Aurora Borealis Diamond Essences

We can never really go where God is not, and where He is, all is well. - Author Unknown

The word Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas meaning unconquerable. Hardest of all the gem stones, Diamonds support us when we are facing challenges or goals that require great courage, a passion for attaining the best in life (what ever that means to us as individuals) or when we need to infuse our lives with a greater passion for living overall. They are excellent for pursuing dreams that seem to be impossible to attain as well as giving one the courage and strength when "under fire" to stand tall in one's own truth.
Diamonds are the birthstone for April which indicates they are especially important for embarking on new projects or when one desires a strong new beginning in life. So many people have found that instead of pursuing one career or lifestyle for a lifetime, they find they must change horses in midstream so to speak. They enter a time in which nothing is guranteed, all bets are up for grabs and one needs to set the sails towards a new course. Diamond energy helps us to follow through, to heed the quest call of one's own Soul, to have the courage to venture further beyond the boundaries into the great unknown.

Diamonds are the traditional gift for 10th and 60th anniversarys and these numbers reflect that through completion (10) comes a new beginning (10 reduced to 1) and success (60 reduced to 6). For those that need to complete something in their lives or are needing to start over in some way, Diamond energy can be invaluable to help insure a successful outcome.

Diamonds are also associated with fidelity, committment, passion, intensity and wealth. In planetary/astrological terms they can be thought of as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Those with these planets or the signs they rule strong in the natal chart may find Diamonds to be of great benefit in many areas of life. They can help us to bring out the best of ourselves from within and then radiating that brilliant light out to the rest of the world.

These essences can be chosen using the keywords that follow or simply by using your own intuition as to what would be appropriate for you at this time. Certainly the colours will relate to the chakras and Black to earth and protection/grounding energies, but just as the colourless Diamond flashes forth with a dazzling spectrum of colour ( just like the Aurora Borealis) so too do all the Diamond essences have much more to offer than a few words can convey.

Black Diamond
Affirmation - I Am Able To Set Firm Boundaries That I May Have The Time & Space I Need To Rejuvenate

This essence is especially helpful for Healers (or anyone else!) who find themselves constantly "on call" and are thus unable to really relax or take a break from their daily activities. It helps to provide boundaries on an energy level so that one is not being continually asked to provide support but instead can allow themselves to rest and recharge as needed. On all levels it is extremely grounding while still allowing one to remain open to the Higher frequencies. One just doesn't get pulled off centre by the influx of energy no matter how open one is becoming. Those who have Crows and or Ravens as totems may find this essence to be especially helpful.

Blue Diamond
Affirmation - I Always Hear My Higher Guidance Clearly & Easily

All forms of communication are enhanced, attracts angelic energies, especially those of Archangels Michael and Auriel. Clears muddied or confused thinking, helps one to set a course of action that is in alignment with higher goals and desires of the Soul. Helps to broaden and expand one's ability to communicate with and receive guidance from the Expanded or Higher Self. Those who have Dolphin as a totem may find this essence to be especially helpful.

Green Diamond
Affirmation - Each Day I Expect That Only The Best Is Going To Happen For Me And It Does

Helps one to move forward rapidly when setting an intent while using this essence. For great happiness and joy, attuning one's mind to expect the best while opening the heart to accept the best. Helpful for getting to the heart of poverty and scarcity issues, may also be helpful when working with Feng Shui as it helps one to pierce through to see exactly what issues need to be addressed in relation to the Ba-guas. Attracts help for growing and strengthening a business, both on the material and spiritual planes. All totems benefit.

Lavender Diamond
Affirmation - I Know The Spiritual Path That Is Truly Right For Me & I Follow It With Ease

Helps to clear confusion and doubt in regards to one's spirirtual path and purpose in life. Brings a sense of peace and feelings of serenity, trusting in the power of Light and the Universe and knowing that all is well.

Orange Diamond
Affirmation - I Am Riding The Blissful Wave Of My Creative Energy

Stimulates creativity and allows one to connect with the Devas of Creative works through writing, painting, poetry, sculpture, music, etc. Helps to balance sexual energy and is excellent for those who seek to channel their sexual expression into their creative or spiritual endeavours.

Pink Diamond
Affirmation - My Heart Is Filled With Love For Myself & All Of Life

Excellent for the heart chakra, especially when there has been serious trauma or distress to this chakra. Also increases one's capacity to accept and feel joy in one's life, very uplifting and protective.

Red Diamond
Affirmation - I Feel Very Positive & Motivated. Nothing Can Hold Me Back Now!
Helps to purify and clear survival and poverty fears from the Root chakra. This is also a very grounding essence that also helps to get one motivated on important projects and goals. Feedback on this essence also suggests that Red Diamond is an attractor of good luck, prosperity and beneficial people/circumstances, and this may also be due to its ability to clear early pre-verbal fears and anxiety from the root chakra.

White Diamond
Affirmation - I Totally Trust In My Connection With The Universe To Create The Life I Desire

Brings a greater sense of balance between all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. One feels a much stronger connection the Universe and trusts in one's ability to create a life filled with joy, peace and abundance. Clears the energy of the Aura and Energy Bodies, detatching cordings, energy parasites and negative thought forms from others .

Yellow Diamond
Affirmation - I Stand Firm In The Convictions That Arise From My Heart & Soul. I Know That I Have The Support Of The Entire Universe Behind Me

Greatly strengthens the will in the face of overwhelming oppostion and stress. Having the courage to follow through on difficult decisions or choices without backing down, but remaining true to that which you know is right and good for you. Both personal and business success has been enhanced through the use of this essence.

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