Angel Affirmations For April 2017

Welome to the Angel Affirmations For April page! There is an affirmation that you can work with for each day of the month or you can select one from the list below randomly to use for each day. The Affirmations for April are from The Angel Of Praise.

However you choose to work with these, Affirmations work when we work them! So be sure When working with these or any other Affirmations to put as much Energy into them as you can muster! Really try to feel the Truth of them and allow them to become a part of your overall thinking from day to day. It is not just the thought that counts, but the Energy we put into what we are thinking about that makes the magic happen!

April 1st - My Words Are Words Of Praise & Joy, & All That I Say Attracts Great Good To Me Now

April 2nd - Daily I Find Something To Praise & I Find That Each Day Brings More Good For Me To Praise & Give Thanks For

April 3rd - I Praise My Body. I Praise My Mind. My Words Of Praise Bring Me Excellent Health & Glorious New Thoughts

April 4th - I Praise All That Has Been In My Life Up Until Now & In So Doing, All Things That Have Been Bless & Praise Me

April 5th - I Praise & Value The Work That I Do, No Matter What It Is, For I Know The More I Praise Anything The Quicker & Easier I Attract What I Truly Desire In Life

April 6th - I Find things To Praise Even In The People Who Have Wronged Me For Then They Must Fade From My Life & The Wrong They Intended For Me Blesses Me Instead With Greater Good Than I Could Ever Have Dreamed Of

April 7th - I Praise My Dreams & Goals, I Proclaim Them Worthy Of My Time & Attention & Thus They Grow & Manifest In My Life

April 8th - I Praise All The Food That I Eat & It Supports & Nourishes My Body Perfectly

April 9th - I Praise My Home, My Car, My Clothing. All Things Respond To My Words of Praise & Serve Me In Even Greater Ways As A Result

April 10th - I Praise The Gifts & Talents Of Others & The World Praises My Gifts & Talents In Return

April 11th - I Give Thanks For & I Praise The Money That I Have In My Bank Account & In My Wallet. I Know Money is Spiritual & I Praise The Blessing That It Is For Me & All Others

April 12th - I look For & I Praise The Good That Can Come From Any & Alll Situations, No Matter How They Appear To Be Initially

April 13th - The More I Praise, The More Praise is Also Given Unto Me

April 14th - I Bless All Things When I Praise Them & I Am Blessed Abundantly In Return

April 15th - I Praise All That I Am Able To Do & Accomplish Each Day, For I Know It Is Of Value To The Universe & All Of Life. Thus Shall I Also Be Abundantly Rewarded Always & In All Ways

April 16th - I Praise The Good That Comes To Others Knowing That As I Do, That Same Good & Even More Is Also On Its Way To Me Now

April 17th - I Praise My Intuition & The Inner Guidance That Is Always Seeking to Lead Me To Greater & Greater Life Expressions.

April 18th - To Turn Any Situation To One of Good, I begin To Praise The Good That is Contained Within It, Even When I cannot See It At The Time. I Know That As I Do, The Good Must Express Itself!

April 19th - I Praise My Life, It Is A wonderful Gift From Spirit & The More I Praise My Life, The More Of A Blessing It Becomes To Me

April 20th - I Praise The Flowers, The Birds, The Seas & The Winds. I Praise The Sun, Moon & Stars. I Praise All Things For I Know All Things Are Gifts That Spring Forth From Divine Love & Are Here To Bless, Uplift, Guide & Inspire Me

April 21st - I Praise The Unseen Guidance That Comes From Heaven Itself & I Am In Awe Of How It Increases & Unfolds In My Life

April 22nd - I Praise & Give Thanks For All The Good That I Desire Even Before It Comes For I Know In Doing So I Hasten Its Expression In My Life

April 23rd - I Praise All Of My Skills, Talents & Abilities. What I Have To offer Is Unique & Can Never be Duplicated By Another

April 24th - I Always Express Words Of Praise More Quickly & Readily Than Words of condemnation

April 25th - I Praise The Things I Don't Like Right Out Of My Life! For Praise & Sending Forth A Blessing Is Also A Freeing Power

April 26th - Words & Thoughts Of Praise Always Help Me To Rapidly Ascend Into Higher States Of Consciousness Where All Things Must Become Permanently Perfect

April 27th - When I Desire Any Greater Good In My Life, I Praise It & See It Grow Into Even Greater Good Than I Could Ever Have Imagined!

April 28th - Each Day I Actively Seek Out Ever More to Praise & I Soon Find More To Praise is Also Actively Seeking Me

April 29th - Words Of Praise Are Magical For Me, For They Always Open The Door To Greater Good & Happiness In My Life

April 30th - When I Praise The Success That Another Has, Success Also Finds Its way To Me In The Most Joyful & Wonderful of Ways. Truly Praise Blesses Me In All Ways & In All Things!

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