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I am now retired from Producing the Morningstar Essences. If you have been a long term customer and would still like to be able to have an order filled, please do contact me via email at

I am leaving all the essence pages in place and reformatting others to be re-uploaded to the site as a resource listing so the information will not be going away.

I do Thank everyone who has supported me and Morningstar and wish you all the Blessings of Spirit, today and always!

Welcome to Morningstar's Flower & Vibrational Essences Page! We hope that you enjoy your visit and find this site to be informative and the essences of service for your healing and spiritual development. If you are new to Morningstar and/or Essences, please do read our FAQ pages (see link below) as they contain much information about essences in general as well as information on our general policies. All Essences are now alcohol free, yet if you would prefer, we can offer Cider Vinegar preservative. Flower Essences are NOT Essential Oils. We do not sell essential oils. If you are unclear as to what Flower and Vibrational Essences are or to view our policies, please do read our FAQ Pages here - FAQ - Using Flower & Vibrational Essences as well as this page - New Customers Please Read Before Ordering

Thank you for visiting and may The Blessings of the Divine flow into your life with greater Joy and Abundance than ever before.

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NEW! Beaded Rosettes By First Nation Members William Crow and Irene

New Customers Please Read Before Ordering. Thank You!

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Open Your Mind & Heart To The Love & All Good The Universe Has For You Today

NEW! The Cosmic Awakening Series Essences

The Ultraviolet Pulse Beam Series

Soul Energy Essences - The Essences tailored specifically to YOU!

Soul's Energy Essence

Soul's Energy Essence Series

Soul's Energy For Pets

You Deserve To Be Happy & Live A Wonderful Life. It Is Spirit's Gift To You. You Receive It Now!

Angel Essences

Angel Essences

The Angel's Song - Essence

Animal/ Shamanic Essence Section

Australian Bird Essences

Butterfly Essences A - L

Butterfly Essences M - X

Dolphin Essences

Hummingbird Essences

The Shamanic Animal Essences A - L

The Shamanic Animal Essences M - Z

You Are A Precious Child Of The Universe. Treat Yourself With Kindness & Love All Day, Everyday

The Universe Is Always Loving You, Guiding You, Supporting You. You Are Never Alone

Flower Essence Section

Flower Essences Are Not Essential Oils. New Customers Please Read Before Ordering. Thank You!

Cactus Flower Essences

Celtic Trees Essences

Flower Essences A - F

Flower Essences G - O

Flower Essences P - Z

Hibiscus Flower Essences

Lily Flower Essences

Mariposa Flower Essences

The 38 Herb Essences

The Yarrow Essences

Goddess Essence Section

The Goddess Essences Page

Let Your Light Shine Today. The World Needs You To Be You

Gem Essence Section

Quartz Crystal Essences Page

Gem Essences

The Diamond Gem Essences

The Fluorite Essences

The Garnet Essences

The Obsidian Essences

The Sapphire Essences

Tourmaline Gem Essences

Always Remember, You Are So Loved By Spirit!

The Rainbow Essences

The Rainbow Essences

Shell Essence Section

Shell Essences

Shell / Gem / Flower Combination Essences

Star Essence Section

Star Essences

Comet Ison Essence

Vibrational Essence Section

Sacred Geometry Essences

You Are Opening To Receive All Of Your Unlimited Good From The Universe Now!

By law we cannot make any medical claims for any of the essences. If you have a physical, mental or emotional illness, please seek out qualified medical care. Essences are not intended to replace sound medical care and therapies nor should they be relied upon to do so. While there are many alternative therapies available today, it is always best to check with your own doctor if you have any health related concerns or problems.

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