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Affirmations For April 2017

Welome to the Affirmations of April page! There is an affirmation that you can work with for each day of the month or you can select one from the list below randomly to use for each day. These Affirmations are more of a general nature than on a specific theme so you can use them along with any other Affirmations you are currently working with.

However you choose to work with these, Affirmations work when we work them! So be sure When working with these or any other Affirmations to put as much Energy into them as you can muster! Really try to feel the Truth of them and allow them to become a part of your overall thinking from day to day. It is not just the thought that counts, but the Energy we put into what we are thinking about that makes the magic happen!

April 1st - From This Moment Forward, I Accept Only That Which Is Joyful & Good In My Life

April 2nd - The Good That I Have Been Praying For Is Now Manifesting In My Life

April 3rd - I Always Know What To Do To Create More Good In My Life & I Do It Now

April 4th - I Move On From People & Things That Have Made Me Feel Limited. I Am Now Free!

April 5th - I Do What I Know In My Heart To Be Right For Me, Regardless Of Others Opinions & Beliefs

April 6th - I Am Magnetic To Money, Goods & The Opportunities I Require To Move Forward Now

April 7th - I Spend Time Each Day Working Towards My Dreams & Goals

April 8th - I Stand Tall In My Truth, & I Allow others To Stand Tall In Theirs

April 9th - Even If I Can't See It Right Now, I Know Some Unforeseen Good Is Speeding Its Way To Me

April 10th - Everyday There are Wonderful Opportunities For Me To Take Advantage Of & I Do!

April 11th - Divine Love Uplifts Me, Supports Me & I Am Loving & Loved By All Others

April 12th - Other People Truly Value & Honor The Gifts I Have To Share With The World

April 13th - I Am Open To Accepting More Good From An Infinite Number Of Channels

April 14th - My Life Is Filled With Magical Miracles & Happy Events!

April 15th - My Life's Path Is Opening In Wondrous & Miraculous Ways For Me Now!

April 16th - I Am A Focal Point For The Opulence & Wealth Of The Entire Universe

April 17th - I Am Easily Stepping Forth Into The New Because I Know That The Universe Is Totally Supporting & Guiding Me

April 18th - The Challenges Are Now Behind Me & I Step Forth Into The Dawn Of A Glorious New Day

April 19th - I Have All The Wisdom & Support I Need To Make The Best Choices For Myself

April 20th - I Know That I Am An Unlimited Being Living In An Unlimited World

April 21st - Angels Surround Me & Guide Me Through Every Aspect Of My Life

April 22nd - I Am Divinely Protected, Guided, Prospered & Supported As I Walk My Spiritual Path

April 23rd - I Prosper & Am Blessed By Putting My Skills & Talents To Use In Ways That Are Fun & Fulfilling For Me

April 24th - I Am Blessed With An Abundance Of Insights & Awareness That Blesses Me & Others

April 25th - Divine Inspriation Fills My Mind With An Abundance Of Wonderful Ideas As To How I Can Create Ever More Positive Changes In My Life

April 26th - I Release That Which Limits Me & Embrace That Which Frees Me Into My Full Potential

April 27th - I Now Have The Perfect Tools For Me To Help Me To Attract A Bountiful Supply Of Money & All Good

April 28th - I Know I Deserve The Very Best That Life Has To Offer

April 29th - Today Is A Magical Day For Me! Wonderful New Good Now Flows Into My Life In Abundant Measure

April 30th - I Give Thanks & Praise For All The Good In My Life Now

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