supportive, Uplifting or even Protective, we need to heed its wisdom.

Greater Butterfly Orchid (England)

Affirmation - Happiness & Feelings Of Well Being Flood Through Me & Happy Manifestations Result!

Such a Happy, Joyful Essence that leaves one feeling Blisfull, at Peace with everything and everyone, knowing that All Good is swirling round and preparing to Manifest in Abundance in every area of life. This is a grand essence to use as a pick-me-up especially during those days when life seems very stressful and anxious. It calms and releases fears, replacing them with the deep Inner Awareness that everything is well, life is flowing as it should and that in the blink of an eye, everything can suddenly change for the better! It can never be said often enough that what we focus on we attract and when we reach for a thought or emotion that feels better, it truly does lift us up into a Higher Vibration where negativity cannot follow. There is a Divine Elegance to this essence as well, we can more fully appreciate how Goodness and Beauty add to the quality of life for all things and thus attract even more of this to ourselves. This is a wonderful essence to add to skin creams or really any beauty regime.

Green Needle Grass

Affirmation - My Words Are Sweet, Kind & Loving, Both Towards Myself & Others

What we say has a far greater impact on our day to day lives than most of us realise. When we speak of Well Being, we attract more Well Being into our lives. When our words are kind and loving, then this too we shall attract more of. When we speak in ways or of things that are negative and critical, we give greater fuel to those things coming back round our way. This is not to say that we should 'gloss over" things that are not working well or that are challenges. It is instead a new way of approaching these things by affirming that above all, the Universal Design is one of All Good for All and that when we see things that are not as we would wish, that these things are the result of errror or misdirected thinking and thus can be changed by altering what we think and say. What we say to others sticks, in their minds and our own. So it is not only ourselves that are iving greater emphasis to something, we are also encouraging others to think along the same lines as ourselves. This essence helps to make us more consciously aware of what we are expressing and encouraging others to think and say along with us. It helps us to drop the negativity from our words and embrace that which is Joyful, Positive and filled with Light and Love. For those who tend to "needle" themselves or others, this essence is invaluable.

Ground Juniper

Affirmation - I Am Grounded & Stable Within The Physical Realms. I Recognise That The Physical Is Equally Holy & Sacred As The Spiritual

This is a powwerful essence for those who have had trouble manifesting what they need and desire in life because they have eschewed the physical realms in favour of the Spiritual, not understanding that both are Sacred and need to be brought into balance within one's life. This essence is also very helpful for those who have worked hard to achieve greater success in their life and yet that success appears to continue to elude them. It helps them to understand what within themselves may be blocking the achievements they are seeking and to clear those blockages away with greater ease.

Gymnocalcium Bodenbenderianum

Affirmation - I Prosper & Am Blessed By Putting My Skills & Talents To Use In Ways That Are Fun & Fulfilling For Me

Assists one in making the transition from being other to self-employed. Helps those who are prepared to bloom into a world force for the highest good of all. This Essence is also very beneficial for those seeking to be noticed within a large corporation or organization.

Gymnocalcium Friedrich

Affirmation - As I Rejoice In My Uniqueness, So Too Do All Others Mirror This Joy Back To Me

Letting it be okay that one is different or unusual. Standing out from the crowd to express one's individuality.

Gymnocalcium Species

Affirmation - I am Open & Receptive To Divine Love & Support In My Life From Many Perfect Channels

Balances the Root chakra, linking it with the upper chakras. Becoming more open to receiving support and acceptance from the world. With this Essence, amazing things grow from small beginnings.

Hairy Butterwort

Affirmation - I Move Through All The Changes In My Life With Ease & Joy

This essence helps us to move through transitional phases in our lives with greater ease and feelings of peace and comfort. It is wonderful for young children who are going through an adjustment to a major life change such as starting school, parents who are divorcing or even the physical loss of one or both parents or other caregivers. It appears to be an especially helpful essence for Adoptees of all ages, including Adults, who may just now be coming to grips with deeply buried feelings round the issue of having been adopted. This is an important essence for anyone who is considering making a major life change for any reason as well as those who are already in the midst of the transition and those who have not adequately dealt with a major transition from the past, helping one to feel more grounded and supported as one moves through the process.

Hairy Green Sedge

Affirmation - I Am Focused Positively On What I Can Do In The Present Moment To Create A More Abundant Life.

This essence is for those who have an abundance of tools and awareness on how they can attract more prosperity and abundance into their lives yet they forget to use the tools, insist they don't have time or tell themselves that nothing will work for them so why bother. Often what the real problem is a fear that nothing shall work for them and they are destined to struggle financially their entire lives. This essence opens their awareness that when they work with the tools they have and are consistent they shall see positive results. Its also helps one to know that we are all meant to live an abundant life and yet we also need to focus on and see ourselves as being abundant in order to allow more in. This essence helps one to be truly committed to changing one's life for the better and if other tools are needed for this process, one finds they flow into one's life quite suddenly and easily.

Hairy Wood Chess

Affirmation - The Greater The Flow Of Love I Allow To Move Through Me The More Miracles Can Manifest In My Life

Creating Miracles through the acceptance of Love from The Universe and other people. This essence opens the Crown Chakra to allow a greater flow of Love Energy to flow through the upper Chakras and down into the Heart Chakra. The feeling of unconditional Love and Support from The Universe as it flows through the upper Chakras and down into the Heart is an amazing experience! As this Unconditional Love flows in, one experiences on several levels all at once how easy and right it truly is to be Blessed in Abundance.


