Cactus Essences

Cactus are amazing plants! They thrive under conditions that may seem unbearable to most and have evolved some of the most incredible survival strategies that we too can learn much from. Even their ability to bloom without the more moderate conditions that many plants require never ceases to fascinate me and the sight of a desert in bloom in the spring and summer months is an incredible sight to behold! These amazing plants teach us that we too can bloom and thrive under any conditions. They also teach us that we too may need to have patience and persistence in order to "bloom" ourselves as many Cacti only bloom after many years of growth and development. For the "late bloomers" among us, this can be a most comforting and inspiring message to receive from the Cacti, that we too will one day burst forth in an amazing display of colour and beauty!

African Milk Barrel

Affirmation - I Am The Embodiment Of Divine Wisdom

This essence helps us to see the Divine wisdom that each of us carries inside of us. It helps us to look at life from a much broader perspective, becoming more aware of the true consequences of our beliefs, thoughts and actions. It allows us to better receive and respond to Divine Truth and Inspiration that we may re-create our lives to reflect all the beauty, joy and total abundance of The Universe.

Arizona Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

Affirmation - I Am Always Attracting The Most Beautiful & Positive Of Energies!

Attracts bright, positive energy to the aura. Finding the pot of gold at the end of your own personal rainbow though the actual "gold" is often more than just material! An excellent essence for use when applying colour to any area of your life for healing and expansion. Increases one's ability to be recognized and honoured for talents and abilities.

Arizona Ruby Rainbow Cactus

Affirmation - I Am Deeply Rooted & Centered Within My Own Being & From This All My Good Flows

When we choose to come from the deepest and most connected part of our Being, we easily attract all that is Bright, Good and Beautiful into our lives. There is within us a Presence that wants nothing more than to Guide us, Love us and help us to become all that we were meant to Be. Yet we must choose to stop and listen to it, heed its Guidance and always no matter what the outer circumstances appear to be, turn away from them and go within. For this is where all answers may be found. Once we find these answers within ourselves, it is so very empowering for we now understand that we are never alone, and there is nothing that this Presence within us cannot do through us. We only have to allow it.

Banana Yucca

Affirmation - I Have All The Wisdom & Support I Need To Make The Best Choices For Myself

Courage and development of a strong inner will. Helps to heal issues surrounding the Father as well as developing a greater sense of a supportive and wise Inner Father who can support you in making the best choices for yourself and your life.

Big Root Jatropha

Affirmation - I Know That I Am An Unlimited Being Living In An Unlimited World

This essence helps us to better integrate great expansions of consciousness and major changes in our lives. Even highly positive changes can feel stressful because it is all so new and we do not yet know how best to respond to the changes. For people who desire to make positive changes and yet also feel a sense of fear in regards to doing so, this essence can be of great support as it helps them to know at a deep level that they are quite capable of handling the changes that they wish to manifest and all is truly well in their world.

Black Spine Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

Affirmation - I Know It Is Safe For Me To Be Open With Others & To Allow Myself To Move Forward Now

A highly protective essence it helps to ease shyness and tendencies to withdraw from others. Helpful in understanding and releasing suppressed energy, clears blockages in the chakras of the feet so you can move forward in life. May be very helpful during Pluto transits in the natal chart.

Blue Barrel Cactus

Affirmation - I Empower Both Myself & Others When I Speak My Truth

Excellent for the throat chakra, empowers you to confront someone who has been abusing you or causing chaos in your life while also assisting you in finding the appropriate ways to stay safe while doing so. This is very much a no nonsense, tell it like it is sort of essence that empowers seekers of truth to find the same.

Blue Flame Cactus

Affirmation - My Actions Are Life-Enhancing And Positive. They Help Me To Manifest Greater Things In My Life

Cleansing and releasing of old patterns and habits that you seem to fall back into repeatedly. Trusting in your own Higher Power to re-create your life based on actions that are life enhancing and bring greater joy and peace. For when a deep, inner cleansing is required.

Buffalo Gourd

Affirmation - My Life Is A Completely Positive Expression Of The Divine Truth Of All Good For All Of Life

This essence is very helpful for those who feel they must martyr or sacrifice themselves for someone else. Sacrificing yourself for another person never brings the positive results that one is hoping to see, it only creates greater pain and distress in the world. This essence is also very helpful for those who feel guilty because they have many things in their lives that they can feel really good about yet they also feel that their joy is undeserved when others appear to have less than they themselves do. This essence helps to teach these folks how they can give someone else a positive hand-up so that if they connect with someone who wishes to make positive changes, they are in a much better position themselves to do so. Having less yourself of anything does not change other people having less! It only increases the downward spiral on pain and negativity. What does make a difference is sharing your greater awareness and understanding with others who are open to making their own inner changes that will allow them to accept more good into their own lives.

Candy Barrel Cactus

Affirmation - Every Day The Universe Showers Me With Sweet Surprises

This essence is for attaining more sweetness in one's life, reaching deep within to find the storehouse of "goodies" that the Universe desires to see expressed in your life, you only need to allow this good to spring forth! This is truly a fun essence to work with, many people have shared that they found an amazing number of synchronicities and happy surprises easily showing up in their lives.

