Butterfly Essences M - X

The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams. - Bart Forbes

Spicebush Swallowtail

The Butterfly Essences are powerful catalysts for transformation and change. They help us to liberate ourselves from limiting beliefs and behaviours that keep us from living as fully and joyfully as Spirit intended. These Essences are used in the same way as Flower Essences. No Butterflies were in any way harmed in the producing of these Essences.

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Affirmation - I Joyfully Pursue My Goals

Clears obstacles in your path, not allowing yourself to give up on your goals because they seem far away or too hard to attain.


Affirmation - I Walk In Harmony

Balances the meridians, attunes them to the frequency of the reawakening ley lines. This eliminates crises affects as the energy system of the individual reorients itself. If really strange things are happening in your life, test for this essence.

Mariposa Copper

Affirmation - I Am Loved, Nurtured & Supported By The Divine Feminine In Every Area Of My Life

Seeing the Goddess as a nurturing mother in all of her forms. A very loving, healing essence that draws tenderness and gentleness into our lives. Can be used with other essences to create profound but gentle shifts.

Marsh Fritillary

Affirmation - I Am Easily Stepping Forth Into The New Because I Know That The Universe Is Totally Supporting & Guiding Me

This essence gives us the strength and courage to move beyond what we have known into the completely new and unknown through the understanding that The Universe already has the signs and guideposts in place for us as we embark on a grand, new adventure. It moves us from the thinking pattern "I don't think I can do this" to "Well, maybe I CAN do this!" As we begin to embrace that new thought we find that we easily attract all that is needed to support us in the new.

Mazarine Blue

Affirmation - I Choose Thoughts That Are Uplifting & Inspiring

Becoming aware that each time we are thinking any thought that we are connecting with others of like mind and this connection can either uplift us or drag us down. (As well as contributing more energy vibrationally to those same thoughts that are floating about in the Mass Consciousness). This essence helps us to become more aware of not only what we are thinking but who we are also connecting in with because of what we are thinking. It helps us to better understand that "thoughts are things" and we can see the result of any person's thinking and belief system by what they have in their lives. Thus we can then choose role models for ourselves that have the same sort of things we desire and can better connect with their thoughts and beliefs about life and raise our own vibration to match those things as a result.

Mercurial Skipper

Affirmation - I Have The Strength Within To Face & Overcome Any Challenge

For those who use drugs, alchohol, food, shopping, ect, to escape from their problems because they feel the task of facing up to things is too overwhelming. Helps you to find the courage and mental dexterity needed to rapidly release problems and move forward.

Mexican Bluewing

Affirmation - I Am Now Free Of Others Expectations

Understanding dysfunctional family, cultural patterns and the impact they have on your life. Breaking free from the cultural expectations of others, conditioning that keeps a person stuck in a repeating dysfunctional pattern.


Affirmation - Spirit Is My Best Friend, Guide & The Source of All My Good

Communing with Spirit to be refreshed and renewed. Talking things over with Spirit for greater insight and awareness. Creating a sacred space within your mind for you and Spirit to dwell together in harmony.

Morpho Peleides

Affirmation - I Understand & Embrace Higher Teachings & Concepts

Magickal training from high level guides and adepts. Very useful for understanding key experiences while climbing the tree of life, meditations on the Kabbalah.

Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak

Affirmation - The Challenges Are Now Behind Me & I Step Forth Into The Dawn Of A Glorious New Day

Finding the strength and courage to keep going after serious set backs. Not allowing fear to keep you from moving forward.

Mournful Duskywing

Affirmation - I Am Comfortable & At Ease With The Physical Aspect of My Life

For those who find it difficult to stay in body and on the earth because they find it too painful, but cannot pinpoint why. Recognition that there are belief systems operating that are creating the pain and how to release them.

Mourning Cloak

Affirmation - Radiant Light Flows Through Me & Brings Positive Changes To Every Area of My Life

For dark nights of the Soul, bringing radiant light and peace to dispel the darkness. Excellent for releasing long standing problems, a very liberating essence.

Mulberry Wing

Affirmation - I Set The Boundaries That Are Right & Good For Me

The ability to say no and stick to it. Not allowing others to take advantage of you. Setting boundaries. Especially for healers and readers whose friends often ask them to provide their services for free.