Affirmation - I Always Learn New Things Easily & I Enjoy The Process. It's Fun For Me!

Learning new things and trusting that the process will be easier for you than you had expected. Especially helpful for those who have been told they are stupid or not very intelligent so often by others that they have come to believe it and thus learning does indeed become a struggle.

Happy Wanderer

Affirmation - Whereever I Roam, Spirit Is There & All Is Well. I Enjoy The Exciting Adventure That Is My Life

Being able to go off on your own, having new adventures and experiences. Can be very helpful for those who feel the need to have a relationship, any relationship even if it is not a positive one, because they are afraid to be alone.


Affirmation - I Am A Master Healer & Manifester.

This essence helps us to better understand how to work with vibrational energies for healing and manifestation. It helps us to know the amount of energy we need to put forth in order to attract that which is desired. Many people expend far more energy than is needed in an attempt to manifest their desires and an excess of energy being sent forth can actually repel what is desired because one is really trying to force it into being rather than allowing it to come into being. When working with this essence, many people have reported that they feel a sort of "click" within them that tells them they have sent forth the proper amount of energy for their desires. When they try to go beyond this, they immediately sense the feedback that they are trying to hard and thus find it easier to let it go and move on to the next thing they need to attend to in their lives and what they desire does then manifest much more quickly.

Hare's Foot Fern

Affirmation - I Am Blessed With An Abundance Of Insights & Awareness That Blesses Me & Others

Expect the unexpected! An excellent Essence for both Uranus and Jupiter cycles or Natal placements. Helps to bring bolts out of the blue that shower one with good fortune.

Heath Milkwort

Affirmation - I Now Recognise My True Strengths & Abilities

Realising that you have greater strength and resources within yourself than you have been able to see and work with before. Recognising that the only limitations you have are those that you have chosen to impose upon yourself and as with the acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Hedge Nettle

Affirmation - I Find It Easy To Allow others To Get Close To Me, I Delight In My Friendships With Others & Others Delight In Their Friendship With Me

This essence is for those who tend to be rather off-putting to others, afraid to allow others to get close to them. Unlike the Pink Mountain Heather person who feel they are "above" everyone else, these folks have a natural tendency to be rather shy and withdrawn. They assume that others will not like them or find much Good in them, so they tend to reject others before they themselves can be rejected. Hedge Nettle allows these folks to drop their barriers so that others can have the pleasure of getting to know them and enjoy their company.

Hedge Woundwort (England)

Affirmation - I Release My Anger & Pain In Ways That Are Helpful & Constructive For Me & Others

This essence is for feelings of great anger and the desire for revenge upon another who has caused you considerable pain and harm. While these feelings are normal, they also need to be faced honestly and worked through lest the anger and desire to attack another becomes all-consuming. Revenge accomplishes nothing except to keep the angry energy moving between all those involved. It may seem at times that someone can cause another great harm and yet nothing "bad" happens to that person yet also bear in mind that what any of us puts forth is what must surely return someday for that is the Law of The Universe. This essence first helps one to work through their pain, anger and desire for revenge and then helps one to fully release it with the understanding that revenge is just not worth it for it keeps one tied in to the person who caused the damage and is that what one really wants? There are so many positive channels that one can focus their energy into and this essence helps one focus on doing that which is going to be of positive benefit to the Self rather than causing harm to another which will surely rebound someday.

Holy Basil - Red

Affirmation - I Am Spiritually Renewed In Every Moment

This is an excellent essence to use for meditation and feeling a sense of spiritual renewal. For those who find they tend to procrastinate or allow their spiritual practices to fall by the wayside because they feel they have too many other things to do, this essence can help give a gentle nudge to insuring that what ever amount of time feels appropriate is given over to the needs of the Soul. Used in a misting bottle, this essence lifts the vibration of any room or space, re-energizing it and filling it with a strong sense of the Sacred.

Hookedspur Violet

Affirmation - There Is Always A Higher Way For Me To Free Myself From Anything Or Anyone

For those who feel hooked into people or situations and cannot see a way to get themselves free. Helps one to feel calm and at peace within which allows the Universe to step in and support the un-hooking process.

Hopi Blue Corn

Affirmation - I Am In Tune With The Ancient & Powerful Energies Of Healing & Wisdom That I May Live and Walk In Beauty

Connecting with Ancient Native American Spirits and Energies in order to bring about greater Earth Healing as well as healing for the Self. Attuning to ancient wisdom so that one may live life as a Sacred expression of one's Highest Self.


Affirmation - My Life Is Growing & Expanding In The Most Wonderful & Joyful Of Ways!

Hops essence pushes us to expand and grow in new ways so that our lives are ever fresh, fun and vibrant. It provides the impetus for growth and expansion on all levels, from the Spiritual to the Physical. It also helps us to feel empowered to reach for our greatest potential in life, feeling the courage within welling up from deep within the Soul. We can relax into our growth process, neither trying to rush it nor slow it down, yet simply allowing it to flow at a rate that is perfect in the present moment.

Hummingbird Trumpet

Affirmation - I Stand My Ground With Great Spiritual Courage, Awareness & Power

Standing your ground and refusing to be bullied or backed into a corner because you feel you have no choice but to comply. Taking your power back and learning how to insist that others deal with you respectfully and ethically.

