Please Donate To Keep These Pages Available – Here Is Why & How

First I would like to say Thank you to everyone who has donated to keep these pages going. Your support and generosity has touched me more than you shall ever know and I deeply, deeply appreciate each and every one of you! These pages were so close to being shut down and I am so glad and very Thankful that for the time being at least I can keep them going.

I am in the process of creating a Subscription platform and I do want to insure that I have enough set up in advance that I can serve those who subscribe in the best way that I can. If you read the update pages through the link provided at the top of the Articles List page, you can see some of what I intend to provide for subscribers. Some things will remain free and other things will be locked down and available for Subscribers or people who do donate only. I didn’t want to ever have to do this and yet there are valid reasons why I have come to this decision.

And by the way, if you prefer to skip the following and just send a donation, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

When I first started all of these pages, including the Angel Oracle, I wanted to keep everything available for free and prayed that I would receive enough donations or money through other avenues that I would be able to do so without financially harming myself or the people who rely on me. And for many years I was able to do this. Unfortunately for a while now it has become apparent to me that this wasn’t happening anymore and I had to sit myself down and figure out why.

The long and short of it is after much praying, meditating and pondering, the message I started to receive repeatedly was, in part, that I had inadvertently encouraged people to think they could receive something for nothing and that just isn’t true. This actually violates Spiritual Law because the Truth is and this is so important that I am going to put it in larger letters:

We either give to the constructive experiences of Life or we are forced to give to the destructive. The choice is always ours, but one way or another, give we must and give we will, one way or another.

Personally, I have had first hand experience of both. I much prefer the former over the latter and in Truth when I have given I always received more back than I gave. This is why every Spiritual Path on the planet teaches people to tithe, donate, contribute, call it what you will. It not only benefits the person or organization you give to, it also benefits you. It protects what you already have and multiplies it. It deepens your own Spiritual understanding and Wisdom and that always changes your life for the better. Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding helps to heal you on every level and no matter what challenge you are facing, you will be shown the ways to overcome it. Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding will give you greater Peace of Mind and believe me, that in and of itself is priceless. That alone will Prosper you, it will help heal your body if that is what you require, it will promote a better flow in your working life or student life, it will create greater Harmony in your relationships with others, it will create a happier home, even move you to a better home. There is nothing that cannot be re-formed into the Divine Pattern for your life through having more Peace you have in your life!

(And yes, there will be articles for those of us who have “challenges” Receiving shall we say. Yes, that does include me though I Am improving Thankfully!)

The amount you give to those who provide you with your “Spiritual Food” is of course up to you. Many times I have talked to people who started by sending off a dollar or two or week or even a month. They soon found that more money was coming to them through more and more avenues and was often in unexpected and surprising ways. As they gradually increased what they were giving, the more the flow continued to increase.

When I was a teenager, my father had a heart attack and landed in hospital for a quadruple bypass. As the only wage earner, and though they had money put by, it was obvious that it would be months before he would be able to return to work. My mother who attended church on a regular basis, also always tithed weekly to her church even though from time to time dad protested. She said it was important and continued to do it, she wasn’t about to stop and by Heaven, she did it because she thought it truly was the Right thing to do! And there is no doubt in my mind that this was the primary reason why the following occurred.

I was at home when his employer stopped by to talk to me. I had known him for many years and had always liked and respected him, but what he said to me that day was so unexpected that it is etched in my mind as though it is happening here and now. He said to me “I want you to tell your parents that for as long as it takes your father to heal, I will be sending his pay every week as though he was still on the job. He helped make me a wealthy man and this is the least I can do for him”. And he was true to his word. For 6 months, every week, that envelope arrived in the mail.

Now, if what I have to offer doesn’t serve you then of course I would much prefer that you find your own Spiritual Food elsewhere and give to that person or organization, absolutely! Because to do otherwise would be like walking into a grocery store and taking the food they have available and then going to yet another grocery store and handing them your money and walking out again. It doesn’t make sense and believe me, it doesn’t make sense to The Universe either and you won’t prosper through your giving the way Spirit intended for you to do.

If what I do have to offer you does serve you then absolutely, I welcome your donations and subscriptions with Gratitude! And I will continue to do all that I can to serve you in the best way I know how. Yet in order to do that I also have to pay for internet access, for utilities, for computer parts and repairs as needed (and Thank Heaven that my husband does know how to do all that yet of course we have to pay for the parts.) I also have to provide shelter, food and all the rest for my family. Writing itself takes a lot of time and energy, and of course I have to process the writing so that I can upload it to my site. The site itself costs money as well.

I could use a different platform and have ad space available and yet I never felt Guided to do that and still don’t. I also didn’t want an advertiser to tell me what I could or could not write and post to my site and believe me that does happen, more than most people realize.

At the end of the day, I realized when I sat down and really pondered over all of this that if everyone I have heard from over these many years praising my site and the content had also included a donation of any size, I would be wealthy enough today that I wouldn’t have to consider what I am doing now. While this made me feel somewhat sad it also taught me a very valuable lesson, one which I hope I can use to help others who are seeking to Manifest their own Spiritual work in the world and to Prosper through it. For if we choose not to Prosper or support the Prosperity of those who are seeking through their work to bring more Spiritual Light, Love and Wisdom into the world, we shall continue to have with us all the things that people love to complain about. And as we all know what those things are, I don’t feel inclined to go into detail over them.

Spirit Prospers people. Spirit Prospers people through people like you and me because we are Spirit’s hands and feet, arms and legs. We choose what kind of world we have through where we put our time, energy, thoughts and yes, Money. Now I have been through many times in my own life where I didn’t feel I had any Money to give and you know something, I didn’t. Not for a long time. Until I woke up and realized what I was saying and started to give what I could. It wasn’t much, believe me, it wasn’t what I would have liked to give at the time. Yet it did start the flow to me and benefited me and my family in ways I would never have expected or dreamed of. Be honest however, absolutely! If something isn’t working for you, you need to start digging deep within yourself and find out why. The answers ARE within you and you WILL find them! You just need to get as quiet as you can and start listening. You may not like the answer you receive, I sure didn’t. Yet if you listen and act upon it, the Right Doors will open! And the way shall be made clear for you. Spirit can and will bring Great Good forth from every situation if you will allow it. It is up to you however for Spirit is a “Gentleman / Lady” and will never force His/Her attentions upon you if that isn’t what you want.

To Donate you can do one of the following. You can send a donation through Paypal to

You can also snail mail a donation to:

Morningstar – Divine Change
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I hope to have the subscriptions buttons up and running by May 1 though this is tentative at this time. By then I intend to have much more content ready for subscribers as well and I am so looking forward to it! Above all this work is absolute Joy for me, there is nothing I would rather do and it is Truly what I feel called to do. I am so Grateful to each and every one of you who has helped and supported me in doing this and of course always and in all ways I am Grateful to Spirit!

For all those who donate or subscribe, please remember to claim from Spirit your Divine Rightful Multiplied Return of what you have given! YES it is okay to do this and indeed Spirit expects you to this!

Blessings to you all and know that I am so Grateful! And May all that you do Prosper, Grow and Thrive beyond your wildest expectations!


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