Donation Page

Over the years many people have emailed saying that we should put a donation button of some sort on our website as they have found that even reading the descriptions of the essences or the articles to have been very helpful for them personally. Sometimes people do not feel the need to place an order and yet they want to share their expression of Gratitude for something that the website has provided them. So we have decided to offer a two options for you to use if you would like to make a donation. We originally had a donation button but have removed it because it wants to add shipping charges to the donations. So instead if you do want to use Paypal you can send it to the following email address: Paypal can convert your currency into USA Dollars if needed.

You can also snail mail your donation to:

Morningstar - Divine Change
209 A Hill St
Wilson, NC

We Thank you for your support of all that we do here at Morningstar and please know how much we truly do appreciate you all! Spirit Bless you with an Abundance of All Good & Happiness!

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