Iberian Star Thistle

Affirmation - I Change My Beliefs & Expectations Easily To Higher, More Positive Ones

Ability to move forward in life through having the courage to change one's beliefs, behaviour patterns and attitudes towards life. Becoming more aware of your own personal vibration and what it is attracting into your life. Fine tuning your personal vibration to a more expanded, higher level of conscious awareness.

Indian Pink

Affirmation - I Remain Calm & Centered In The Midst Of All My Activities

Indian Pink is an excelent essence for those who are always on the go, involved in a wide range of activities and even though they appear to be doing well on the surface coping with everything, within they feel like their lives are very chaotic and out of control. Indian Pink helps us to find our centre and remain there, no matter what is happening in our outer lives. It also helps us to express to others that we do often feel overwhelmed and from time to time we need to step back so we can take a breather. This is impotant for when we feel chaotic within, so too is this reflected in our energy fields which then tends to attract more chaos/unstable energies to us. Indian Pink reminds us that we can accomplish much and yet still feel in control and serene within (and actually accomplish far more when we do feel this way than when we don't!)

Inspiration (Phal. Orchid)

Affirmation - My Muse Loves & Supports All Of My Creative Endeavors

Enhances artistic endeavors, drawing upon the energy of the muse. Also for living life creatively with joy and passion.

Jade Vine

Affirmation - I Spend Time Each Day Counting My Blessings & Giving Thanks For All That I Have

Inability to see what is really good in your life, unable to count your blessings but instead focusing on only what you don't have. This in turn is reflected back to you through even more apparent lack in your life. By learning how to count your blessings, you turn your entire energy focus towards having and abundance.

Jamaican Ebony

Affirmation - I Am Attuned To The Cycles & Rythms Of The Natural World No Matter Where I Am Or What I Am Doing

Feeling more attuned to the natural world, close to nature even when living in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a large city. Helps one to better understand messages and signs from one's Animal Totems and Plant Totems as well.

Japanese Black Pine

Affirmation - I Am Totally At Peace & Centered In My Life

Excellent for meditation, insomnia, stress. Helps one to take time out for "down time". Very beneficial for those who tend to drive themselves too hard out of a sense of guilt or " no pain, no gain".

Joshua Tree

Affirmation - I Totally Release My Old Way Of Being With Great Joy & Peace For I Know Only Good Awaits Me

When I first began working with this essence, a customer called that day and said "what is needed is an essence for when you are dying to the old you but want to feel really good about it". This is definitely an essence for that!

Judas Tree

Affirmation - As I Honour & Respect Who I Am, Then So To Do Others

Helps to release feelings of being betrayed or "stabbed in the back". Also helps those who find they have a tendency to betray others.

Kapok Bush

Affirmation - I Am Patient & Persistent With My Own Process. I Know The Healing Tools I Am Using Are Working Perfectly For Me

This essence is very helpful for people who tend to give up too easily, especially those that feel something isn't worth perservering with if they don't see immediate results from their actions. This essence is also helpful for those who refuse to try anything new at all because of a "what's the use, it probably won't work anyway attitude." Helps the person to realise that it is their expectation of failure in this regard that keeps them stuck.

Korean Licorice Mint

Affirmation - My Immune System Is Healthy & Strong. My Inner Guidance Is Clear & Powerful

Boosts the immune system to increase health and vigor. Also very helpful for clarifying clairvoyant visions and dreams.

Lamium Maculatum

Affirmation - I Know That I Can Never Be Truly Alone For Spirit Is Always With Me

This is an excellent essence for those who fear being alone and need to have others round them all the time in order to feel safe. Helps the person to learn to enjoy having quiet time with just themselves and knowing that they are always in the presence of The Divine and thus none of us can ever truly be alone!

Large-flowered Beardtongue

Affirmation - I Have The Courage & Resources Needed To Take Well-Calculated Risks & I Thrive As A Result

Creating an amazing, wonderful life also involves being willing to take risks. It is easy to hide one's light under a bushel so to speak and just go along with what is known and "accceptable" in our society. Yet the people that have the greatest, most positive impact on the world are those who have the courage and vision to pursue their dreams. Yes it is risky and yes one might "fail" initially. But it is only a failure if we refuse to pick ourselves up and commit to keep on keeping on until we are where we desire to be. This essence also helps to not only attract needed resources to make dreams and goals a reality, it also makes us aware of what we have that we can start with now, today. We don't have to wait, for it is in the using of what we aleady have that more shall be given. This is Universal Law and when we comply with it, we soon find that all that we need is readily available to us. This essence also helps us to see what risks are beneficial to us to take and which are going to lead us down side - paths that are not in our best interests. Wisdom is key here and this essence helps us to more fully connect and flow with Divine Wisdom.

Large-flowered Water Plantain

Affirmation - My Spiritual Understanding & Wisdom Is A Powerful & Potent Tool, Helping Me To Attract & Experience Higher & Higher States Of Well Being & Positive Attraction

Like the Great Water Dock essence above, this one too is very helpful for expanding one's Intuition and Psychic sensitivity, and yet can also help to balance an overly active psychic sense. It's greatest strength however is that it allows us to better integrate and understand the Higher levels of The Spiritual Realms. We become more open to Allowing The Universe to lead the way, to solve problems for us, to clear obstacles out of the way because we now know how to work with the Spiritual Enegies and Laws. Our consciousness more readily and easily expands, even as we are simply going about our daily activities. It is however also very useful for those who enjoy meditative practices and those who are learning how to meditate, yet this essence also helps those who do not resonate with meditation to achieve much of the same results because their lives become an active meditation. In other words, one finds that one is living more and more from the place of Spiritual Awareness at all times.

