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It is never too late to become what you might have been. - George Eliot.

There are a number of wonderful Quartz Crystal Essences that I have been wanting to add to the site for a long time now and now that the time is finally here, I felt they really deserved their own page. As with all Gem essences, they help us with a wide range of issues from stabilizing our energy fields to balancing the chakras. They are excellent for problems of a long standing nature, or issues that seem impossible to shift.

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Affirmation - My Spiritual Being Is Expanding & Blossoming

An all-purpose spiritual essence, Amethyst also keeps our energy bodies clear of debris and toxicity. When combined with other essences, it is very helpful for drawing prosperity and abundance.

Amethyst / Smokey Quartz / Citrine

Affirmation - All That I Desire Manifests For Me In The Perfect Way & Time

Assists in bringing about what is desired into manifestation. This essence is more for long term goals such as buying a house, business expansion, drawing a marital partner and so forth rather than for quick manifestation. It also helps to align one’s energy field with the energy of right focused will, pulling in protective and stabilizing energies from the earth and remaining grounded while opening the higher chakras.


Affirmation - I Am Now Completely Open To The Abundant Flow Of All Good Into My Life

This essence clears negativity from the aura and the mental body. It is the essence for attaining "Heaven on Earth".

Aurora Quartz (Aka Anandalite)

Affirmation - Each Day Is Joyful & Blissful For Me. All Good Flows Like A Fountain Into My Life!

This is a very High and Divinely exquisite crystal essence that sweeps all of the chakras clean and balances them, helps one to reach and maintain a very high level of bliss and joy for longer and longer periods of time. It helps one to better hear one's Guides and Master Teachers, "hearing within" the perfect solutions to problems and challenges. It also helps with the process of Manifestation, making the process much easier and more enjoyable. Its a feeling of being able to allow things to happen rather than trying to make things happen. The latter actually sets up resistance which slows the Manifestation of what is desired down! It is through relaxing and enjoying the process that Manifesting most quickly and easily occurs. This essence also appears to attract Synchronicity and helps one to better grasp and understand the messages The Universe is sending forth. When one is ready to take a profound step upwards and onwards, this is a wonderful essence to work with!

Black Phantom Crystal

Affirmation - I Know I Am Completely Safe As I Ground Fully Into My Physical Body

Shamanic Healing, Totem Animal Retrievals, Raven Medicine, removal of implants and cords. This essence is also very grounding and is wonderful for people who have trouble grounding because they feel it is unsafe for them to be completely in their bodies. This essence helps these folks feel safe and protected, knowing that the entire of The Universe is with them and supporting them in every way.

Bridge Crystal

Affirmation - I Recognise Myself As Being My Higher/Expanded Self

Activation of the Higher Self. This essence is a very powerful generator of positive energy and can be used to attract more positive, loving light into every facet of one's life. It helps to stimulate more expanded feelings of well being and happiness through the fuller expression of your own Higher or Expanded Self in your life and affairs.


Affirmation - I Deserve Only Good & I Allow This Into My Life Experience Now

An excellent essence for those who never felt worthy of having anything better in life and who feel they only deserve the dregs. Its a powerful healer and enhancer for the Solar Plexus Chakra, helps one to feel more confident as well as worthy and able to receive more goodness in their lives. This is also an excellent essence for overcoming strongly negative thinking and feelings.

Cranberry Quartz

Affirmation - I Expect That The Best Shall Happen For Me & It Does!

Such a Divinely Happy essence! Cranberry Quartz is a mixture of Rose Quartz and Amethyst and as such it does carry the qualities of both. It also helps to increase ones sense of Positive Expectations, feeling at a deep inner level that all is truly well and that only Good can come from a given situation. It helps one to re-frame life experiences, instead of seeing the negative, to look to see what could be the positive aspects. It helps us to let go of what was so what we need to embrace next can come into being. Combining this essence with Honeysuckle from the 38 Herb Essencs can be especially helpful if someone is having a lot of challenges with this. This is a very liberating essence, it helps to free us from self-imposed limitations and chains so we can blossom forth in Higher and more Divinely Expanded ways. It helps us to see more of the potentials and possibilities of life, rather than looking through a limited/narrow framework. The more expanded one's vision, the more Divine Opportunities and joyful experiences one begins to attract!

Cross Quartz Crystal

Affirmation - My Path Of True Service Is Being Shown To Me Now

Clears all the chakras and helps to prepare one for one's true path of service in this lifetime. Also helps to release any tendencies of wanting to be a martyr, understanding that "sacrificing" yourself only limits your own and others spiritual evolution because it contributes to the long held belief that the spiritual path must be heavy with pain and suffering. This belief tends to deter people from embarking on a spiritual path of their own because they then fear that they will have to give up everything that they love and enjoy. Spirit in all its wisdom gave us the capacity to feel pleasure because it is one of the fastest ways to attain a more enlightened consciouness.

Dow Crystal

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Transmitter Of Light, Love & Healing Energy

Dow Crystals help to bring Balance and Upliftment into our lives. They also support Those who are Lightworkers and Master Healers, helping them to broadcast an even greater and more powerful radiance of Light Energy to benefit All. For those in training as any sort of Guide/Reader, Healer or Lightworker, this essence can be invaluable.

