The Daily Angel

Mute Swan

The Angel Of Moving On

The Angel Of Moving On Has A Message For You Today;

If you have been feeling a sense of "Divine Discontent" recently it is a sign from Heaven that youu are ready to let go of the old and move on to the Greater Good that is now awaiting you! There is always something better that The Divine has planned for you, and by Gracefully releasing the old, you can more easily expand into the new.

Make a list today of the things you would most like to see leave your life and then affirm " I Am Releasing These Things Into The Loving Hands Of Heaven & I Now Rejoice In The Greater Good That Is Coming To Me Now!" Often there is a time gap between when the old releases you and the new takes its place but do not fear, have patience! Be willing to continue the above affirmation for as long as it feels Right and know that the new is coming and more quickly than you think!

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