Larkspur Delphinium

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Spiritual Being & I Use My Power To Empower, Motivate & Inspire Others

Larkspur Delphinium is a very helpful essence for those who have a lot of charisma and personal power who are conscious of the need to use their energies wisely and well. At times the person may feel fearful of expressing their power because they have been witness to those in the past who have used their own power unwisely and took a great fall because of this. Rather than risking going down the same path, these folks would rather try and shun their power though frequently life lessons will arise over and over until they can find the courage within to embrace it and use it as it was meant to be used. When these folks understand that they have come in with the Spiritual Maturity to use their personal power well, they can begin to use it in ways that inspire and empower all others who are Blessed to come into contact with them.


Affirmation - I Am Deeply Peaceful & Relaxed

This is a very calming, soothing essence that is excellent for both overall relaxtion as well as helping to relieve stress that is caused by a heavy influx of psychic energy. This essence is especially helpful to use when living or working among highly frenetic, chaotic situations as it helps to keep one feeling centred and balanced no matter what is happening round you.

Lavender Phlox

Affirmation - I Am At Peace No Matter Where I go Or What I Do. Only Good Surrounds Me

Initially found to be excellent for relieving stress, coping with group situations such as over crowding, deflects negative energy that may be emitted via others in such places as shopping malls, supermarkets, heavy traffic and so forth. Supports a person in accepting change to occur, especially when the person fears the unknown, helps to establish a stronger connection with one's guides and guardian angels so that the person knows they are not going it alone. It appears to rejuvenate and repair the aura, balances all of the chakras especially the upper chakras. It also enhances intuition.

Lemon-flowered Gum

Affirmation - I Am Focused & Motivated To Accomplish My Own Goals

Lemon-flowered Gum helps those who have their own projects and goals that they deeply desire to reach, yet often find themselves setting aside what their goals and projects to attend to the needs and goals of others. Often times these folks have a great deal to offer the world, are highly empathetic, kind and generous and thus find it hard to withdraw from others long enough so that they may accomplish what they desire or need to. Others tend to seek these people out and they are often the first person someone else turns to in times of challenges or stress. This essence helps these folks to isolate themselves without feeling guilty or bad about not attending to others so that they can accomplish more of what they came here to do. Its okay to turn away from the world now and again! Sticking to your own goals until they are either well within reach or accomplished is a great gift that you give the world for it inspires and encourages others to reach their own goals too. Lemon Flowered Gum helps one to "clear the decks", so that your focus can be on that which is most important to you at this time.

Lemon Lily

Affirmation - New & Better Doors Are Always Opening Up Wide For Me

Trusting in yourself and the Universe even when a door that you really hoped would stay open suddenly closes and no new doors appear to be opening for you. Rather than becoming stuck in complaining or moaning about what has happened, you are able to express all that you are feeling cleanly and easily, and then move into a space where you can begin to ask for guidance as to what the most appropriate steps for you to take are and the courage to take them.

Lemon Scented Myrtle

Affirmation - I Know That I Am The Only Person Who Can Create My Life Experiences

For those who are always blaming other people/life for their problems instead of accepting responsibility for their own contribution to their life situations. Until someone can accept responsibility, the likelihood is that the person will attract the same experiences over and over untl they finally get the message.

Lemon Verbena

Affirmation - I Choose To Feel Good & Cheerful No Matter What Or Who Is Round Me

Very helpful in clarifying intuitive insights and guidance, as well as feeling shielded and protected from negative or hostile energy sources. Several people who have worked with this essence have mentioned that they find it to be extremely helpful when working in close quarters with a colleague who is rather grumpy and cross more often than not. It helps one to continue to feel good no matter who is round them.

Lime Basil

Affirmation - Money Is Such A Happy, Joyful Energy For Me! I Love The Way It Flows In Abundance Into My Life

Seeing Money and Prosperity as joyful energies in your life rather than making an enemy of money because you can't see in the present moment how you can possibly pay your bills or otherwise prosper in the way that you wish to. Understanding that all things respond to love and acceptance and this includes the energy of Money. As you open yourself to feeling that Money can be your friend rather than an enemy, you will find that it can now flow to you in greater and greater abundance. This essence is also very helpful for those who feel that the only way they can attract money is by working very hard for it, putting forth great effort. This essence helps these folks to relax and trust that the Universe can and shall flow Money energy to them in ways that are much easier if they are in fact open to this happening.

Lime Scented Geranium

Affirmation - My Mind Is Refreshed & Clear

A very refreshing and uplifting essence, excellent for brushing away the cobwebs of the mind after a long day as well as helping one to feel more awake and energised in the mornings, ready to embrace the day with gusto! This essence is a good one to have on hand as it is so useful to use throughout the day when ever you may need a pick-me-up.

Lime Thyme

Affirmation - I Am Able To Adapt To New Situations Quickly & Easily

This is a very helpful essence when one is thrown into a new situation quite suddenly with little preparation or warning. It helps to ease fear and panic associated with trying to gain one's footing in the new as well as helping one to access the "file of the mass consciousness" that does carry within itself the information gained from those who have been in a similar situation and the positive awareness they have learned from it that you can now draw upon.

