Chinese Trumpet Vine

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Flower Essences A - F

Please Note that Flower Essences Are NOT Essential Oils.

The Affirmations listed for each essence can be used as they are or feel free to change them to suit your needs best. Affirmations can be extremely helpful in changing one's vibration to one of more positive energy and we hope that you do find the Essences and Affirmations very helpful for you!

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Affirmation - I Release Negative Thoughts & Replace Them With Positive Ones Effortlessly

A powerful toxins cleanser, removing the results of long term negative thinking from all the energy bodies including the aura. This essence is esepcially helpful for those with Scorpio and or Pluto strong in the natal horoscope as well as those undergoing intense transits of Pluto.

African Blue Basil

Affirmation - I listen And Act Upon What My Inner Guidance Says Is Right & Good For Me

Discovering the truth about life and spirituality for oneself. Not basing beliefs on dogma. Making appropriate choices based on inner knowing.

African Hemp

Affirmation - I Am Free To Move In Any Direction That I Choose. Nothing Can Hold Me Back

Stimulates psychic and intuitive awareness, including clairaudience and clairvoyance. Precognitive dreams are stimulated as well as connecting with Animal Totems and Guides to support you in both problem solving and healing of the Self. Very empowering essence, one no longer feels trapped in situations because others appear to have total control of it.

African Violet - (deep purple w/white)

Affirmation - I Am Now Totally Connected Into The Wisdom And Knowing Of Divine Mind (deep purple w/white)

For accessing higher states of consciousness, tapping into and becoming one with the Universal mind. A powerful crown chakra opener and balancer.

Alaska Cedar

Affirmation - I Create Sacred Space In My Life That I May More Deeply Connect With My Allies & Totems

This essence is highly cleansing and can be used to cleanse one's self within or misted round one's environment to help cleanse and release negative energies and implants. It is especially helpful to create a Sacred Space in which to invite helpful Spirits and Totems so that one may connect and work with these energies more efficiently. This essence also helps to enhance feelings of connection with all of life and Source/Spirit/All That Is.

Alumroot "Firefly"

Affirmation - I Am Choosing To Be Happy In The Here & Now So That I May Attract All That I Desire More Easily & Effortlessly.

Being happy and joyful in the here and now rather than thinking you will be happy only in the future after a given event has occurred (making more money, finding your life partner, finding a new job, etc.) Understanding that your choice to be happy right now is what will attract other things that will increase your feelings of joy and satisfaction in life.

Amethyst Shooting Star

Affirmation - My Guides Stand Ready To Help Resolve Any Situation That I Ask For Their Help With

A wonderful essence for developing cosmic consciousness and conmnecting with one's Guides and Angelic Beings. This essence is an especially potent reminder to turn challenges and problems over to the Higher so that they may be resolved in the best possible way. I often find that when facing something difficult or frightening, taking this essence and asking my own Guides to please handle and resolve the situation for me brings almost immediate results that are far better than I could have hoped for!

Angel Cactus

Affirmation - Angels Surround Me & Guide Me Through Every Aspect Of My Life

Connecting with the Angelic realms. Developing trust in the goodness of the Universe. Angelic protection during times of stress, knowing that things will work out fine.


Affirmation - I Am Deeply Loved & Supported By The Angels As I Move Through This Transition

Angelic support and assistance during times of transition, including the death of the physical body. Also extremely helpful during times when events leave you feeling as though the rug has been pulled out from under your feet.


Affirmation - I Am Divinely Protected, Guided, Prospered & Supported As I Walk My Spiritual Path

There is a spiritual path that is perfect for you that will lead you to the fulfillment of every Heart Centered Desire you could ever have. Yet even once you find that path though there may be other spiritual seekers walking along with you, you may find that you do not always agree with everything another believes. This is perfectly acceptable for each of us is an indiviualized spark of The Divine and we are not meant to think and believe as everyone else does. You can forge a new path forward that is truly perfect for you and along the way you will become a Spiritual Teacher and Guide for others. For others who are seeking to release old, limiting spiritual beliefs and teachings, this essence is invaluable for cutting you free so that you may thrive and prosper as you were always meant to.

Antiseptic Bush

Affirmation - I Now Experience The Beauty Of Purity On Every Level Of My Being

Cleanses negativity, infections, toxins from the mind, body and soul. This essence is especially helpful for those who find they continue to focus on the negative aspects of their lives no matter how hard they try to re-focus on the positive. Often times what is happening is that these folks are simply trying to hard not understanding that they have had a lifetime of learning to think in one way so they need to be patient with the process and it will become easier for them. Often times itreally is a matter of learning how to allow ourselves to be present with what ever thought we are thinking and then work through it, asking ourselves if this is really what is true for us or if we are just affirming what we do not want. When we ask if there is another way of looking at something, then this allows Divine Mind to enter our conscious awareness so we can see things from a much Higher perspective and thus our thinking does become much more positive and uplifting.

Arabian Jasmine

Affirmation - I Easily Relax Into The Joy & Comfort Of Being Touched, Knowing That I Fully Deserve to Feel Good!

This is a deeply feminine and sensuous essence, it is wonderful for helping one to fully enjoy and relish the feeling of being touched, especially through massage. This essence is deeply relaxing, very beneficial for calming tense nerves. Allows one to just let go of the stresses of the day and enjoy just being.

Arizona Valerian

Affirmation - I Am At Peace In The Midst Of All That Needs Doing

Life seems to be becoming more and more hectic which really throws our energy fields out of balance. When we are out of balance, even things that were going well in our lives can become unbalanced too so it is important that we take the time to breathe, step back and have moments of quiet that we may re-centre ourselves and re-connect with Peace within us. This essence helps to remind us of this process then supports our ability to stay in this peaceful place as we resume our daily activities. When we come from a place of Peace and Calm within, we often find we can accomplish far more than when we feel frantic and overwhelmed.

Arizona Walnut

Affirmation - I CAN Do It & Whee, I AM Doing It!

This essence is very helpful for those facing challenges that look to be very difficult on the surface and they may feel they are simply not up to it. This essence helps them to stand firm in the knowing that they can do it, and as they break the challenge down into smaller steps, they soon find that it isn't so very daunting after all. When we were born into this Earth-Life, we knew that there would be challenges to face yet we also knew that we also came equipped within with everything we would need to surmount them. When someone says they can't, indeed they cannot. Yet when someone chooses to say I Can, The Universe immediately responds with all the help, Guidaance and Divine support that is needed and then some!


Affirmation - Any Energy That Is Not For My Highest Good Is Now Being Swept Away With Ease & Joy.

This is a wonderful essence for all sorts of shocks and traumas, very helpful for releasing the disruptive energy so that both healing can occur as well as preventing the energy from becoming trapped within the auric memory so as not to re-attract more trauma or shock. This essence is also an important one to use during Shamanic Soul Retrievals.

Austral Ladies Tresses

Affirmation - I Am Totally Aligned With Divine Thought & Awareness

Helps to attune one to the Spiritual Realms with greater ease and confidence. This may be an important essence for the development of greater and greater states of spiritual consciousness. The more developed one's spiritual consciousness is, the easier it is to create what is truly wanted and desired in life as well as living a life with greater joy.

Australian Bluebell Creeper

Affirmation - I Easily Release The Past. I Forgive All Who I Need To Forgive & I Move On In My Life With Peace & Joy

For when a person feels they simply cannot let go and forget the past, unable to forgive. Helps to shed the old at a pace that is comfortable and easy.

Australian Blue Cypress

Affirmation - I Move Out Of My Comfort Zone With Ease & Joy

Moving out of your comfort zone by trying things that are new and challenging. Helps to provide a strong sense of inner security. Clears and strengthens the throat chakra. Also provides psychic protection and stability, moving with the flow of your own inner guidance rather than trying to resist it.

Australian Grass Tree

Affirmation - I Am Centered & Whole Within My Being

Bee's use this tree to fill cracks in their hives. As an essence, it fills in cracks in the aura, mind, body and soul. Very helpful when we feel torn apart by a person or situation. Also beneficial for apprenticing shamans who feel their training has cracked them open far too widely.

Australian Wisteria

Affirmation - I Now Joyfully Embrace My Present & Allow Myself To Move Forward With Great Joy & Excitement

Wistfulness, constantly obsessing over what could have been or should have been. Accepting that change always brings something better if we allow it to. Releases lingering sadness.


Affirmation - My Mind Is Keen & Focused. I Learn New Things Easily & Joyfully

A very helpful essence for those who feel they are not very intelligent or as smart as others. It helps these people find that they do have fine minds and they are able to learn new things with greater joy and ease. It is also very helpful for those who are rather absent-minded because they have such a strong one pointed focus in their minds and thus tend to neglect tending to what they feel are the less important things in life and thus create problems for themselves that do not need to be there.

Aztec Tobacco

Affirmation - Those Who Have Gone Before Me Love & Support Me In All Ways That Are Right & Good For Me

Excellent for past life exploration. Helps one to draw upon ancestral support. Releasing the past and moving on.

Baja Fairy Duster

Affirmation - The Past Is Done & I Move Into My Present & Future With Great Optimism & Faith

Expecting that opportunities and possibilties will go well for you rather than expecting that because things may not have gone well in the past, they won't in the present or future.

Balm-leaved Figwort (England)

Affirmation - I See The World Around Me Through The Eyes Of The Divine & This Increases My Enjoyment Of My Own Life

Truly enjoying physical life and expression! Seeing the wonder and beauty in all of physical life and being able to truly honour and respect all of life, including your own life. Deeply appreciating all that is good in physical life and seeing the beauty and expression of The Divine in all things.

Banyon Tree

Affirmation - I Always Present An Excellent First Impression! I Feel Strong & Self-Confident.

