The Morningstar Online Angel Oracle

The Morningstar Online Angel Oracle

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Welcome to our online Angel Oracle page! We hope that the guidance you find here is both helpful and healing for you. To use the oracle, simply click on the link below. The Angel that appears for you is the one that you need to work closely with at this time. As time goes on, more Angels will be added that wish to share their guidance and support. All of the Angels work hand in hand with each other just as we are meant to here in the physical world. Some of the Angels may appear to be very similar to one another and yet they come at something from a slightly different angle or perspective. There are many things that we are all working on Healing within ourselves and the Angels are here to help us do this from a shifting of our own perspective as well as Guiding us into Higher levels of Wisdom and Divine Understanding. Above all however, they Desire to Bless, Bless and Bless us! I hope and pray that they will be a Great Blessing for you in your life.

*There is now a new feature! At the bottom of each Angel page there are share buttons that you can use to "Send An Angel". Maybe a friend or loved one could use a little Angel support and this is a lovely way to send the Angels directly to where they are needed.*

While I cannot answer questions about your online reading, I do hope that you receive great benefit from the information that has been able to be offered here!

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