Little Rosy Tree

Affirmation - I Enjoy Each New Day With The Grace & Joy Of A Child

Brings back a sense of childlike innocence and wonder. Helps one to explore the unknown while basking in the protection of the Universe. Draws assistance from one's guardians and animal totems. Excellent for adults as well as children.

Lobelia Crystal Palace

Affirmation - I am Open & Receptive To The Sacred Infusing Every Area Of My Life

Building a sacred space within so that one's inner Divinity can radiate into all aspects of one's life. Raises both personal and planetary vibrations. Excellent for cleansing negativity in one's self and environment.

Lodgepole Pine

Affirmation - I Now Bring Forth, Experience & Share All The Wonderful Gifts That My Soul Has To Offer

Bringing forth spiritual gifts from previous lives, continuing to polish and perfect these gifts that they may be a radiant blessing and joy to all of the world.

London Rocket

Affirmation - Integrating Many New Experiences & Energies Is Easy & Fun For Me

Greater ability to integrate a wide variety of experiences or ideas without feeling overwhelmed in the process. Encourages new ideas, new concepts and ways of perceiving situations that are much more life enhancing and fulfilling. Helps to bring a sense of zest and fun to life.

Long Spurred Rein Orchid

Affirmation - I Totally Enjoy Physical Life In The Way That Spirit Intended, For All Of Life To Be A Joyous Experience

Being in body was meant to be as pleasurable, if not more so, than being in spirit form. It is only our misguided beliefs that create a painful existence.

Lucky Bamboo

Affirmation - I Find It Easy & Joyful To Make Shifts In My Vibration Which Attracts More Good Into My Life

Lucky Bamboo is commonly associated with Feng Shui as an aid to attracting good fortune. This essence helps one to not only attact more Good Fortune, it also makes one more aware of how one can attract even more Good through making subtle shifts in one's vibration.


Affirmation - I Am Easily Able To Stay Focused

This is an excellent essence for focus and concentration and students often find this essence to be very helpful for this reason.

Mad-Dog Skullcap

Affirmation - All Is Well, This Is Only A Passing Phase In My Life. I Am At Peace Within.

A superb essence for women who are moving through Menopause and feel as they are going mad in the process! This is a rather common symptom of Menopause and one that can be challenging for many women to cope with. This essence helps to soothe out the rough edges, helps you to feel more grounded, sane and in control while also allowing yourself to let a "little madness" into your life. Menopause is a time of change, and we need to begin allowing greater change into our lives at this time. Feelings of going mad during Menopause, in my opinion, shows us that we need to break free from self as well as societal imposed ideals of how we are "supposed" to be.

Magenta Paintbrush

Affirmation - My Creativity Brings Me Great Prosperity & An Abundance Of Joy

Attracting abundance through one's creative efforts. Being recognised and rewarded for the gifts that one has come here to share with the world. Stimulates the ability to attract fame if so desired. Also helpful for those who find they become depressed or suffer through an "energy crash" after the completion of a creative project and also because they fear their creative muse will never return to them.


Affirmation - I Am Totally Connected To My Higher Self/Inner Light!

*The information on this essences comes from Ursula Selwood of Earth Love Essences* At its deepest-highest level it provides us with the information of how to remain balanced, centered and stable while experiencing accelerated - periods of growth, ascension, change, integration etc. Often when we open up to and are integrating new inner dimensions, releasing or changing patterns or becoming aware of more of who we are. We can feel like we are all at sea, confused, disorientated and scattered. Even without fear that can be very uncomfortable the Manuka essence brings in, or more, connects us with an inner (not mental) balance harmony and equilibrium. What came was that at the highest level (which I can be aware of at this time) it helps us to create a stable platform in our light body from where we can experience and expand. With that we have stable point of awareness of our own light consciousness we can move towards. This point or platform is not fixed, it rises and expands as our vibrations rise and expand. I would say it would be great for anyone wishing to strengthen their own higher self - inner light - connection and are finding it difficult in these times.

Many Flowered Fringed Lily

Affirmation - My Mind Is Always Opening To New Concepts & Ideas That Attract Wonderful New Things To Me

Grasping new ideas and working with them in ways that prove to be very beneficial and productive for you. Seeing more of the "big picture", able to look beyond where you are presently and beginning to think and speak in more expanded and positive ways. Also for being better able to take hold of opportunities as they are presented to you.

Marsh Betony

Affirmation - My Subsconscious Mind Is Free From Fears & is Instead Filled With Divine Courage & Optimism

We all have fears held in the Subconscious mind that are unknown to use and yet they still run our lives to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how much Inner Work we have already done to clear them. If your own conscious fears have been fairly well dealt with and yet you are still having trouble moving forward in your life, this is an excellent essence to test for. We need not be consciously aware of them in order to releaase them, it is simply recognising that there is material being held there that is not serving us and we are now willing and able to release it.

Marsh St. John's Wort

Affirmation - I Know The Correct Path & Actions For Me To Take.

This essence is for those who have had great difficulty finding the correct and appropriate treatment for their feelings of sadness and depression. It will not "cure" one's depression yet it will help one better understand the root cause of the depression and how one may find the right help for this.

Meadow Grass

Affirmation - I Am Nurtured, Nourished & Supported By Life. I Prosper!

This essence nourishes and supports us in all of our endeavours. It helps to insure that New Beginnings and Projects are launched successfully and that resources / support needed to keep them viable and thriving will be made Manifest. It is also wonderful for Creative projects whether as a career or just for the sheer joy of doing them. It helps us to move forward into areas we may have been uncomfortable or fearful of moving into knowing that all is truly well and moving out of our comfort zones is a basic part of the growth process.