This essence helps one to feel greater confidence and self-assurance when moving into new situations such as a job change, moving to a new neighborhood, meeting new people, etc. It helps one to put one's "best foot forward", to make a very positive first impression.

Baobab Of Madagascar

Affirmation - There Is Nothing To Fear For I Know I Move & Have My Being In Spirit

Feeling strong and rooted in one's life path and spirituality. Helps to release self-doubt and fear through the experience of synchronistic events and validation from others. Supports long term follow through on projects, especially those that relates to a person's life work. Also helps a person to feel centered and calm while undergoing a crises. Can also be used to integrate higher and more expansive levels of spiritual energy to help speed evolution on all levels.

Batface Plant

Affirmation - I Am Always Surrounded By & Aware Of All The Lucky Circumstances & Opportunities In My Life.

Bats are considered to be very auspicious and fortunate in Chinese culture. This essence helps one to be more aware of the good luck and good fortune that is already present in one's life and thus one will also begin to attract more of it due to greater conscious awareness of it.


Affirmation - I Am Willing To Think, Feel & Act In New Ways That Increase The Joy In My Life

Increases emotional and mental flexibility, helping one to keep an open mind. Also helps to decrease fear of change, especially when the change is a life altering event. Allows one to pursue goals and opportunities with greater faith and awareness, reaching out instead of withdrawing and trying to remain in one's comfort zone. This can be an especially helpful essence when making a long distance move. This essence helps us to feel excited and empowered by the changes that are occuring so we can better embrace them with ease.

Beach Wormwood

Affirmation - I Recognise What No Longer Serves Me In My Life & I Easily Release It So It May Be Re-Birthed Into Something Better

From time to time we all have things in our lives that are up for review so that we may examine them to see what continuing role, if any, they can continue to play in our lives. Some things we find without a doubt just need to be allowed to die. They have served their purpose but we have grown and are now willing to move on from them. Other things we may need to release and they may appear to die away for a time, yet suddenly we find they begin to grow again yet in new ways. At times it is hard to know if we have slipped back into old consciousness without realising it and thus have again attracted things that we really do need to shed again. Other times however, what has happened is that our willingness to let go has allowed something to be Re-Birthed into a new and Higher Vibration that now better matches the new Higher Vibration we are putting forth. This essence helps us to tell the difference between the two. It also allows us to release without regrets for we truly do understand that something new and much better really is coming our way yet we must make the room for it first.

Bear's Thread

Affirmation - I Am At Peace With The Changing Cycles Of My Life. Everything Just Gets Better & Better For Me!

Excellent for fear of aging, passing seasons. Gleaning knowledge and wisdom from all of life's experiences and sharing them with others. Sewing together the tapestry of your ancestors knowing and wisdom that it may be shared with the generations to come. Also excellent for use after any kind of surgery, illness or accident.

Bee Balm

Affirmation - I Accept That Which Nourishes Me & Release What Does Not

Nourishment. Accepting more nourishing thoughts and beliefs. Feeling enthused and motivated to nourish and support dreams and goals that are of great value to you, even though others are not supportive or tell you that it "could never happen".

Big Bear Valley Woollypod

Affirmation - The Expression Of My Power Is Always Coming From The Love Of My Higher Self

Releasing the fear of one's own power through knowing that you can always ask the Universe to guide you into it's right expression so you have nothing to fear. Also helps to release the fear that if you truly express your own power, that it will make you too noticeable to others who may want to try and take you "down a peg or two". Understanding that when power is expressed from a place of wanting to empower both yourself and others, that you are Divinely protected as well as guided. Also helps those who feel that only negative or unspiritual people have or express their power, and that if they express their own, they will behave in similar ways. It is important that those on the spiritual paths understand that when someone expresses power in negative ways, that is not a true expression of power but of control and manipulation.

Big Root Jatropha

Affirmation - I Know That I Am An Unlimited Being Living In An Unlimited World

Placing limiting beliefs and expectations on life and the Universe, unable to perceive that there is an abundance of unlimited resources and experiences available to you. Expecting that each and every day is simply going to be more of the same old same old and so you tend to miss out on exciting new opportunities when they present themselves. This essence helps you to be much more open to the new and more aware of how even a small event can blossom into a much bigger and more exciting opportunity/way of life for you.


Affirmation - I am Renewed & Replenished In Every Moment

For breathing new life and vitality into the mind and body. Boosts one's natural defenses against illness, especially of the lungs.

Bird Of Paradise

Affirmation - I Radiate Beauty Which Attracts Those Who Can Best Support Me As I Move Along My Life's Path

Allowing your beauty and presence to flourish and expand. Attracts positive attention and support from others. Highly stimulating to second and fifth chakras. Enhances creativity, allowing Universal Mind to inspire and direct it.

Black Bryony (England)

Affirmation - The Life Force Flows Through Me Strongly & Deeply

Black Byrony is strongly invigorating, very helpful for those who would like to undertake a physical fitness programme but feel they do not have the energy, time or stamina to follow through. It also helps us to carry on through those days when we have much going on that we need to accomplish and desire to accomplish, yet don't feel that we have the energy to do so. Black Byrony allows us to attract a greater flow of Life energy and stamina which has always been available to us, but we didn't now how to tap into.

Black Cohosh

Affirmation - I Am Only Responsible For my Own Life & Happiness.

Black Cohosh is very helpful for those who have a tendency to blame themselves for everything that goes pear-shaped in life, even when it is other people round them that are having the problems. The person still feels responsible in some way even though they probably have not had any hand in creating the problem. it also helps one to move through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes with greater ease and joy. It helps one to embrace change rather than pushing it away.

Black Copal

Affirmation - I Am Joyfully On The Path Home Again

Black Copal is burned in Mexico on the Day of the Dead so that those who have crossed can find their way to their rightful homes on the Higher planes. So too does the essence help us to find our way "home" again, helping us to remember our purpose for being here on this planet at this time. It is also a powerful enhancer for dreaming, remembering dreams and working with them to help us move forward in our lives. It also helps one to remember dreams that we may have long ago set aside because we feared they could never come true or would be too difficult to achieve. With this essence, there is a strong feeling within of confidence and ability to make those dreams a reality if they still have a home in our hearts. If not, then they are released so that new dreams and goals may take up "residence" and there is a fire within to make them happen!

Black Diamond Opuntia

Affirmation - My Shadow Side Completely Blesses Me When I Ask To Receive Its Wisdom

It is easy for us to fear our Shadow, it appears on the surface to be so terribly negative that we wish to flee from its presence within us in hopes that it will somehow become buried deeply enough that it will have no impact on our lives. Yet our shadow also has much to teach us and truly is full of Wisdom when we look at it rightly. The Shadow is nothing more than parts of ourselves that are filled with pain and fear, and when we bring these things to the surface, they become exposed to Divine Light and Love where they can begin to Heal. Then perhaps we find that these things have really taught us how to be more Forgiving, Compassionate and Understanding of others. Ww can then reach out to others from this greater, wiser place and help them to confront what they need to and Heal as well. All things contain Divine Gifts, yet we must also be willing to look for those Gifts and accept them.

Black Eyed Susan

Affirmation - I Am Now Whole & Complete Within Myself

Integrating the unknown or shadow aspects of yourself into a more conscious whole. This essence helps one to reclaim all aspects of the Self and is especially beneficial to use right before and after a Soul Retrieval to help insure that all the missing pieces of your Soul have been re-claimed and re-united.

Black Gooseberry

Affirmation - I Am Blessed Beyond Measure When I Turn Within And Ask My Inner Guidance For Help & Support

This essence helps us to turn within for the answers and Guidance we need so that we may reach a goal or find the answer that is truly perfect. We find that the "Inner Nudges" become more powerful and we feel a great sense of Joy and expectation for a better today and tommorrow when we follow where our Inner Guidance is leading us. The answers and information we need is always to be found within us, and always there is something we can do today to improve and enrich our lives on every level when we are willing to turn within. This essence also helps to alleviate feelings of "doom and gloom", the belief that things will never get better or improve. We find that there is always something more that we can do if we are truly willing to make the sorts of changes in our lives that we know we need to make! The effort is always worth the result!

Black Hawthorn

Affirmation - I Am Completely Safe As I Move Beyond My Boundaries.

This essence helps us to expand our boundaries in positive ways while shielding and protecting us from negative energy sources that may otherwise be harmful to us. It allows us to take greater risks in life knowing that we are totally safe while doing so.

Black Indigobush

Affirmation - I Am Willing To See The Truth That I May Heal & Move Forward In My Life

This essence helps us to see straight through the patterns of deception and illusion that have been bluring our vision. It is especially helpful for those who have had nudges from Consciousness that something is not quite right and yet the person refuses to explore those nudges, because they feel this information could not possibly be correct and that everything is really fine. For me personally, I found this essence to be very helpful when I first began to realise that certain family members are/were suffering from NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This was very difficult for me to accept, let alone begin to start working through. Yet once the blinders came off, I found that I was experiencing such a huge sense of relief, I could finally understand why I had felt for so many years that my own sense of reality was turned on its head whenever I was with these people and thus felt that maybe I really was the one who didn't have "both oars in the water". Ignorance is not bliss, and it can be very challenging at times to face something head-on and deal with it. Yet it really is true that "the truth can set you free" and this essence helps us to draw all the Inner Strength of our own Higher/Expanded Selves to meet the challenge, resolve it and move on.

Black Lily

Affirmation - Law Of Attraction is Connecting Me With Those Who Will Benefit From What I have To Offer

Greatly enhances personal charisma and helps one to "stand out in a crowd" so that those who will benefit from what you have to offer will be guided to you quickly and easily. Helps others to feel more comfortable around you and yet also reminds them on an energy level to treat you with the respect, love and courtesy that you deserve.