Enhydro Quartz

Affirmation - I Accept & Honour My Emotions By Using Them To Create More Good For Myself & Others

This is an important essence for dealing with strong emotions and learning how to channel them into constructive channels.

Faden Quartz

Affirmation - I Find That Which I Seek With Ease & Joy

This Essence helps us to find that which we are seeking, be it information (including esoteric), a relationship, greater abundance and prosperity, and for several people, even a new home. It helps us to see those things we may previously have overlooked as well as to discover that which we didn't know existed but have need of in the present moment. Such a Blessing that is! Faden Quartz also helps to mend tears and holes in the Etheric bodies.

Gateway Crystal

Affirmation - I Am Now Moving Into Bright New Realms Of All Possibilities

This essence helps us to move far beyond where we have been able to go before. It really does provide a "Gateway" through which we can move in order to create a much happier, more successful and fulfilling life than ever before. This essence also helps us to attain Higher and Higher states of Consciousness and Awareness, enhances Intuition and to feel more greatly attuned to the Higher Flow of The Universe.

Generator Crystal

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Generator Of Energy & Magnetism. I Send Forth This Energy Into Any Positive Channel/Goal That I Desire To Make Manifest

Bringing forth intense Spiritual energy and power that can then be used to attract that which is wanted/needed. This energy can also be sent to others who are in need of protection or support, to assist them in Manifesting their own dreams and goals.

Golden Himalayan Enhydro Crystal

Affirmation - I Know That Anything Is Possible For Me To Achieve As I Tap Into The Light & Power Of My Soul

Manifesting that which on the surface appears to be impossible to achieve. Opening to knowing that there are an infinite number of possibilities and potentials inherent in all of life, you only have to reach out and embrace this idea for it to become true for you.

Golden Rutilated Star Quartz

Affirmation - My Talents & Abilities Shine Brightly & The World Loves What I Do!

Polishing and utilising your Divinely given talents and abilities to the fullest! Uncovering latent abilities and pursuing those that give you the most joy and satisfaction. Helps to attract those who can assist and support you in getting your talents recognised. Also very helpful for those who are seeking to attract people to their Life's Work by etherically "spreading the word" and attracting those you can be of most service to.

Harlequin Crystal

Affirmation - I Am Dancing Through Life With Joy & Vitality!

This is a very Uplifting, Joyful essence that helps to attract more Energy in all forms and to infuse one with an absolute passion for life. It encourages us to broaden our horizons, to take a chance and do something new, to do those things one may have longed to do but never quite had the courage or confidence to pursue. Harlequin Crystal teaches us that our only limits are those we place upon ourselves and our lives.

Isis Timeline Crystal

Affirmation - I Am Safe. The Past Has Now Been Healed & I Am Free

This essence is very helpful in healing and releasing the energy of events from one's past that were very damaging and painful. It is also a very powerful Feminine Energy essence that helps women to empower themselves to be all that they are capable of being.

Key Crystal

Affirmation - I Have Now Unlocked The Door That Leads To The Solutions & Answers I Am Seeking

This essence helps us to find the answers and solutions we need but may be overlooking or seem to be hidden from view. It helps us to relax, knowing that as we let go, we allow the Universe to step in and Guide us to that which we are seeking. This essence also gives us new insight into past events as well as events that are happening in the present moment. It encourages us to look at things in fresh, new ways that we may broaden our perspectives on life itself.

Lemurian Seed Crystal - Pink

Affirmation - The Universal Life Force Flows Through Me In Ever Greater Abundance & Ease

Star Link-up and feeling a very powerful connection to The Universal Life Force. These crystals are believed to have been planted within the earth by the Lemurians themselves and this essence is also strongly evocative of their energy and can assist one in gaining access to their wisdom and guidance.

Manifestation Crystal

Affirmation - My Ability To Manifest What I Want & Need Is Powerful Indeed

Considered to be one of the most powerful Manifesting tools of all, the essence of this crystal is also very powerful and helpful in assisting us in the Manifestation of what we truly desire to be, have and experience in life.

Ouro Verde Quartz

Affirmation - I Am Being Positively Flooded With Money Energy & Abundance

Also known as Green Gold, essence of Oura Verde Quartz is an extremely powerful amplifier of positive energy. It also strengthens confidence in one's ability to attract prosperity and abundance and awakening to all the opportunities there are in the world to prosper and grow.

Pineapple Quartz

Affirmation - My Business Is Thriving & Prospering More Each Day

Greatly enhances the feelings of connection with the Universe as well as the physical world. Can be very helpful for any matters related to business endeavours including manifesting a more prosperous, successful business that is in keeping with one's higest ethics and spiritual beliefs.

Polished Fire Quartz Crystal

Affirmation - I Accomplish All That I Desire To Accomplish Each & Every Day. I Feel Motivated & Passionate!

Heals traumas from past lives. Lights a fire under one's feet when you need to get moving on something and just can't muster the energy to do so! For those who have been traumatized by violence and feel frozen in their ability to move forward, this may be a very important essence in getting the energy moving again. Helps to instill faith in the present and future, dispels depressing thoughts and feelings and replaces them with strong vibrations of joy.