Melaleuca Pulchella

Affirmation - I Am Now Totally Free To Move On In Any Direction That Delights Me

Connecting with one's proper place, the area in which one should live in order to fulfill and express one's full potential and inner power from a Soul level. Releasing the past in order to move on, especially people and situations that seem to have their "claws" in you. This essence is especially helpful when someone has had a de-cording and yet the person or entity that was removed is able to cord in once again and refuses to let go.

Midewiwan Sacred Tobacco

Affirmation - I Know That Spirit Hears My Prayers & Always Answers Yes, Lovingly & Joyfully

One of the biggest challenges we can face on the spiritual paths is truly knowing that Spirit does hear our prayers and is always answering with YES! So often it doesn't seem that way and yet this is because we may be unable to allow in what we have prayed for. We may think that what we have prayed for is not possible or that Spirit doesn't want us to have something, or what we are wanting may not be good for us and thus, it is pushed away. While we may not trust our own judgment as to what might be good for us, Spirit does. And Spirit knows how to bring something into our lives that is truly for the Higher Good of all so we need not fear our desires but can allow them in. This essence also helps us to understand that all of our thoughts really are prayers, for Spirit hears and responds to each and every one. When we grasp this, we can move more easily into offering ever higher and more joyful thoughts/prayers as we move through our days.

Midland Shooting Star

Affirmation - My Life Purpose Is Unfolding & Blossoming In The Most Wonderful Of Ways For Me!

This essence helps one to better understand and work with one's Occidental planet (The planet immediately preceding the Sun in your natal chart). An Occidental planet is important because it is the "handmaiden to the Sun", it helps us to express who we are at a deeper though often unconcious level. When one connects with and begins to work consciously with this planet, it greatly supports the unfolding and blossoming of one's overall Life Purpose and helps one to better understand one's deeper needs and motivations so one can pursue that which is truly important to the Self.

Miracle Tree

Affirmation - Miracles Are Away Of Life For Me. Each Day Is Filled To The Brim With Miracles and Happiness

Helps one to increase one's belief in and acceptance of miracles in one's life, thereby attracting the same.


Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Creator Of My Own Experience

Releasing victim consciousness, accepting full responsibility for what happens in your life. It is so easy to get caught up in the self-pity mode, and from time to time it is perfectly okay to wallow in it. For a short time. But for some people, this way of living becomes all pervasive, influencing and colouring every aspect of their lives. It is very damaging on all levels, for it is a lie and not the Divine Truth of who a person really is or can be. Self-pity can become a habit and habits can be hard to break. This essence helps to bring about a willingness to change and the desire to feel empowered above all else. It brings with it the understanding that you really are the Creator of your life and you can create it to be wht you want it to be if you are willing to put the effort needed into the process.

Money Tree

Affirmation - My Emotional Relationship With Money Is Very Positive

This is a water loving plant and as such it is helpful in getting to the root of financial difficulties that are emotionally related such as feelings of guilt of having more because it may take from others (it doesn't, the Universe always has more than enough for anyone who is willing to accept it!) or fears that you won't be able to handle a larger inflow. It is also extremely helpful for people who find they feel overwhelmed when it comes to sorting out their finances or working through their money issues and so don't ever manage to start the process.


Affirmation - I Am Increasingly Aware Of My Intuition And I Hear It ever More Clearly

Goddess attunement. Developing psychic sensitivity. Inner knowing and faith in one's true path. Integrating the Lunar aspect of oneself.

Moonlight Nasturtium

Affirmation - My Dreams Are A Nightly Source Of Insight & Healing For Me

Assists one in attuning to the super conscious mind where all the answers are known. Helps to stimulate and clarify clairvoyant dreams and insights.

Moss Campion

Affirmation - I Am Grounded & Focused On Completing My Goals

This essence is for those who have trouble staying grounded and focused, allowing flights of fancy to take over and distract them just as they are about to complete a long term goal. The person may fear the sense of let down, even depression, that can occur when a long term goal is finally completed and this fear is what keeps them from finally crossing the finish line. Moss Campion helps the person to move through the finishing process with greater ease and grace, allowing for a rest period that is relaxing and not depressing. The person is then refreshed and able to begin a brand new goal that is even more exciting and fulfilling than the previous one.

Moth Mullein

Affirmation - As I Accept What Is I Can Begin Moving Towards The Right & True Fulfillment Of What I Desire

This essence is for those who return to the "same well", i:e family or friends, repeatedly in hopes of finally receiving support, love and encouragment only to be disappointed time and again. It helps one to move on from hoping that others will change to acceptance that these people may never change and you can be okay with that. Yet you still have an unlimited potential for change within yourself and as this essence helps you to embrace that, you find that all the love, support and encouragment you could ever want or need is already within you. Once people grasp this, they also find that the outer world responds in kind, sending many new people into their lives that will freely share with that which they have been seeking elsewhere. Moth Mullein's most important teaching is "Seek it within first, and all else will follow".

Mountain Ash

Affirmation - I Focus Only On That Which I Need To In The Present Moment

Being able to persevere no matter what is going on around you. Feeling strong and steady in your focus. Excellent essence for pioneers.