Black Mission Fig

Affirmation - I Easily Release & Let Go, Knowing That Better Things Are Manifesting In My Life Now

This essence is for when one feels that everything in life is breaking down and there is no hope for the future. It helps the person to better understand why these things are happening so they can release what they need to and move on. It enhances feelings of flexibility and adaptability, also being better able to stand up for one's self. This is a powerful essence for cleansing on any level and is often used to disconnect cords between one's self and another person, place or thing. It also helps to cleanse one of negative sexual feelings caused by prior experiences that have left one feeling shamed.

Black Orchid

Affirmation - I Go Beyond The Limitations I Have Set For Myself, I Know That Only Boundlessness Is The Truth Of Me

Going beyond the limitations and boundaries you have set for yourself. To quote Louise Hay "People argue for their limitations" and this essence helps one to give up the need to keep those limitations because they feel safer in life by staying where they are, even if it is making them deeply unhappy. A good way to tell if you need this essence is if you notice that you are interacting or hearing about many people who are very busy arguing for their limitations. You may even feel a sense of irritation or impatience with these folks which can be a strong signal that at some level, you too are arguing for your own limitations. We all do it, it is part of being human, but if in doing so you are also strongly limiting your Good, then the Universe can use this as a message to you that you are now ready to release your own limitations and move forward.

Black Pepper

Affirmation - I Love What I Do & I Am Abundantly Rewarded For Doing It

Excellent for use in the career gua (Feng Shui). Helps to get career energy moving, draws success, contentment and fulfillment in one's career. Also helps to protect one's career energy when one is in an environment that is negative or surrounded by co-workers who are sabotaging and have it "in for you".

Black Sage

Affirmation - I Am Open To Change

Allowing for powerful transformations within that lead to powerful changes in the reality of one's life. Grasping hold of one's true inner power and using it wisely and well. This essence has also been shown to be helpful in getting to the root of possible causes of depression and understanding how to overcome them.

Black Taro

Affirmation - I Love My Individuality & I Express It Freely

For those who seek to take on another's identity, constantly copying other people instead of delving within to find their true self and own sense of purpose in life. On the other side of the coin, this essence is also very helpful for people who find themselves on the receiving end of this dynamic and feel they need to constantly protect their own sense of identity and or creative work.

Black Tipped Wheat

Affirmation - The Universe Is Helping Me To Believe That I Can Have What I Desire In An Abundance Of Ways

This essence is very helpful for those who feel they can never have what they really want out of life and the reason they are not is that their fear that this is true is preventing them from even trying. Often the individual has an "oh, what's the use, things never go well for me" sort of attitude. The person may even feel that Spirit has put them here on earth to "punish" them for something by making their lives miserable and blocking them from ever achieving what they desire. This essence helps the person to break through this sort of thinking, helps to heal the belief that the Universe does not love them by helping them to begin to allow The Universe to show them how much they truly are loved! The person then can grasp the thought "The Universe can only do for me what I am willing to allow it to do through me".

Bleeding Heart

Affirmation - I Honour My Grief. When The Time Is Right For Me I Release It & Move On

Helps to ease grief and sorrow, releasing both current pain and painful past life experiences. Feeling that one's heart is breaking and one is unable to bear the pain. Blends wonderfully with Angelica for enhanced support.

Bluebead Lily

Affirmation - I Am Easily Able To Receive & Communicate Higher Knowing Both For Myself & Others.

Very helpful for linking the Throat chakra with the Third eye chakra so that one finds it much more easy to express insights and Higher Guidance to others. Helps one to better understand and work with symbols of all sorts and how to use symbols as a healing tool both for the self and others.

Blueberry Ash

Affirmation - It's Okay For Me To Feel As I Do. I Accept All Of My Feelings & Then I Reach For A Better Feeling

Supports the release of anger, bitterness and resentment. Helps one to freely acknowledge these powerful emotions so that they may be dealt with directly instead of being shoved down and ignored where they may then create havoc in one's life. Also very helpful for those who feel angry and resentful that they are always expected to resolve other people's problems for them, especially when those people simply choose to create ever more problems for themselves and others as well as refusing to accept any responsibility for their own behaviour or tend to deny they have done anything wrong. Children and adults who are very intelligent and gifted often do feel that they must be the ones to resolve family problems and issues. This essence helps to release this belief that they must be the ones to shoulder the burden for everyone else and to release the sense of guilt they may feel by refusing to allow others to take advantage of them.

Blue Cornflower

Affirmation - I See Only The Good In My Beloved & My Beloved Sees Only The Good In Me

Draws new love, re-ignites love between long term partners. Helps one to remember and focus on why you fell in love with your partner to begin with. Draws sweetness and joy, a mutual coming together, united in love.

Blue Elderberry

Affirmation - I Connect With My Wiser Self Within & Find All The Answers I Need

Connecting with your Inner Wise Self, the part of you that has all the answers and can help you understand why you may be experiencing different things in your life and how you can most easily and effortlessly overcome those challenges. Brings a strong sense of peace and optimism, knowing that you are never alone and all the Universe is working on your behalf.

Blue Flax

Affirmation - I Am In My Right Place & Every Aspect Of My Life Reflects This In Joyful Ways Back To Me

Helps one find one's special place on earth. Very grounding, soothing and tranquil. Helps one to go with the flow of life while directing one's thoughts and efforts to a brighter future.

Blue Lace Hydrangea

Affirmation - All Of My Communications Are Lovingly Powerful & Free Flowing

This Essence is like being sprinkled with a combination of angel and fairy dust, there is a pixie like quality to it which is very giggly, happy, uplifting and yet also it seems to impart a sense of courage and being willing to carry on no matter what circumstances one is facing. It is wonderful for the throat chakra, and for when someone feels really blocked creatively, especially when writing. In order for Blue Hydrangeas to bloom true they need an acidic soil and plants that require this sort of soil are able to help us make lemonade when life hands us lemons.

Blue Leaf Wattle

Affirmation - I Select My Words Wisely, I Communicate With Others That Bring Light & Blessings To Me & All Others

This essence reminds us to speak of things and in wways that are Positive and Uplifting. It helps us to better express our positive beliefs and thoughts even when others around us are choosing to stay in negativity. We can allow others to be where ever they desire to be, yet we do not need to take it on board for ourselves but can always choose to stay in our Happy, Sacred Space.

Blue Lotus

Affirmation - I Feel Safe & Secure In The New Life That I Am Creating For Myself

Stopping to take stock of where you have been so you can see where you may be going if you continue down the same path. What has worked for you in the recent past that you can take forward with you into the future? What has not worked as well that you need to let go of now? This essence supports that release and helps you to formulate a game plan for your future even while you are remaining open to setting that aside if the Universe presents you with something even better!

Blue Myrtle Spurge

Affirmation - My Communications With Others Are Always Positive, Joyful & Helpful. I Communicate My Truth Easily & Freely

Excellent for writers, speakers and counselors of all kinds. Enhances clairaudience, saying what needs to be said in the appropriate manner and eliminates sarcasm. Helps a person to understand the impact their words have on themselves and others. What we speak of is what comes to pass.

Blue Palo Verde

Affirmation - I Have Strong, Healthy, Functional Psychic Boundaries

This essence is for establishing and maintaining good psychic boundaries both with those who have crossed over as well as others that we associate with on a frequent basis. When ever we feel a connection with another person a link is established between us and them that allows for the intuitive flow of energy to occur. This is part of a bonding process that allows us to work with others for the betterment of all. However, as many people are unaware that these psychic links exist nor are always aware of what they are thinking and feeling, it is possible for damaging thoughts and energies as well as positive and healing thoughts and energies to flow back and forth between these psychic links. Blue Palo Verde helps to insure that the proper boundaries are in place that while allowing the positive, healing thoughts and energies to get through works to block the distorting or negative energies.

Blue Toadflax

Affirmation - I Am A Clear & Powerful Transmitter Of Intuitive Guidance & Divine Wisdom

Opens the throat, third eye and crown chakras. Excellent for communicating higher knowing and guidance, increases sensitivity to inspiration and creativity. Amplifies clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Blue Trumpet Flower

Affirmation - My Mind Is Completely Centered & Still

This is a very powerful essence for supporting any form of meditation. For those who have trouble quieting the mind so they may hear their own Inner Guidance, this essence both helps to release circling thoughts and also "turns up the volume" of the Inner Voice so that it may be heard more clearly and with less effort. It is also very helpful for distinguishing between true Inner Guidance and "wishful thinking" so that one may follow one's Inner Guidance with faith and assurance.

Blush of Dawn Orchid (Pleiome Formosa)

Affirmation - I am Now Moving Into The Light Of A New and Joyful Day

For starting over after a period of darkness and chaos. For knowing that blessings exist even in the depths of darkness.

Bo Tree

Affirmation - I Accept Without Judgment All That I Am & See All The Beauty & Good That Is Within Myself & Others.

The essence of enlightenment, of connecting with and expressing the energies of Buddha. Feeling greater compassion for yourself and others, living without judgment or blame.


Affirmation - I Now Choose To Go Beyond My Family's Limitations. I Am Totally Free

For those who feel trapped by family patterns, especially where addictions are involved. Stepping aside from family dysfunctions, stopping the chain of pain that may have persisted for generations.Helping one to see parents and other family members as fellow human beings with both faults and good points, and accepting them as they are without judgement yet not allowing family behaviour to influence one's own behaviour.

Bog Birch

Affirmation - I Know My Only Limits Come From Within My Own Mind & Are Not The Truth Of Me

Bog Birch helps us to broaden our perspectives about life and what we are ourselves are capable of creating through our own lives. It is especially helpful for those who are "bogged down" with limiting beliefs that are deeply rooted within the psyche. Often one feels that one's imagination and creativity are severely limited or restricted and this is because one has not yet gained a Higher Perspective of life and its potentials. This essence helps one to break through what has been holding one back from within and to experience a much greater sense of freedom and capability.

