Comet Ison

Comet Ison has proven itself to be filled with enexpected surprises as well as wild imaginings. Long considered harbingers of doom, Comets have long been feared ever since humanity first looked up into the Heavens. Yet on a symbolic, Spiritual level, I feel they also play an important role in deepening our understanding of ourselves as both Spiritual as well as Physical Beings. We come from the Stars and we return to the Stars, for indeed as science has indicated, we are all made of "Star stuff" as is most everything on Planet Earth. Comets serve to remind us not only of this, but they also serve to remind us that what we refer to as eccentricity, chaos, lack of consistent form, operating on the leading edge of awareness or for some, even beyond this, is programmed deep within our Spiritual DNA. It is this Blessed deep programming that allows some individuals to come forth to serve as examples of how Humanity as a whole can evolve.

The orbits of Comets do not conform to what we consider to be a "normal" type of orbit. Planets because they are closer to the Sun, have a fairly well defined orbit. In human terms, we could look at this as those individuals whose lives roughly conform to what is considered to be "normal and acceptable" within their given society. They are so deeply programmed within their own consciousness (and I am not saying this is good or bad, it is just what it is) to follow along with what the majority of the group think is important that they don't even think about it in individual terms. They are to a degree, comfortable being told what to want, what to do and how to do it. If the thought of not conforming should enter their awareness, it is likely to cause them a great sense of unease, genuine fear that they may be 'culled from the herd", made an outcast, due to their non-conforming behaviour. Humans are social creatures and as such we all strive to be included within some form of group energy that we feel can provide us with the degree of safety and protection we need to survive. (There are those that are truly "in the world but not of it" but these individuals are exceedingly rare. It is what we all aspire to be on a conscious level, but the vast majority of us are not there yet.)

Consider the following example of how most humans operate. Let's say we are on a crowded bus or train during the early morning commute. Most individuals unless they are very familiar with another passenger are probably going to keep primarily to themselves. These folks can be likened to the planets in our solar system. We know when we board that if passenger A is already on board, she will be sitting in her normal seat with her lap top, reading or typing away. Passenger B will be on his mobile phone, gently or not so gently annoying his fellow commuters. Passenger C will be staring out the window. And on it goes until passenger X decides to board. Now passenger x is new. His/her "normal" behaviour is of yet unnown to the others and so does create some sense of caution and unease among the usual crowd. As it turns out, passenger X is a Comet much like Ison. He/she ricochets around the bus or train, loudly greeting the formerly unknown fellow passengers and in general, making an absolute spectacle of themselves. All eyes and attention is focused on this new and rather startling passenger. No one knows just what will be the consequence of sharing the ride with such an eccentric individual, yet if the others are awake enough, they wil begin to question just why The Universe has thrown this individual so suddenly into their midst. Uncomfortable at the least and for some downright frightening, but nonetheless, there is also a sense that there is something quite new, even exciting, to be grasped here. And so it is with Comet Ison.

Comet Ison like our passenger X has much to share with us. The more comfortable one is with the possibility of transformation and change, the more positively Ison is able to be of use to us. The energy is there regardless, we can choose to explore it or ignore it, but once it has entered our consciousness, there is no going back to exactly as we were before. Like Ison, we are in an orbit of Spiritual conciousness that is taking us ever closer to the "Sun" or Spirit. The closer we move towards Spiritual Conciousness, the more mass and energy we begin to spin off of ourselves, a cleansing begins to occur that becomes ever greater as we approach "perihelion". It has been interesting to me to note that not only among those who are spiritually aware, but those who do not have any set spiritual approach to life that all have one thing very much in common: each are in process of shedding or "spinning off" a great deal of energy. For some, it has been a conscious awareness that the career they have pursued for many years they simply cannot bear to pursue any longer. For others, there has been a cleansing or healing of past relationships. For others still it has been a shedding of material objects they have owned for many years yet no longer have any value or meaning for them. In a very real sense, a "fire sale" is going on and "everything must go!"

Its as though many can now see with greater clarity and Light what is of true value to them in their own lives. There is a greater sense of urgency to break away from the herd as one becomes aware the herd is heading for the cliff. One understands that there is something so much more that awaits if one is willing to at least peek around the edges of their own life. The vastness of what awaits can feel awesome or terrifying, as we become aware that we are that vastness and we no longer have the old container to hold our sense of that any longer. Ison helps us to examine the baggage we have been carrying and seeing it for what it is. We thought it was the Light as it trailed our behind us, for it was all we had ever known. It shone so brightly for a time, just like the tail of a Comet, that we persistently chose to focus our attention on it rather than where we were going. We believed that it was the be all and end all of our lives, the "he/she who dies wih the most toys wins" sort of perspective. And then we see that was only slowing us down, absorbing vast amounts of energy for us to maintain and then wondering why we feel so unfulfilled and unhappy in our lives.

Comet Ison allows us to be stripped bare of all that which we have been carrying along with us so that we can return to the fundamental or core Truth of our Being. This in and of itself is a frightening thought to many, for how will we survive if not for the dross that we have carried within and around us for so long? To no longer have that armor or protection feels very threatening on a physical/survival level. And yet could it not be that those very things are what really threatens not only our survival, but our ability to thrive? What if it is the willingness to simply let everything go is what will bring about the very things that bring us the most Joy and Happiness? For as it stands, scientists are still unclear as to whether Comet Ison has survived its journey around our Sun. At first glance, it seemed that it had broken up and been dissolved by our Sun, that it flew too close as did Icarus. Yet now it appears that something did remain, there is an essential spark that is carrying on, back out through its return journey through our solar system and beyond. It may not be able to be seen with all the technology that we have available to us today, but I feel in my heart that it still exists. It has become "enlightened", and just as a human who becomes enlightened may for all appearances appear to be the same on the outside, within it is very different. Nothing on the outer in any way, shape or form may appear to be different. Yet. However, because the Inner landscape has changed so radically, in time so too must the outer life experience change radically as well. The person may seem to be acting eccentrically, they no longer follow the same orbit or path as everyone else follows. They may stand out because what they are now seeking is to go further and farther but with less of what others think of as of value or needed. Yet what is of true service to them will not only remain, but will prosper and grow in that person's life. For they have come to a greater understanding of what Spirit has created them, as an individual Divine Spark of Light, to be and do. And when we pursue this, the Light we trail behind us becomes a True Blessing for all those who will follow our lead.

*It is interesting to look at the discovery chart for Comet Ison astrologically. Those who have the signs Virgo through Sagittarius strong in their natal charts may experience the passage of this Comet on very deep levels indeed. Google the following to take a look at the chart for yourself -

Comet Ison

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