Mountain Dandelion

Affirmation - I Easily Allow My Creative Efforts To Flow Out Into The World So They May Be Loved & Appreciated By Others

This essence helps those who tend to be perfectionists who delay sharing their creative efforts with others or may not even start a creative project or endeavour because things are not perfect enough in their eyes. This can even extend to never getting round to working steadily towards a goal because the circumstances that they feel need to be in place first are never quite right enough. Mountain Dandelion helps these people to shed this tendency so they may get on with creating their lives as they wish it to be as well as allowing others the Joy of experiencing what these folks have to offer. We don't have to wait until conditions are "optimal", we simply need to start and all else will fall into place.

Mountain Devil

Affirmation - As I Release Thoughts & Feelings That Do Not Serve Me, My Life Unfolds In Beauty & Joy

This essence helps one to release anger, bitterness and the desire for revenge. The person may overall feel a strong sense of anger towards life more than against any one single person, and thus feels the need to "punish" others because of how badly they feel life has treated them. It also helps to release feelings of anger against God as well as the belief that God/The Universe is out to punish them for their "sins" or because they simply exist.

Mountain Hollyhock

Affirmation - I Look To The Universe For Guidance, Wisdom & Support In All Things

We are often taught to look to the people around us for help and support throughout our lives. Yet this is a very limiting way of living for often others are not truly any wiser or more aware than we are ourselves. When we look to The Universe for our answers and support, it will always flow to us through the channels that are perfect for us. This is when we pick up the book that seems to be especially written for us and contains the teachings and wisdom we need. This is when we seemingly stumble across the perfect tool (though of course The Universe already had this in place for us!). This is when the resources or support that we need flows to us in ways that seem like miracles. It is a much more expanded way of living our lives for The Universe is Infinite and has ways and means that we cannot possibly be consciously aware of. When we are open to the process, putting our focus on the present and trusting that the answers and support will come, they shall. We only need listen and be aware. "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help".

Mountain Pride

Affirmation - I Face Challenges In My Life With Courage And Grace

Facing challenges head-on rather than backing down from them. A strong sense of spiritual purpose and dedication, activating the Spiritual Warrior within. Helps to release feelings of aggression and the need to control others. For those who are on the receiving end of these expressions, it supports the process of "standing your ground" with compassion and yet with firmness.


Affirmation - I Attract Attention In Positive, Constructive Ways

Psychic development, understand dreams and symbols in greater depth. Also helps to release hysterical attention seeking behaviour i:e those that create dramas in their lives in order to gain sympathy and attention from others.


Affirmation - All Things, People & Places Are Sacred, Including Me

Sense of sacredness, seeing the Divine in all things and all people. Raises all energy to a much higher vibration. Expansive, otherworldy and mystical.

Narrowleaf Mountain Trumpet

Affirmation - I Freely & Joyfully Express The Truth Of My Own Individuality

For those who tend to conform outwardly because they are afraid that others will not understand them or be critical, even hostile towards them, and because of this they feel deadened andd miserable within, this essence is of great help. It helps the person to understand that who they are is an invaluable and unique expression of The Divine and if they were not who they are, the fabric of life would indeed be less than whole. It helps the person to make connections and align with those who will embrace, love and respect who they truly are, and who will encourage them to express The Divine Light that is the Truth of their Being without fear or shame.

New Jersey Tea

Affirmation - Each Day I Take Right Actions That Change My Life For the Better

Feeling joyful and content in the present moment. Not fighting against what you do not like or want in your life, but seeing it as an opportunity to determine what you do want and then allowing the Intuitive Guidance to begin flowing that will lead you directly into what you do desire. This is a wonderful essence for those who are always railing against their life circumstances and yet do little to nothing to change things. The most important change that needs to be made is within, accepting that you have allowed things to be as they are through your non-action to change things. Instead of feeling angry, bitter or afraid of how things are currently, this essence allows you to slow down and stop to think: "What is it that I do want? And what changes am I willing to make within as well as without in order to have what I desire?" As you move through this part of the process, this essence makes it much easier for you to become more aware of what you do desire to be, do or have and then supports the process of attracting the Intuitive Guidance that you need to create this as your new reality.

New Zealand Orchid

Affirmation - I Know That Love Never Dies. Those Who I Love Still Love Me & Are With Me Now & Forever

Helps one to reconnect with loved ones and friends who have passed over so that you can feel the continuing love and support they have for you.

Night Blooming Cereus

I Am A Blessing To All Who Come To Me For Assistance & Awareness. I Have Great Awareness Of My Own Inner Self.

Acts as a guide to successfully navigate the subconscious mind of one's self or another. Excellent for counselors and healers when the client is really ready to get at the root of their problems. Both involved should take the essence prior to the actual session.

Night Blooming Jasmine

Affirmation - I Have A Deeply Intimate Physical & Soul Connection With My Beloved

Taking Soulmate relationships to a more intimate and even deeper level. Feeling the twining of both your Souls through sexual expression as well as through other channels of loving expression.

Noble Fir

Affirmation - My Life & Contributions Matter! My Life Expression Is Needed & Appreciated In The World

Coming from the Highest in all your interactions with others, expressing the nobility of your own Soul and honouring the nobility of all others. This essence is very beneficial for those who feel they are of little consequence in the world.

Nodding Onion

Affirmation - I Say YES To Those Things That Delight Me & Fill Me With Joy

This essence is for those who continually put off doing the things they love and enjoy doing because they feel they are not worthy of giving that time and attention to themselves. Often one feels that one should be doing something for someone else or handling duties and responsibilities first, yet they never seem to get round to do doing anything else! While it is important to honour and follow through on those things we know we need to do, it is equally important to allow ourselves time to do those things that we love as well. Allowing time for pursuits that bring us joy helps to create more balance in our lives and also makes us happier people who in turn can then bring more happiness into others lives as well.

