Are You Really Willing To Do What It Takes

One of the keys and perhaps one of the most important ones in Manifesting anything is to be very clear within yourself as to what you are willing to do day in and day out until what you have claimed for your life does Manifest. I once read somewhere that many people think that doing an Affirmation once or twice or spending a very small amount of time visualizing what they want is enough to bring it into form.

If you are really evolved in consciousness, yes. If you are like most people, you have some work to do. Which is why it is so very important that you become crystal clear as to what it is you really do desire in your life. (More on this later) It is so easy to get caught up in what we think we should want. Society after all is quite good at showing us all sorts of images and reminding us over and over that this is what others want and you should too. Heaven help you if you donít for surely there must be something wrong with you.

Yet each of us came into Being to be an individual expression of The Universe coming through us as us. Nothing in Nature is quite like any other of its own kind. There are subtle differences that we may be able to see with our physical eyes or sense with our Spiritual eyes. So it seems pointless to me that so many are rushing about trying to fit into the same mold as everyone else and never stopping to question as to whether they really want what everyone else seems to think they should want. Nor do they realize that ďshouldĒ tends to be a very dangerous word indeed and has caused untold misery in the world.

But back to sorting out what it is you want. The reason for this is simple. You have to be willing to go the distance, to put the time and energy into what you are wanting daily. In other words, you have to show up for it. And if it isnít something you really want, you wonít. You will find all sorts of excuses not to do the Spiritual exercises you have been Guided or taught to do. You may show up enough to do your affirmations for a few minutes and then ďforgetí to watch your thoughts and words the rest of the day. Being mindful of where your mind is wandering takes effort. It means you have to pay attention to how you are feeling from moment to moment, hour to hour, all day long. Because what you are feeling in any given moment is going to tell you a whole lot about what you are really thinking. And if you are feeling anything less than Good, your thoughts are not up to speed with where you want to go.

And when you do catch yourself having the most negative fest ever you need to have some idea of what you are going to do to pull yourself out of it and that takes planning. And that planning means you need to be willing to take time away from something else that is of less value to you than what you desire to Manifest. Are you going to have affirmations handy that you can turn too? What about music that you especially enjoy or a YouTube video featuring the cutest kittens known to humankind. What ever works for you to pull you up and over the happy edge is what you want to do. And you want to have an appropriate plan in place for wherever you may be if you need it. Obviously what is wonderful when you are at home might not be so helpful at work or school.

You also need to be willing to just sit with what ever garbage is coming up for a time and just allow it to be what it is for you when you are having an especially hard time letting it go. Donít try to shove it back down, but do try some self-talk that is encouraging and compassionate. For example, when these moments come up for me and they do, though far less often than they used to, I remind myself that The Universe is everywhere present and that includes right where I am. Something Greater than myself is looking after me, Loves me, and only desires the best for me and this Presence will not let go of me for all of eternity. When I canít hold onto Spirit, I know Spirit is holding on to me. I remind myself that what I am feeling is not an obstacle, but something I am in the process of releasing from within me. It is actually helping me to Manifest Greater Good by showing me where I am getting in my own way. Because then I can do something about it. I can name it and I can consciously move through the process of letting it go. Itís no longer running my life with me unaware that it is.

So once in a while you fall down, we all do, then you need to be willing to pick yourself back up again and start where you left off. You donít give up when it starts to feel more challenging than you had hoped or the doubts and fears creep in. You are determined to keep going because it is the most important thing you can do for yourself and the people that you love. You do it because you feel compelled from within to do this thing. You know you are opening new doors and blazing new trails that will make it that much easier for the person coming up behind you. You do it because someone came along before you did and made it easier for you to get to where you want to go. You know you are paying it forward.

Yes it takes effort and also time. Spending time Meditating, in Prayer or just sitting quietly in Nature, all of these things are going to take time away from other things in your life. Are you still willing to do them to get what you say you want? And this is all just the spiritual side of things. A very small number of things that can be done on the Spiritual level and oh, there is so much more!

Then there is the work to be done on the physical level! Letís say someone wants to be a world famous chef. That person is going to have to give up doing other things they might find appealing in the moment to hone their skills. Anything you say you desire to be you can be if you are willing to put in the work and effort it takes. It requires a certain amount of discipline and focus. Yet if it is truly for you, it is also going to be a great deal of fun. When you get up in the morning the thought of having another day to do it all again is going to make you very happy indeed. If it isnít really for you, if it doesnít truly ring your chimes you are not going to last 3 days doing all that you know you are going to need to do let alone for the length of time it may require to bring the fullness of the Manifestation into being. Which really is a wonderful thing. Because if it isnít truly for you to do, better that you realize it now so you can lay it aside and figure out what it is you really do want.

You probably do know what you really desire to Manifest. I know it can feel scary; we all tend to think it isnít possible for us to bring our dreams into Being at first. But one thing you must know. Nothing less is going to satisfy you anyway so you may as well give into it and get on with it. You will be glad you did because this is when it can start to get really fun. All those things I mentioned and more, all the time and effort, if it is towards what is really in your heart you are going to want to do it. You are going to want to try every tool and every technique. Then you will search for more. You will commit to spending the time you need to bring your dreams into Being as you are meant to do by Spirit. You will be willing to set aside the things that are not nearly of as much value to you because they do not fulfill you at the same level as pursuing what really matters to you does. You wonít care what anyone else thinks and if you are really smart you wonít tell them what you are up to anyway unless you know that they can be 100% in your corner.

When you reach the point where you are bound and determined to Manifest what is in your heart of hearts, you are ready for the next level: Practicing The Presence Of What You Really Want To Manifest

Which is another article for another day.

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