Badger Medicine

The first part of this article deals with Badger medicine as it relates to those who do not have Badger as a totem per se but for whom Badger has made its presence known. The second half deals more with Badger as an actual personal totem.

Badger is about healing and the ability to use roots and herbs to bring about health and healing for one's self or another and yet it is also very much about learning to take responsibility for one's own life and being self-reliant. When Badger shows up it's time to get yourself grounded and prepare to keep your nose to the grindstone for a time, Badger is going to be pushing you to become very focused on what you need to do to manifest your hopes and dreams. So often it seems that people do have a tendency to sit around waiting for someone else to come along and make things happen for them. The problem with this is:

A. The person never shows up

B. The person shows up but is too busy running his or her own life to take on anyone else's

C: No one can do for us what we are unwilling to do for ourselves

The energy around Badger is one of simply digging in and getting down to it, being patient, persistent and aware, very focused and determined. Those who choose to work with Badger when he/she appears will find that they have less time for those things and activities that may have been nice on the scenic route yet now they find they really want to get the energy moving on goals and projects that have great long term value. Badger carries the energy of Saturn, the great taskmaster who pushes us to set goals of value and then to work like the dickens to make real! The foundation for the future is built in the present moment, through our day to day actions and activities. Both Saturn and Badger ask us what we would like to leave on planet earth once we depart from the physical realm: do we want to look back and see how we have frittered and wasted our time on sitting and waiting for something or someone to make our lives all we know they could have been or do we simply want to get on with things!

Badgers are not the most sociable of creatures as anyone who has ever had cause to meet up with one in their natural habitat can attest to. They are solitary, and highly aggressive when they feel cornered or their boundaries crossed. This makes them an excellent totem for those who have trouble standing up for themselves or find others continually take advantage of them but I personally would hate to be on the receiving end of that Badger energy, LOL!

Badger energy suggests that we are better off spending more time in solitary pursuits and practical endeavors. It is time to be very focused, not allowing things to pull us off track but to bare our "teeth and claws" if needed in order to accomplish all the work we shall need to be doing or will do if we are wise and want to move ahead at this time! For some folks Badger can indicate a time of deep study and introspection. Any studies pertaining to health, healing, herbs, and too because Badger can dig deeply underground, shamanism is likely to come to the fore for some.

In the Animal Wise Tarot Ted Andrews associates Badger with the four of pentacles. Because of this, in general it can indicate where we may need to become more "miserly" with our time, energy, resources. There may be special projects or long term goals that are needing to be completed right now (This certainly seems to be the case for me!) and thus one may feel the need to withdraw for a time so that the greater focus can be put on those things. Or it may express that one has become too miserly with their resources, the person may be expecting everyone else to "caretake" them while they sit and do little for themselves. It can also indicate on a deeper level that a person is not really utilizing their own talents and abilities to the fullest, that they are being too "miserly" about expressing what they know that are capable of doing. If the person is waiting for someone else to "help" them get things moving out of fear they can't do it on their own, then Badger can be a very valuable ally in helping the person "dig up" their own strength and courage. If on the other hand the person is simply being lazy then Badger might give them a bite in the bum to get them moving!

The number of a tarot card can indicate the length of time that something will need in order for it to manifest. Major Arcana card energies tend to manifest quickly, the Universe uses those cards as a sort of heads up that something major is on the way and we need to be super attentive. The court cards indicate the type of person that may be involved more than giving an actual time frame. The Lesser Arcana though tells us how many days, weeks, months or years something may take before it has completely manifested and the energy passes. When Badger appears, often this energy will be prominent for four months when we may find we need to retreat more from the outer world and focus on building for the future. So if there is something you have been hankering to get moving on, call upon Badger energy and be ready to put the work in! It will be well worth it though when a few months down the road you see how much you have accomplished and manifested!

Some other things to watch for when Badger appears:

Badger is strong earth medicine and as such things tend to manifest quickly when Badger is around if the person is putting a lot of their own energy into something. It is also very grounding energy so expect some practical insights and nudges into what you may need to do next in order to create what you are seeking in your life. Remember, while it is always important to trust that the Universe had heard our requests and is seeking to flow that energy to us, we need to do our bit to insure we are there and ready for the manifestation to happen!