Bog Blueberry

Affirmation - I Am Now Prospering Through The Light & Love Of The Divine

This essence is for those who feel bogged down in their financial/prosperity issues and feel that this is all somehow karmic and that they shall never prosper or feel truly abundant in this lifetime. It is also for those who wish to connect with Higher Guides and Angels who are working with the planet at this time to heal and resolve all sorts of prosperity issues and poverty. Whether one is seeking to focus on one's self in this regard or for many others, this essence is of great importance.

Bog Candle

Affirmation - I Am Being Re-Birthed Into The Light Of A Most Wonderful New Life!

This essence is for transformation and Intiations, moving through deep and intense changes with greater feelings of peace and a sense of grace and hope. It supports those who are undergoing a major rebirthing process by "lighting the way" so that the individual may have a clearer sense of where they are heading. This essence also supports those who know they need to make some major transitions in their lives and yet are deeply fearful of doing so. It helps the individual to recognise that they are moving between cycles and worlds and that there is nothing to fear for we are all always contained within Source/Spirit and where Spirit is, all is good.

Bog Elm

Affirmation - I Am Only Responsible For My Own Happiness. It Is Okay For Me To Say No.

Like Elm, Bog Elm helps with feelings of being overwhelmed by responsibilities. Yet this essence takes it a step further for those who realise they desperately need to get out from under the load they are carrying and yet cannot seem to shed even a small portion of the burden, no matter how hard they try. Compounding the problem are feelings of guilt, often times these folks were raised to believe that they were responsible for others well being and happiness and to set their own needs aside. If guilt is a strong influence, then Bog Pine is a very helpful remedy to combine with this one. Bog Elm helps a person to stand up for themselves and just say NO, loudly, clearly and without hesitation.

Bog Oak

Affirmation - I Take Responsibility For My Own Life & Allow Others To Take Responsibility For Theirs

Bog Oak helps one to release the belief that one must somehow heal deep dysfunctions within one's family, even at the cost to one's own happiness and sense of well-being. One is more than likely to be the person whom is "expected" to clean up the family mess, other family members appear to feel they do not need to take on the responsibility of sorting their own lives out. Often times deeply dysfunctional family members will re-create the same problems over and over again, no matter how many times someone else tries to resolve the problems once and for all. It can be very hard to accept that some people are just too comfortable with the problems they generate in order for someone else to help them initiate any real, positive change. This is when one needs to accept that the best and truly the only thing one can do is to simply send them love and get on with one's own life as best one can. Bog Oak helps people caught up in this web of family dysfunction to finally break free and break the "chain of pain". This essence also helps to attract resources and information that can help one better understand the family dynamics and how to guard against being taken over by them again.

Bog Pine

Affirmation - I Easily Release Feelings Of Guilt. This Is Now Part Of My Past, Not My Present & Future

Pine overall is an excellent remedy for feelings of Guit and yet Bog Pine is especially helpful for those who experience guilt as an overwhelming and very deep-seated emotion. Often the guilt is a family inheritance that goes back many generations and has increased with each generation that has been unable to work through it and release it. Since feelings of Guilt can block an abundant flow of all positive things into one's life, it is important to make peace with feelings of guilt in order to move forward.

Bog Rosemary

Affirmation - I Am Now Releasing Resistance To My Good & My Healing.

This essence supports the process of releasing resistance to healing on all levels. If one has been working diligently to heal or improve something in any area of life and nothing is happening, there may be a subconscious desire to hold the dis-ease or dis-function in place because of fear of the changes the healing may bring. This essence helps one to get to the root of the resistance and then to release it.

Bog Yew

Affirmation - I Am Now Joyfully Re-Connecting With Those Whom I have The Most Positive Of Past Life Experiences. We Are So Happy To Meet Yet Again!

This essence is for very old and very positive Karmic connections with other people, places and things that you would like to re-establish in this lifetime. So often we think of Karma as being negative and something to be released that we forget that Positive Karma is also available for us to experience as well. It is is the fear that all Karma is negative that prevents us from connecting with the positive Karma we have also "earned".


Affirmation - All Of Life Supports The Unfolding Of The Expression Of My Soul

Feeling safe and loved in the world. Knowing that life supports you in the unfolding of your Soul energy and its expression. Promotes feelings of optimism and that challenges can easily be resolved.


Affirmation - Growing Within Is Sheer Delight For Me! My Growth Blesses Me Abundantly

Rampant, exuberant, joyful growth and acceptance of Universal/Life Blessings and Support.

Brazil Nut

Affirmation - Abundance Flows Into My Life Now! I Am Totally Supported By Life & The Universe In Living In The Midst of Abundance Overflowing!

This essence helps to release blockages in the second chakra that are limiting one's ability to attract and receive abundance in all its positive forms. For women moving through Menopause this essence can be very helpful for feeling better able to cope with the changes and helps to release sadness that one's time of physical fertility is coming to an end.

Bright Star

Affirmation - I Love The Child I Was And I Carry Him/Her Forward Into A New & Happier Life

For those that are painfully shy due to abusive or very hurtful childhood experiences that left you feeling that no one would ever value or appreciate you. Helps to release underlying expectations that others will always reject you because of past experiences and instead seeing yourself as the Star you truly are.

Bronze Caledenia Orchid

Affirmation - The More I Help Myself, The More I Can Help Others Help Themselves

For those who have difficulty in attracting the prosperity they seek because they feel guilty about going beyond where their own family or peer group has been able to achieve. Helps to release the feelings of guilt through helping the person to udnerstand that as they evolve their prosperity consciousness they can then turn and teach others how to do the same. Also for those who feel fearful that if good things happen for them, that somehow bad or negative events will then occur in their lives. Helps the person to release this fear and also understand that their belief in this is what causes negative events to occur.

Brook Lobelia

Affirmation - Those that I Can Best Serve Now Find Their Wy To Me & The Services I Offer

This is a very gentle essence that helps Healers and Light Workers to attract those who can best benefit from what one has to offer. It teaches us that there are always more than enough clients and customers to go round and each will come flowing into your life to partake of what you have to offer in the same way that a babbling brook is always flowing and at a pace that is Right and Perfect for you. This essence also helps those in the Healing fields to keep from taking on the problems of those they are serving for it is of no assistance to others if you do not keep your own energy free and clear as best you can. This is a wonderful essence to use to clear your office or even a drop put on your phone can keep all the energies surrounding you High, Pure and filled with Divine Love and Light.

Broom Coyotebush

Affirmation - Everything Is Sorted & My Life Is Flowing In Perfect Peace & Harmony

For those days (or weeks!) when everything just seems to go terribly wrong and you feel completely off-track and out of sorts, not knowing how to get yourself moving in the right direction again. This essence helps to sweep away and clear the confusion, chaos and niggling jabs and arrows that life sometimes throws at all of us. Helps us to feel back on track, moving forward with ease and joy, and watching with a sense of relief and peace as all settles and problems are swept away.


Affirmation - I Am Focused On What I Can Do Today To Improve My Life

Transforming Victim consciousness. Becoming focused on what one can do to resolve problems rather than blaming the rest of the world for the challenges one is facing.

Buffalo Grass

Affirmation - Where I Am Right Now Is Where I Need To Begin To Create The Life I Truly Desire

This essence is for those who feel the "grass is always greener on the other side" and thus have difficulty grounding and feeling rooted. Often there is a great sense of disatisfaction with one's present circumstances and one feels that if one can only get to the next place that sounds most appealing on a fantasy level that somehow life will be all that one wishes it to be. Of course this never happens because as soon as one does reach that next level, there is still a strong sense that all is stil not quite right and the quest begins to find that new place or thing that will surely make all the difference. What one needs to realise is that feeling satisfied and happy with life is an "inside job". Its not the outer circumstances that always needs to change, but being willing to embrace what is within and then grounding that energy fully in the present that one can make one's life over to being closer to that which one really wants it to be.


Affirmation - I Am Beautiful & Worthy Just As I Am!

Feeling successful and important no matter what stage of life you currently find yourself in at the present moment. Being attuned to the light and beauty of your own soul, not comparing yourself to others but recognising that all Souls are beautiful and worthy in the eyes of the Universe.

Button Fern

Affirmation - I Grow With Ease & Joy, Nothing Can Hold Me Back!

Deep inner transformation and growth. Releases blockages and obstacles from one's path. Eases depression and fear. validation or support.

Cabbage Tree

Affirmation - I Know I Have The Power Within Me To Manifest What I Desire

Releasing fear of failure, helps to overcome material losses via knowing that if you have manifested something positive in your life before, you can do it again. Also for understanding why you experienced the loss and what you can do to help prevent future re-occurences.


Affirmation - I Am Warm, Friendly & Outgoing

Expressing warmth, open heartedness, helps to ease feelings of shyness and reserve.

California Poppy

Affirmation - All The Answers I Need Are Already Within Me

This is a wonderful essence for remembering to turn within and seeking your own Inner Guidance and understanding rather than relying on something outside of yourself to provide the answers for you. It helps one to be much more aware of one's spiritual connection with the Universe and all of life, to deeply integrate this knowing on all levels. This essence also helps one to see through illusions, especially that of glamour and false-fronts that others may display.

Canada Buffaloberry

Affirmation - I Recognise That Money Is Spiritual & I Allow It To Flow Into My Life With Ease & Joy

This essence is very helpful for those who desire to Prosper but feel guilty because they do not understand that this is part of the Divine Plan for their lives. Money is Spiritual energy. It can be used to not only better your life, but to better the lives of others when used and given wisely. It is not greedy to desire more, unless one is trying to take what does not belong to them from others, yet one must also understand that the desire for more Money is the presence of The Higher Self within that knows money as a tool to help one express and Be more of what they came here to be and do and that is truly all it is. Money is Good because Money is the activity of The Divine in one's life. We can all allow it to flow and generously from a Loving and completely Abundant Universe for the benefit of all. And when one can accept that it is Right and Good for all, including themselves, the Flow can begin and is ever increasing.

