Flower & Vibrational Essences FAQ

Q. What are Flower and Vibrational Essences?

A. Flower essences are a combined synergy of the Sun, water and blossoms of a plant. Through the use of the Sun's energy, the blossom's essence or healing purpose is infused into the water which can then be used to heal the issue or disease represented by that particular plant. For example, the Borage plant's healing purpose is to promote inner courage. When the blossoms of the plant are infused in water, the resulting essence is then used to help the user develop a greater inner sense of strength and courage. Vibrational essences are created when the producer, acting as a channel, allows the energy of a plant, animal, star, or other form to flow through them into the water creating a permanent infusion of that healing energy. The Channel does not actually touch the water, but holds the focus of the energy flowing from him/herself and into the water. In some cases those who use the vibrationally prepared essences feel they are more powerful than the more traditional method of producing essences. However, it truly is a matter of personal preference and choice.

Q. What are Essence Oils?

What they are NOT is Essential Oils which we have posted on our website. What they are is a combination of the essence, carrier oil such as Sesame Seed Oil and essential oils. They can be used externally on the skin but should not be ingested orally. A drop or two on pulse points or in the areas of the chakras is how most people use them. They can also be added to oil burners, body lotion, body oil, rubbed onto candles (avoiding the wick) etc. You can also add a few drops to a cotton ball and place in your pocket or bra.

Q. What are SE's?

SE is short for Soul Energy. You can read more about Soul Energy forms of essences here - Soul's Energy Essence

Q. How do essences work?

A. Essences work primarily on the energy bodies or etheric layers that surround the body physical as well as impacting the chakras and cells of the physical body. When a person uses an essence, the essence sets up a vibration within the person's energy field that resonates with the healing a person is asking for. For example if a person is seeking to love themselves more, the Gem essence Rose Quartz could be used to help establish a field of resonance in the energy system of that person so they can feel the love their higher self and the Universe has for them, thus allowing themselves to feel more loving towards themselves. If a person is working with prosperity issues, essences that relate to the healing of those issues also set up a resonant field of prosperity within and around the person using them, thus attracting greater abundance and prosperity into the persons life.

Q. How do I take the essences?

A. Essences are normally sold in what is called stock dilution. The mother essence is diluted into a one or two oz. Bottle of spring water usually 22 to 44 drops of the mother added to the stock bottle with Morningstar essences. This can then be used straight from the stock bottle or diluted again by adding 7 drops stock essence to one oz. Spring water. Using the dropper a person then takes 4 to 7 drops of the diluted essence under the tongue, taking care not to touch the dropper to the mouth to avoid contamination of the stock bottle. ( should the dropper become contaminated by mouth contact or dropping it on the floor or other surface, be sure to sterilize it by washing with very hot soapy water before replacing the dropper in the bottle.) Hold the essence in the mouth for a few moments and focus on what you are asking the essence to help heal. Because essences work on an energy level they work equally well used by the stock dosage or dosage bottle. It really is just a matter of personal preference.

Q. What if I take the wrong Essence?

A. No harm is caused by using the "wrong" essence. If the energy represented by that essence is not needed, the Aura simply shrugs it off so it is not assimilated into the energy field.

Q. How do I know which essence to use?

A. If a person is new to essences, it can be very helpful to seek out a practitioner who uses essences as part of their healing modality. Pendulims can also be used to choose the appropriate essence by holding or touching the essence with one hand while holding the pendulim in the other. Ask if this is the right essence for whatever issue is being addressed. Intuitive hits while reading descriptions of essences is also very helpful, even when the essence doesn't seem to apply to the issue, there may be deeper issues going on that the essence is needed to address first.

Q. How will I know if the essence is working?

A. Most people say they feel a definite shift within themselves, they no longer think or feel in the same old ways or respond to life situations the way they did before. They sense a need to seek out new experiences or to break ties with those things or people that were not contributing to their higher good. Solutions to problems become clearer and the person finds themselves better able to take action on their intuitive guidance thus creating a better life for themselves. Some people say they feel as though a great burden has been lifted off of them and they have greater faith and trust in themselves and the Universe. Keeping a journal to record your daily experiences while working with essences is very helpful as is keeping a dream journal during this time. Often the healing will be reflected through the dream state even before it is noticed by the person through the outer, conscious experience.

Q. What issues do essences cover?

A. Literally everything! There is an essence for every problem known to mankind, essences for developing spirituality, dream recall, Right Livelihood, physical problems, mental, emotional, Abuse issues, you name it, there is an essence for it. New essences are also being developed all the time for new issues that are starting to surface within the collective.