Northern Broken Dash

Affirmation - As I Walk My Higher Path, All Good Flows To Me In Abundance

Making requests to your guides, that if you honor your higher path, you expect them to help you collect the goodies for doing so as well as keeping others who would interfere out of your way. Tell your guides what you desire and know they are handling things for you.

Northern Cloudywing

Affirmation - I Am An Open Channel For Shamanic Wisdom, Guidance & Healing

Facilitates shamanic communication with the Elders, Spirit world. Draws guides and allies to assist in power animal/soul retrievals. This essence also helps to connect one quite powerfully with the Archangel Auriel.

Northern Metalmark

Affirmation - I Am Focused, Persistent & Patient. I Know I Am A Success In All That I Do Now

Accessing wisdom from the elders, manifestation and reward for long, involved effort and persistence. Helps one to keep focused and moving forward in spite of obstacles and drawbacks.

Northern Pearly Eye

Affirmation - I Understand Another's Point Of View & I Express Loving Acceptance Even When I Do Not Agree

This essence is very helpful for seeing another person's point of view and being able to mirror that back to them without feeling the need that you must also accept their viewpoint if it does not resonate with the deeper truth of your own Being. If we want other people to respect our own points of view, we must also be willing to honour theirs without feeling the need to try and change their minds or influence them in ways they do not wish to be influenced.

Olive Clouded Skipper

Affirmation - I Know that Other People Do Matter For We Are All One & What I Do To Others, I Do To Myself

Helps to balance an overactive ego, those who believe they are better or more important than others. and that only their needs matter.

Orange Barred Sulpher

Affirmation - My Physical Body Is Good & I Am Good

For those who were taught to be ashamed of their bodies, sexuality. Enjoying themselves physically, seeing sex as a valuable expression of divine creation and of having a body.

Orange Sulpher

Affirmation - I So Love My Life! Each Day Is Wonderful, Creative & Fun

Joy and excitement in being alive, being in the body. Sparks sexual and artistic creativity and joy. Excellent for balanced, gentle kundalini awakenings. Channels anger into pure joy.

Painted Crescent

Affirmation - As My Expectations Of Others Change, So Too Does Their Behaviour

Seeing how we actually encourage people to behave in ways we find disagreeable because our underlying expectations are focused on a particular behaviour. Changing our expectations helps the other person to change.

Pale Crescent

Affirmation - I Am Now Ready To Begin Anew, I Embrace Positive Changes In My Life

Excellent support for beginning anything new, starting a new cycle or course of self-improvement. Gently keeps you on track.

Papilio Alexanor

Affirmation - It Feels So Good To Me To Simply Sit In The silence Of My Being

This essence is for people who find it difficult to simply sit quietly and connect with their own Higher or Expanded Self because they find the silence to be frightening and feel they always need to have activity and noise about them. They may feel that if they sit in silence they will be "swallowed up" by it. This essence helps these folks understand where this fear originally stems from and also helps them to release it that they may sit and enjoy their connection with their own Higher or Expanded self.

Pearl Crescent

Affirmation - The Lunar Energies In My Life Are Balanced, Supportive & Joyful

Lunar energies, very helpful for those whose moon is poorly aspected in their natal charts. Attuning to lunar rhythms and timing your actions in accordance with the moon's cycles.

Pink Edged Sulpher

Affirmation - My Heart Is Healed & I Am Able To Embrace The Perfect Relationship For Me Now

Releasing energy from past relationships that may be affecting the present. Helps to heal the heart chakra.

Pipevine Swallowtail

Affirmation - I Know That Spirit Hears My Prayers For I See Them Made Manifest In My Life

This beautiful essence carries our prayers to the Creator so they can be blessed and returned to us manifested.

Provence Orange Tip

Affirmation - I Feel Completely Safe & Supported In All That I Do

This is a wonderful essence for balancing and strengthening the Second Chakra and also for enhancing feelings of safety and well being. It helps us to feel secure in the knowing that we are deeply loved by All That Is and that always the entire of The Universe is watching over us, loving us, guiding us and protecting us.