Canada Hawkweed

Affirmation - I Hear The Messages Life Is Sending Me Loudly & Clearly

This is an important essence for those who never seem to get the messages life is sending them until they bonked on the head so to speak so they will finally wake up and listen! It is also wonderful for those who seem to keep attracting the same type of problem over and over again, allowing them to see what the core issue really is so they can resolve it and finally free themselves from it. When we see that problems and challenges in life are really nothing more than a message that something is off kilter with our thinking and patterns of belief, we can begin immediately to make positive changes that will begin to attract a new and better reality.

Canyon Bog Orchid

Affirmation - All Of My Goals Are Now Within Easy Reach

Relief from worry and always striving and never arriving. Reaching goals with greater ease and joy, being better able to tune into your own intuition and inner knowing.

Canyon Dudleya

Affirmation - The Spiritual & Physical Aspects Of My Life Are In Perfect Balance & Harmony

Helps to balance one's spiritual practices with that of physical, mundane responsibilities and needs. Especially helpful for those who become too caught up in the pursuit of the Spiritual and tend to neglect the physical as well as for those who tend to do the opposite, putting the physical far ahead of their spiritual needs.

Caterpillar Plant

Affirmation - As I Flow With The Process, Everything Comes Together Beautifully!

This essence helps those who are learning something new to begin at the beginning and to simply flow from one stage of learning to the next without trying to skip steps or rush the process so that one may truly come to excell at what one is learning. It is also very helpful for those who feel very frustrated with the learning process, who believe that they are not as intelligent or as gifted as others because they have not yet found the right teachers or methods that will work best for them. It helps the person to be persistent and patient with themselves, trusting that when they are ready the right teachers shall indeed appear.

Catesby's Trillium

Affirmation - I Truly Appreciate All That I Am, All That I Have & All That I Experience In My Life

Appreciation for our lives is one of the fastest ways that we can change our lives for the better. When we turn our attention away from what we feel is lacking or is not pleasing to us, and focus it strongly on that which does please us, then we automatically begin to attract more of what we are appreciating to us. Appreciation opens the Heart which attracts All Good, All Support from others and All Joy into our lives for we see just how much we truly do have to appreciate, no matter who we are.


Affirmation - I Am Willing To Change & Grow In Ways That Are Perfect For Me. I Am Totally Free To Move Forward Now

An excellent catalyst for change and growth. Mobilizes one's energy to push out of ruts. moving through obstacles with courage and joy.


Affirmation - I Know That Money Is Spiritual Energy In Physical Form. I Honour & Respect My Money Energy

Helps to cleanse negative thoughts and emotions in regards to money and finanical affairs in general. Brings a deeper understanding of money as spiritual energy in manifest form.


Affirmation - In Every Moment I Am Choosing Peace & Harmony Within Myself

Feeling a greater sense of serenity and ease, helps one to calm down after a distressing situation. Can be helpful for understanding the spiritual causes of insomnia that it may be released as well as easing nightmares.


Affirmation - The Vibration Of My Life Spirals Ever Higher

Raises the vibration of all energy fields of a person, place or thing. Helps to bring forth feelings of joy and bliss that emanate deep within your Soul. Expecting life to become better rather than feeling that nothing will ever change and all you can expect is more of the same old. This essence also opens both the heart and third eye chakras as well as helping one to forgive those who have caused you deep pain and suffering.


Affirmation - I Listen To My Body For It Is Very Wise & Is Always Guiding Me To What Is Truly Right For Me

This is a very beneficial essence for those who need to be more grounded and aware of the messages their physical bodies are sending them. Often the person feels that they need or want something on a physical level and yet have difficulty pinpointing what exactly that something might be. This is usually because the person has become so used to living in their heads that they have almost forgotten they have a body to begin with and thus have managed to shut out the body's messages for quite some time so of course they now find it difficult to understand what their body is trying to say to them. Chickweed allows the person to re-connect with their own body in a way that is easy and comfortable and allows the person to hear and understand the messages with far greater ease.

Chlorophytum Comosom

Affirmation - I Am Expanding My Influence In Ways That Are Positive For Myself & Blesses All Others

The key to success in any endeavor is the ability to reach out into as many areas as possible. This Essence helps one do precisely that.

Clasping Pepperweed

Affirmation - I Easily Release Old Vibrational Limitations That Still Cling To Me & These Vibrations Are Replaced By Higher, Unlimited Ones

Often when focusing on allowing more positive changes into our lives we find that old, heavier and more limiting vibrations are still clinging to us. Because we may have lived with these lower vibrations for so long, they feel quite comfortable and we may not realise just how much they can be limiting our forward movement. This essence helps to clear any old vibrations that no longer serve your life and replaces them by attracting new, more vibrant and Joyful vibrations.

Cinnamon Scented Geranium

Affirmation - Today Is A wonderful Day For Me! I Feel Such Passion & Zest For My Life!

Adds more spice and zest to life, feeling greater enthusiasm and passion for life. This essence is also very helpful for those who feel sexually cold or who feel closed off from their sexual energy and do wish to feel it more easily and joyfully. Helps the person to move into a state of greater sexual ease and joy in a gentle and easy manner.

Clary Sage

Affirmation - I See The Truth Of What Is and Thus I Can Also See How To Make It Better

Clary Sage helps us to see both our lives and the events around us with much greater clarity. It helps to release delusional or wishful thinking, helping us to instead see through to the truth of the matter. It helps us to make wise decisions based on this clearer thinking and awareness. While it is Good to see things in a hopeful/optimistic light, it is also important that we also see things as they stand right now, not just as we wish for them to be. Yet when we see the truth, we can also see what we need to do to improve the situation and then we become active participants in the betterment of not only our own lives, but the lives of others as well.


Affirmation - My Positive Health Consciousness Is Superb!

Helps one to become more consciously aware of patterns of imbalance that may lead to dis-ease/ill health. Clove is also a powerful prosperity enhancer, helping one to feel more worthy and deserving of money as well as feeling more comfortable with it.

Coastal Rosemary

Affirmation - I Remember To Go Within To Renew My Connection With Source Each Day

Rosemary is for remembrance, to remember or reunite with the Source of all life, to remember to turn within when faced with problems, confusions or doubts about our lives so that we may find the right answers that we are seeking. This essence is also very cleansing on all levels, it helps to wash away that which we are ready to release and nudges us gently to being to let go of those things which are not for our Highest Good and yet we stubbornly choose to cling to anyway, even though we know they are not in our best interests. Giving up the feeling that one feels one must do this or that in order to have something, and instead allowing The Universe to show you the infinite number of channels and ways that something can come to you.

Coastal Strawberry

Affirmation - I Am Focused On The Highest Vision I Can Imagine For My Life

When someone gets a Grand Vision for their life, it can often feel overwhelming because it seems so big, so powerful and how will one ever achieve this! As wonderful and beautiful as it is, it can also feel frightening because from where one is right now, there just doesn't seem to be anyway to step into this Higher Vision. Yet you came in with all that you needed to accomplish this for your life. It is a process of taking one small step, then another small step and in between steps, checking in within yourself for Guidance from your Higher Self, your Angels, your Guides. You can do this! And this essence will help you to really feel and know that you are incredibly powerful and you came into this lifetime because you knew you had all within you that you needed to make your dreams and your Highest Vision a reality. It does not serve you or anyone else to think of yourself as small. You are a Mighty expression of All That Is in physical form and when you really get this, you will also know that there is nothing you cannot achieve that is part of your True Destiny.

Coast Barrel Cactus

Affirmation - The Freedom To Live My Life As I See Fit Is My Birthright

The gift of freedom to live your life as you see fit. The gift of trusting not only in yourself but also in the wondrous power that created you and knows the light that you truly are.

Cockatoo Grass

Affirmation - Today I Take Action To Manifest My Goals & Dreams

Strengthens the willingness to pursue goals and dreams rather than procrastinating or hoping that somehow someone will be able to manifest those dreams for you. Felling worthy of having what you desire and being willing to perservere until you attain what you are seeking.

Cockleshell Orchid

Affirmation - I Treat Myself With Kindness & Gentleness, Allowing The Universe To Act On My Behalf

Becoming more gentle with yourself, not pushing yourself so hard and instead allowing the Universe to handle more for you. Being willing to be vulnerable and admit that from time to time you may need help with different things and that this is totally acceptable. The Universe never intended for us to try and manage everything on our own, there is always an abundance of help and support available to you if you are willing to receive it.

Cocoa Tree

Affirmation - My Spiritual Path Is Easy & Joyful

Accepting that a spiritual path can be easy and joyful, that the Universe is always seeking to bestow blessings and gifts upon us, all we need do is to be open to receive. While first working with this essence I was given a technique to use that is very simple and a lot of fun. I think of something I desire and open my heart to flood it with love and then feel it moving out into the Universe. A more complex technique is to visualize a tunnel or cord of light going from your crown chakra up to Divine Mind while opening the heart and sending love to your wish/desire. It can take a bit of practice to feel in synch with this but this technique produces fabulous results! I feel that people who work with this essence may also find themselves developing many new techniques and concepts that will further the evolution and joy of the planet.