Cinnamon Cactus

Affirmation - I Am Aware Of What I Truly Value & I Express My True Values In My Day To Day Life

Connecting more deeply with what is of true value to you as an individual and not blindly accepting other people's values (which more often than not they too may have blindly accepted) but instead asking yourself what feels like truth to you, what truly resonates as your own truth from the depths of your being. A value can only be life supporting when it is accepted from a place of deep wisdom and understanding of why it is valuable to an individual. Values that are accepted and expressed in one's life that have been adopted because of guilt or manipulation can never be life enhancing or supporting.

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

Affirmation - My Cup Truly Runneth Over

Offering up a large vessel to The Universe that it may be filled to overflowing rather than expecting only a small amount of Good in our day to day lives. The larger the container that we offer up mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the more All That Is can give to us. Offering up a larger vesssel says that we are now truly willing and open to receiving our Good. This Good can and does include Peace of mind, Greater and more Abundant Joy and Happiness, Wonderful relationships with others, Good Health, Right Home / Living conditions, True Place in terms of the work / career path we follow as well as an Abundance of Material Good and Wealth.

Crow's Claw Cactus

Affirmation - All Of My Days Are Filled With An Abundance Of Magical & Mystical Experiences

Opens the door to the mystical and magical realms, very helpful for those who have trouble accessing these realms as it feels as though the essence is carrying you up to them with much less effort on your part. An essence for Pioneering, understanding and embracing new paradigms, finding innovative ways of amplifying metaphysical tools you may already be using. Enhances your ability to gather resources in abundant measure and others helps to prevent others from "stealing" your life force energy.

Diamond Cholla

Affirmation - I Take Responsibility For My Life Experiences & I Change Things For The Better In Positive Ways

This essence is for those who feel bitter and resentful that others have more of something than they do. This can include feelings of envy that others have more money, a bigger home/car, nicer clothing, more friends or it may be envy that others seem to have greater Spiritual awareness or talents. This essence helps one to first recognise all that one has and to be grateful for it all. It then works on helping one to understand that it is not that others have more than you do, it is simply that they have been able to allow more of their Good into their lives while you have been unable to allow more in up until now. There is always more for all of us and when we release our feelings of envy and bitterness, this alone greatly helps us to allow more of what ever we are wanting in.

Earth Star Cactus

Affirmation - I Feel Safe & Secure, Grounded & Focused. All Is Well!

It is difficult to attract all that is wanted and needed in life when we do not feel it is safe for us to do so. Often times the person is fearful at a deeper level that if they manifest all that they desire, or even a larger portion than they do now, they will attract unwanted attention from others that will somehow be harmful to them. This essence helps to clear this negative programming so one can move forward and claim the Good that is rightfully theirs. It helps one to know that The Universe is a totally safe place to be because there is no real power other than that of The All Loving Universe/All That Is so there is nothing to fear.

Fendler's Hedgehog Cactus

Affirmation - I Am At Peace With All Of The People In My Life

This essence is for people who find themselves easily irritated by the habits or behaviours of others. It helps the individual to understand that what one focuses upon is what will be attracted more frequently into one's life while helping the person to understand just why the behaviour truly bothers them (often it isn't what one thinks it is!) If the other person's behaviour is truly a problem, this essence will help the person to communicate how they are feeling from a Soul level so that the "offending party" will not feel they are being judged or condemned, but instead will be more willing to hear what is being said with a more open mind. It can be very helpful for both people to use this essence before discussing the situation.

Ferocactus Colorata

Affirmation - I Am Aware Of How My Behaviour Affects Others. I Choose To Express myself In The Most Positive & Loving Of Ways

This essence is for people who are very manipulative, dramatic and focused only on themselves, with no thought given to how their behaviour is impacting others. When someone points out to them that their behaviour is very hurtful, they just don't seem to care. Then these same folks wonder why others have a tendency to want to run away from them! This essence helps the person to become more balanced and aware of other peoples needs and feelings, to make amends where they need to be made and to be receptive to acting in more sane and balanced ways.

Fragrant Wooly Cactus

Affirmation - My Nightly Dreams Are Positive, Helpful & I Remember Them Easily

Our dreams can be a wonderful resource of information and assistance in creating Good in our lives when we seek to work them and direct the subconscious mind to produce for us dreams that are helpful and supportive of our goals in life. One oway of doing this is to write down in a journal or notebook something that you would like your dreams to help you with. Focusing on this right before going to bed helps to stimulate problem solving dreams. The subconscious mind has access to an inifinite amount of helpful and useful information. Once we are clear that this is what we are wanting, it will go into action to attract the support and assistance we are asking for, for this is its job. Those who suffer from nightmares or who have trouble understanding their dreams will find this essence to be of great benefit for it helps to clear negative programming on the subconscious while you sleep and introduces more highly positive thoughts and beliefs. It attracts clarity so that the conscious mind can better understand the dreams you are having and you find you are much better able to put them to good use.

Golden Stars Cactus

Affirmation - Life Is So Very Beautiful & Wonderful!