Q. Can Essences be safely given to pets?

A. Absolutely! Pets often thrive on essences as do houseplants! Because animals are so naturally in tune with the natural world. They often respond extremely well to essences. One thing I have seen frequently in my own practice is the tendency of pets to take on the owner's illness or issues resulting in the animal developing a disease such as cancer. There are essences to help both the animal release taking on it's owners issues as well as helping with the physical manifestation of the issue.

Q. Do children respond well to essences?

A. Again, the answer is yes! In many cases children actually respond better initially than adults because they have yet to set up barriers to their own healing process. Children also take great delight in using the essences and many will request the drops if the parent forgets it's time for the dosage to be given.

Q. Do the essences always work?

A. The essences from my own practice and experience always work although it is possible for a person to resist the healing offered. If this occurs, what happens is the energy stays in the person's energy field but is "suspended" so to speak until such time as the person is truly ready to accept the healing in which case the energy of the essence is activated and suddenly the person notices a shift in their life and inner being.

Q. What if I have been using an essence for a while, longer than 3 weeks, and nothing seems to be happening?

A. It could be you have chosen the "wrong" essence and need to retest to see if it is appropriate or another essence is needed. Again, resistance to healing may be occurring and if you feel this may be the case, there are other essences to help release that resistance, depending on what the issue is. Sometimes an essence is needed for a long period of time before the results are noticed consciously. Rest assured though that much is going on within you and the healing will occur in the proper time.

Q. How long should I use an essence?

A. As long as you feel the need, depending on the severity of the problem. For long standing issues several dosage bottles may be needed as each layer of the problem is peeled away and dissolved. New essences may also be needed to be added to the dosage bottle or omitted from future ones. On the average, a dosage bottle should be used for a minimum of four weeks at which time they continued need for it should be reassessed.

Q. How many essences can be taken at one time?

A. This is truly an individual matter as some people can take as many as twenty or more essences at once in a single dosage bottle and integrate the healing quite well while others may only need two or three.

Q. I cannot tolerate alcohol. Is it still possible for me to use essences?

A. Absolutely, and there are a number of ways you can go about this. First, some essence producers offer vinegar as a preservative instead of alcohol and we are happy to substitute that for people upon request. We also offer no prservative at all, simply using spring water and that has worked very well for many folks. Some have had bottles with no preservatives for well over 7 years now and have never had problems with anything "yucky" growing in the bottle. If basic hygiene is followed, there shouldn't be any problems. Another method is to dilute the essence until no taste or scent of alcohol remains or adding the essence to a hot beverage as this will cause the alcohol to evaporate. Adding essences to a misting bottle and then spritzing yourself and your home is also extremely effective. For recovering alcoholics, I do recommend that they either go with a Vinegar preservative or use the essences externally instead of internally. Essences can also be added to body lotions or massage oils and applied to the skin.

Q. Can essences be used with other things such as Homeopathy?

A. Essences can be used with any healing modality or treatment, including Homeopathy and Allopathic, prescription medication. There is no interference which makes essences especially helpful when used in conjunction with other treatments.

Q. I have noticed that some essences are made from toxic stones and plants. Is this dangerous?

A. Some of the most powerful healing essences are produced from toxic substances. These are safe provided the producer is reputable and qualified. When in doubt, ask the producer how long they have been producing essences and what there overall background is as unfortunately there are people out there who are not very reputable or qualified to be producing essences.

Q. Can different producers essences be combined together?

A. Yes, I would strongly suggest though that they be combined in a dosage bottle rather than mixed together in the stock bottles. But overall, the essences work as a team to produce the desired results, there is no conflict between different groups of essences.

Q. How else are essences used?

A. There are numerous ways, including spraying essences in rooms, ( and in fact they can be combined with Feng Shui practices to enhance a particular area), added to food, bath water, laundry, glasses of water, tea or fruit juice, blended with essential oils in a carrier oil base such as Grapeseed or Jojoba Oil. Their uses are limited only by your imagination. We at Morningstar have developed a line of Gem and Dolphin Essences Oils that can be applied topically to the body or used to dress candles.

Q. Anything else I should know about using essences for myself or others?

A. Essences are a tool and like any tool, they work best when used in a focused and aware manner. You may also need more than one type of tool to achieve a high level of healing which is why I also suggest a person explores many facets and healing modalities to be used in conjunction with the essences. For example, if a person is having career related problems, a reading by a qualified astrologer or psychic may help pinpoint what areas need to be healed and then essences can be chosen to work directly on those areas. Meditation, chakra therapy, working with and wearing crystals, using herbs, insuring that you are eating properly, getting adequate rest and exercise, have creative work or hobbies that are fun and fulfilling to you, listening to and following your own inner guidance and intuition, are all important elements in over all healing. You should never rely on one healing modality alone, but seek out others that feel right and good to you.

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