Common Cow-wheat (England)

Affirmation - I Am Self-reliant. I Know That To Thrive I Must Go Within Rather Than Seeking To Take From Others

This essence is very helpful for those who feel they cannot stand on their own two feet and thus are constantly seeking to see what they get from others. This could apply to anything from money, to advice, to help with problems and so forth. From time to time we all need help, but when it is a constant ongoing issue, then the person needs to learn how to do for themselves lest they find themselves constantly relying on the Good Will of others. For after a time, even the most generous will find themselves exhausted and drained by such activity. No one can ever do more for someone what they can do for themselves. When someone decides that they are going to make the best of what they already have and move forward, they find they are much stronger and much more capable than they ever dreamed. And their lives improve dramatically. This essence is also very helpful for those who find themselves being drained by such people, it allows one to let them go without feeling guilty and also helps one to understand why one attracted the person in the first place. so one need never go through this again.

Compact Rush

Affirmation - The Best In my Life Is Yet To Come!

This essence helps those who feel that life is passing them by and they feel sad and unfulfilled because they feel they have been unable to accomplish much of what they have desired to. What many people do not understand is that many of us don't really come into our own or even begin to until we are in our fifties and older. As we gain in life experience, we have more and more to offer. We become clearer as to what is of true Value to us and are not buffeted as much by the voices of the world that say we should value this or that (and then once we have attained hose things, find that they really do not fulfill us at all). We can hone into what is really going to make us happy, set aside everything else and actively pursue that which shall bring us true fulfillment. It is never too late to accomplish the best of what your life can be! And we have the entire of eternity yet still to explore and enjoy.

Compass Barrel Cactus

Affirmation - I Always Know What Changes I Need To Make In My Life & How To Easily Bring Those Changes About

Knowing you need to make some major changes in your life, a complete "life makeover" and yet you have no idea where to start or what direction to move in. For knowing not only what steps you need to take, but also for affirming those things that are right and good in your life so that you do not throw the baby out wth the bathwater. For those that also fear making major life changes, this essence offers an abundance of support and enhances your faith in your ability to do what is truly right for you.

Copaiba Balsam

Affirmation - I Am Clearing Energies & Forms That Have Held Me Back. I Now Move Forward Freely

Breaking free from outer influences that appear to be impeding your progress to achieve the sort of life you desire. Also helps you to understand why you may have attracted those energies initially and clears these from your own energy field. Releases tensions on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Also releases inner turmoil even when it springs from an unknown source.

Copal Tree

Affirmation - I Take The Time To Create Sacred Space Within Me And Around Me That I May Be Blessed In Abundance

Creating sacred space within and without. Very high vibrational energy, dispels negativity, fear. Opens the door to expanded spiritual awareness and experiences. This essence is so uplifting that I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Copper-Shouldered Oval Sedge

Affirmation - I Am Now Discovering Talents & Gifts That Are Bringing To Me An Abundance Of Joy & All Good Into My Life!

This essence helps one to become more attuned to one's genetic/biological heritage. It supports the process of bringing forth the best that has been passed down through the generations and has been found to stimulate genetic talents and gifts that one had been previously unaware of. For those who do not have a strong sense of their genetic roots, this essence can help one feel more connected with one's ancestors, feeling their loving presence and support in your life.

Coral Climber

Affirmation - My Sexual Energy Is Sacred Energy & I Honour It & Myself

Unites the second chakra with the crown chakra. Infuses sexuality with spirituality. Learning to infuse sexual union with Divine energy in order to manifest in the world.

Coral-flowered Gum

Affirmation - Abundance Is A Natural & Normal Part Of My Everyday Life

This essence is for an Abundance of anything that you might be needing or wanting - an Abundance of Time, Love, Joy, Fun, Playfulness, Intimacy, Money, Sweetness. It opens and enhances the functioning of the Second Chakra and powerfully enhances feelings of Well-Being.


Affirmation - I Am Centered & Aligned With The Highest Vibrations Of Earth Energies

Corn helps us to feel centered and aligned with the Highest Vibrations of earth energies. We feel more comfortable within our physical forms, experience less stress, especially due to enviromental changes and are much more grounded. It enhances stability in any area of life, simply focus on what it is you would like to see being more stable such as health, money, love, positive thoughts, etc. For those who are looking for a new home, Corn can be of great assistance as it helps to narrow down our choices to where we would feel the most rooted and stable while also guiding us to the perfect home within that geographical area. One finds it easy to align one's energies with that which "grows Corn for you" while releasing that which does not.

Corn Plant

Affirmation - It Is Easy For Me To Maintain My Wealth At A Level That Feels Right & Good To Me

This essence helps with the stabilization of financial flow, helping an individual to hold on to what they have already accumulated. I feel this could be a very helpful essence for those who tend to overspend not because they truly want what they are purchasing, but that they are simply craving something new to fill a void within. For those seeking to learn how to better manage their money and resources as well as which wealth building tactics and strategies are right for them, this essence can also be very helpful. It's just as important to allow the right amount of money energy to flow into your life as it is to have it flowing in the first place, too much too soon can throw a persons life so out of balance that they may indeed end up losing it through mismanagement. I know this sounds hard to believe, but after hearing many stories of lotto winners for example who suddenly found themselves with huge sums of money and not knowing how to cope lost much of it, I realized how important it is to understand that money energy, like any energy, needs to be integrated at a pace that is right for each individual. Then when you DO win the lotto, you will know how to handle this greater influx of energy! This essence is also very elpful for releasing anything that "does not grow corn for you". In other words, to let go of what does not feed or nourish your life, being better able to release resentments and anger.

Cosmos Pink Blush

Affirmation - I Truly Love Myself. I Know That I Am Loving And Lovable

Enhances Self-love, thereby drawing love from others into one's life. Gently opens the Heart chakra and links it with the Throat chakra.

Coyote Mint

Affirmation - I Learn From My Mistakes The First Time Around!

Coyote Mint helps those who feel they are always being taken in by others, or "Played the fool" and yet the next time the trickster comes round again, these folks fall for it all over again hook, line and sinker. This essence helps these folks to spot the Trickster coming so they are not taken in yet again by the other person's clever patter.

Coyote Willow

Affirmation - Through Laughter & Joy I Can Bend Without Breaking

This essence helps us to lighten up, attract more playfulness into our lives and through that we can release the cares, worries and tensions of the day. Sometimes we all find ourselves in situations that feel intolerable because they have dragged on for so long and we may even feel near the breaking point. This essence helps us to keep going when we need to, but also be able to see the humour in a given situation. Even though we may feel more like crying than laughing, there is always a way of looking at things that helps us to see the absurd. And once we see that, its often a short hop, skip and jump to something much better. When we bow to what is, we can move through it with greater ease and Joy. Resisting what is tends to keep it stuck in place, exactly what we don't want! Being able to laugh at things breaks up the tensions, eases the stress, releases the endorphins so we can relax and then we can hear our Inner Guidance which has the perfect solution/resolution. Changes happen quickly with this essence so do be prepared to find yourself tacking and turning as the winds of your life begin moving you along to a much Happier and Higher space!


Affirmation - The Healing That I Need Is Unfolding In My Life In The Best & Highest Way For Me

Support for a long term healing process, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing that is needed. It helps one remain feeling optimistic that healing IS occurring, rather than feeling fear and fustration that things will never change or may even get worse. This essence helps the individual to understand what is happening on a Soul level so that the healing process can continue with greater ease as well as encouraging the individual to remain open and flexible to using what ever healing modalities their Inner Guidance suggests is right and good for them.

Cream Wild Indigo

Affirmation - When I Focus On How I May Serve Others With My Life's Work, I Manifest Prosperity

When we focus on how we may Serve others through our Life's Work, we are coming from the Heart which radiates Love and Light out into the world. It also increases our sense of Joy and Divine Passion for what we are doing, thus attracting to us those we can Serve best and we then Prosper. Everything we put forth, into the world and into our lives, shall return to us. As we seek to Serve others, we too find that others are also eager to Serve us in ways that are Right and Good for All.

Creeping Blue Trumpet

Affirmation - I Feel Good About What I Have To Say, I Know It Is Totally Okay For Me To Share The Truth Of Who I Am

For those who feel very shy and timid about speaking out on their own behalf or sharing with others what they would like to do or experience in their lives. Especially if the person feels they will be "punished" in some way for stating their needs, desires and preferences. This essence is very gentle, helping the person to take smaller "baby steps" until they feel more comfortable with expressing themselves. This essence can also be very helpful for those who feel that others never "hear" them, or that others tend to disregard or dismiss what they have to say.

Creeping Forest Orchid

Affirmation - I Am Now Being Guided To A Safe & Joyful Shore

Finding a safe passage during times of stress or uncertainty. This essence relates strongly to the Tarot card 6 of Swords and indicates that one is protected and supported as one moves through the current cycle and that shortly one will reach the shore one is seeking.

Creeping Jenny

Affirmation - I Know I Am Capable Of Fulfilling My Own Needs & Desires. And I Do!

For those who try and manipulate others rather than coming right out and asking for what they want. The individual may also try to appear needy and vulnerable in order to avoid being pressured by others to take responsibility for their own lives. This essence helps the person to recognise their own inner strength and capability that they may embrace their life rather than trying to hide from it. Also for those who feel they are being manipulated by someone else and don't know how to break free from it, this essence supports them in taking the "Bull by the horns" in what ever way is right and appropriate for their situation and thus end the game playing.

Cristata Opal Cup

Affirmation - I Am The Christ Consciousness That Fills The World With Light & Love

An excellent Essence for activating the Christ energy within. Helps one to open up to the joy of life. Attracts blessings, miracles and good fortune.

