Divine Messages Come When You Least Expect Them


And they do and when they come, they are always just what someone needed to know and understand. Amazing how The Universe works.

I had been grappling with some things in my own mind and was turning a few options over, none of which felt completely right. Yet I kept at it, thinking, again, that if I kept focused on them that surely one would eventually make more sense or feel better for me to do than another. And so yet again as I left to go run errands early in the morning these same things came tumbling over and over in my mind. I felt so strongly that there was an answer, Spirit always has the answer, and I knew that answer already had to be within my own mind for where else could it be? Still I felt like I was trying to pound one answer over another into a space where it just didn’t want to fit, no matter how much I continued to pound away at one or the other.

One errand accomplished, I left that place to go the next when I noticed there was a Crow hopping about in the parking area I was walking through. I greeted Crow as I always do and navigated my way across the street to reach my next errand stop. I then noticed that Crow had followed me across the street and was hopping about it the second parking lot. I again acknowledged that I saw him but also said “I have no idea what you are wanting or trying to tell me and frankly, my mind is feeling a bit fried this morning so if there is something you want me to understand, you are going to have to make it beyond abundantly clear.”

I then entered the shop that I needed to stop at and while there chatted for several minutes with the manager who is also a friend. She is one of those people who does a stellar job, is fabulous at interacting with customers, even the ones that I know she could cheerfully strangle, and is just an all round wonderful person to know. The type that you only wish the absolute best for because of what a Good person she really is. Of course there is another lesson here as well, for we are to wish EVERYONE the absolute best in life, even those who do horrible things or that we could cheerfully strangle ourselves. Because it is the Right thing to do. It is the Spiritual thing to do and it is what Spirit directs us to do.

My friend had some Good News to share and while it is wonderful for her, many of us who know her are really going to miss her. She is being moved to a different store that just needs a little help instead of the previous two stores she has managed where they had sent her in to clean up the big messes in each. She wasn’t sure when she would be moving on but probably within the next two weeks. I thought to myself, I think this is a message that we too, my family and myself, are going to be moving on soon as well. I don’t know how or when for certain, but that what is coming is much, much better than our two previous homes have been.

You see, for a long time now I had been feeling that we too were being sent into places that were “big messes” in one way or another and while we have been able to help others clean some of those messes up, frankly I am rather tired of it. Like my friend, I was reaching a point where I just wanted things to be a bit easier, to feel that I could hand what I was doing off to someone else whose job it really now is. And I do know why in part I had ended up being a part of the “Universal Clean-Up Crew”. For years when ever anyone saw me cleaning and said something such as “why don’t you go park yourself for a while and rest, you have been doing that all day” I would respond with something I heard off an ad once – “Life’s messy, Clean it up”. I don’t say that anymore. What was really a joke on my part The Universe took seriously for our words never return unto us void.

I left the shop and of course, Crow was still there in the parking lot waiting for me. I stopped, looked at him and said okay, what is it, you have had me in your sights for a good 20 minutes now what gives? At that moment a big gust of wind came up and Crow took off flying straight into it. He was all over the map, tilting this way and that, wings flapping madly as he tried to stay airborne. I stood there yelling at him “you idiot, you just flew into a big headwind” and that is when the penny dropped. I was the foolish one. I had been trying to do the same thing, not once, not twice, but over and over and over again. Yet it took the Wisdom of Spirit moving through Crow to get the message across to me. I knew right then and there that it wasn’t up to me to “get the answer”. Spirit has the answer yes indeed and when it is time for me to know it, then everything will fall into place. My job right now is to just let go. And in that moment I did. I felt as though a huge weight had dropped off my shoulders, landed with a thud in that parking lot and I walked away free.

I am going to miss my friend when she moves on. When we move on from here to the place where we are Truly Intended by Spirit to be I am going to miss a lot of people here. I have never had that happen before. Sure I have missed a few people from all the different places I have lived but this time it really is different. I have changed and I had changed more than I realized even before we came here. I am continuing to change and grow and develop myself in ways that I hadn’t ever dreamed were possible for me to do. When the time is right, when I have changed enough and I know I have changed enough in Divine Mind, then I am ready to move on too. In Truth, I am moving on. Right now I am just waiting for the physical around me to catch up with the Inner Reality of me. That is all it is.

Maybe there are some messages that you are needing to get right now too. I think there always is, for all of us, all of the time to be honest. I don’t think even the most Conscious among us gets all the messages that are theirs to get. It really is okay though for Spirit will never cease trying anything and everything to get through to us until we do get it and that is a promise you can take to the bank! Still, be willing to just note what is going on around you as you move through your days. What appears to be unusual or surprising to you? That is probably the medium through which your message is being conveyed to you. If you will sit quietly with it, ponder it and then let it go, you will get it and you will understand. You will know the Truth of it by how it makes you feel. It will come as a lightening like insight that you just can’t miss. If we are wise, we will accept the message and hang tight to it. It is so easy to try and go backwards, to dismiss what we know to be True instead of allowing ourselves to let go long enough so we can be moved forward.

. In the book the Magic of Intuition by Florence Scovel Shinn she tells a wonderful story of how visitors were touring the city of London many years ago and nothing impressed them until they saw an escalator. They said “the ground walks!” Choose right now to stand on “the ground that walks” or as she expressed it “I am now on the ground that walks, which takes me right to my promised land, in a magical way”.

I know this is what I intend to say from here on out.

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