Purple Phantom Flame Crystal

Affirmation - I Am Shielded & Protected From Negative Energies, Both On Energy & Physical Levels

This beautiful esence dispells negativity and stress, attracting more harmonious and joyful energies to replace that which has been released. This is important for once something has been released, it creates a void where other energies can rush in. Some of these energies may be positive, yet others may be equally as negative if not more so as what was released. This essence helps to insure that only Positive energies can fill the void. This essence is also a powerful Crown Chakra opener and helps to increase Intuition and Clairvoyance.

Quartz Crystal - Elestial

Affirmation - I Am Consciously Aware Of A Greater Reality & I Know How To Tap Into Its Energies For The Benefit Of Myself & Others

This essence assists us in connecting consciously with "Framework 2", a concept Seth, through medium Jane Roberts discussed in their book "The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events". Framework 2 is where we journey subconsciously to gather energy to manifest in our conscious reality, or Framework 1. By doing so consciously, we are choosing from all possibilities.

Rainbow Crystal

Affirmation - My Life Is Cleansed & Renewed. I Know That So Much Good Is Coming Into My Life Right Now!

Release of Negativity. This delightful essence brings hope and cheer after the "rain" has fallen, reminding us that even the rain brings about new life and growth for the better! People who feel a strong resonance with Rainbows in general find this essence to be very helpful and supportive of all aspects of their lives.

Rose Quartz

Affirmation - My Heart Energy Is Uplifted & I Soar High On Wave Upon Wave Of Divine Love

Excellent for the heart chakra and a wonderful gentle healer for any emotional upsets that impact the heart chakra. Especially helpful for those who are undergoing the loss of a relationship or any sort of loss where one feels one's heart is breaking.

Silver Phantom Quartz Crystal

Affirmation - I Clearly Visualise That Which I Desire To Manifest & Thus Attract It To Me

This is a wonderful essence to use for Creative Visualisation, both for those who are old hands at this process as well as people who are new to it and feel that they are having some challenges being able to picture more clearly what they are wanting.

Siva Manifestation Enhydro Crystal

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Manifestor Of Abundance, Prosperity & Auspicious Events In My Life

This essence helps to attract auspicious events into ones life that produce the manifestation of what is wanted/needed. Good Luck, Happy cicumstances and events, greater Spiritual awareness and energy. Also helps those who are working to better understand the Laws of The Universe.

Smokey Quartz

Affirmation - I Am Grounded & centered From The Core Of My Being

Highly grounding and stabilising, good to work with when trying to manifest long range goals and dreams. Also excellent for clearing negative energies from the Aura and one's environment.

Smokey Quartz with Rutile

Affirmation - I Am Focused, Grounded & Able To Achieve My Goals

This essence is both highly grounding and stabilising for those who are involved with several projects or one large complex endeavour. A sort of "steady as she goes" essence, it allows us to sail through projects and achieve goals with greater ease, awareness and joy. This essence is also very helpful for those who need several things to come together at once in order for what they need or desire to Manifest. Even though it would seem to be very difficult if not impossible on the surface, this essence reminds us that there is nothing that is too big for The Universe to handle. All shall come together in the perfect way and time!

Synchronicity Crystal

Affirmation - Synchronicity Flows Through My Life, Guiding Me & supporting Me In All Things

This is an amazing essence not only for drawing more synchronicity into one's life, but also validation one one's life path, that the attainment of goals and dreams are possible and also attracts wonderful energy that simply makes day to day life so much more enjoyable!

Tibetan Double Terminated Black Crystal

Affirmation - Nothing Stands In My Way For The Power Of The Universe Flows Through Me & IS Me In Physical Form

This is a Master Essence for clearing all sorts of energy blocks both within on all levels and cleansing the Aura as well. It is an essence for deeply centered meditation, able to make large shifts of consciousness more easily and effectively. Highly protective, this is a wonderful essence for everyday use to keep your energy bright and clear. It is very grounding and yet also allows you to reach higher states of consciousness with ease, uniting heaven and earth within you.

Transformation Crystal

Affirmation - I Am Directing The Speed & Flow Of Positive Change In My Life

Speeds change and enhances inner awareness. This is a wonderful essence to use when something that you are wanting to manifest is a long time in coming or there appear to be many roadblocks in the way. It helps to make you aware of your thoughts and beliefs that are impeding your progress in regards to a specific situation.

Transmitter Crystal

Affirmation - I Now Hear My Divine Guidance Easily & Clearly

Guide connections, Synchronicity. This essence also helps to enhance greater awareness of messages coming to you from your Higher or Expanded Self

Vogel Crystal

Affirmation - The Radiant Light Within Me Is Actively Working Now To Heal & Uplift The Planet & All Of Life

A powerful essence for light workers as it helps to focus energy of specific goals both for personal and planetary healing. May be used to transmit healing and telepathic words of encouragement to others. Helps one to understand more clearly the messages one is getting from Guides and Totems as well as one's Angels.

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