Purple Shot Copper

Affirmation - I Live In An Opulent World & I Experience Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Always & In All Ways

This is the "There Is More Than Enough" essence. There is more than enough Abundance, Joy, Creative Ideas, Money, Love, Health, Success, Peace and Harmony, what ever we can imagine as Good, there is More Than Enough for all of us!. When we think in terms of More Than Enough, we begin to really recognise the Totality of Abundance that is everywhere. And as we recognise this truth then we begin to attract in greater and greater amounts all manner of Good. This also makes it easier and easier for us to accept more of our own Good because we know there is more than enough for everyone who also desires more Good in their lives, we are never taking more than our share or preventing someone else from having their own Good. Its all about what one can accept for themselves, not that there isn't enough to go round.

Purplish Black Skipper

Affirmation - I Experience My Sixth Sense As Natural, Safe & A Valuable Aspect Of My Life

Releasing fear of prophetic dreams, visions, clairvoyance.

Purplish Copper

Affirmation - I Know That The Seeds I Plant Now Will Bring Me a wonderful Harvest In The Future

Remaining focused and in the present. Greater awareness of the seeds you are planting now that will affect you in the future. Releases fears caused by strong religious upbringing that was negatively oriented.

Queen Alexandra's Sulpher

Affirmation - I Am truly Confident & Secure Within My Own Being. I Feel Good About Others & They Feel Good About Me

For issues ofego inflation that really stems from feelings of deep insecurity and inferiority. For knowing that we don't have to tear anyone else down in order to feel better about ourselves.

Question Mark

Affirmation - I Know the Right Questions To Ask That I May manifest My Destiny

For knowing which questions to ask. This is often more important than the actual answers.

Red Admiral

Affirmation - I Am At Peace With The Father Figures & Energies In My Life

Saturn issues, becoming one's own authority, resolving father issues and conflicts. Standing up for onesself, one's beliefs and life purpose. releases fear around not being able to make it in the world on one's own.

Red Banded Hairstreak

Affirmation - I Love Myself Enough To Pursue Those things That Bring Joy & Happiness Into My Life

This essence is for giving ourselves permission to pursue those things that increase the quality of our lives rather than waiting for something or someone outside of ourselves to do this for us.

Red Bordered Metalmark

Affirmation - The Map Of My Life is Now Clear To Me & I Know What Direction To Move In Next

Taking note of what is around you so that you know where you are on the map of life. Looking at what has recently manifested in your life and deciding if you want more of the same or time for a change.

Rocky Mountain Duskywing

Affirmation - I Soar Above My Life & I Gain A Higher, More Positive Perspective

Freedom, soaring above your problems to get a higher perspective. Enjoying being in body, seeing your body as a magnificent vehicle of Divine energy.

Rocky Mountain Parnassian

Affirmation - The Sky Is The Limit!

Flying beyond perceived limits, doing what one feels guided to do to bring one's dreams into reality. Brings greater balance into all areas of one's life.

Ruby Spotted Swallowtail

Affirmation - I Am United With My Twin Flame Soul

Linking with one's twin flame soul. Honoring and supporting this relationship in whatever way is appropriate for both people. Realizing that a twin flame soul may not always come in the form you expect and package you expect.

Sagebrush Checkerspot

Affirmation - I Lovingly Make Space For All That Is Sacred

Consecrating the sacred self, sacred spaces. Accessing higher spiritual teachings, draws Native American guides and allies. /B>

Scotch Argus

Affirmation - I Easily Grasp Metaphysical Concepts & Teachings & Use Them To Create More Good In My Life

This essence is very helpful for students of metaphysics, grasping concepts and ideas that while they feel strange and different also resonate strongly within as being truth. It also supports our understanding of Universal Laws and how we can use these laws to create wonderul things and experiences in our own lives.

Shasta Blue

Affirmation - I Bask In The Light & Love Of My Soul Family

Soul family connections. contacts with other life forms, a sense of belonging to a Universal family. Very helpful for E.T. contacts.

Silvery Blue

Affirmation - Angels Are An Ever Present Blessing In My Life

Hearing and seeing your personal angels and receiving their support and guidance.

Silver Bordered Fritillary

Affirmation - My Communications With The Angels Are Clear & Ever Present

Accessing the Angelic dimensions, hearing and acting upon Angelic guidance. Knowing that Angels are always with us.

Silver Spotted Skipper

Affirmation - My Life Is Filled With Wonder & Joy

Encourages joyful, happy dreams, draws good fortune, time and energy for play, the ability and resources to fully enjoy life. Dispels nightmares. Faith in the future and the acceptance of one's good.

