The Early New Thought Teachings - Articles

On this page I will have listings for a number of early New Thought Articles that are out of print and hard to find but are in the public domain. These early teachings are the foundation for many of the books and articles written today including The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know. The language may seem archaic and yet the Teachings are as valid today as when they were first written, some well over a hundred years ago. I also hope to have these available in audio form for download at a later date. These will be free for those who subscribe or donate or available for a small fee for others.

If you will study and apply the information that these Teachings provide they will help to change and improve your own life substantially as they have mine and so many others. They are Truly Wonderful and such a Blessing to those of us who are seeking greater Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding.

Over time I hope to have a substantial list here yet please note that formatting for the website takes a great deal of time and so I shall be doing this as time does permit. Still I think so much of these early works that I feel it is also an honor and a privilege to be able to share them with you. May they Bless and enrich your life as much as they have mine!

These are short, a quick read indeed and yet the wisdom they offer is deep and profound. If ever you need a mental boost of Upliftment, I hope and pray that you shall find something here that will serve your needs!

Gratitude Never Fails - Earl D. Barnum

Right Action Governs - Robert Bitzer

Your Exciting Now - Don Blanding

Thoughts Are Things Of Tomorrow - Marie D. Gillespie

Partner In The Firm - R. H. Grenville

Your Word Creates - Juanella Evans Lynch

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