Those of you who own your own business or are seeking to start one, call upon Badger energy for increased business energy and flow. Be very sure though that you are willing to put in the extra hours that Badger will be asking of you!

I have often seen folks receive rises in pay, bonuses or even higher paying jobs when Badger has appeared for them. The more effort one has put forth, the greater the reward.

This can be a good time for some to do some house hunting! Badger loves to have its own cozy den so if you have been wanting to search for a new home, now is a good time to get out there and do some serious searching. It may take a few months for the actual move to be completed and if you want to get an idea of when the move may actually occur, astrologically watch for the times when the Moon is transiting your fourth house as you will likely get some indications though it is far stronger during a lunar return when the Moon actually lands in your fourth house for the month! Also, look at your solar return for the year, if the Moon is in the fourth then yes, you are likely to be moving before your next birthday.

Home improvements or maintenance in one form or another is likely to be important at this time as well.

Badger also speaks to us of also needing to have home space where we can be alone from time to time and have some privacy. Those of us who need major down time away from others (I am very much this way, I need a lot of time and space for myself even on a daily basis in order to do my work and write) may find that we need even more time alone this month. It is important to honour this! So often, great creative works and inspired endeavours arise from time alone to muse and contemplate. Genius needs time alone to stew, its what has given birth to every great invention, thought or work of art known to human kind!

Badger As Totem

Badger people are an interesting lot! Highly solitary, these folks can be extremely focused, especially when they are working towards a goal that has great purpose and meaning for them. It can be difficult to get truly close to Badger people for they honestly don't need nor desire too much company around them much of the time. For some, people "get in the way" of what they are trying to accomplish and this most certainly is not a judgement call against Badger people! This extreme dedication and focus is something that many people could learn a little more of, especially in our current society where patience and focus are often lacking.

Badger people allow those to get close to them who can show they can pull their own weight and then some! But don't try to pull the wool over these people's eyes by pretending to "have it together" as the Badger person will sniff this out sooner or later and then they may feel a loss of trust and respect towards you. Once that happens it's rare for them to think of someone in the same terms again. Its better to be upfront with Badger people, be whom you really are and just watch: they can teach one an awful lot about how to make things happen just by sheer example of their own hard work and dedication!

Badger people because they are by nature so powerfully focused are able to get enormous amounts of work done and often in a shorter period of time than other people because they refuse to allow anything or anyone distract them from their goals or chosen path. This does not mean they cannot form close relationships with other people, but that the Badger person will feel most comfortable with those whom are also very hardworking and dedicated. They really have very little patience for people who sit around and complain about their lives and yet do nothing to make things any better! These sorts of people can be very draining to Badger people as well because beneath the rather gruff exterior there really does beat a heart of gold that truly wants everyone to have everything they desire in life. As a result, Badger folks may often take on other people's problems or "stuff" in general, trying to help the other person get themselves sorted out and yet what so often happens is that the other person comes to rely on Badger people which serves neither. Badger people can serve best by insisting that other people do their own work and shoulder the responsibility for their own lives and then by showing others by example that hard work truly does pay off.

Badger people can also serve by sharing with those who seek their assistance ways in which the other person can surmount a problem or where they can turn for greater healing and guidance due to their uncanny ability to "sniff out" what might prove to be the best method or route for the other person to take. Badger people just "know" without always knowing how they know, what methods or tools would be the appropriate ones to use.

Badger people are also often highly creative sorts. In Native American "myths" Badger was the keeper of stories and this too indicates that story telling through the sharing of life experiences of the self or others, writing or other forms of communication such as art that "tells a story" is important to Badger people as well. Perhaps it is because Badger is the great story teller and myth and stories are so powerfully healing for so many that Badger folks cannot get too close to too many people: They have things to share with the wider world and being tied down to one person, place or thing goes contrary to what these folks came to planet earth to do. Many do require extreme amounts of "down time" time to be alone, even on a daily basis, if they are to be able to accomplish their healing work and even stay sane! Folks that don't have these same tendencies can feel very intrusive to Badger people who can't understand why anyone would want others around them all the time! Some of this can be helpful for Badger folks though if they start to become too withdrawn into their own focused worlds. Balance is paramount in all things! Space and time to be alone is also crucial to the creative process, if one always has someone else demanding time and attention then its very difficult to stay focused and allow the creative flow to occur when it needs to come through. Some of humanity's greatest thinkers, artists, writers, composers and so forth were very strong in Badger medicine and needed great spans of time alone or were considered to be highly eccentric because of their need to shun the company of most others. Yet because they did not cotton to the supposed "rules and norms" of the society and day they lived in, they were able to allow a greater flow to come through them that still touches vast numbers of people to this day and will continue to do so for all of time on planet earth.