Silvery Checkerspot

Affirmation - I See The Divine Plan For My Life & It Is Wonderful!

For setbacks that leave you wondering if you are on the right path or just spinning your wheels. Helps one to see the Divine plan and that all things lead you to where you want to be.

Sleepy Duskywing

Affirmation - I Rest In The Loving Arms Of Spirit & I Know All Is Truly Well

Feels like being in the arms of the Angels. This essence is a true "sanity saver", and helps us to feel connected with The Divine so that we know without a shadow of a doubt that all is well and The Angels and all of The Universe are truly working on our behalf and restoring all good in our lives.

Small Copper

Affirmation - I Am Aligning Myself With My Highest Destiny Now

Aligns all the chakras with the Earth so that we may be fulfilled as physical beings and do what we came here to do.

Small Heath

Affirmation - My Inner Child is Happy, Peaceful & Content.

This is a wonderful essence for children of all ages, including the Inner Child! It supports the Inner Knowing that the world is a good place to be and that the child's growth and development is happening in the way that is truly perfect and right for them. It encourages children to define themselves more as individuals and to honour and accept themselves as Divine Sparks of Light and Love that they may cherish and love themselves as we are all meant to and not compare themselves with others.

Small Tortoiseshell

Affirmation - I Now See How My Desires & Goals All Really Do Work Together

Integrating conflicting needs, desires, goals and beliefs. Finding the common purpose that links them all together and changing the conflicts from weaknesses to strengths.

Sonora Skipper

Affirmation - I Am Loving, Kind & Genuine, I Know That Just Being Who I Truly Am Attracts Wonderful People & Things To Me

Releases arrogance, always feeling the need to one up someone else and in the process alienating friends and those you would like as friends. Respecting your talents, but those of others as well.

Sooty Hairstreak

Affirmation - No Matter The Situation, I Know What To Do, When To Do It & How To Do It

Fire walking, whether actual or symbolic. Excellent for any situation in which you feel you are undergoing a trial by fire. For knowing you can and are moving through the situation with wisdom, courage and strength.

Southern Broken Dash

Affirmation - I Am Totally Clear As To What Is Right For Me To Do In Any Moment

Setting firm boundaries with the Universal energies you work with, including your guides. Trust me, until you do, they can and will push you all over the cosmic map, in an effort to teach you how to set boundaries no matter who you are involved with. Making clear to yourself and others what you are willing to show up for in your life and sticking to it.

Southern Oak Hairstreak

Affirmation - I Am complete With What Has Been & I Now Embark On A More Joyful Cycle In My Life

Bringing to completion what was started in the past. Clearing the decks so you can begin a new, happier long term cycle in your life.

Speckled Wood

Affirmation - I Release the Negativity & I Am Purified

Shamanic extraction of negative energies that are causing distress and disruption in one's life. Knits the etheric bodies back together after an extraction.

Spicebush Swallowtail

Affirmation - My Partner & I Experience Ever Increasing Joy & Satisfaction

Erotic love and passion, finding your ultimate sexual partner. Spices up your love life if you are already with your beloved, but things are stagnating a bit.

Spring Azure

Affirmation - My Ability To Communicate & Express Myself Now Reaches Higher & Higher Levels

Opens the throat chakra for greater self-expression. Dis-covering one's original origins whether from this star system or beyond. Draws and abundance of blessings and support. Release of fear and worry.

Starred Skipper

Affirmation - I Truly Have Accomplished So Much That Is So Good In My Life!

Being who you are not feeling you have to live up to other's expectations or desires. Feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments.

Tawny Edged Skipper

Affirmation - I Know That My Life Has Always Been Meant To Be One Of Ever Increasing Good & Happiness

This is a wonderful essence for those who fear that if they allow something good to manifest for themselves that something bad must also happen to "balance the scales" so to speak. So they close themselves off, only allowing in a little of their Good. This essence helps to release those fears through the understanding that this is something that one has been taught by others and is not an absolute truth of The Universe or the way "things are supposed to work".

Tawny Emperor

Affirmation - I Am A Natural Leader & I Empower Others To Discover Their Own Leadership Skills

Accepting the role of leadership with grace and spiritual courage. Trusting in and following one's higher path.