Northern Bog Violet

Affirmation - I Lovingly Let Others Know What They Can Expect Of Me & What They Cannot

Not allowing others to make demands or have expectations of you that cause you to feel burdened or overwhelmed. This essence is especially helpful for those people who tend to be very kind hearted and giving, who truly want to help others, and yet tend to attract those folks who are seeking a "rescuer" rather than being willing to take responsibility for their own lives and thus the "helper" becomes drained and exhausted as a result.

Noto Cactus

Each Day I Attract An Abundance Of That Which Inspires & Uplifts Me

Very uplifting and inspiring. Helps to wash away pain after a disheartening experience.

Oak Fern

Affirmation - I Love & Honour The Primal Part Of Myself. I Know That It Too Is Deeply Sacred

This essence helps to connect one to the God Pan and as such can help with feelings of panic of known or unknown orgin (the word Panic comes from this God's name.) It helps one to unleash in appropriate ways one's "Wilding Energy", the part of each of us that knows that to be truly alive the wild parts of life also need to be acknowledged and expressed rather than feared and trying to rigidly contain them. Meditate on the beauty of a wild flower garden and you will better understand life's wisdom in creating space for the wild to fluorish.


Money Flows To Me Easily, Effortlessly & Joyfully

Oakmoss has been long used as an herb in prosperity and abundance rituals. As an essence it helps one get to the root cause of why one is experiencing abundance issues and what actions to take to resolve them.

One-Sided Wintergreen

Affirmation - My Boundaries Are Healthy & Strong.

This is an important essence for those who feel overwhelmed by other's energies. It is especially helpful for those who by nature are sensitive, kind and courteous yet find themselves feeling greatly impacted by those who are just the opposite. This essence helps one to form and maintain strong and healthy boundaries so that another's negative energy/behaviour cannot intrude upon your own Sacred Space. Great essence to use when travelling or just running errands.

Orange Jasmine

Affirmation - I Am Now Willing To Assume Total Responsibility For My Own Life

For those who are very clingy and needy, unable to assume responsibility for their lives yet expecting that everyone around them should take on that responsibility for them as they are simply "too fragile" to do so. This essence is also extremely helpful for those who have a difficult time saying no to these people and who need to step away and get on with their own lives. Also see Blueberry Ash above for more support.

Orange Sunflower

Affirmation - My Creative Energies Flow Freely & Abundantly. They Bless & Please Both Myself & Others

This essence is wonderful for allowing one's creative energies and impulses to fluorish and blossom in ways that bring about greater healing for all. It supports the process of attracting prosperity and abundance through one's creative efforts and helps to bring greater recognition for one's talents and skills. Orange Sunflower is also a wonderful essence to place in a bowl of water for one's creative muse, to honour the Muse and to acknowledge that it deserves its rightful place in one's life.

Orchid Tree

Affirmation - I Now Allow My Expanded Self To Work Through Me To Bring Light & Love To All, Including Myself

Reaching up to the heights of Universal awareness and knowledge. Growing into one's full potential. Allowing the soul's energy to be fully expressed through the life.

Oregon Grape

Affirmation - I Feel At Ease With All Others & I Send Them Thoughts Of Peace, Joy & Well Being

Feeling at ease with others, trusting yet also heeding "red flags" when it is appropriate to do so. Able to accept Love and Good from all others as well as The Universe. Expecting that as you do right by others, that they will do right by you. When we put forth the expectation that others are essentially Good, and wish us well, then this is what we tend to attract from others. When we approach others from a place of distrust or unease, they too pick up on this and feel that there is something that they need to fear from you and will react in kind. What we give out comes back to us and offering Love and Peace will often turn an "enemy" into a friend.

Ostrich Fern

Affirmation - I Now See What I Need To See Without Fear For I Know The Universe Is Here To Help Me Through This Process & All Is Well

This essence is very helpful for those who refuse to admit the truth of what is happening round them, sticking their heads in the sand until events push them into acknowledging that they have created things in their lives that are not bringing them what they truly want. It helps the person to acknowledge that they have made a mistake but that its not the end of the world. They can learn from it and move forward.

Oval Leafed Blueberry

Affirmation - I Am A Pure & Clear Channel For The Healing Power Of Spirit

This essence helps one to recognise that what one gives to life is what one shall receive in return. It enhances a better understanding of Karma, that it is not punishment but instead is a form of guidance that allows one to examine more fully how one is expressing one's energy in their own life. Life can only give us what we are truly open to receiving and how open we are is expressed through the energy that we are sending forth. Expressing one's energy flow in "negative ways" is really an expression that one is not ready or willing as of yet to receive one's greater good. This essence can help one understand why they may be fearing a more positive energy flow in their lives and helps one to release those fears and find it easier to express greater positive energy flow more of the time.

Owl's Clover

Affirmation - I Know My Mileage May Vary. I Accept What Is Right For Me & Ignore The Rest

Spiritual Wisdom and discernment. This essence helps one to discern between spiritual guidance that has been offered from a place of sincere and true intent as opposed to that which is coming from someones personal projections. It also helps one to be better able to determine what healing offered by others is truly going to be right and appropriate for you.

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