Badgers are amazingly adept at digging and will create extensive home tunnels beneath the earth. This ties Badger strongly to shamanism, the ability to enter into the underworld or "realm of the dead" and then to find one's way to the surface again. Because of this, Badger people often carry the energy of Pluto or Scorpio as well, Pluto being the Lord of the Underworld. Entering into Pluto's realm is not for the faint of heart and yet Badger people do this almost on a daily basis! They have an innate knack for traversing the labyrinths that cannot be seen by others or may be feared by others, Badger has spent so much time underground in their own healing process and so the underworld is somewhere they feel quite at home. It also provides a sense of safety for Badger people, if people start poking at them when they don't want to be poked at, the Badger person might well launch into a deep, dark or weighty subject that soon has the other person running for cover! The Badger person knows that not everyone has the courage to follow them into the depths and so they can use this ability to shield themselves when needed. However, this can also lead to depression for some Badger people if they spend too much time in the Underworld, they need to come topside now and again to spend some time in the sunshine in order to feel whole.

Some Badger people have withdrawn from the wider world because they felt unacceptable or rejected by others at a very young age. Badger babies do not stay long with mum, by the time they are a few months of age they are expected to find their own homes and make their own way in the world. For Badgers this is fine, they are WANTING to be on their own, but for many humans this early feeling of being "rejected" or expected to be an adult too soon can be a real source of frustration and anxiety in the person's life. Many such Badger people by the time they have reached middle age or even sooner often feel rather "burned out", they never had a proper childhood and feel they missed out on something rather wonderful because they were expected to take care of themselves or even younger siblings (sometimes even the parents!) much too early on in life. If this is the case, the Badger person must learn to take care of themselves first! They simply cannot take on care-taking of other adults that are capable of doing for themselves lest they run the risk of developing serious illness of one sort or another. If the Badger person has their own children, their primary focus needs to be on the being the best parent they can be and not expecting their own young to grow up to soon and yet also find plenty of time and space for themselves. Not an easy feat I well know! The Badger parent can also teach their young how to be self- reliant over all, which will serve the child well as an adult to be certain but still tasks and expectancies need to be geared for what is really appropriate to the child's age and current rate of growth and development.

Badger people also need to honour what their bodies are telling them at all times. If they feel they need more rest they should take it, if they feel their diet needs to be altered in some way, do so! Badger people know what supplements, vitamins and so forth would be the most appropriate for them to take and not allow the opinions of others to sway them in a different direction. This ability to really relate to the earth and the body is what also makes Badger people such fabulous healers! They can zero in with great accuracy what another needs for healing and while their methods can often times seem harsh to others, it so often turns out that it was exactly what the other person needed all along. Badger people may also do much healing work without even realizing that is what they are doing. A look, a touch, a word, can bring so much energy and healing to another even though what occurred the Badger person would be the last to claim was a healing session or intent. Yet with their innate gift of healing also comes the need to shield and protect themselves from others thought forms and energies as well, Badger people may sometimes take on the issues or illness of another without realizing they have done so and thus must become more aware of actively protecting themselves. Usually it takes quite a bit to knock a Badger person flat but when it happens, it can be fairly severe so its important that Badger people do heed their own bodies needs as much as possible. It can be helpful for Badger people to pursue a healing path under the guidance and tutorage of another healer, a sort of apprenticeship as it were if the Badger person can get past the need to do things on their own. Badger people are quick studies when it comes to healing work and yet they do benefit greatly from seeing how others have learned to harness the energy and alternative ways of working with healing others safely and sanely.

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