Tropical Greenstreak

Affirmation - I See The Higher Purpose Behind All Of My Life's Experiences

Activates the heart, thymus and third eye chakras. Provides for clear, heart centered perceptions as to the purpose behind each life experience.

Tropical Leafwing

Affirmation - My Life Is An Expression Of Divine Love, Truly Heaven On Earth

Recreating Eden, heaven on earth. Knowing that there was no "original sin" but that each of us have always been in a state of Divine perfection.

Turquoise Blue

Affirmation - Any Healing I May Need Is Made Manifest In My Life Now

This essence stimulates and balanced the Thymus Chakra so that we may find those tools that will support our healing on any level easily and effortlessly. Within each of us there is an Inner Healer that if we take our minds off our fears and doubts about our ability to heal will joyfully step in and accomplish greater healing for us than we ever thought possible.

Vesta Crescent

Affirmation - I Simplify My Life That I May Attract More That Truly Brings Me Joy

Simplifying your life, clearing away the clutter, focusing on a few things that really matter to you. Finding that less is more when what you have is truly of value to you.

Viola's Wood Satyr

Affirmation - Music Brings Me Healing, Joy & Bliss. It Attracts So Much That Is Wonderful Into My Life!

Riding the waves of music to balance your being and achieve states of bliss. Brings tranquility into your sacred space.

Violet Banded Skipper

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Leader

Undergoing rites of initiation that result in your emergence as a spiritual leader and healer for others. Especially helpful for those whose initiation is protracted or painful.

Violet Clouded Skipper

Affirmation - I Expect The Very Best In My Life

Changing your standards from the lower end of the scale to the highest end. Setting higher standards helps the Universe to create only the best for you.

Violet Copper

Affirmation - I Do Not try To Change Outer Circumstances, I Change Myself Within & My Good Flows To Me in Abundance

Taking responsibility for your own Prosperity and Abundance, not relying on anything outside of yourself to support you financially but instead looking within and hooking up with your own Prosperity Self within yourself. Too often we tend to think that our money and financial well being is dependant upon how the economy is doing, or how much we can or cannot make through our jobs, spouses, parents, etc. None of this actually determines how prosperous you can be. We each determine our own flow of prosperity and money through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs so when we act to uplift and expand positive beliefs about money and prosperity then we find we are truly in the flow of prosperity and abundance that is never ending.

Violet Patched Skipper

Affirmation - I Am Always Increasing & Expanding My Higher Consciousness

Evolving as rapidly and as far as one can go in this lifetime. Refusing to let anything stand in the way of your personal and spiritual development.

White Dotted Cattleheart

Affirmation - I Am A Clear Channel Of Radiant Light

Becoming a channel for the light, being a living example for others that living in the light is the most joyful, effective way to live.

White Morpho

Affirmation - All Others Highly Value That Which I Have To Offer!

Ability to accept praise and recognition from others, seeing that others value you and your contributions. Also enhances your ability to praise and value others.

White Peacock

Affirmation - I Am Deeply Loved By The Universe!

This essence helps us to experiance the love and passion that the Creator has for all His/Her creations. This is also a wonderful essence for calling upon Divine intervention and healing.

White Veined Arctic

Affirmation - I See Clearly That which Needs To Change Within Me & I Move Through This Process With Ease & Joy

All of us have things we would prefer to pretend are not part of our character. This essence helps us to recognize where our problem areas lie and to get to work on them.

Wild Indigo Duskywing

Affirmation - My Inner Guidance Flows Like A River Through The Fields Of My Life.

An excellent essence for clarifying clairvoyant visions and inner guidance. Gently cleanses and balances the 6th and 7th chakras. Stimulates Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

Woodland Skipper

Affirmation - I Am The Only Power Of Cause & Effect In My Life. Thus I Have The Power To Create Positive Changes

Releasing the need to believe that something "out there" is the cause of your problems. Taking responsibility for where you are right now and changing that which is unwanted.

Xami Hairstreak

Affirmation - Wondrous Insights & Inspiration Fills My Mind

Another one of those spacey, take you where no one has gone before essences., Amazing the insights that pop up after using this essence.

Xerces Blue

Affirmation - I Bring Forth Only the Best From My Previous Lifetimes

Clears negative imprints and implants, including those carried over on a soul level from past lives.

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