Crowfoot Fox Sedge

Affirmation - I Trust My Emotions To Guide Me To Where I Need And Want To Be In Life

This essence is especially helpful for those who find themselves shying away from their emotions because they feel overly powerful and overwhelming. The person may have been exposed to others during childhood who used their own emotions as a weapon, being very dramatic and using their emotions and trying to manipulate the emotions of others so they could then dominate and control others. The person who needs this essence may also have felt need to express their own emotions strongly when younger but may have been taught to suppress them instead as there was only room for one "emotional individual" within the household. The emotions though are a valuable indicator that one is either on the right or wrong track, depending on the emotion being felt in the present moment. When the emotions are suppressed, they do tend to feel more powerful and overwhelming because the person has not had adequate space to express them or has not been taught how to express their emotions honestly and in a balanced way. This essence helps to remove the fear of feeling and expressing the emotions and also helps to attract the resources that someone may need to completely move past their concern/fear of their own emotions. When we allow our emotions to simply be what they are, we find that they are trying to get our attention, as if to say "yes, keep doing this" when we feel happy emotions or "No, wrong way, stop and back up!" when we are feeling angry or sad. This essence can also help us understand why we are feeling a given negative emotion so we may better understand the messages it is trying to bring us and then to act upon those messages in ways that are positive and constructive.

Crown Flower

Affirmation - I Am Totally Safe & At Peace As I Move Through My Day. Only Goodness & Light Can Flow To Me This Day

Opens the crown chakra and links it to the base chakras in the feet creating a protective cocoon around the aura. Attaining higher states of consciousness while remaining firmly grounded in the body.

Crystal Saxifrage

Affirmation - I Am Always Able To Discern Between What Is My True Guidance & What Is Not

This essence is excellent for those who are just learning how to open up and work with their own Psychic/Intuitive abilities. It helps the individual to distinguish between what is true guidance and what is really their own attempt to create an answer because they are trying to push the process rather than trusting that when they relax and let go, the right guidance shall spring forth.

Dakota Verbena

Affirmation - My Awareness Of The Truth of Myself & What I Am Capable Of Is Ever Expanding

We are all far more than any of us have been led to believe. We may feel that we are limited by life and the things of the world until wwe realise that we are indeed the Creators of all that we experience in life. It only appears to be otherwise because we have given power to things outside of ourselves arther than claiming the power within us and learning how to use it wisely. When we honestly seek to better understand just what and who we tuly are, the answers come with lightening like speed. We find ourselves expanding in awareness and knowledge, especiallyu on the Spiritual level, and once we integrate the Truth of our Spiritual abilities with our conscious awareness, there is no limit to what we can achieve in our lives.


Affirmation - When I Love & Care for My Physical Body, The Universe Responds By Insuring That All Is Well In My Physical World

Dandelion is extremely supportive of the body, aiding in relieving stress and stress related challenges in one's life. It is very soothing and calming yet strengthening and helps one to feel greater vitality and energy. It is brilliant to add to massage oils, especially Sesame Seed oil when the individual is having trouble being open to allowing the stress to ease because they fear if they let it go, they will not acomplish all they feel they need to. It is also very helpful for feelings of self-worth, seeing one's true worth regardless of how others may perceive you.

Dark Green Bullrush

Affirmation - Good Fortune Grows & Expands In My Life When I Take Time Each Day To Be Still & Listen Within

This essence is for those who believe that rushing about, always working and striving is the way to attract Good fortune into their lives bgut actually the opposite is true. It is when we are doing the things that we love, coming from a place of peace and stillness, focus and awareness within that we attract what is really wonderful in life. When we go within, we find the answers and Guidance as to what steps to take next that shall bring us the greatest benefit. We often find that steps we thought we needed to take would actually slow our Good from Manifesting or even limit it. There may well be something much better for us to do that will bring us what we are truly seeking from life and so very much more. yet we shall not know this unless we are wwilling to stop, take a breath, and go within to seek the right path for us to take.

Death Valley Sage

Affirmation - I Can Now Release That Which I Know Needs To Leave My Life & I Am At Peace with This

This essence helps us to release those things that we need to let go of, to allow to die away in our lives and yet we find ourselves desperately clinging to them in hopes they will somehow be revived. Everything in life goes through a process of birth, growth and then death. Some things are Re-born into our lives and those things are meant to stay with us for yet another cycle. But others are past the point of no return and when we cling to those things, we are hindering the process of allowing the new to come into form. Its okay to feel fear, sadness and even grief as we finally begin the process of letting go. Some of these things may have once held great value for us. Some may not have been what we really wanted from life but because we have lived with them for so long, they feel part of the bedrock of our existence. So even though they may "pinch' and even be downright painful, we ffind it hard to release them because we fear what may replace them will be even worse. Yet holding on to these things will only drag us down until we have no choice but to let them go. Its when we release and allow ourselves the time to grieve for what was if needed, that something that will truly serve us can take its place and we can then see Divine Wisdom has been steering our lives all along.

Deptford Pink

Affirmation - I Allow Time Each Day For Myself That I May Remain In Balance & Feel Replenished

This is a wonderful essence for women. It helps to diminish mood swings and feelings of overwhelm and stress, especially for those who work and also must care for children and home. Its supports the woman in taking the time to rest, nurture and care for herself without feeling guilty about it, easing the feeling that she is letting others down by not being on call for someone else's needs 24/7. It helps the woman to set better boundaries for herself while keeping her heart open. Men who have a strong feminine side will also find this essence to be helpful.

Desert Currant

Affirmation - I Am An Unlimited Being. The Only Limits In My Life Are Those I Have Set For Myself

Often when we are growing up, we internalise beliefs and life patterns that we have seen others experience. These things may not have happened to us directly, but may have happened to parents or other adult family members and thus we came to believe that this was the way things worked in the world without having had the maturity or awareness to examine these expriences to determine if this is what we too wish to demonstrate in our lives. When we find that there are repeating patterns in our lives and we cannot see where or why these patterns may have been initiated, this is the essence to use. We can then see that we can go beyond what we have seen others do and we do so without fear or guilt.

Desert Gold

Affirmation - I Feel Truly & Deeply Prosperous & Abundant & This Attracts Ever More Wealth To Me

Prosperity is truly an emotional attraction. What we deeply feel, we attract to us and wealth and abundance are no exception to this rule. When we ficus on how we are feeling inregards to prosperity, appreciate the money and abundance we already have, commit to uing it wisely and well, then we automatically set up a vibrational pattern within and round us that tells The Universe that we are ready to Prosper even more. The Universe will always provide us with a much as we are willing to ask for and receive.

Desert Hibiscus

Affirmation - I Take Care Of My Own Needs Easily

Brings light and understanding to one's true needs and how they can be met through your own efforts rather than hoping to find someone else who can meet those needs for you. The ability to be alone with yourself in a quiet space without the need for noise and other distractions. Very helpful for those who fear being alone.

Desert Lavender

Affirmation - As I Accept The Person That I Am & Honour my Deeper Needs, So Too Do Others

This essence is for those who need much time and space to themselves in order to feel happy and sane yet are often made to feel badly about this by others who do not understand this person's deeper needs. This remedy helps the individual to better understand why they are the way they are (often these people are highly creative or very attuned to the spiritual realms and simply don't feel the need to be as deeply connected into other people)as well as how to convey this to others without causing harm and hurt feelings.

Desert Olive

Affirmation - The Oasis I Have Been Seeking Has Now Manifested & I Am So Thankful!

Desert Olive is very helpful for those who feel they are wandering through a desert in their own life with no oasis in sight. It helps to restore hope and optimism when it seems that there cannot possibly be any sort of positive change any time soon and restores courage and inner strength. This essence is also very helpful for children and the Inner Child of adults who were adopted as children and feel they have been abandoned by their parents/tribe. It helps the adoptee feel a greater sense of peace round their adoption and to better understand the spiritual reasons for their adoption.

Dotted Saxifrage

Affirmation - I Focus On & Appreciate All That Is Good In My Life

This essence helps us to see the good in all things, even during the times of challenges that we may focus squarely on the good and thus strengthen its influence in our lives.

Dream Herb (aka Leaf of God)

Affirmation - My Dreams Are A Powerful Source Of Guidance & Direction For Me

This Herb is used by the Chontal Indians of Mexico to stimulate dream guidance. As an essence, it also helps to stimulate dreams of greater depth and insight, allowing one to extract much needed Divine Guidance and Divine Inspiration through one's dreams. It helps to increase the vividness of one's dreams as well as helping one to better remember dreams upon awakening. Using this essence while studying dreams one has had in the past also helps to clarify them. For those seeking to develop more powerful dreams of a shamanic nature this essence is invaluable! The essence also helps to soothe and quiet the mind which helps one to fall asleep more easily.

Early Sunflower

Affirmation - I Know I Am More Than Capable Of Standing On My Own Two Feet

Early Sunflower is for those who feel fearful of growing up and moving from under the umbrella of their parents because they feel they are unable to stand on their own two feet. Often the parents have subtly or not so subtly encouraged the individual so stay tied to the apron strings through numerous methods of control. Thus the individual finds themselves still living at home in the 20's, 30's or even later in life not because they truly wish to but because they cannot find the courage and strength withing themselves to move on. This essence helps those who have a less extreme form of this problem, those who find themselves constantly turning to their parents for advice/solutions (and rarely feeling good or positive about the advice given) rather than working to find their own resolutions.

Early Wild Rose

Affirmation - My Relationships With Others Are Loving, Joyful & Perfect For Me

This essence is for those who tend to jump into relationships instead of taking the time to really get to know the other person to see if they are truly right for you. It helps you to slow down, and release any fears regarding lack of Right Relationship. The person you are seeking IS seeking you too, yet you need to allow The Universe to bring you together in the perfect way and time.

East Indian Lemongrass

Affirmation - I Am Always Trying New Things & Totally Enjoying These Experiences

Breaking out of the rut, doing things that are new, fun and exciting. Combining different energies in new and highly creative ways. Learning how to think "outside the box". Introducing that which is exotic into your life in fun ways.

