The Sacred Celtic Tree Essences

While the information below on these important and sacred trees is not as extensive as I would like to be able to include, we hope it does give you some indication as to their healing qualities. The study of Celtic Wisdom and especially for me as it relates to trees, is a fascinating and lifelong pursuit. In the months to come I hope to be sharing in the online articles section of the website much more information about the sacred trees of the Celts.

Flower Essences Are Not Essential Oils. New Customers Please Read Before Ordering. Thank You!

Affirmation - I Listen To & Follow my Own Inner Guidance Above All Else

The energy of resurrection and the understanding of spiritual principles and laws. This essence also helps one to not be taken in by others, but to use wisdom and discernment at al times and to trust in one's own inner guidance.

Affirmation - My Intuition Leads me To Business Success & Prosperity

Clairvoyance, Money and Business.

Affirmation - I Make The Choices That Are Perfect For Me

The need to make a choice and the discernment to make the right one.

Affirmation - My Prosperity Grows Abundantly. I Easily Attract Good Fortune Into Every Area Of My Life!

The traditional Yule log that was burned for good fortune during the coming new year, this essence is also for prosperity and protection. This may be a very helpful essence for times when your money energy feels threatened by loss of job or other sources of income as well as for those who have a tendency to "fritter" their money away. Helps to bring debt and spending practices under control.

Affirmation - I Let Go Of What I Don't Need So I Can Attract What I Do

This essence is for new beginnings and birth. It supports us in letting go of what is no longer needed or desired so that new life experiences may be born. For times when the "birth process" feels prolonged or especially painful, this essence can be extremely valuable. This may also be a very helpful essence for women in any stage of pregnancy.

Affirmation - The Changes In My Life Are Leading Me To Something Better

Helps one to cope with unexpected change that creates a major life turning point. Can also be used to break up stagnant energy so one can consciously manifest a major life change.

Affirmation - Only Abundant Good Can Come My Way

The Hawthorn has strong associations with Crows and the blossoms were (and in some areas still are) placed at the base of the May Pole. This essence signifies a rite of passage especially after a period of stress and struggle. It helps to banish strife, is a powerful shield against negative influences and can be used to rid one's self of "ill wishes" that have been sent from another person, especially when the basis of the ill wish is jealousy.

Affirmation - I Am Inspired From On High & I Easily Manifest What I Desire

Inspiration, understanding the laws that govern manifestation, and the ability to connect with other realms are all enhanced by this essence. May be useful in attracting Marriage luck or protecting and enhancing the relationship with one's life partner.


Affirmation - I Have Perfect Faith In Perfect Outcomes

An important essence for those who have many challenges to overcome as it confers great strength of will to carry on, faith in a positive outcome and trust that one shall have all the resources needed to see things through. Holly was believed to help protect against lightening and as such this essence may be helpful during transits of Uranus when the energy manifested is erratic and shocking. This essence can also be used to increase luck and good fortune.

Affirmation - I Connect In Positive Ways With Others

For cooperation between all aspects of the self or useful in group situations where it helps to instll a sense of cooperation and friendship. Helps one to release people and situations that are akin to "clinging vines' by helping one understand what within the self helped to attract that person/circumstance to begin with. On a more positive note, this essence helps to attract those that one can work with in cooperative ventures for the mutual good of both parties and supports both in sharing a balance of both power and sharing in the duties and responsibilities that need to be attended to.

Affirmation - I Use My Power Wisely & Well & I Attract Great Good Into My Life

The essence of right use of power, standing tall and firm in one's convictions and higher truth. After dreaming of a most powerful Oak tree many years ago, it proved to be a major turning point in my own life and opened me further to the mysteries of Magic and the Universe. This has also been true for several other people who have shared their Oak Tree dreams with me. The Oak is also for prosperity and protection of same, for great growth and the wisdom to use all of one's resources and energy wisely. For triumph, success and blessings after a long period of hard work and perserverance.

Reed Negtal
Affirmation - I Am Now Living In The Home That Is Perfect For Me. It Protects, Prospers & Supports Me In All Ways

The essence of home, finding one's right home or creating a home that is truly supportive and nurturing of you. A very helpful essence for those who feel they will never have the ability to create the kind of home they need and deserve or are unsure of what the right steps and actions to take are. This essence is also helpful for family concerns, especially where there has been bickering and strife between family members. Helps to restore peace and unity.

Affirmation - I Am Free Of Negative Energies & Influences. They Have No Power Over Me

This essence is for personal empowerment, breaking free of "enchanted" entanglements i:e those things that seem to pull you back into their energy field over and over again no matter how often you attempt to break free! Rowan also symbolizes healing on all levels as well as giving one the power of discernment through divination.

Affirmation - I Am Filled To Overflowing With Joy & Happiness

The essence of joy and happiness, brings inspiration and an expanded sense of creativity. Helpful in opening one up to the other realms which is what alcohols such as wine were originally used for. Fruitfulness in all endeavours, helps to awaken one's intuitive and psychic abilities while giving an element of protection so that all energies attracted are of the Highest Nature. This essence may also be helpful for women who are trying to become pregnant.

Affirmation - I Am Magnetic To Powerful, Wise Teachers & Guides

Release of pain, especially due to heartbreak. The Witch's/Wizard's essence that empowers one to attract the appropriate teachers for the learning of the magical arts. Helps to bring wishes into manifestation.

Affirmation - I Am Surrounded By A Highly Positive Shield of Light & Protection At All Times

Powerful protection, great strength. Yew was used for long life, as a powerful shield against negativity and to remember past lives.

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