Becoming an anchor point for Light and Positive energy, attracts blessings and joy into your own life while supporting you in distributing this energy to others that you may come into contact with. Paying more attention to the beauty and goodness that is all round you, focusing on the positive and banishing negative thinking/behaviours. This is also a very playful essence, encouraging you to bring forth the energy and wisdom of your Inner Child so that you see each new day as one filled to the brim with happy adventures and fun!

Grizzly Bear Prickly Pear

Affirmation - I Know I Can Heal Anything In My Life Through The Power Of Divine Love

A very powerful healing essence for the mind, body and soul, also an excellent essence for healers who carry Bear medicine, helps to make the healer more aware of what measures and tools would be best for the person seeking healing. Also helps to attune one to the foods and supplements, especially those that are herbal in nature, that are the most appropriate and effective for you.

Mexican Fire Barrel Cactus

Affirmation - I Aways Know The Best Action To Take & I Do It!

Helps to unblock the lower chakras, a real get you up out of your seat and doing what needs to be done type of essence. Releases illusions and confusion, taking appropriate action, amplifies manifesting abilities in a big way.

Miner's Compass Barrel Cactus

Affirmation - The Deeper I Go Within The More Good I Attract

Connecting deeply within to the Source of all that is good and loving. Finding your way through the darkenss, releasing the need through fear of the unknown to hold on to that which causes you pain and distress. "Mining" your fell power, potential and glory, tapping into the Source Within that is the Mother Lode of all that you might desire to make manifest in your own life.

Queen Of The Night

Affirmation - A Goal I have Long Desired Is Now Blooming So Very Beautifully & Sweetly In My Life Now

This essence helps us to attain long cherished goals that we have put the effort into attaining. When we take the actions we feel guided to take from within and truly do our best, then we simply need to allow the process of attainment to unfold in the perfect way and time. When we can truly accept and allow this, which this essence also helps us to do, letting go of when we think it needs to manifest, then it DOES manifest for we have allowed The Universe to do its part which is to bring us what we have asked for in its own Perfect Way.

Red Pineapple Cactus

Affirmation - I Am Now Attracting All The Help & Resources I Need To Begin Moving Forward Again

Helps to release anger and frustration, especially when you have been working very hard yet seem to be making little progress. Extremely helpful for career/business setbacks, lack of helpful people and resources. Supports positive changes in all areas of life. Helps to attract those who can give you a boost up, energy wise or in more mundane ways as needed.

Rose Beehive Cactus

Affirmation - My Life Is Filled To Overflowing With All The Good I Desire!

Helps to release feelings of bitterness and jealousy, regardless of what the root causes of these emotions may be. This energy may be then used to bring about more constructive changes in one's own life. Also helps to release issues around being unable to receive, including when the issue is based on fear of giving up control in some way.

Saguaro Cactus

Affirmation - I Am Completely Loved & Supported By All The Male Energy Within Me & Within My Life

Saguaro essence helps one to tap into the core of ancient wisdom and knowledge that is carried within us all. It helps us to stand tall in our truth and integrity, balances the male side and is very empowering. It also helps us to develop a strong and loving Inner Father archetype so that one does not seek this in another person but can find it within.

Scarlet Ball Cactus

Affirmation - I Express My Anger Cleanly & Positively

Accepting one's inner power and strength, believing in yourself and your abilities to bring healing into any area of your life. Helps to channel anger and feelings of frustration into positive channels, overcoming lethargy and procrastination.

Sea Urchin Cactus

Affirmation - I Am Focused & Centered From The Core Of My Being

Grasping paradox, learning to operate from your core rather than scattering your energy from one extreme to the other. Helps to "dry out" those who are overly emotional or sensitive to other peoples words and acions. Helps one to understand that when others are criticizing you in unwarranted ways, they are really coming from a place of not feeling good about themselves and thus are liable to attack others in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

Silver Cholla Cactus

Affirmation - I Am Completely Safe For The Universe Is With Me Always & In All Ways

This is a truly beautiful essence that not only expands and heightens intuitive awareness but is also of great support for those who fear that opening up to the spiritual realms may leave them feeling confused/delusional or that they will be unable to navigate mundane life in practical or grounded ways. Also excellent for those who have felt "let down" by the Universe or wondering if their Guides and Angels have departed for good as no spiritual support appears to be forthcoming. This essence helps us to really feel and see in our lives all the love and support that the Higher Beings have for all of us and that we are never alone or abandoned! This is also an excellent essence for those who were adopted as children and thus feel they were "not good enough" to be raised by their birth parents.

Spanish Bayonet Yucca

Affirmation - No Challenge Is Too Great For Me To Overcome For I Have All The Love & Power Of The Divine Within Me

This essence is for continuing to move forward no matter what the challenges one feels one is facing, overcoming them successfully and with much greater ease and joy. It helps one to be very focused in their thinking and is a wonderful help for manifesting that which is desired.

Star Cactus

Affirmation - I Know That If I Were Not, The All Would Be Less Than Whole

To experience one's self as being Divine, worthy, powerful and an inportant and much needed presence in the world.

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