Elk River Currant

Affirmation - I Allow The Growth I Desire To Happen In My Life With Ease & Joy

Allowing growth in any area of life, be it a Business, Health, Prosperity, a Relationship, Career and so forth, to grow easily and effortlessly rather than feeling one has to struggle and strive to "make things happen". When we relax into the process, we often find that many things we thought we needed to do would be superfluous or could even be detrimental to what one is trying to accomplish. It is far better to relax and allow the River of Life to carry us to our intended shore and this essence allows us to do that with Grace and Faith that the Higher does know what we desire and is as eager for us to reach that shore as we are ourselves.

Emerald Ebony Tree

Affirmation - I Approach Each New Day With Courage & Zest. I Enjoy Trying New Things!

Enhances one's ability to branch out in new directions, expanding one's horizons. Having the courage to try something new. Helps to release limiting beliefs, ideas, or circumstances.

English Watercress

Affirmation - I Know When It Is Right For Me To Ask For Help & I Do

Helps to release feelings of being overly burdened by duties and responsibilities. Helps one to learn how to delegate tasks as needed to those who are capable of carrying them out and no longer feeling like you have to do everything yourself. Also very helpful for those who tend to be critical of another's efforts, even when they know that person is doing the very best that they know how. Helps one to understand that when we are critical of another, often it is because we are also being judgmental and critical of ourselves.

Eureka Dunes Evening Primrose

Affirmation - Eureka! I Finally See The Light!

This is a wonderful essence for those who are seeking to understand something and yet they are having a very challenging time "seeing the light". This can apply to more mundane studies to studies of the Spiritual. The person may feel they are simply not smart enough to grasp the concepts being presented yet they may actually be locking themselves from greater understanding because of the fear that they are not smart enough. This essence helps the person to grasp th concepts they are seeking to understand with much greater ease and clarity, leading to a true "Eureka"! moment.

European Ginger

Affirmation - I Am Grounded, Centred & Focused. I Know What To Do & How To Do It

An excellent eence for those who are able to attract many wonderful ideas but do not have the patience or sense of groundedness to follow through on them on practical levels. The person tends to scatter their energies in many different directions all at once, accomplishing nothing or very little. European Ginger helps the person to slow down just enough that they can grasp more fully the practical dynamics and can follow through on them with greater ease. One or two projects at a time are usually the most that these people need and yet they are also able to complete them more rapidly than many others when they focus. Thus they are better able to use more of their great ideas for the benefit of themselves and others.

False Dragonhead

Affirmation - I Hear & Honour Both My Rational & Intuitive Sides. They Work Together Beautifully!

Helps to promote greater balance and communication between the right and left brain.

Fen Star Sedge

Affirmation - I feel Greatly Uplifted & My Life Is Now Moving In Ever More Positive Directions.

This essence helps to attract that which will help you to create greater positive change and advancement in your life on all levels. It supports a more positive belief system as well as enhancing feelings of being blessed and fortunate which in turn attract a greater abundance of positive experiences. This essence also helps one to feel more worthy and deserving of all good and helps to release feelings of inferiority and negative self talk.


Affirmation - Life Is Much More Fun When I Allow Myself To Flow Through Each Day With Peace & Balance

Dropping the drama and struggle. Deriving excitement and purpose from living a calm and balanced life.

Ficus Benjamina

Affirmation - I Know What Is Best For Me To Do In My Life & I Do It

Growing into one's full potential. Finding one's niche in life and pursuing that with passion and vigor. Accepting and rejoicing in one's body and living on the earth plane.

Field Bindweed

Affirmation - I Use My Money Energy Wisely & Well

This essence is for those who tend to fritter their money away, often times leaving them with the inability to promptly pay their bills or who find that they have little left over to pursue those things that are of true value to them. They seek Prosperity and yet even when they are prospering by many peoples standards, they still never seem to have enough. In order to truly be prosperous, one must also learn how to handle money wisely. Buying anything and everything out of an inner sense of lack only attracts more lack to you. Things can never fulfill us within, only self-awareness and self-love can do that. This essence helps the person to learn to truly value what they already have, release anything that is not of true value to them and to commit to using their money in ways that are truly of benefit. For those looking to start an "opportunity fund" so they may pursue larger goals and dreams, this essence can be invaluable for helping to "bind" the Money they neeed to them in positive, productive ways.

Field-rose (England)

Affirmation - I Am Comfortable & Happy Within My Committed Relationships

Field-rose is very helpful for those who find it difficult to truly commit to another person. This inability to commit can also extend to other areas of their lives including career, Higher learning, Friendships, etc. It is the fear that they will be pinned down and limited if they commit to anyone or anything and yet they also feel unrooted, as though any strong wind can blow them about and they have no footing in the physical world. This essence helps them to feel grounded and supported by life with the understanding that so often it is when we commit that we also truly find our freedom.

Fire Pink

Affirmation - I Feel Passionate, Revived & Invigorated!

This essence helps to boost low fire energy. It helps to clear all the chakras and meridians so that Spiritual Energy can flow easily throughout which in turn helps to revive and refresh your energy on all levels. This essence can be especially helpful for those who feel tired and drained all the time yet have been unable to pinpoint an actual physical cause.

Florida Silver Palm

Affirmation - I Am Totally Open To The Support & Love Of The Universe

Allows one to embrace support and help from the higher realms. Knowing that even though the winds of change may be blowing all around you, you and the people and things that you love are safe and protected.

Flowering Spurge

Affirmation - I Can Love My Family & Still Release Them To Their Own Choices

For family issues that have been painful or even traumatic, understanding that all families consist of karmic connections and bonds that are seeking to be healed so they may be released. This essence helps to generate feeligs of forgiveness both for yourself and towards other family members as well as gaining a better understanding of the overall family dynamics. For those who find they need to cut the ties with their own family, this essence will support them in doing so without creating further karma to be worked through in future lives.

Forest Lilac

Affirmation - I Am Open To Healing On All Levels.

For many people, owning or being around numerous healing tools on a daily basis can bring up a variety of issues that the healing tools are attempting to clear and yet the person feeling subconsciously overwhelmed, may resist the healing and allow the issues to fester within where they send out toxic energy. I have seen and heard about many instances where healers or owners of new age type shops for example can be very difficult to work for and have a never ending stream of complaints and issues that drive both staff and customers/clients away. In most cases the person is unaware of the type of energy they are sending out and wonder why they never seem to move ahead in their life's work. This essence can be used to help streamline the healing process so instead of having many issues surface at once, each issue is given a space in the queue so to speak which makes the issues much easier to deal as each issue arises, it is dealt with more positive energy so it can be channeled constructively. For those who work with large numbers of essences this essence can also help shield them from feelings of overwhelm and clears the feeling that they must tackle all their problems at the same time.


Affirmation - I Know That The Truth Of Me Is That I Am A Soul In Perfect Physical Form

Timelessness, understanding the eternal validity of the soul. Becoming consciously aware of one's natural cycles and rhythms, flowing with them rather than fighting them.

Fragrant False Indigo

Affirmation - I Now Easily Allow New Thoughts & Beliefs To Fill My Mind

It truly is amazing how many of us have thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and life that are not only untrue, but are very effective at keeping the Good we desire away from us. This essence does double-duty. It allows us to recognise what thoughts and beliefs we may holding within to surface into our conscious awareness so we may choose to release them. Yet since many of us do tend to cling to our thoughts and beliefs, it also allows us to open our minds to accepting the possibility of what a new thought can bring into our lives. Our thoughts if we think them long enough do become a part of our belief system. And our beliefs are either working for us or against us. When we close off our minds to the possibility that perhaps what we are thinking is not the Truth of us or others, then we limit our ability to express the full wonder of what our lives were meant to be. Its as though we have encased ourselves within a teeny tiny box or cage and called it good. Then we wonder why our lives don't change, even though we may deeply desire this. For our lives to truly change and become the beautiful and wondrous expression they have always been meant to be, we need to acccept that there are thoughts we have never thought before, thoughts that we have never believed were True. Thoughts that are in alignment with what we really desire and we can begin these new thoughts today. And as we do, then we shall find that our lives begin to change, often dramatically, for the better!

Fringe Cup

Affirmation - I Am Surrounded By Like Minded People Who Love & Honour Me

For those who feel they never fit in, or are always on the fringes and feel isolated and alone. One may feel that friends are hard to come by or that the people in one's life are simply using one and are not true friends. This essence helps you to value your own unique qualities and to attract those who can truly appreciate and support you.

Fringed Mantis Orchid

Affirmation - My Boundaries Are Secure. I Am Safe & All Is Well

Repels psychic predators and vampires. Encourages respect of other people's privacy and boundaries. Also helps to repel busybodies who are always trying to stick their nose into your business. This essence can be especially helpful for those who feel they must answer all personal queries to be polite even when the answer is no one else's business.

Fringed Polygala

Affirmation - I See All That I Am Capable Of Doing Right Now & I Take Joy In Doing These Things

An excellent essence to use during long term recovery from an illness or injury when one cannot do much and yet does not feel ill enough to really rest and thus finding severe boredom and unease settling in. This essence helps to soothe one during the recovery process and helps one to find things one can do that are highly productive and yet do not add stress which would hinder the recovery process. Finding ways to use this time away from one's ordinary, daily activities that will help to add greater joy and fulfillment to life even after the recovery process is complete.

Fuschia - Red Spider

Affirmation - I Am Cleansed & Healed. I Now Move Forward Knowing That I Am Good, Have Always Been Good, And Good Awaits Me

Helps to release deep-seated feelings of guilt and shame over things one has done in the past or has been made to feel through the words and actions of others. Those who were abused as children were also taught that they "deserved" the abuse or it was done in their "best interests" as a way for the abuser to justify his/her actions, both to themselves and others. This essence helps to clear the layers of guilt and shame that have been caused by these untruthful messages and helps the person who was abused forgive the past and move on with their lives rather than remaining entangled in the past.

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